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List of Carnegie libraries in Vermont is located in Vermont
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Vermont Carnegie libraries

The following list of Carnegie libraries in Vermont provides detailed information on United States Carnegie libraries in Vermont, where 4 public libraries were built from 4 grants (totaling $80,000) awarded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York from 1901 to 1911. In addition, one academic library was built.


  Building still operating as a library
  Building standing, but now serving another purpose
  Building listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  Building contributes to a historic district on the National Register of Historic Places

Public libraries[edit]

Library Town Image Date
Location Notes[2][3]
1 Fletcher Free Library Burlington Jul 25, 1901 $50,000 235 College St.
44°28′39″N 73°12′36″W / 44.477462°N 73.210080°W / 44.477462; -73.210080 (Fletcher Free Library)
Designed by architect Walter R. B. Willcox of Burlington. This building opened on August 17, 1904. In the late 1970s a large grant was awarded to repair the building, which was later expanded in 1981.[4]
2 Fair Haven Public Library Fair Haven Jan 19, 1905 $8,000 107 N. Main St.
43°35′51″N 73°15′44″W / 43.597425°N 73.262157°W / 43.597425; -73.262157 (Fair Haven Public Library)
Designed by architects McLean & Wright of Boston.[5] This building opened on March 18, 1908, and was expanded in 1997.
3 Morristown Centennial Library Morristown Mar 18, 1911 $7,000 7 Richmond St.
44°33′47″N 72°35′44″W / 44.563047°N 72.595575°W / 44.563047; -72.595575 (Morristown Centennial Library)
This building opened in July 1913, and an expansion was finished in spring 2013.[6]
4 Rockingham Free Public Library Rockingham Jun 1, 1903 $15,000 65 Westminster St.
43°10′05″N 72°26′43″W / 43.168128°N 72.445221°W / 43.168128; -72.445221 (Rockingham Free Public Library)
Designed by architects Henry M. Francis & Sons of Fitchburg, Massachusetts, this building was opened in 1909. The grant was initially refused by the town, who did not agree to the annual maintenance tax until 1908. It was expanded in 1929 and 1967.

Academic library[edit]

Institution Town Image Date
Location Notes
1 Norwich University Northfield Mar 18, 1905 $25,000 Chaplin Hall
44°08′21″N 72°39′39″W / 44.139148°N 72.660699°W / 44.139148; -72.660699 (Chaplin Hall)
Designed by architects Kirby, Petit & Green of New York City with supervising architect Frank A. Walker of Montpelier.[8] It served as a library from its dedication in 1908 until 1991. It now houses the School of Architecture & Art and is known as Chaplin Hall.


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Note: The above references, while all authoritative, are not entirely mutually consistent. Some details of this list may have been drawn from one of the references without support from the others. Reader discretion is advised.

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