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Christianity has through Church history produced a number of Christian creeds, confessions and statements of faith. The following lists are provided.

In many cases, individual churches will address further doctrinal questions in a set of bylaws.[1] Smaller churches see this as a formality, while churches of a larger size build this to be a large document describing the practical functioning of the church.

Biblical creeds[edit]

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Primary Creeds[edit]

Creed Date Accepted by Original name Notes Link to text
Apostles' Creed 200-900 Western Christian denominations Lat.: Symbolum Apostolorum or Symbolum Apostolicum Product of the Roman Christians around A.D.180, who developed an early form of the Apostles' Creed, possibly to critiquee Marcion. Wikisource-logo.svg "Apostles' Creed".
Creed of Nicaea 325 Product of the first ecumenical council in Nicaea which tried to solve the Arian controversy.[2]
Creed of Jerusalem 350 Nearly all Christian denominations Cyril of Jerusalem
Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed 381 Nearly all Christian denominations Expansion and revision of the 325 Creed of Nicaea. Critiques apollinarism and a later addition, the Filioque clause, resulted in disagreements between Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. Wikisource-logo.svg "Nicene Creed".
Chalcedonian Creed 451 Council of Chalcedon Nearly all Christian denominations (except Oriental Orthodoxy, the Assyrian Church of the East, and much of Restorationism)
Athanasian Creed 500 Western Christian denominations Lat.: Quicumque vult Wikisource-logo.svg "Athanasian Creed".

Interdenominational Creeds[edit]

New Ecumenical Creeds[edit]

  • The Call to Unity, Lausanne 1927
  • The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, Edinburgh 1937
  • Affirmation of Union, Edinburgh 1937
  • Message of the First Assembly of the World Council of Churches 1948
  • The Unity We Have and Seek 1952
  • A Message from the Second Assembly of the World Council of Churches 1954
  • The Unity of the Church, St. Andrews 1960
  • The Church's Unity, World Council of Churches, New Delhi 1961
  • The Holy Spirit and the Catholicity of the Church, Uppsala 1968
  • What Unity Requires, Nairobi 1975
  • Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry, Lima 1982

Creeds of Major Denominations[edit]



  • The Schleitheim Confession 1527
  • The Dordrecht Confession 1632



Five Articles of Remonstrance 1610

Assemblies of God[edit]


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  • Savoy Declaration 1658
  • The Declaration of the Congregational Union of England 1833
  • The Declaration of the Boston National Council 1865
  • The Declaration of the Oberlin National Council 1871

Christian Church - Disciples of Christ[edit]

  • Mission, Vision and Confession[1]


Evangelical Lutheran Church in America[edit]


  • Articles of Religion 1784
  • The Scripture Way of Salvation 1765
  • Minutes of Some Late Conversations 1744



  • Westminster Confession of Faith (PCA, OPC, EPC, RCA, etc.) 1646
  • The Confession of the Waldenses 1655
  • The Confession of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1829
  • The Confession of the Free Evangelical Church of Geneva 1848
  • The Confession of the Free Italian Church 1870
  • The Auburn Declaration 1887
  • Auburn Affirmation (PCUSA) 1924
  • Book of Confessions (PCUSA)

United Church of Canada[edit]

United Methodist[edit]

Puritan Congregational[edit]


Roman Catholic[edit]

  • Decrees of the Council of Trent 1563
  • The Creed of the Council of Trent 1564
  • The Dogma of the Immaculate Conception 1854
  • The Vatican Council-First Dogmatic Constitution of the Church of Christ 1870
  • The Dogma of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary 1950
  • Vatican II Council, Dogmatic Constitution on the Church 1964

United Church of Christ[edit]


  • The Confession of the Society of Friends 1675

Creeds of Sects, Small Denomination, or Christian Groups[edit]

American Fundamentalist Evangelical[edit]


The denomination holds the New Testament as its only creed.

Holy Ghost Fathers[edit]

Latter Day Saints (Mormons)[edit]

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)[edit]

Salvation Army[edit]

Uniting Reformed Church in Southern Africa[edit]

Waldensian Evangelical Church[edit]

Other Creeds and Confessions[edit]

Creeds of Historical Denominations[edit]

These are no longer active denominations but played a role in history.


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