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Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン?, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, is written by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Shogakukan's Weekly Shōnen Sunday.[1] The series began its serialization on January 19, 1994.[2] Since Case Closed's premiere, over 800 chapters have been released in Japan, making it the 21st longest running manga series. Several adaptations based on Case Closed have been made, including an anime series and animated films. A database consisting of all the cases from the manga was launched in 2007.[3][4] Viz Media announced its licensing of the series on June 1, 2004, and following Funimation Entertainment's English localization, released the series under the name Case Closed with renamed characters.[5][6] The series follows high school detective Jimmy Kudo who was transformed into a child after being forced to swallow a poison.

Tankōbon volumes 41 to 60 encapsulate chapters 414 to 630 of the series. Shogakukan released the twenty volumes between April 9, 2003 and January 12, 2008.[7][8]

Volume list[edit]

No. Japanese release date Japanese ISBN English release date English ISBN
41. Ladies' Night April 9, 2003[7] ISBN 4-09-126411-5 January 10, 2012[9] ISBN 1-4215-3607-2
  1. "Dueling Mothers?!" (ママはライバル!? "Mama wa Raibaru!?"?)
  2. "The Suspicious Gunshots" (疑惑の銃声 "Giwaku no Jūsei"?)
  3. "The Night Baroness!" (闇の男爵夫人登場! "Naito Baronisu Tōjō!"?)
  4. "Darkness Is a Door to Death" (暗闇は死の罠の扉 "Kurayami wa Desu Torappu no Tobira"?)
  5. "A Silent Murder in the Dark" (暗闇の音無き殺人 "Kurayami no Otonaki Satsujin"?)
  6. "The Mystery of the Black Light" (黒い光の謎 "Kuroi Hikari no Nazo"?)
  7. "The Net Closes" (迫る包囲網 "Semaru Hōimō"?)
  8. "Present Danger" (そこにある危機 "Soko ni Aru Kiki"?)
  9. "No Escape" (逃れられないターゲット "Nogarerarenai Tāgetto"?)
  10. "A Mystery Left by a Visitor" (ある来訪者の残した謎... "Aru Raihōsha no Nokoshita Nazo..."?)
  11. "A Mystery Left in a Locked Room" (小さな密室に残された秘密 "Chiisana Misshitsu ni Nokosareta Himitsu"?)
Jimmy's mother Vivian Kudo and Rachel's mother Eva Kaden solve the case involving the husband who was shot in a locked room that was shown in home surveillance footage. Later, Vivan takes the Junior Detectives for an advance screening, but they first meet members of the film crew. However, when they stay the night at a crew member's nearby apartment, one of the crew members is murdered, and the apartment tenant becomes the primary suspect. During the case, Conan and Anita realize they are being followed. When Anita becomes ill, Agasa and the Junior Detectives take her to a hospital clinic at a shopping center, but in a parking lot, a group of Porsche owners become suspects to a murder of one of their members. Later, Conan and Anita visit Anita's father's childhood home, looking for possible clues to Anita's sister. Once there, a man who has been renting the place and is a childhood friend of Anita's father, is poisoned by cyanide.
42. The Woman in Black July 18, 2003[10] ISBN 4-09-126412-3 April 10, 2012[11] ISBN 1-4215-3608-0
  1. "The Hidden Truth" (隠されていた真実 "Kakusareteita Shinjitsu"?)
  2. "Goodbye, Jodie" (good-byeジョディ "Gubbai Jodi"?)
  3. "Rachel's Deduction" (蘭の推理 "Ran no Suiri"?)
  4. "An Unbelievable Conclusion" (信じられない結末 "Shinjirarenai Ketsumatsu"?)
  5. "The Night of the Full Moon and the Deadly Banquet" (満月の夜と黒い宴の罠 "Mangetsu no Yoru to Kuroi Utage no Wana"?)
  6. "The Bloody Ghost Ship" (血塗られた幽霊船 "Chinurareta Yūreisen"?)
  7. "The Invisible Man Cometh" (透明人間現る! "Tōmei Ningen Arawaru!"?)
  8. "Jimmy Kudo on the Scene?" (工藤新一登場!? "Kudō Shinichi Tojō!?"?)
  9. "The Truth Beneath the Mask" (仮面の下の真実 "Kamen no Shita no Shinjitsu"?)
  10. "Rotten Apple" (ラットゥンアップル "Rattun Appuru"?)
  11. "The Mark in the Rain" (雨中の刻印 "Uchū no Kokuin"?)
Conan uses Agasa to solve the case of the poisoned designer at Anita's father's childhood home. Jodie quits her teaching job. Ran and Rachel go to a convenience store to get supplies for her going-away party, but find out their classmate who works there is being fired for suspicion of stealing. Jodie suggests Rachel try to solve the case herself, and Jimmy encourages her to go with her hunches. Vermouth invites Richard to a Halloween party. An invite is also addressed to Jimmy Kudo but opens with "Dear Conan Edogawa". During the party, the host, explains that the event is mystery-themed, but then he is murdered. Meanwhile, Anita is invited for a check up by Dr. Ariade, but Jodie picks her up instead. The invisible man reveals himself as Jimmy Kudo and solves the murder as well as the mystery. At the same time, Jodie reveals Dr. Ariade to be Vermouth in disguise, however Vermouth turns the tide on Jodie by having her partner shoot her. As the Jimmy at the party is actually Harley, Conan saves Jodie and confronts Vermouth, but Vermouth escapes. Later, Amy bumps into a guy in a raincoat reputed to be a slasher with a knife, but the guy escapes. Amy has a weird "S"-shape mark, the Junior Detectives and Sato chase down the possible killer.
43. The Game's Afoot October 18, 2003[12] ISBN 4-09-126413-1 July 10, 2012[13] ISBN 1-4215-3609-9
  1. "Get to the Bottom of It!" (おしりの印を探せ! "Oshiri no Māku o Sagase!"?)
  2. "The Resolution of Anita Hailey" (灰原哀の決意 "Haibara Ai no Ketsui"?)
  3. "The Forgotten Cell Phone" (忘れられた携帯電話 "Wasurerareta Keitai Denwa"?)
  4. "A Very Strange Address Book" (奇妙なメモリー "Kimyō na Memorī"?)
  5. "The Other Detective" (もうひとつの名探偵 "Mō Hitotsu no Meitantei"?)
  6. "Top Sleuth" (どっちの推理ショー!? "Dotchi no Suiri Shō!?"?)
  7. "The Message with Six Faces" (六面体のメッセージ "Rokumentai no Messēji"?)
  8. "Read Between the Lines!" (ダイイングメッセージの裏を読め! "Daiingu Messēji no Ura o Yome!"?)
  9. "The Made-Up Message" (仕組まれたメッセージ "Shikumareta Messēji"?)
  10. "One Demon Among 53,000" (53,000分の1の悪魔 "Goman-hassen-bun no Ichi no Akuma"?)
  11. "The Koshien Demon's Challenge" (甲子園の魔物の挑発 "Kōshien no Mamono no Chōhatsu"?)
Conan and the Junior Detectives solve the case involving the slasher and the S-shaped mark. A waitress finds a cellphone at a restaurant that Richard and Conan frequent, but the man who supposedly lost it is soon found dead. Conan determines the cellphone was left on purpose, and that the callers to the cellphone are suspects. Harley and Kazuha invite Conan, Rachel and Richard to Osaka, but there is a scheduling conflict between attending a Kōshien (high school) baseball game or a theatre performance. They decide to settle it by whoever can solve the next case. Conan teams with Harley, and Rachel and Richard team with Kazuha as they investigate the murder of a toy company executive who had left a mysterious message involving toy blocks and ink. Harley ponders letting the girls figure it out but ends up tying up the loose ends. At the baseball game, a bomber texts Harley and Conan with clues to look for a series of cellphones he has placed around the stadium. If they do not find and answer the cellphones after the end of every three innings, he will set off an explosion in the stadium.
44. How To Steal A Wonder January 17, 2004[14] ISBN 4-09-126414-X October 9, 2012[15] ISBN 1-4215-3610-2
  1. "The Mystery of the Three Numbers" (3つの数字の謎を解け! "Mittsu no Sūji no Nazo o Toke!"?)
  2. "Clueless" (ヒントが無い!? "Hinto ga Nai!?"?)
  3. "Game Over?" (試合終了...!? "Gēmu Setto!?"?)
  4. "From Heaven to Hell" (天国から地獄 "Tengoku kara Jigoku"?)
  5. "No Problem" (全然平気!? "Zenzen Heiki!?"?)
  6. "No Doubt?" (疑わないの? "Utaganai no!?"?)
  7. "Miracle" (奇蹟 "Kiseki"?)
  8. "Thunderstruck" (驚愕 "Kyōgaku"?)
  9. "Amazement" (戦慄 "Senritsu"?)
  10. "The Getaway" (脱出 "Dasshutsu"?)
  11. "A Scary School Story" (学校奇譚 "Gakkō Kitan"?)
Conan and Harley continue to hunt for cellphones around the stadium, and eventually find the bomber when the game goes into extra innings. Later, Yumi overhears that Takagi is being reassigned to a remote police station in Tottori, causing him and Sato to worry about their relationship. Before then, he must solve a murder where the primary suspect is a friend of their police detective colleague Kazunobu Chiba who is off-duty. Conan and the Junior Detectives try to help him out by cracking the friend's alibi. Later, Serena's uncle Jirokichi announces plans to bait the Kaito Kid with a jewel called the Blue Wonder. The night before, Kaito Kid uses a trick where he is suspended in mid-air and walks forward to examine the area, surprising everyone. The next night, he does the same, and almost gets away with stealing the gem until Conan figures out how he did it. At Teitan High, weird things are happening and the suspect is a ghost. Conan volunteers to investigate it for Rachel, and Dr. Ariade returns to join them.
45. Dead Calm April 5, 2004[16] ISBN 4-09-126415-8 January 8, 2013[17] ISBN 1-4215-3611-0
  1. "Where are the Footprints?" (足跡はどこに!? "Ashiato wa Doko ni!?"?)
  2. "The Truth Behind the Desk" (残された机の真実 "Nokosareta Tsukue no Shinjitsu"?)
  3. "A Locked Room Murder on the Open Sea" (海の上の開かれた密室 "Umi no Ue no Hirakareta Misshitsu"?)
  4. "The Poisoned Bait" (釣りエサは毒!? "Tsuri Esa wa Doku!?"?)
  5. "Glad to Burn" (嬉しい火傷 "Ureshii Yakedo"?)
  6. "Hideyoshi's Return" (秀吉の大返し "Hideyoshi no Ōgaeshi?)
  7. "A Suspicious Feeling" (違和感... "Iwakan..."?)
  8. "The Back Street in the Sky" (大空の裏道 "Ōzora no Uramichi"?)
  9. "A Message from a Star" (星より密かに "Hoshi yori Hisoka ni"?)
  10. "Have You Seen the Stars?" (星を見たかい "Hoshi o Mita kai"?)
  11. "Wish upon a Star" (星に願いを "Hoshi ni Negai o"?)
Conan solves the case of the school ghost and the desk that was moved in the rain without getting wet. Agasa and the Junior Detectives go fishing at an offshore dock. When the boat returns to pick them up, one of the fishermen has been poisoned. Richard is invited to interview with a baseball closer in Okinawa, but as they ride with the interviewer to the hotel they find the player dead on the side of the road. Conan suspects the interviewer as the culprit, and must crack his alibi, but he gets a chilling feeling like he did with Vermouth. Later, the Junior Detectives are out searching for stars through a telescope in a rural area. There they discover the bones of a murder victim.
46. Arson, with Occasional Music July 16, 2004[18] ISBN 4-09-126416-6 April 9, 2013[19] ISBN 1-4215-3612-9
  1. "The Star Knows All" (星は何でも知っている "Hoshi wa Nandemo Shitteiru"?)
  2. "Prelude" (前奏曲 "Pureryūdo"?)
  3. "Capriccio" (狂奏曲 "Kapuritcho"?)
  4. "Requiem" (鎮魂曲 "Rekuiemu"?)
  5. "Impromptu" (即興曲 "Anpuromputyu"?)
  6. "Fantasia" (幻想曲 "Fantajia"?)
  7. "The Seal" (封印 "Fūin"?)
  8. "Karakuri" (絡繰 "Karakuri"?)
  9. "Sacred Treasures" (神器 "Jingi"?)
  10. "Eternal" (不滅 "Fumetsu"?)
  11. "A Suspicious Message" (疑惑のメール "Giwaku no Mēru"?)
The astronomy case continues. Mouri is invited to solve the case involving a Stradivarius. For the past two years, anyone who plays it on the client's grandfather's birthday dies from accidents. During the Detective Boy's camping trip, Conan discusses what to do with the phone number of the black organization. While there, they discover a dead body buried under water in the swamp. Besides for the murder, Conan realizes that he was killed to hide the secret of a diamond in the Swamp. He realizes that the murderer is trying to catch Kaito Kid, who is also in the forest. The next day, Ran sends a message to Shinichi but finds Conan's phone ringing. Ran becomes suspicious of Conan being Shinichi once again. Mouri is asked to solve the case of a missing cellphone.
47. Rachel Rings Twice October 18, 2004[20] ISBN 4-09-126417-4 July 9, 2013[21] ISBN 1-4215-3613-7
  1. "A Suspicious Detection" (疑惑の推理 "Giwaku no Suiri"?)
  2. "A Suspicious Alibi" (疑惑のアリバイ "Giwaku no Aribai"?)
  3. "The Suspicious Truth" (疑惑の真相 "Giwaku no Shinsō"?)
  4. "Unlocking" (ロックをはずして... "Rokku o Hazushite..."?)
  5. "From Him to Her" (彼氏から彼女へ "Kareshi kara Kanojo e"?)
  6. "From Suicide to Homicide" (自殺から他殺へ "Jisatsu kara Tasatsu e"?)
  7. "From Heaven to Earth" (天空から地上へ "Tenkū kara Chijō e"?)
  8. "The Appearing Act" (出現マジック "Shūgen Magikku"?)
  9. "The Forbidden Notes" (禁じられたファイル "Kinjirareta Fairu"?)
  10. "The Magician's Castle" (奇術師の館 "Majishan no Yakata"?)
  11. "The Failed Magician" (奇術師失格 "Majishan Shikkaku"?)
After solving the case, Ran manages to grab Conan's phone. She plans to unlock it and see whether her message is there, confirming her suspicion or not. Takagi is out planning on buying a jewel for Sato's birthday. A bank robbery occurs there and Takagi with the Detective Boys attempt to solve it. Conan, Ran. Heiji, and Kazuha are attending a magic show. When Ran and Kazuha act overtly due to thinking a magic trick failed, they are invited to the magicians house. There, a woman is murdered in the dark.
48. Death Comes As the Beginning January 14, 2005[22] ISBN 4-09-126418-2 October 8, 2013[23] ISBN 1-4215-3614-5
  1. "Summertime Secret Code" (夏休みの暗号 "Natsuyasumi no Angō"?)
  2. "It's a Wash" (寝転んで顔を洗え! "Nekoronde Kao o Arae!"?)
  3. "The Perfect Solution" (パーフェクト解読!! "Pāfekuto Kaidoku!!"?)
  4. "The House of the Evil Spirit" (悪霊の棲む屋敷 "Akuryō no Sumu Yashiki"?)
  5. "The Nightmare from 13 Years Ago" (13年前の悪夢 "Jū-san-nen Mae no Akumu"?)
  6. "The Return of the Evil Spirit" (蘇る悪霊 "Yomigaeru Akuryō"?)
  7. "Something Overlooked" (見過していたもの "Misugoshiteitamono"?)
  8. "A Shock After 13 Years" (13年目の衝撃 "Jū-san-nen-me no Shōgeki"?)
  9. "Ding-Dong Dash" (ピンポンダッシュ "Pin Pon Dasshu"?)
  10. "A New Woman in Black" (新たなる黒の者 "Aratanaru Kuro no Mono"?)
The Detective Boys are out camping again but Ran disturbs Conan by telling him a murder took place where she is at asks him to solve it. Mouri is invited to help rid a man of an evil spirit who harasses him on the fourth of every month. A woman named Rena Mizunashi is having trouble with a ding dong dash every Saturday. After solving it, she accidentally gets the listening device Conan installed stuck on her shoes. Conan then learns she's in contact with Gin, and that she is part of the Black Organization.
49. The Day of the Jekyll April 6, 2005[24] ISBN 4-09-126419-0 January 14, 2014[25] ISBN 1-4215-5506-9
  1. "Pursue the Target!" (ターゲットを追え! "Tāgetto o Oe!"?)
  2. "A New Mission" (新たなる指令 "Aratanaru Shirei"?)
  3. "Men in Black vs. FBI (1)" (黒の組織VS.FBI① "Kuro no Soshiki Bāsasu Efu Bī Ai Ichi"?)
  4. "Men in Black vs. FBI (2)" (黒の組織VS.FBI② "Kuro no Soshiki Bāsasu Efu Bī Ai Ni"?)
  5. "The New Teacher" (新しい先生 "Atarashii sensei"?)
  6. "The Secret Route (1)" (秘密の通学路① "Himitsu no Tsūgakuro Ichi"?)
  7. "The Secret Route (2)" (秘密の通学路② "Himitsu no Tsūgakuro Ni"?)
  8. "Can't Go Back" (戻れない二人 "Modorenai Futari"?)
  9. "The Sealed Car" (密閉された車 "Mippeisarete Kuruma"?)
  10. "Untrue Love" (偽りの愛情 "Itsuwari no Aijō"?)
Conan continues his chase of the Black Organization. Gin finds Conan's listening device and figures Mouri is the cause. They then change target to eliminate Kogoro Mouri. Later a girl who looks Like Haibara is missing, and the Detective Boys set out to find her. Later, a teenage boy named Eisuke Hondou wants to accompany Mouri to witness the Sleeping-Kogoro, who he believes is luck and that the luck will rub off on him. Mouri gets a client who wants to find his wife. They find her dead in the car due to fume poisoning.
50. Murder On the Slopes July 15, 2005[26] ISBN 4-09-126420-4 April 8, 2014[27] ISBN 1-4215-5507-7
  1. "The Menacing Mixer" (緊迫のコンパ "Kinpaku no Kompa"?)
  2. "The Secret Visit" (秘密の家庭訪問 "Himitsu no Kateihōmon"?)
  3. "A Boring Game" (つまんない試合 "Tsuman'nai Shiai"?)
  4. "Jackpot!" (大当たり! "Ōatari!"?)
  5. "A Thrilling Interview" (ワクワク取材 "Waku-waku Shuzai"?)
  6. "A Message from a Murderer" (真犯人の伝言 "Shin Han'nin no Dengon"?)
  7. "The Detective Boys" (ザ・少年探偵団 "Za Shōnen Tantei-dan"?)
  8. "Harley's Memory" (平次の思い出 "Heiji no Omoide"?)
  9. "Scheme of the Snow Spirit" (雪女の計 "Yuki Onna no Kei"?)
  10. "The Mysterious Lift" (謎のリフト "Nazo no Rifuto"?)
  11. "The Legend of the Snow Spirit" (雪女の銀衣伝説 "Yuki Onna no Gingoromo Densetsu"?)
Takagi is picking up women at a Café when he spots Sato. Mouri, Ran, and Conan who happens to be there joins in on their discussion. They later learn that the Takagi's date's cousin met a suspicious man and find out that his actions were planned for a kidnapping. The Detective Boys are invited for an interview by a magazine publisher. When they arrive, they find him murdered. Heiji remembers three years ago about a detective who was smarter than Shinichi, it was Shinichi three years ago. The murder happened at a snow resort, by the act of the Yuki-onna.
51. The Cat Who Read Japanese October 18, 2005[28] ISBN 4-09-127361-0 July 8, 2014[29] ISBN 1-4215-6507-2
  1. "Revenge in the Blizzard" (吹雪の中の復讐 "Fujiki no Naka no Fukushū"?)
  2. "A Fishy Incident" (おさかな事件 "Osakana Jiken"?)
  3. "The Three Fishes" (3匹の魚 "Sanbiki no Sakana"?)
  4. "Crestfallen Clamdigging" (ため息潮干狩り "Tameiki Shiohigari"?)
  5. "The Mystery of the Plastic Bottle" (ペットボトルの怪 "Petto Botoru no Kai"?)
  6. "The Mixture Trick" (混入トリック "Kon'nyū Torikku"?)
  7. "Russian Blue" (ロシアンブルー "Roshian Burū"?)
  8. "Ricky Is Ricky" (ゴロはゴロでも!? "Goro wa Goro demo!?"?)
  9. "The Closed Window" (開かずの窓 "Akazu no Mado"?)
  10. "The Locked Room Setup" (作られた密室 "Tsukurareta Misshitsu"?)
  11. "The Demon's Loophole" (魔物の抜け穴 "Mamono no Nukeana"?)
At the restaurant, the waiter has been receiving text messages from a five-year-old boy who comes often to visit. His latest four messages prompt that he is in danger, and Conan tries to solve it. The Detective Boys are out shell fishing when they find a murdered man in a car. Mouri's wife Eri leaves her cat for him to take care of. Mouri gets a case where he has to solve a man's daughter's text message. Later, Ran, Sonoko, Eisuke, and Conan are out in the forest when the bridge back has been cut. They meet up with three other people and stay in a villa where a demon possesses people to suicide.
52. The Woman in White January 14, 2006[30] ISBN 4-09-120026-5 October 10, 2014[31] ISBN 1-4215-6508-0
  1. "Suspicious Behavior" (挙動不審!? "Kyodō Fushin!?"?)
  2. "The Fateful Premiere" (因縁の試写会 "In'nen no Shishakai"?)
  3. "Panic at the Wedding Hall" (式場パニック "Shikijō Panikku"?)
  4. "The Uninvited Guest" (招かれざる客 "Manekarezaru Kyaku"?)
  5. "Wedding Battle" (ウエディング・バトル "Uedingu Batoru"?)
  6. "The Topsy-Turvy Room" (常識はずれの部屋 "Jōshiki Hazure no Heya"?)
  7. "The Upside Down Mystery" (逆さまミステリー "Sakasama Misuterī"?)
  8. "What He Wanted to Hide" (隠したかったもの "Kakushitakattamono"?)
  9. "Serena's Red Handkerchief" (園子の赤いハンカチ "Sonoko no Akai Hankachi"?)
  10. "A Name in Katakana" (カタカナの名前 "Katakana no Namae"?)
  11. "Superman" (スーパーマン "Sūpāman"?)
A man acts suspiciously when the Detective Boys attend the finale of the show Star Blades, a parody of Star Wars. Conan figures it out and manages to stop him. Later, Takagi and Yumi are substituting for a wedding couple to capture a criminal who is after their life. The next day, the Detective Boys are playing baseball when it enters someone's house. Inside the house, they find the victim dead and his belongings turned upside down. In the forest, Sonoko, Ran, and Conan are in a forest when they find a stabbed victim.
53. From Kaito, With Love February 17, 2006[32] ISBN 4-09-120110-5 January 13, 2015[33] ISBN 1-4215-6509-9
  1. "Crimson" (紅蓮 Guren?)
  2. "Golden" (金色 Konjiki?)
  3. "Venrdure" (青嵐 Seiran?)
  4. "Lily White" (純白 Junpaku?)
  5. "The Fiend with 200 Faces" (怪人二百面相 "Kaijin Ni-hyaku Mensō"?)
  6. "Operation Class 1-B" (1年B組大作戦 "Ichinen Bī-gumi Dai Sakusen"?)
  7. "Sole Witness" (目撃者は一人 "Mokugekisha wa Hitori"?)
  8. "Nail and Snake" (釘とへび "Kugi to Hebi"?)
  9. "Hammer" (トンカチの正体 "Tonkachi no Shōtai"?)
  10. "A Mysterious Job" (不可思議なバイト "Fukashigi na Baito"?)
A man is worried that his painting will be stolen by Kaito Kid, so he hires Mouri to help him protect it. That night, a man is dead and the painting is gone. In class, the teacher sets up a mystery for the class to solve. Before Conan can solve it, he is taken away by the teacher. Meanwhile, the FBI plan on using Kir (Rena Mizunashi) as bait for the black organization. At the Mouri agency, a boy claims to see a rock star who was murdered and thrown into the river lake. As the only eye-witness, they set out to find the man through his testaments. Eisuke accompanies them but Conan grows more suspicious of him every time. Eisuke brings in a case where a person is being paid 50,000 Yen a day for taking people's trash, putting them in a Van, and leaving it there, then when the next trash day comes, switch the old trash for new trash for another payment. When they go to investigate, they discover a murder and that the victim's son was the kid who witnessed the time Kir was taken by the FBI.
54. The Moving Shrine Room June 16, 2006[34] ISBN 4-09-120377-9 April 14, 2015[35] ISBN 1-4215-6510-2
  1. "Dinner Menu" (夕食の献立 "Yūshoku no Kondate"?)
  2. "Dreaming Star" (夢見るスター "Yume Miru Sutā"?)
  3. "The Detective League's Snowman" (探偵団の雪ダルマ "Tantei-dan no Yuki Daruma"?)
  4. "Trajectory of the Fall" (転落の軌跡 "Tenraku no Kiseki"?)
  5. "Catastrophe in the Mountains" (破局の雪山 "Hakyoku no Yukiyama"?)
  6. "The Devouring Room" (人を飲む部屋 "Hito o Nomu Heya"?)
  7. "The Illusory Corpse" (幻の死体 "Maboroshi no Shitai"?)
  8. "Secret of the Bloodstain" (血痕のカラクリ "Kekkon no Karakuri"?)
  9. "The Teen Detective of the West" (東の高校生探偵 "Higashi no Kōkōsei Tantei"?)
  10. "Detective Koshien" (探偵甲子園 "Tantei Kōshien"?)
  11. "The Locked Room Solution" (密室証明 "Misshitsu Shōmei"?)
Eisuke becomes more suspicious when he questions the boy. After solving the case, Conan realizes the woman who questioned the boy was Vermouth. Later, the Detective kids go to a ski resort and discovers a dead woman in a lake. Later Heiji invites Conan, Ran, Kazuha, and Mouri to a cherry blossom festival. There, a monk exclaims that he sees a dead body in the temple but it disappears later. Later, there is a contest for four high school detectives. Heiji is invited but takes Conan along as the detective of the East originally for Kudo Shinichi but is now Saguru Hakuba. They are taken to an island but a murder occurs and one of the detectives wind up dead and communication is cut.
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  2. "The Zealous Detectives" (熱血探偵 "Nekketsu Tantei"?)
  3. "Genta's Shot" (元太のシュート "Genta no Shūto"?)
  4. "Genta and El" (元太とエル "Genta to Eru"?)
  5. "Mischievous Boy" (イタズラ坊主 "Itazura Bōzu"?)
  6. "Under the Moon" (月下 "Gekka"?)
  7. "Dawn" (黎明 "Reimei"?)
  8. "Broad Daylight" (白昼 "Hakuchū"?)
  9. "Setting Sun" (落日 "Rakujitsu"?)
  10. "Secret Kisaki Eri" (秘密の妃英理① "Himitsu no Kisaki Eri Ichi"?)
  11. "Secret Kisaki Eri 2" (秘密の妃英理② "Himitsu no Kisaki Eri Ni"?)
After the team the Detective Boys are supporting for soccer lose a game Genta kicks a soccer ball and hits a car, upsetting its owner. A foreigner lectures Genta. Later he is found badly beaten, and points at Genta mentioning Criminal. In the Library an old leather wallet was found containing a message from Ran. Conan explains his past with Ran to the class where he solves clues left by an unknown man. The next day, Ran and Conan arrive to visit her mother Eri. Ran then discovers her mother cheating on her father.
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  2. "Engagement Ring?! (2)" (婚約指輪!?② "Engēji Ringu Ni"?)
  3. "Engagement Ring?! (3)" (婚約指輪!?③ "Engēji Ringu San"?)
  4. "The Witch Legend Mystery (1)" (鬼婆伝説殺人事件① "Onibaba Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Ichi"?)
  5. "The Witch Legend Mystery (2)" (鬼婆伝説殺人事件② "Onibaba Densetsu Satsujin Jiken Ni"?)
  6. "The Witch Legend Mystery (3)" (鬼婆伝説殺人事件③ "Onibaba Densetsu Satsujin Jiken San"?)
  7. "Evidence from the West" (西からの手がかり "Nishi kara no Tegakari"?)
  8. "Location of the Photograph" (写真の行方 "Shashin no Yukue"?)
  9. "The Company" (カンパニー "Kanpanī"?)
  10. "Wrong Number" (間違い電話!? "Machigai Denwa!?"?)
  11. "Blood Will Tell" (血が語る真実 "Chi ga Kataru Shinjitsu""?)
Sato is found to be wearing an engagement ring. A case appears where Mouri is being interviewed when a man is murdered in a locked room. After the car breaks down, the Detective Boys are forced to stay at an old ladies home. Also at the same time, three people also stay there due to their car running out of gas. One of the guests is murdered by being cut on their neck, Mitsuhiko claims it was the Mountain Witch. Conan managed to get information about Eisuke and learned that his father was taken in a picture coincidentally and goes to retrieve it. When he and Agasa arrive at the picture holder's house they find out it has been robbed. Later, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan run into Eisuke at the hospital. They then attempted to visit a man with tapes of Rena Mizunashi to see whether she is his sister or not. On the way there, Conan realizes that the person is not home, and that a fake is trying to scam an old lady for money.
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  2. "The Gloves of Death" (死を呼ぶ片手袋 "Shi o Yobu Katatebukuro"?)
  3. "The Killer from Hades" (黄泉からの殺人者 "Yami kara no Satsujinsha"?)
  4. "The Gloves of Sorrow" (哀しみの手袋 "Kanashimi no Tebukuro"?)
  5. "The Demon Cometh" (悪魔が来たりて... "Akuma ga Kitarite..."?)
  6. "The Demon's Trap" (悪魔のカラクリ "Akuma no Karakuri"?)
  7. "The Demon's Tears" (悪魔の涙 "Akuma no Namida"?)
  8. "Fugitive" (逃亡者 "Tōbōsha"?)
  9. "The Crow's Song" (鴉の唄 "Karasu no Uta"?)
  10. "The Second String" (2本目の糸 "Nihonme no Ito"?)
  11. "The False Patient" (偽りの患者 "Itsuwari no Kanja"?)
Mouri, Ran, Conan, and Eisuke arrive at Eisuke's past home to investigate a mysterious murder a year ago. The person that hired them is later found hanged. Later, Yoko invites the Detective Boys to explore the Masked Yaiba Studio. They then meet a Rockband vocalist named Satan and Mitsuhiko looks for him to get an autograph. A murder occurs and Conan suspects Satan is the culprit. Later, the Black Organization is on the move again and they are planning on retrieving Kir. They realize a fake patient is in the hospital to find her. Conan and Akai team up to prevent the Black Organization from getting her.
58. The Clash of Red and Black July 18, 2007[42] ISBN 978-4-09-121155-2 April 12, 2016[43] ISBN 1-4215-7786-0
  1. "Pursuit and..." (追跡、そして... "Tsuiseki, Soshite..."?)
  2. "Akai's Past" (赤井の過去 "Akai no Kako"?)
  3. "All or Nothing..." (イチかバチか... "Ichikabachika..."?)
  4. "Camouflage" (擬装 "Gisō"?)
  5. "Last Resort" (最終手段 "Saishū Shudan"?)
  6. "Mission" (任務 "Misshon"?)
  7. "Older Sister and Younger Brother" (姉弟 "Kyōdai"?)
  8. "The Unexpected Suspect" (意外な容疑者 "Igai no Yōgisha"?)
  9. "Friday the 13th" (13日の金曜日 "Jū-san Nichi no Kin'yōbi"?)
  10. "Camel's Past" (キャメルの過去 "Kyameru no Kako"?)
  11. "Spell of Magic" (魔法の呪文 "Mahō no Jumon"?)
The Black Organization continue their assault. After the capture of the fake patient, they cause food poisoning, fires, and injuries to swarm the hospital full of patients. They then send lots of gifts to the hospital which contain bombs. They plan to transport Kir to another hospital by using three vans with two as a diversion. The Black Organization manages to take Kir back. Later, Takagi is on a case about the murder of a foreign man, and the Detective Boys assist.
59. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow October 18, 2007[44] ISBN 978-4-09-121199-6 July 12, 2016[45] ISBN 1-4215-8385-2
  1. "Wedge of Steel" (鋼の楔 "Hagane no Kusabi"?)
  2. "Sound" ( "Oto"?)
  3. "Flying Corpse" (空飛ぶ死体 "Soratobu Shitai"?)
  4. "Mechanics and the Alibi" (力学とアリバイ "Rikigaku to Aribai"?)
  5. "Centipede" (百足 "Mukade"?)
  6. "Armored Warrior" (鎧武者 "Yoroi Musha"?)
  7. "Art of War" (兵法 "Heihō"?)
  8. "Fūrinkazan" (風林火山?)
  9. "War" ( "Ikusa"?)
  10. "Shadow and Thunder" (陰と雷 "Kage to Kaminari"?)
  11. "Suspicious Eisuke" (疑惑の瑛祐 "Giwaku no Eisuke"?)
Mori Kogoro was hired by the Torada (虎田?) family in Nagano prefecture to investigate the death of their son, Yoshio Torada (虎田 義郎 Torada Yoshio?), who was found dead after being carried off by a tornado, with a centipede placed mysteriously by his corpse. Hattori Heiji was sought by the Tatsuo (龍尾?) family to investigate the death of their son, Yasuji Tatsuo (龍尾 康司 Tatsuo Yasuji?), who was found dead, buried to his neck in the ground, also with a centipede next to his body. The Torada and the Tatsuo clans had a longstanding feud, though no one could recall the original nature of the quarrel. Both families have a tradition of admiring Takeda Shingen.The younger generations of both clans went to school together and got along well with each other. They even worked together to hunt for the legendary lost treasure of Takeda Shingen. When the wife of Shigetsugu Tatsuo (龍尾 繁次 Tatsuo Shigetsugu?) was found hung from a tree in the forest, Conan and Heiji realised the killer(s) could be emulating the characters Wind (Tornado), Mountain (Earth), and Forest found in three of the four war-banners of Takeda Shingen. They surmised that there would be another death related to the fourth character, Fire. Furthermore, the centipede was the historical insignia used on identification flags carried by messengers of Takeda Shingen. All the murders seemed related to a death six years before of Kaino Haruto (甲斐 玄人?), a policeman and master of traditional skill of horseback archery. The local village maintained that tradition and selected an annual champion from a competition to perform a ceremonial target shooting for divine blessings for good harvest. A new police chief, Kansuke Yamato, was introduced in this story-arc.
60. Grounds for Murder January 12, 2008[8] ISBN 978-4-09-121266-5 October 11, 2016[46] ISBN 1-4215-8386-0
  1. "The Vanished Blunt Weapon" (消えた鈍器 "Kieta Donki"?)
  2. "Eisuke's Confession" (瑛祐の告白 "Eisuke no Kokuhaku"?)
  3. "Red, White, and Yellow" (赤白黄色 "Aka Shiro Kiiro"?)
  4. "Kuroshiro-kun" (クロシロ君 "Kuroshiro-kun"?)
  5. "New Neighbor" (新たな隣人 "Arata na Rinjin"?)
  6. "Hammer Man" (ハンマー男 "Hanmā Otoko"?)
  7. "Delivered Malice" (届けられた悪意 "Todokerareta Akui"?)
  8. "The Hammer Man's True Identity" (ハンマー男の正体 "Hanmā Otoko no Shōtai"?)
  9. "Coffee of Murderous Intent" (殺意のコーヒー "Satsui no Kōhī"?)
  10. "Impossible Crime" (不可能犯罪 "Fukanō Hanzai"?)
  11. "The Bitter Truth" (苦い真実 "Nigai Shinjitsu"?)
A man is beaten to death with a blunt weapon, but it can not be found. After solving the case, Eisuke tells Conan he will admit his love to Ran and take her to America, but first he wants to ask Kudo Shinichi. Conan reveals his identity. Later, a boy asks the Detective Boys to solve what a strange man is doing every night outside. Later that night, the apartment was on fire, and boy and his father, the landlord owner are badly burned. The only clue to the case the boy's diary where he nicknamed the men Red, White, and the suspect Yellow. Haibara senses a black organization member stare during the case. Later a serial killer named the Hammer Man is on the loose and Takagi and Sato are on the case. Mouri is invited to be on television for Toto TV. They meet with the manager to find him the victim of a locked-room murder.


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