List of Central Oklahoma Bronchos in the NFL Draft

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The Central Oklahoma Bronchos football team, representing the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO), has had 18 players selected in the National Football League (NFL) since the league began holding drafts in 1936.[1] This includes two players selected in the third round. The San Francisco 49ers, Detroit Lions and the St.Louis/Phoenix Cardinals have drafted two Bronchos.

Each NFL franchise seeks to add new players through the annual NFL Draft. The draft rules were last updated in 2009. The team with the worst record from the previous year picks first, the next-worst team second, and so on. Teams that did not make the playoffs are ordered by their regular-season record with any remaining ties broken by strength of schedule. Playoff participants are sequenced after non-playoff teams, based on their round of elimination (wild card, division, conference, and Super Bowl).


B Back K Kicker NT Nose tackle
C Center LB Linebacker BB Blocking back
DB Defensive back P Punter HB Halfback
DE Defensive end QB Quarterback WR Wide receiver
DT Defensive tackle RB Running back G Guard
E End OT Offensive tackle TE Tight end
FB Fullback
* Selected to a Pro Bowl
Won a NFL championship
Selected to a Pro Bowl and won a NFL championship

Players selected[edit]

Year Round Pick Player name Position NFL team Notes
1956 16 183 Reed, LionelLionel Reed RB Pittsburgh Steelers
1961 12 169 Hayes, RaymondRaymond Hayes RB Minnesota Vikings
1961 15 205 Sams, BobBob Sams T San Francisco 49ers
1961 20 276 Perry, JerryJerry Perry T San Francisco 49ers
1965 10 133 Briggs, R.L.R.L. Briggs FB Washington Redskins
1966 11 163 Williams, BobbyBobby Williams DB St. Louis Cardinals
1967 14 362 Moore, VernonVernon Moore HB Buffalo Bills
1971 16 402 O'Donnel, JackJack O'Donnel G Green Bay Packers
1973 4 96 Hooks, JamesJames Hooks RB Detroit Lions
1974 10 247 Wooley, DavidDavid Wooley RB Detroit Lions
1980 11 299 Jones, TerryTerry Jones DE Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1981 4 85 Chatman, CliffordClifford Chatman RB New York Giants
1984 7 172 Hayes, JoeJoe Hayes RB Philadelphia Eagles
1984 11 289 McKeaver, SteveSteve McKeaver RB Cincinnati Bengals
1988 9 240 Gailbraith, NeilNeil Gailbraith DB New England Patriots
1991 3 61 Traylor, KeithKeith Traylor LB Denver Broncos
1992 7 175 Ware, DerekDerek Ware TE Phoenix Cardinals
1995 3 86 Aska, JoeJoe Aska RB Oakland Raiders


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