List of Chief Justices of Minnesota

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This is a list of Chief Justices of the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Minnesota Territory[edit]

Chief Justice Term
Aaron Goodrich 1849-1851
Jerome Fuller 1851-1852
Henry Z. Hayner 1851-1852
William H. Welch 1853-1858

State of Minnesota[edit]

Chief Justice Term
LaFayette Emmett 1858-1865
Thomas Wilson 1865-1869
James Gilfillan 1869-1870
Christopher G. Ripley 1870-1874
Samuel James Renwick McMillan 1874-1875
James Gilfillan 1875-1894
Charles M. Start 1895-1913
Calvin L. Brown 1913-1923
Samuel B. Wilson 1923-1933
John P. Devaney 1933-1937
Henry M. Gallagher 1937-1944
Charles Loring 1944-1953
Roger L. Dell 1953-1962
Oscar Knutson 1962-1973
Robert J. Sheran 1973-1981
Douglas K. Amdahl 1981-1989
Peter S. Popovich 1989-1990
Alexander M. Keith 1990-1998
Kathleen A. Blatz 1998-2006
Russell A. Anderson 2006-2008
Eric J. Magnuson 2008-2010
Lorie Skjerven Gildea 2010-present