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This is a list of the coups d'état (both plots, failed and successful attempts and armed conflicts) that have taken place in Chile, during its independent history:


  1. Conspiracy of the Tres Antonios, (1781) – A failed attempt to declare Chile an independent republic


  1. Government Junta of Chile, (September 18, 1810) – A successful coup in favor of Chile
  2. Figueroa mutiny, (April 1, 1811) – A failed attempt to restore royal power in Chile
  3. 1811 Chilean coup d'état, (September 4, 1811) – A successful coup in favor of José Miguel Carrera


  1. Campino mutiny, (1827) – A failed attempt to destroy the opposition to the federalist system [1]
  2. San Fernando mutiny, (June, 1828) of Pedro Urriola, José Antonio Vidaurre and the Maipo Battalion.[1](p337)
  3. Chilean Civil War of 1829, (1829) – An armed conflict between conservatives and liberals over the constitutional regime


  1. Arauco rebellion, (1831) of Pedro Barnechea and Captain Uriarte[1]
  2. Rebellion of Cazadores de Quechereguas Regiment, (1832) – Under Cap. Eusebio Ruiz[1]
  3. Arteaga Conspiracy, (1833), – of General Zenteno and Coronel Picarte[1]
  4. Cotapos revolution, (1833), – of José Antonio Pérez de Cotapos
  5. Freire expedition, (1836) – An invasion of Chiloé Island and failed attempt to depose the government
  6. Quillota mutiny, (1837) – A failed attempt to depose the government that resulted in the death of Diego Portales


  1. 1851 Chilean Revolution, (1851) – An armed rebellion by liberals against the conservative President Manuel Montt
  2. 1859 Chilean Revolution, (1859) – A rekindling of the armed rebellion by liberals against the conservative President Manuel Montt started in 1851


  1. 1891 Chilean Civil War, (1891) – An armed conflict between forces supporting National Congress and forces that supported President José Manuel Balmaceda
  2. Several Balmacedist plots, (1891–94) – Planned by Hernán Abos-Padilla, Nicanor Donoso, Diego Bahamondes, Luis Leclerc, Herminio Euth, José Domingo Briceño, Edmundo Pinto, Manuel and Emilio Rodríguez, Virgilio Talquino and Anselmo Blanlot against the new government[1][2]


  1. Military League plot, (1912) – A failed plot against President Ramon Barros Luco. In September, Gonzalo Bulnes the appointed leader of the plot, desisted.[1]
  2. Armstrong-Moore plot, (1919) – A failed plot by Generals Guillermo Armstrong and Manuel Moore against President Juan Luis Sanfuentes[1]


  1. 1924 Chilean coup d'état, (September 5, 1924) – A successful coup against President Arturo Alessandri
  2. 1925 Chilean coup d'état, (January 23, 1925) – A successful coup in which Carlos Ibáñez del Campo and Marmaduke Grove overthrew Luis Altamirano to return President Arturo Alessandri to office[3]


  1. Little red plane plot, (September 21, 1930) – A failed attempt against President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo by Marmaduke Grove[1]
  2. Fall of Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, 26 Jule 1931, successful rebellion against Ibañez
  3. Chilean naval mutiny of 1931, (September, 1931) – A rebellion in the Chilean Navy against Vice-President Manuel Trucco that ended with the fleet being bombed from the air.
  4. Norte Grande insurrection, (December 25, 1931) – A failed Communist push against President Juan Esteban Montero
  5. 1932 Chilean coup d'état, (June 4, 1932) – A successful coup that resulted in the instauration of the Socialist Republic of Chile, in which Carlos Dávila overthrows Juan Esteban Montero[4]
  6. Antofagasta coup d'état, (September 27, 1932) – A successful coup of General Pedro Vignola that resulted in the resignation of President Bartolomé Blanche and the return to civilian rule[1]
  7. Las Mercedes' plot, (1933) – A failed plot against President Arturo Alessandri. Commander-in-Cief of the Army, Pedro Vignola called "to resist the Milicia Republicana by any means"[1]
  8. Humberto Videla's plot, (1935) – failed rebellion of NCO's
  9. 1936 plot against Alessandri, (1936) – By René Silva Espejo and Alejandro Lagos[1]
  10. Seguro Obrero massacre, (September 5, 1938) – A failed National Socialist attempt in favor of Carlos Ibáñez that resulted in the murder of 59 young party members
  11. Ariostazo, (August 25, 1939) – A failed attempt of Ariosto Herrera against President Pedro Aguirre Cerda[1]


  1. Pig trotters' plot, (1948) – A failed plot against President Gabriel González Videla[1]


  1. Línea Recta affair, (1954) – A failed plot to allow President Carlos Ibáñez del Campo to assume dictatorial powers[1]


  1. Tacnazo, (October 21, 1969) – A failed plot against President Eduardo Frei Montalva


  1. Tanquetazo, (June 29, 1973) – A failed coup against President Salvador Allende
  2. 1973 Chilean coup d'état, (September 11, 1973) – Coup that deposed President Salvador Allende, in favor of Augusto Pinochet[5]

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