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Aircraft produced by China.

Military aircraft designation system[edit]

As a convention, the designations of Chinese military aircraft usually start from 5 instead of 1.

Abbreviations Aircraft Type Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Literal Translation
H Bomber 轰炸机 轟炸機 Bomber
J Fighter aircraft 歼击机 殲擊機 Fighter
JH Fighter-bomber 歼击轰炸机 殲擊轟炸機 Fighter-bomber
JJ Operational conversion trainer 歼击教练机 殲擊教練機 Fighter-trainer
JL Trainer 教练机 教練機 Trainer
JZ Reconnaissance fighter 歼击侦察机 殲擊偵察機 Fighter reconnaissance aircraft
Q Ground attack aircraft 强击机 强擊機 Attack plane
KJ Airborne early warning and control 空中预警机 空中預警機 AWACS
KQ Anti-submarine and maritime patrol 空中反潜机 空中反潛機 Airborne anti-submarine plane
Y Transport aircraft 运输机 運輸機 Transport plane
Z Helicopter 直升机 直升機 Helicopter
WZ Unmanned surveillance and reconnaissance aerial vehicle 无人侦察机 無人偵察機 Unmanned reconnaissance
GJ Unmanned combat aerial vehicle 攻击无人机 攻擊無人機 Unmanned attack


Designation Manufacturer Status Number built Remarks Main variant


Harbin Retired in 2011 hundreds Strategic bomber H-5 - Standard three-seat tactical bomber

H-5A - Nuclear capable variant


Harbin Active 8 Amphibious ASW-bomber SH-5X - Prototype

SH-5 - Maritime patrol

SH-B - Firefighter


Xi'an Active 241+ Strategic bomber H-6 – Conventional bomber

H-6A – Nuclear capable variant

H-6BAerial reconnaissance variant

H-6C – H-6 with improved counter-measures suite.

H-6DAnti-ship missile carrier introduced in early 1980s

H-6E – H-6A with improved counter-measures suite

H-6F – Upgraded H-6A and H-6C with modern electronics

H-6G – Provides targeting data to ground-launched cruise missiles

H-6HLand-attack cruise missile carrier


Xi'an Active Strategic bomber, modernized H-6 H-6K – Modernized H-6 with new engines, larger air intakes, re-designed flight deck and large dielectric nose radome

H-6M – Cruise missile carrier, fitted with terrain-following system and four under-wing hardpoints for weapons carriage

H-6NAir-launched ballistic missile carrier capable of launching Dongfeng-21D anti-ship ballistic missile or the CJ-100 supersonic cruise missile


Xi'an Active 275+ Fighter-bomber JH-7 – Initial production version

JH-7A – Upgrade variant with new structure and improved avionics

JH-7A2 – Improved variant with new radar and enhanced air-to-surface missile carrying capabilities.

H-8 Xi'an Cancelled Development of H-6, project cancelled
H-20 Xi'an In development - Strategic bomber

Fighter aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Status Number Built Remarks Main variant
Shenyang Retired in 1986 500+ Air superiority fighter J-2 – Single seat fighter

JJ-2 – Two seat trainer

Shenyang Retired in 1992 1820+ Air superiority fighter J-5 – Single seat fighter

JJ-5 – Two seat trainer

J-5A – Radar upgraded variant

Shenyang Retired in 2010 4500+ Air superiority fighter J-6A – Single seat fighter

J-6B – Upgraded J-6A with two air-to-air missiles and removed the cannon

J-6C – Day fighter version with three 30mm cannon, braking parachute and domestic built engine

J-6III – Upgraded J-6A with radome on the splitter plate and domestic built radar

JJ-6 – Two-seat trainer

JZ-6Reconnaissance version with fuselage camera pack replacing cannon

J-6W – Unmanned variant

Chengdu Retired in 2016 2400+ Air superiority fighter J-7 – First domestically built model

J-7I – Improved J-7 with an additional gun, variable intake nosecone and modified intake wall

J-7B/J-7II – Improved J-7I with larger fuel tank, upgraded WP-7II engine

J-7IIA – Upgraded J-7II with western avionics

J-7C/J-7III – All-weather fighter models equipped with fire control radar, powered by WP-13F and Type 481 data link

J-7D/J-7IIIA – Upgraded J-7III with newer avionics and WP-13FI engine

J-7E/J-7IV– modernized J-7 with newly designed double delta wing and upgraded avionics

J-7FS – utilizes WP-13IIS engine and a redesigned under-chin inlet with a divider inside the intake

J-7G – further development of J-7E with newer radar

JJ-7- Two-seat trainer

Shenyang Retired in 2011 120 Interceptor J-8 - Initial day fighter variant

J-8I – Improved all-weather variant

J-8E – Upgraded J-8I with mono-pulse fire-control radar and improved ECM suite

JZ-8 – Reconnaissance variant

J-8ACT – Fly-by-wire test-bed aircraft

Shenyang Active 280 Interceptor

Developed from J-8

J-8II – Re-engineered from J-8I with redesigned nose/front section and fuselage. Replaced the nose air inlet with a solid nose and lateral air intakes, and upgraded with new WP-13 engine and type 208 radar

J-8D – Modified J-8B with fixed refuelling probe and updated avionics

J-8F – Upgraded J-8D with WP-13BII engine, JL-10 radar and glass cockpit

J-8H – Fighter-bomber variant, upgraded with KLJ-1 radar and FK-2 datalink, can carry guided bomb and anti-ship missile

JZ-8 – Reconnaissance variant

J-8IIACT – Fly-by-wire test-bed aircraft

Chengdu Cancelled - Air superiority fighter, cancelled single-engine fighter project during 1980s
FC-1 (JF-17)
Chengdu/PAC Active 169 Multi-role fighter, jointly developed by Chengdu and PAC, Pakistan JF-17A - Single-seat fighter

JF-17B - Twin-seat variant

JF-17 Block2 – Upgraded with composites in the airframe for reduced weight and air-to-air refuelling capability

JF-17 Block3 - Upgraded with AESA radar, fly-by-wire flight control system, IRST. Replace the RD-93MA engine with Guizhou WS-13 engine

Chengdu Active 602+ Multi-role fighter J-10A - Single seat fighter

J-10S - Twin-seated trainer variant of J-10A

J-10B - An upgraded J-10 with DSI intake and PESA radar IRST, powered by the AL-31FN M1

J-10B TVC Demonstrator - A prototype fighter based on J-10B that is equipped with WS-10B thrust-vectoring control engine

J-10C - Upgraded J-10B equipped with AESA radar and imaging infrared seeker (IIR)

J-10D - Electronic warfare variant with straight, protruding spine in the central airframe, containing electronic countermeasure and warfare systems

J-11 Shenyang Active 470+ Air superiority fighter J-11A (or J-11) - Chinese/Russian assembled Su-27SK from Russian-made kits

J-11B - Chinese-developed variant with domestic subsystems. Block 02 powered by Shenyang WS-10 turbofan

J-11BS - Twin-seat version

J-11B(AESA) - Variant with light-grey radome; speculated to be equipped with AESA radar.

Nanchang Cancelled 5–8 Air superiority fighter, cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project during 1970s J-12 - Initial version of the light fighter with pitot bi-furcated air intake and non-afterburning engine

J-12I - (aka J-12A) Improved J-12 powered by a 8,929 lbf (39.72 kN) Wopen WP-6Z afterburning turbojet

J-13 Shenyang Cancelled - Air superiority fighter, cancelled light-weight single-engine fighter project
J-15 Shenyang Active 85+ Aircraft carrier based multi-role fighter J-15 - Single-seat variant

J-15S - Two-seat variant

J-15D - Two-seat Electronic warfare (EW) variant, with EW pods and other electronic equipment installed and IRST sensor removed.

J-15T - CATOBAR variant.

Shenyang Active 245+ Strike fighter J-16 - Initial version strike variant derived from J-11BS

J-16D - Electronic warfare (EW) variant. Equipped with wingtip EW pods; internal EW system replaces IRST and 30 mm cannon

Chengdu Active 208+ Stealth air superiority fighter J-20A - First production variant of the J-20

J-20B - Improved J-20 variant with thrust-vectoring control (TVC) engines.

J-20S - The twin-seat variant of J-20, the co-pilot is presumed to coordinate attacks and reconnaissance missions with UCAVs.

Shenyang In development 4 Stealth air superiority fighter in development

Ground attack aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Status Number Remarks Main Variant


Nanchang Retired in 2010s 1300+ Attack aircraft

based on the Shenyang J-6

Q-5 - Original production version with a total of 6 pylons

Q-5Jia - Q-5 modified to carry nuclear bombs

Q-5Yi - Torpedo attacker

Q-5I(Q-5A) - Q-5 with the internal weapon bay replaced by internal fuel tank, increasing fuel capacity over 70%

Q-5IA(Q-5B) - Improved Q-5I, radar warning receiver and flare dispensers added

Q-5II(Q-5C) - Q-5I with omnidirectional radar warning receivers

Q-5E - Pylon with ability to mount laser-guided bombs, improved fire control system

JQ-5J - Tandem two seater of Q-5

Q-5L - Upgraded Q-5C, with LLLTV/FLIR vision systems for a day/night capability

Q-6 Nanchang Cancelled - Attack aircraft

Project cancelled

Airborne early warning and control[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Status Number Remarks


PLAAF Cancelled 1 Based on Tupolev Tu-4


NRIET Active 5 Based on Ilyushin Il-76


Shaanxi Active 11 Based on Y-8


Shaanxi Active 17+ Based on Y-9
KJ-600 Xi'an In development 2 Carrier-based AEW&C based on Y-7

Maritime patrol/anti-submarine aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Status Number Remarks


Shaanxi Active 20+ Based on Y-9, previously known as GX-6


Designation Manufacturer Remarks


Nanchang Copy of Yakovlev Yak-18, retired


Nanchang Basic propeller trainer


Hongdu/Yakolev Jointly developed by China and Russia


Shenyang Basic jet trainer, cancelled (a.k.a. 红专-503, Hong Zhuan-503, "Red Special") [2][better source needed]


Shenyang Trainer version of J-5


Shenyang Trainer version of J-6


Guizhou Trainer version of J-7


Hongdu/PAC Basic jet trainer/attacker jointly developed with Pakistan


Guizhou Developed from JJ-7


Hongdu Advanced jet trainer/attacker

Military utility aircraft (transport/tanker/passenger)[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Number Remarks Main Variant


Shijiazhuang 948[3] Copy of An-2 Y-5A – First mass-produced, version, light passenger transport, equivalent to the An-2T.

Y-5B – agricultural aircraft, equivalent to the An-2 SKh.

Y-5B-100 – Y-5B aircraft fitted with triple tipsails on the upper wing tips, which reputedly gave 20% higher climb rate and improved L/D ratio by 15%.

Y-5B(T) – A para-dropping version developed for the PLAAF, with up-dated avionics including a GPS.

Y-5B(K) – Variously reported as a tourist variant or Agricultural variant.

Y-5B(D) – Variously reported as an Agricultural variant or Tourist variant.

Y-5C – Amphibian version of Y-5A fitted with two floats.

Y-5D – Bomber crew trainer.

Y-5K – A VIP passenger variant with five seats.


- License-built Il-14, project cancelled


Xi'an 103 Copy of An-24 Y-7E - Speculative designation for a 'Hot and High" version with more powerful engines.

Y-7G - A military variant of the MA60 produced for the PLAAF.

Y-7H - A reverse-engineered An-26 with rear loading ramp for the PLAAF, entering production in 1992.

Y7H-500 - Civil variant of the Y-7H certified in 1994.

Y-7-100 - Improved version, developed in co-operation with HAECO (Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company), with redesigned cockpit and cabin, as well as winglets, capable of carrying 52 passengers.

Y-7-100C1/C2/C3 - Five-crew variant with equipment changes.

Y-7-200 - Fitted with new avionics; without winglets.

Y-7-200A - Powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW127C turboprop engines.

Y-7-200B - Stretched version (74cm (29in)) with WJ5A-1G engines, built for the Chinese domestic market.

HYJ-7A - pilot and crew trainer for H-6 heavy bombers fitted with a stabilised HM-1A bombsight, bomb-aiming radar and a TNL-7880 combined navigation system.

Xian MA60(Y-7-MA60) - 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner,

Xian JZY-01 / Y-7 AWACS – Carrier-based airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) variant, used as a testbed for Xian KJ-600.


Shaanxi 169 Copy of An-12


Shaanxi 30+ Multi-purpose transport, variant of the Y-8 (as Y-8X)


Harbin 50 7 seats utility aircraft


Harbin 102+ 17 seats utility aircraft


Xi'an 58+ Large multi-purpose transport
Y-30 Shenyang Medium lift in development


CAIGA 2+ Large multi-purpose amphibious aircraft

Military UAV[edit]

For the reason that Chinese UAV developers / manufacturers have officially released a considerable number of military UAVs, and also due to Chinese government's transparency policy for military UAV, this sub-list will only focus on models that are already identified and introduced into the PLA.

Designation Manufacturer Remarks Main Variant
Beihang Target/reconnaissance UAV
Xi'an Aisheng Tactical reconnaissance UAV

Chinese military version of ASN-207

Guizhou HALE reconnaissance UAV
AVIC Hypersonic high-altitude reconnaissance UAV
Chengdu HALE reconnaissance UAV/UCAV WZ-10: Reconnaissance UAV variant with Chinese military designation.

Wing Loong-10: Mass produced version for export.

Wind Shadow: UCAV prototype for Chinese domestic version. Featured stealth design, twin-engine, turbofan powered.

Cloud Shadow: An export version prototype. Stealth featured, single-engine (optional twin-engine), turbojet powered.

Chengdu MALE UCAV GJ-1: Chinese domestic military designation.

Wing Loong 1: Basic model for export.

Wing Loong 1E: Upgrade version with composite materials and newer electronics.

Chengdu MALE UCAV GJ-2: Chinese domestic military designation.

Wing Loong 2: Developed from Wing Loong-1, with provisions for up to twelve air-to-surface missiles

Wing Loong 2H: Civilian, communication, emergency response variant, equipped with synthetic aperture radar and optoelectronic pod which is able to relay and amplify telecommunication signals.

Wing Loong 3
Hongdu Stealth UCAV
Harbin MALE UCAV BZK-005: Unarmed reconnaissance version.

BZK-005C: Developed from original BZK-005 and optimized aerodynamic structure and electronic system with attack and reconnaissance capability. It can equipped with booms or missiles with more than 300 kg payload.

BZK-006 Xi'an Aisheng Tactical reconnaissance UCAV BZK-006: Basic model, developed from WZ-6.

BZK-006A: Upgrade version, detail unknown.

BZK-007 Guizhou MALE UAV
KVD002 CASC/CAAA MALE UCAV KDV002: Upgrade version of CASC CH-4. Equipped with diesel piston engine compared with CH-4's petrol piston engine. First MALE UCAV of PLA Army.
Sichuan Tengden MALE UCAV

Military designation is unknown

TB-001: 2-engine original model

TB-001A: 3-engine variant with payload increased to 1500 kg and max flight ceiling increase to 9500 meters.


Designation Manufacturer Remarks


Harbin Copy of Mi-4, retired


Harbin Turboshaft version of the Z-5, fitted with a Dongan WZ-5 turboshaft engine
Z-7 Changhe Cancelled


Changhe License-built SA321Ja Super Frelon


Harbin License-built Eurocopter Dauphin


Changhe Attack helicopter


Changhe License-built Eurocopter AS350


AVIC 6,000 kg-class medium military transport helicopter


Changhe Medium transport/utility helicopter


Harbin 5,000 to 5,500 kg twin-engined light helicopter development, derived from Z-9
Harbin Medium transport/utility helicopter in development


Harbin Cooperative design with Eurocopter
AC311 AVIC Civilian helicopter
AC313 AVIC Civilian helicopter, developed from the Changhe Z-8
AC310 AVIC Civilian helicopter

Civilian transport and passenger aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Beijing 1 Beijing Twin-engined light airliner, cancelled


Shanghai Boeing 707 class airliner, project cancelled


Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of Y-7


Xi'an 60 seats turboprop-powered airliner, upgrade version of MA-60


Xi'an 70-to-80 seats turboprop-powered airliner, to be introduced in 2009


Comac 70–90 seats advanced regional jet airliner


Comac 168–190 seat twin-jet airliner
CR929 Comac & UAC 300 seat airliner, in development
C939 Comac 400 seat airliner, in development
LE500 CATIC Aircraft
HO300 SAMC Amphibious
D-600 China Aero-Vehicle Research Institute Waterbomber
Primus 100 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Primus 150 (E1000) China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Starlight 100 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
Starlight 200 China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Business plane
A2C China Special Aero-Vehicle Research Institute Multipurpose
Y15-2000 SAMC Multipurpose

Agricultural aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Hongdu N-5 Hongdu Agricultural aircraft.


Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Mifeng-6 Beihang Hot air airship
CA-80 Shanghai Vinage Airship Manufacture Co., Ltd. Non-rigid Airship

Electric aircraft[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
E430 Yuneec International Two-seat electric light sports aircraft.
EViva Yuneec International Electric motor-glider.
ESpyder Yuneec International Electric aircraft
EPac Yuneec International Electric aircraft

Gliders and sailplanes[edit]

Designation Manufacturer Remarks
Lie-Fang 1 Two-seat intermediate glider
HU-1 Seagull Shenyang Sailplane Factory Motor-glider
HU-2 Petrel Shenyang Sailplane Factory Motor-glider
X-7 Jian Fan Chengdu Sailplane Factory Two-seat basic training glider
X-9 Jian Fan Shenyang Sailplane Factory Two-seat training glider
X-10 Qian Jin Shenyang Sailplane Works
X-11 Shenyang Sailplane Works

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