Kurgan Oblast Duma

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Kurgan Oblast Duma
Курганская областная Дума
Coat of arms of Kurgan Oblast.svg
Founded April 12, 1994 (1994-04-12)

The Kurgan Oblast Duma is the legislative body of Kurgan Oblast, Russia. It was created in 1994 and consists of thirty-four deputies.

The United Russia Party currently (2015—2020) holds a 28-seat majority. Fair Russia holds two seats, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation holds two, and the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia holds two.

Chairmen of the Kurgan Oblast Duma[edit]

Name Period
1st convocation Oleg Bogomolov 1994—1996
2nd convocation Lev Yefremov (ru) 1996—2000
3rd convocation Valery Ponomaryov (ru) 2000—2004
4th connocation Marat Islamov (ru) 2004—2010
5th convocation Vladimir Kazakov (ru)
Vladimir Khabarov (ru)
6th convocation Dmitry Frolov (ru) 2015—Incumbent


  • The official website of Kurgan Oblast Duma. History (in Russian)

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