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Coat of arms of Sri Lanka, showing a lion holding a sword in its right forepaw surrounded by a ring made from blue lotus petals which is placed on top of a grain vase sprouting rice grains to encircle it. A Dharmacakra is on the top while a sun and moon are at the bottom on each side of the vase.
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Chief Minister in Sri Lanka is the elected head of local government at the provincial level, and is vested with most of the executive powers. The Chief Minister is chosen by legislators of the political party or coalition commanding a majority in the provincial council, and serves a six-year term with a provision of re-election. The Governor is the head of province, but his or her role is largely ceremonial.

Current Chief Ministers[edit]

Province Picture Current Chief minister Party Took office Term ends Past
Central Province No image.svg Ekanayake, SarathSarath Ekanayake   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 18 June 2004 List
Eastern Province No image.svg Majeed, M. N. AbdulM. N. Abdul Majeed   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 18 September 2012 List
North Central Province No image.svg Ranjith, S. M.S. M. Ranjith   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 18 September 2012 List
Northern Province C. V. Vigneswaran.jpg C. V. Vigneswaran   Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi 7 October 2013 List
North Western Province No image.svg Dayasiri Jayasekara   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 3 October 2013 List
Sabaragamuwa No image.svg Herath, MaheepalaMaheepala Herath   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 16 June 2004 List
Southern Province No image.svg De Silva, Shan WijayalalShan Wijayalal De Silva   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 10 June 2004 List
Uva Shashindra Rajapaksa.jpg Rajapaksa, ShasheendraShasheendra Rajapaksa   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 20 August 2009 List
Western Province No image.svg Ranatunga, PrasannaPrasanna Ranatunga   Sri Lanka Freedom Party 4 May 2009 List

Former Chief Ministers[edit]

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