List of Carnegie libraries in Arkansas

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List of Carnegie libraries in Arkansas is located in Arkansas
Eureka Springs Carnegie Library
Eureka Springs Carnegie Library
Fort Smith Carnegie Library
Fort Smith Carnegie Library
Little Rock Carnegie Library
Little Rock Carnegie Library
Morrilton Carnegie Library
Morrilton Carnegie Library
Arkansas Carnegie libraries

The following list of Carnegie libraries in Arkansas provides detailed information on United States Carnegie libraries in Arkansas, where four libraries were built from four grants (totaling $138,600) awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York from 1906 to 1915.


  Building still operating as a library
  Building standing, but now serving another purpose
  Building no longer standing
  Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Carnegie libraries[edit]

Library City or
Image Date
Location Notes
1 Eureka Springs Eureka Springs Apr 23, 1906 $15,500 194 Spring St.
36°24′27.29″N 93°44′11.88″W / 36.4075806°N 93.7366333°W / 36.4075806; -93.7366333 (Eureka Springs Carnegie Library)
Construction began in 1910 after the building site was donated by R.C. Kerens, prominent investor in the nearby Crescent Hotel. The design for the building was prepared by St. Louis architect George W. Hellmuth. The building was completed in 1912, and was originally open only three afternoons a week as the library depended on memberships and contributions for income. By 1920 the library was open six days a week, and a year later the building was supplied with electrical lighting. This library continues to serve the community.
2 Fort Smith Fort Smith Mar 24, 1906 $25,000 318 N. 13th St.
35°23′8.2″N 94°24′56.92″W / 35.385611°N 94.4158111°W / 35.385611; -94.4158111 (Fort Smith Carnegie Library)
After opening on January 30, 1908, this building was a library until about 1970. Today it houses KFSM-TV, whose production studio is located in an addition to the original structure.[2][3]
3 Little Rock Little Rock Mar 24, 1906 $88,100 W. 7th St. and S. Louisiana St.
34°44′31.95″N 92°16′23.03″W / 34.7422083°N 92.2730639°W / 34.7422083; -92.2730639 (Little Rock Carnegie Library)
Opening on February 1, 1910, this building was razed in 1964.
4 Morrilton Morrilton Sep 20, 1915 $10,000 101 W. Church St.
35°9′4.07″N 92°44′43.64″W / 35.1511306°N 92.7454556°W / 35.1511306; -92.7454556 (Morrilton Carnegie Library)
Opened in October 1916, this library continues to serve the community as the Conway County Library.[4]


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Note: The above references, while all authoritative, are not entirely mutually consistent. Some details of this list may have been drawn from one of the references (usually Jones) without support from the others. Reader discretion is advised.