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This is a list of firearms used in the Chaco War. The Chaco War was fought from 1932-1935 between Bolivia and Paraguay over control of the northern part of the Gran Chaco region (known as Chaco Boreal) of South America, which was thought to be rich in oil.


  • Luger P08
  • Mauser M.1914
  • Browning M1903
  • Colt M1911
  • Mauser C96
  • S&W .38" Long (and its Spanish clone Tanque)
  • Colt Police Positive .32" Long
  • Colt .38" Long
  • Steyr Mannlicher M.1905


  • Mauser Model 1898
  • DWM M.1907
  • FN Herstal 24/30
  • CSZ Brno vz.24
  • Oviedo M.1927
  • Obendorf Standard Modell M.1933
  • Mauser Model 1891
  • Loeb M.1895 Argentinien Pattern

Machine and submachine guns[edit]

Heavy Machine Guns

Medium Machine Guns

  • CSZ ZB-53

Light Machine Guns

Submachine guns

  • Vollmer VMP / MP-30
  • Suomi M.26
  • Bergmman MP-18
  • Haenel MP-28II
  • Steyr Solothurn S1-100 / MP-30 / MP-34
  • Auto Ordnance M.1927
  • Suomi M.31
  • CSZ ZK-383

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