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The CenturyLink Operating Companies are local exchange carriers owned by CenturyLink, the third largest landline telephone company in the United States.[1]

CenturyLink operating companies consist of operations inherited from various predecessor companies, which is reflected in the differing names of the companies and partially overlapping service territories; all operating companies do business as CenturyLink. Predecessors include:

  • CenturyTel - the former corporate name of CenturyLink.
  • Embarq, the former landline operations of Sprint Nextel, which were spun off in 2006; these include operations dating from Sprint's time as United Telecommunications and operations owned by Centel, which it acquired in 1993.
  • Qwest Communications International - which, through its acquisition of U S WEST, inherited operations of the former Bell System in numerous western states.


CenturyTel companies[edit]

CenturyLink grew as Century Telephone and later CenturyTel through acquiring many small and mid-size telephone companies. These include:

Former Embarq companies[edit]

The following companies were formerly owned by Embarq, acquired in 2009, and formerly owned by Sprint Nextel until 2006. Centel companies are also included, which was purchased by Sprint in 1993.

Former Qwest companies[edit]

Qwest, which was acquired in 2011, owned an original Bell Operating Company and a small independent provider. Qwest acquired U S WEST, one of the Baby Bells, in 2000.