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This is a list of television networks and television channels that are broadcast in the Chinese language or offer at least some programming in Chinese.

Mainland China[edit]

Provincial and prefectural networks[edit]

幹新方宋Shanxi Gong Gong 方宋義 Channel 234繁 方宋二 變經 入尼多.

Hong Kong[edit]


Main article: Television in Macau


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Satellite Channels


New Zealand[edit]

United States[edit]

Subscription networks[edit]

Los Angeles free-to-air networks[edit]

New York City free-to-air networks[edit]

San Francisco free-to-air networks[edit]

  • [UCHANNEL 1.9] [1] - 優視頻道 (HDTV)
  • [TVHS 1.9] [2] - 北美宏星衛視 1.9

UCHANNEL 1.8 - 美國創世電視

Sacramento free-to-air networks[edit]

    • Crossings TV (12:00-2:30pm and 9:50-11:30pm Mon-Fri; Sat; 0:00-11:30pm 12:00-3:00pm and 10:00-11:30pm Sun)



  • TVBS-Europe-5 channels based in the United Kingdom and broadcasting to 48 countries in Europe.

Other countries[edit]

Country Name Owner Notes
Australia SBS TV Government of Australia News in world languages (including Mandarin and Cantonese) once a day and international movies
Australia Channel 31 Melbourne Melbourne Community Television Consortium Selected programs only
Canada Fairchild TV Fairchild Group in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver
Canada Talentvision Fairchild Group in Vancouver
Canada LS Times TV Waylen Group Available nationwide
Canada OMNI.2 Rogers Communications in Toronto
Canada OMNI BC Rogers Communications in Vancouver
Indonesia Metro TV PT Media Televisi Indonesia Selected shows only
Indonesia Da-Ai TV Selected shows only
Japan TVB DAIFU Cantonese programmes with Japanese subtitles
Netherlands Chinese Radio and TV
South Korea Zhonghua TV Chinese programmes with Korean subtitles
South Korea TVB Korea Channel Cantonese programmes with Korean subtitles
Thailand Thai Central Chinese Television Hunan-based Chinese Universe Media owns 49% of stock only bilingual (Chinese and Thai language) Thai TV company operating satellite programming[3]

Most of the television channels in Indonesia show foreign content with no dubbing, including Chinese language programs.

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