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The list of Chi Omega sisters includes initiated and honorary members of Chi Omega.

Notable alumnae[edit]


Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Catz, Safra A.Safra A. Catz President and Chief Financial Officer of Oracle Corporation [1]
Faget, MignonMignon Faget New Orleans-based jewelry designer [citation needed]
Laurie, Nancy WaltonNancy Walton Laurie Namesake of the Leadership Institute of Chi Omega, Niece of Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart [2]
Marriott, AliceAlice Marriott Entrepreneur and philanthropist, wife of J. Willard Marriott [3]


Angela Kinsey
Lucy Liu
Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Allen, NatalieNatalie Allen CNN Anchor [4]
Bright, CarolineCaroline Bright Miss Vermont 2010
Cole, Tamira A.Tamira A. Cole Miss Black Kentucky USA, author, USA Today All-USA Academic All American and one of Glamour Magazine's Top 22 College Women [5]
Crosby, KathrynKathryn Crosby Actress [3]
DeWitt, JoyceJoyce DeWitt Actress; Three's Company [3]
Bates, RhondaRhonda Bates Actress; The Roller Girls [3]
Egan, Melissa ClaireMelissa Claire Egan Actress; All My Children [6]
Ford, RuthRuth Ford Actress [3]
Foshee, TarynTaryn Foshee Miss Mississippi, 3rd runner up to Miss America [7]
Hitchcock, SylviaSylvia Hitchcock 1967 Miss USA and Miss Universe [8]
Huber, LizaLiza Huber Actress [citation needed]
Kinsey, AngelaAngela Kinsey Actress; The Office [9]
Koplitz, LynneLynne Koplitz Stand-up comedian [citation needed]
Tishler, AdairAdair Tishler Child Actress [citation needed]
Lightman, TobyToby Lightman Singer/Songwriter [10]
Liu, LucyLucy Liu Actress known for her work on Charlie's Angels, Kill Bill and for her role as Ling Woo on Ally McBeal [11]
Mead, Lynda LeeLynda Lee Mead 1960 Miss America, owner and president of Shea Design & French Country Imports [12][13]
Miller, LindaLinda Miller Actress; All My Children [3]
Mobley, Mary AnnMary Ann Mobley Former "Miss America" (1959) and Television Actress [3]
Moore, BethBeth Moore American evangelist, author, and bible teacher [3]
Mumolo, AnnieAnnie Mumolo Actress/Writer/Producer; Bridesmaids [14]
Sadler, CattCatt Sadler E! News, E!'s Daily Ten [3]
Singleton, Jessica MichelleJessica Michelle Singleton Stand-up comedian [citation needed]
Thomas, HeatherHeather Thomas Actress; The Fall Guy [15]
Thornton, Ann-BlairAnn-Blair Thornton Miss Kentucky 2011
Ward, SelaSela Ward Actress; Sisters, The Fugitive, Once and Again, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights, House [11]
Woodward, JoanneJoanne Woodward Academy Award Actress; Philadelphia, The Three Faces of Eve [11]
Driskill, HopeHope Driskill Miss Missouri 2011 and Top 16 Miss USA, Survivor: Caramoan [3]
Roberts, SloaneSloane Roberts Miss Arkansas 2012 [3]
Campbell, AshtonAshton Campbell Miss Arkansas 2014 and Miss America Runner Up 2014 [3]
Hider, SarahSarah Hider Miss Ohio 2015 [3]
Sanderford, ShannonShannon Sanderford Miss Texas 2015 [3]
Shaw, MikaelaMikaela Shaw Miss Wyoming 2015 [3]


Blanche Lincoln
Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Blackburn, MarshaMarsha Blackburn Former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives representing Tennessee [11]
Collins, Martha LayneMartha Layne Collins Former Governor of Kentucky [3]
Hufstedler, ShirleyShirley Hufstedler First United States Secretary of Education [3]
Lincoln, BlancheBlanche Lincoln United States Senator from Arkansas [11]
Malcolm, Molly BethMolly Beth Malcolm First woman chairperson of the Texas Democratic Party [citation needed]
Pence, CharlotteCharlotte Pence Daughter of Vice President Mike Pence Republican Party [citation needed]
Schroeder, PatriciaPatricia Schroeder Former Democratic member of the United States House of Representatives representing Colorado, first female Congresswoman from Colorado [3]
Smith, VirginiaVirginia Smith Former Republican member of the United States House of Representatives representing Nebraska [3]
Shields, JoannaJoanna Shields Baroness and British Parliamentarian [3]
Strayhorn, Carole KeetonCarole Keeton Strayhorn Former Texas Comptroller, made an unsuccessful run for Texas Governor in 2006 as an independent [3]
Grimes, Alison LunderganAlison Lundergan Grimes Former Secretary of State of Kentucky [3]


Harper Lee
Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Gilchrist, EllenEllen Gilchrist Author of Victory Over Japan, winner of the 1984 National Book Award for Fiction [3]
Lee, HarperHarper Lee Author of To Kill a Mockingbird, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient in 2007 [11]
Mayes, FrancesFrances Mayes Author of the novel Under the Tuscan Sun [11]
Shreve, AnitaAnita Shreve Author of The Pilot's Wife, The Weight of Water, and Sea Glass; O. Henry Award recipient in 1976 [citation needed]
Taggard, GenevieveGenevieve Taggard 1931 Guggenheim Fellow and poet [16]
White, KarenKaren White New York Times bestselling romantic fiction author [citation needed]

Science and education[edit]

Susan J. Helms
Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Athey, SusanSusan Athey Professor of Economics at Harvard University, won the John Bates Clark Medal in 2007 [3]
Helms, Susan J.Susan J. Helms NASA astronaut and the first woman to live on the International Space Station [11]
Netsch, Dawn ClarkDawn Clark Netsch Law professor at Northwestern University, Illinois Comptroller [citation needed]
, Sherri WhittSherri Whitt Data Abstraction Welstar Health [citation needed]
Rubins, KathleenKathleen Rubins Selected as a member of the 20th NASA astronaut class [17]
Riggs, Janet MorganJanet Morgan Riggs President of Gettysburg College [citation needed]
Saunders, Martha DunaginMartha Dunagin Saunders President of the University of Southern Mississippi [citation needed]


Lin Dunn
Name Chapter Notability Ref(s)
Brennan, ChristineChristine Brennan USA Today sports columnist, author, and sports commentator for ABC News, CNN, National Public Radio and Fox Sports Radio [11]
Dunn, LinLin Dunn Head basketball coach for WNBA teams Seattle Storm (2000–2002) and Indiana Fever (2008–present) [18]
Summitt, PatPat Summitt Head coach of the Tennessee Lady Volunteers basketball team, Basketball Hall of Fame and Women's Basketball Hall of Fame inductee [11]
McNamara, MelissaMelissa McNamara Head coach of the Arizona State University Sun Devils women's golf team (2009 NCAA champions) and former pro golfer on the LPGA tour [citation needed]


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