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This is a list of reputed martyrs of Christianity. It includes only notable people with Wikipedia articles. Not all Christian denominations accept every figure on this list as a martyr or Christian; see the linked articles for fuller discussion. In many denominations of Christianity, martyrdom is considered a direct path to sainthood and many names on this list are viewed as saints in one or more denomination.

Apostolic Age—1st century[edit]

"Martyrdom of St. Paul", Tintoretto

According to the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles[edit]

According to early sources[edit]

According to tradition[edit]

Age of Martyrdom—2nd to 4th centuries[edit]

The martyrdom of St. Alban, from a 13th-century manuscript, now in the Trinity College Library, Dublin. Note the executioner's eyes falling out of his head.

According to early Christian tradition[edit]

With some historical attestation within a hundred years of the event[edit]

With some historical attestation more than a hundred years after the event[edit]


Middle Ages—5th to 15th-centuries[edit]

Reformation Era—16th century[edit]

Dirk Willems etching from Martyrs Mirror.
"Death of Cranmer", from the 1887 Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Modern Era—17th to 21st centuries[edit]

Feodosia Morozova, an Old Believer being arrested by Czarist authorities.
An illustration depicts the brutal death of Father Luís Jayme by the hands of angry natives at Mission San Diego de Alcalá in Alta California, November 4, 1775.

blessed sister Rani Maria

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