List of churches destroyed in the Great Fire of London and not rebuilt

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Church name [1] Location United with
All-Hallows-the-Less Upper Thames Street St. Michael Paternoster Royal
All Hallows Honey Lane 114 Cheapside[2] St Mary-le-Bow
Holy Trinity the Less Knightrider Street St Michael Queenhithe
St Andrew Hubbard Love Lane, Eastcheap St Mary-at-Hill
St Ann Blackfriars Ireland Yard, Blackfriars St. Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe
St Benet Sherehog Poultry[3] St Stephen Walbrook
St Botolph Billingsgate Thames Street[4] St. George Botolph Lane [5]
St Faith under St Paul's West end of the crypt St Augustine Watling Street
St Gabriel Fenchurch Stood in the middle of Fenchurch Street St Margaret Pattens
St Gregory by St Paul's Close to the southwest wall of Old St. Paul's St Martin, Ludgate
St John the Baptist upon Walbrook Cloak Lane (west side), Cannon Street St Antholin, Budge Row [6]
St John the Evangelist Watling Street at Friday Street St Mary-le-Bow (ibid)
St John Zachary Gresham Street (north side) St Anne and St Agnes
St Laurence Pountney Laurence Pountney Hill St Magnus-the-Martyr
St Leonard, Eastcheap Cheapside St Benet Gracechurch
St Leonard, Foster Lane Cheapside Christchurch, Newgate Street
St Margaret Moses Friday Street at Cheapside St Mildred, Bread Street [7]
St Margaret, New Fish Street Monument Yard, close to London Bridge[8] St Magnus, London Bridge
St Martin Pomary Ironmonger Lane (east side) St Margaret Lothbury
St Martin Vintry Southwark Bridge at Thames Street St. Michael Paternoster Royal (ibid)
St Mary Bothaw South of Cannon Street St Swithin's, Cannon Street [9]
St Mary Colechurch South end of Old Jewry St Mildred, Poultry[10]
St Mary Mounthaw West side of Old Fish Street St Nicholas Cole Abbey
St Mary Staining Oat Lane Church of St Alban, Wood Street
St Mary Woolchurch Haw Queen Victoria Street[11] St Mary Woolnoth
St. Mary Magdalen Milk Street North side of Knightrider Street[12] St Lawrence Jewry
St Michael-le-Querne Round Court[13] St Vedast Foster Lane (ibid)
St Nicholas Acons West side of Nicholas Lane[14] St Edmund the King and Martyr [15]
St Nicholas Olave West side of Bread Street Hill St Nicholas Cole Abbey (ibid)
St Olave's, Silver Street Northeast end of Noble Street Church of St Alban, Wood Street, London (ibid)
St Pancras, Soper Lane Pancras Lane at Queen Street St Mary-le-Bow (ibid)
St Peter, Paul's Wharf Upper Thames Street at Peter's Hill St Benet Paul's Wharf [16]
St Peter, Westcheap Southwest corner of Wood Street St. Matthew Friday Street (ibid)
St Thomas the Apostle Knightrider Street St Vedast, Foster Lane (ibid)

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  1. ^ Of the 86 destroyed, Reynolds (1922) lists these 34 as those not rebuilt.
  2. ^ East of Ball Alley
  3. ^ Opposite to Size Lane
  4. ^ Opposite Botolph Lane
  5. ^ In 1898 the Church fell into disuse, and in 1901 the parish united with that of St Mary-at-Hill.
  6. ^ Now St Anthony and St Silas, Nunhead
  7. ^ Church destroyed during bombing raid in 1941
  8. ^ The Monument stands on the site of this church
  9. ^ 1940, slight bomb damage; deconsecrated 1954;demolished 1962
  10. ^ And afterwards: 1871 St. Olave Old Jewry; 1886 St Margaret Lothbury]
  11. ^ The Mansion House now stands on the site of this church
  12. ^ S.W corner of Old Exchange
  13. ^ In the middle of Cheapside to the east of Paternoster Row
  14. ^ Between King William Street and Lombard St
  15. ^ Now the London Centre for Spirituality
  16. ^ which itself was subsumed into St Nicholas Cole Abbey


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