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This is an incomplete list of Christian religious houses in Saxony in Germany, extant and non-extant, and including houses of both men and women. Most religious houses in Saxony were suppressed during the Reformation in the 16th century, but some survived. A small number also survived the Communist period of the DDR, including the Cistercian nunnery of St. Marienthal Abbey in Ostritz founded in 1243.[1] Since the reunification of Germany in 1990, a number of new religious communities have been established.




  • Bautzen:
    • Franciscan friary, Grosse Brüdergasse
    • St. Peter's collegiate foundation, Bautzen (Stift St. Petri)
  • Buch Abbey (Kloster Buch), Klosterbuch in Leisnig: Cistercian monks (shortly before 1192-1525)


  • Chemnitz:
    • Schlossberg: Benedictines
    • Franciscan friary, Chemnitz


  • Döbeln Abbey (Kloster Döbeln), Döbeln: Benedictines
  • Dommitzsch Commandery, Dommitzsch: Teutonic Knights
  • Dörschnitz Abbey (Kloster Dörschnitz or Kloster Marienpforte), Dörschnitz: Benedictines
  • Dresden:


  • Antonine Hospital, Eicha


  • Frankenhausen Abbey, Frankenhausen: Cistercians
  • Freiberg:
    • Dominican priory, Freiberg
    • Franciscan friary, Freiberg
    • Magdalenes' priory, Freiberg
    • St. Mary's collegiate foundation, Freiberg (St. Marienstift)


  • St. Mary's Abbey, Geringswalde (Kloster St Marien, Geringswalde), Geringswalde: Benedictines
  • Franciscan friary, Goerlitz (Klosterplatz)
  • Grimma:
    • Grimma Priory: Augustinian canons
    • Grimma Abbey: Cistercians
    • see also Nimbschen
  • Grossenhain:
    • Magdalenes' priory, Grossenhain
    • Servite priory, Grossenhain
    • collegiate foundation, Frohngässchen
  • Grünhain Abbey (Kloster Grünhain): Cistercian monks (1230-1536)
  • Güldenstern, see Marienstern



  • Leipzig:
    • Franciscan friary of the Holy Spirit, Leipzig (dates tbe)
    • St. George's Abbey, Leipzig (Kloster St. Georg, Leipzig): Cistercian nuns (before 1230-1541)
    • St. Paul's Priory, Leipzig: Dominicans (dates tbe)
    • St. Thomas' Abbey, Leipzig (Kloster St. Thomas, Leipzig): Augustinian Canons (1212-1541)
    • St. Albert's Priory, Wahren (Dominikanerkloster St. Albert, Wahren) (Wahren, Leipzig): Dominicans (from 1929)
  • St. John's church collegiate foundation, Löbau (Stift Johanniskirche, Löbau), Löbau: collegiate foundation


  • Marienpforte, see Dörschnitz and Sitzenroda
  • St. Marienstern Abbey (Kloster St. Marienstern), Panschwitz-Kuckau: Cistercian nuns (from 1248)
  • Marienthal, see also St. Marienthal and Somzig
  • Marienthron, see Nimbschen
  • Martinstal Priory (Kloster Martinstal), Neukirchen: Augustinian Canons (1228–1478), Carthusian (1478–1526)
  • Meissen:
    • Abbey of the Holy Cross, Meissen (Kloster Heilig Kreuz, Meissen): Benedictine nuns (late 12th century - 1568)
    • Gymnasium Franziskaneum Meissen
    • collegiate foundation, now the Evangelische Trinitätskirche
    • St. Afra's Priory, Meissen: Augustinian canons
    • Meissen Cathedral chapter
  • Mühlberg, see Marienstern
  • Mutzschen - Servites


  • Nimbschen Abbey (Kloster Nimbschen, Kloster Marienthron), near Grimma: Cistercian nuns (1243-1536/42)


  • Franciscan friary, Oschatz
  • Ostritz, see St. Marienthal
  • Oybin Abbey (Kloster Oybin) on Mount Oybin (Berg Oybin): Celestines (1369 - mid-16th century)


  • Pegau Abbey (Kloster Pegau or Kloster St Jakob, Pegau), Pegau: Benedictines
  • St. Henry's Priory, Pirna: Dominicans
  • Plauen:
    • Teutonic Knights
    • Dominican priory, Plauen


  • Radeburg:
    • Servite priory, Radeburg
    • Augustinian priory, Radeburg
  • Reichenbach Commandery, Reichenbach: Teutonic Knights
  • Remse Abbey, Remse: Benedictines
  • Riesa Abbey (Kloster Riesa), Riesa: Benedictines


  • St. Marienthal Abbey (Kloster St. Marienthal), Ostritz, Oberlausitz: Cistercian nuns (from 1234- )
  • Seusslitz Priory or St. Afra's Priory, Seusslitz (Kloster St. Afra, Seusslitz), Seusslitz in Nünchritz: Poor Clares (1268-1541)
  • Sitzenroda Abbey or Marienpforte Abbey, Sitzenroda (Kloster Sitzenroda, Kloster Marienpforte), Sitzenroda: Benedictines
  • Somzig Abbey or Marienthal Abbey (Kloster Somzig or Kloster Marienthal), Somzig: Benedictines
  • Staucha Abbey (Kloster Staucha), Staucha: Benedictines


  • Torgau:
    • Franciscan friary, Torgau
    • Torgau Abbey: Cistercian monks


  • Wechselburg Priory, formerly Wechselburg Abbey (Kloster Wechselburg): Benedictine monks (Benedictine monks (1168-1278); Teutonic Knights (1278-1570); refounded 1993 as a priory of Ettal Abbey)
  • Franciscan friary, Weinhübel (Zittauer Strasse)
  • Wurzen Abbey (Stift Wurzen), Wurzen: collegiate foundation


  • Zelle Priory (Klösterlein Zelle), Aue (Sachsen): Augustinian Canons (1173-1524/25)
  • Franciscan friary, Zittau
  • Zwickau:
    • Cistercian abbey, Zwickau
    • Benedictine abbey, Zwickau
    • Franciscan friary, Zwickau


  1. ^ now believed to be the oldest Cistercian nunnery in existence

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