List of churches in Taungoo

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Taungoo is in the Bago region of Burma.


  • Paku Karen Baptist Association [1]
  • Bwe Karen Baptist Association [2]
  • Keh Ko Keh Ba Karen Baptist Association [3]
  • Seventh-day Adventist, Central Myanmar Mission [4]
  • Toungoo Diocese, Anglican Communion [5]
  • Diocese of Taungoo, Roman Catholic [6]


Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cathedral
Taungoo Burmese Church
Trinity Church
Paku Church
  • Paku Town Baptist Church, (English, Burmese, Karen)
  • Trinity Baptist Church (Karen)
  • Keh Ko Keh Ba Baptist Church (Karen)
  • Taungoo Myanmar Baptist Church (Burmese)
  • Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • St. Paul Church (Karen, Burmese)
  • St. Luke Church
  • St. John The Baptist Church (English, Burmese, Karen)
  • Mingyi Nyo Baptist Church
  • AG Del Su Church
  • AG Mingyi Nyo Church
  • Kyaut Twin Church
  • Saw Htee Karen Church
  • Par-Pun Karen Church
  • Kaw Thay Del Karen Baptist Church
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church