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List of Carnegie libraries in Mississippi

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The following list of Carnegie libraries in Mississippi provides detailed information on United States Carnegie libraries in Mississippi, where 11 public libraries were built from 10 grants (totaling $145,500) awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York from 1904 to 1916. In addition, academic libraries were built at 2 institutions (totaling $90,000).


  Building still operating as a library
  Building standing, but now serving another purpose
  Building no longer standing
  Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  Building contributes to a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places

Public libraries[edit]

Library City or
Image Date
Location Notes
1 Clarksdale Clarksdale Carnegie Public Library Nov 21, 1911 $10,000 114 Delta Ave. Still serving original function as Free Public Library
2 Greenwood Greenwood Sep 29, 1911 $10,000 408 W. Washington St. Closed in the 1970s
3 Gulfport Gulfport Gulfport Carnegie Library May 15, 1916 $10,000 1300 24th Ave. Building is currently operating as the Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art a 501(c)(3) organization.
4 Houston Houston Houston Carnegie Library Feb 25, 1908 $6,000 105 W. Madison St.
33°53′47″N 89°00′03″W / 33.89639°N 89.00083°W / 33.89639; -89.00083 (Houston)
Still serving original function as Free Public Library
5 Jackson Jackson Jan 31, 1911 $25,000
6 Meridian Carnegie Library (white) Meridian Meridian Museum of Art Dec 2, 1904 $30,000 628 25th Ave.
32°21′50″N 88°42′11″W / 32.36389°N 88.70306°W / 32.36389; -88.70306 (Meridian)
Currently houses the Meridian Museum of Art
7 Meridian Carnegie Library (black) Meridian Dec 2, 1904 $8,000 2721 13th St.
32°22′10″N 88°42′23″W / 32.36944°N 88.70639°W / 32.36944; -88.70639 (Meridian 13th St.)
Open 1913–1974, demolished 2008
8 Mound Bayou Mound Bayou Feb 13, 1909 $4,000 Never used as a library building.[2]
9 Okolona Okolona Mar 11, 1914 $7,500 321 W. Main St. Still serving original function as Free Public Library
10 Vicksburg Vicksburg Carnegie Library Vicksburg Jul 23, 1914 $25,000 819 South St.
32°20′53″N 90°52′51″W / 32.34806°N 90.88083°W / 32.34806; -90.88083 (Vicksburg)
Now houses city offices
11 West Point West Point Carnegie Library West Point Jan 31, 1913 $10,000 510 E. Broad St. Now houses community development organization

Academic libraries[edit]

Institution Locality Image Year
Location Notes
1 Millsaps College Jackson Mar 12, 1906
Nov 22, 1923
1701 N. State St.
2 University of Mississippi University Mar 15, 1905 $25,000 Built in 1911, now called Bryant Hall. A contributing property to Lyceum–The Circle Historic District


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Note: The above references, while all authoritative, are not entirely mutually consistent. Some details of this list may have been drawn from one of the references without support from the others. Reader discretion is advised.