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This is a list of Canadian movie theatres operated by Cineplex Entertainment, under the Galaxy, Cineplex Odeon, SilverCity, Cinema City, Famous Players, Colossus, Scotiabank Theatre, Cineplex Cinemas and Cineplex VIP Cinemas brandings.

Current banners[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas and Cineplex Odeon[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas (French: Cinémas Cineplex is the company's most widespread banner, with 102 locations as of June 2015. Although 42 of these locations carry the older Cineplex Odeon banner, the concept is the same. The newest locations feature a wide variety of movies and a variety of branded concessions. Locations range from small mall multiplexes to large, ultra-modern locations. Most locations are designated in larger populated cities.

Cineplex VIP Cinemas[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne & VIP in Ottawa features four VIP theatres and one UltraAVX premium large format theatre on the third floor.

Cineplex currently has 15 Cineplex VIP Cinemas presented by Scotiabank. Cineplex debuted this purpose-built concept around 1998 at Cineplex Odeon Varsity & VIP in Toronto, Ontario. VIP Cinemas are an enclosed space separate from the rest of the theatre, but implementation varies per theatre. For example, Lansdowne is a condensed location in Ottawa that has the VIP ticket booth on the first floor and the four VIP screens in one section of the third floor. The Queensway location at Etobicoke, on the other hand, has a separate building and entrance for its VIP cinemas and lounge.[citation needed] Cineplex VIP Don Mills is first VIP-only location. It features five screens, three which are 3D-capable.[1]

The VIP area has a stylized entrance, licensed lounge and bar with alcohol available to be served, alternative and traditional concessions food/drink products available in the lounge space, at a concession stand, and through in-theatre service. Due to the service of alcoholic beverages to guests, these spaces are only for guests who are 19+ (18+ in Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec). Inside each auditorium, there is reserved luxury seating complete (in most locations) with wide, leather, recliner-style seats and swing-out tray-tables. The movie selection is also adapted to this demographic, with a higher proportion of titles rated 14A and 18A, and such movies can even be exclusive to VIP within locations that play them. For example, the screenings for No Escape and Straight Outta Compton at the Lansdowne location are exclusive to VIP.[2]

Scotiabank Theatre[edit]

Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa

Ten Cineplex complexes use the Scotiabank Theatre banner, though in the case of Montreal, Cinémas Banque Scotia is the main banner instead. Naming is based on the customer-loyalty program agreement made in 2007 between Cineplex and Scotiabank.[3] These are treated as a flagship theatre for their area/region, and represents a premium corporate brand within the company, offering corporate and group events to wealthier/privileged clientle such as stockholders and company executives. Each location offers pizza, coffee, TimePlay and one to four premium large format screens featuring IMAX (except for Vancouver and Saskatoon) and one or two UltraAVX screens (except for Ottawa, Winnipeg and Atlantic locations). Non-Atlantic locations, with the exception of Edmonton, feature D-Box motion picture technology in a regular (Ottawa, Montreal and Winnipeg) or UltraAVX (others) theatre. The Scotiabank Theatre locations in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver added Barco Escape premium large format theatres in July 2016.[4]

SilverCity and StarCité[edit]

SilverCity CrossIron Mills, the last SilverCity built by Cineplex, opened in 2010.
A panoramic view of StarCité Gatineau.

The group runs 14 SilverCity cinemas outside of Quebec, plus two StarCité locations in the Gatineau and Montreal cities of Quebec. The first SilverCity opened in Mississauga on November 28, 1997 and the first StarCité opened in Gatineau in December 1999. Both brands combined peaked at 29 locations as of spring 2001. Cineplex acquired these in 2005, but divested five SilverCity and two StarCité in 2006 to fulfill regulatory requirements, only to later reacquire the previously divested Gatineau and Empress Walk locations. The company also opened three new SilverCity locations, the last being CrossIron Mills on June 30, 2010. Each of the 16 remaining locations has 7 to 19 screens, typically 12, of which one to three (except for Mission and Burlington) consist of premium large format screens such as IMAX (at four locations) or UltraAVX (at 13 locations). Five locations, and many former SilverCity locations, feature an Xscape arcade.

A total of 32 SilverCity and StarCité locations have been built to date. Of these, more than half were either closed or rebranded. Notably, the Mississauga location that premiered the brand closed on May 1, 2014.[5] The StarCité at Sainte-Foy, Quebec City opened on April 12, 2000 and closed on February 27, 2007 because the Cineplex Odeon Ste-Foy next door outperformed it.[6] Another three former SilverCity locations now carry the Scotiabank Theatre brand.

Galaxy Cinemas and Famous Players[edit]

Famous Players Pickering will be rebranded to Cineplex Cinemas Pickering and VIP in 2017.

Galaxy Cinemas is the predominant brand in mid-sized markets where there has historically been little or no competition, even prior to the Cineplex-Famous Players merger. All have been built since the mid-1990s, although some were renovated from (or replaced) smaller Cineplex Odeon or Famous Players locations. These locations feature six to twelve screens, branded concessions and stadium-style seating. There are 30 Galaxy locations as of May 2016. The Galaxy Saskatoon theatre built in 2006 was rebranded as Scotiabank Theatre and VIP. The Galaxy Sherwood Park and the Galaxy Regina theatre was rebranded under the Cineplex Cinemas brand in 2015.

The Famous Players brand encompasses a number of different banners and theatre designs, many of which were developed during the chain's suburban expansion, such as power centres in the late 1990s. The Famous Players banner by itself is now primarily used on six relatively "traditional" theatres, with three to ten screens and traditional concessions at each location. Except for the Prince Rupert location, each theatre has two to four RealD 3D digital screens. One location, Famous Players Pickering, will be rebranded to Cineplex Cinemas Pickering and VIP in late 2017. One of its current eight theatres will be upgraded to the UltraAVX premium large format with Dolby Atmos sound, while four new VIP auditoriums and a licensed lounge will be added to the theatre, bringing the total screen count to 12.

Only six Galaxy locations feature one UltraAVX screen each. With the exception of Chilliwack, these also offer Dolby Atmos. Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo also features a D-Box screen built separately from UltraAVX.[7]


The Cinema City brand is used at two locations, one in Winnipeg and one in Edmonton, that predominately show second-run films. The former Cinema City McGillivray now plays first-run films and was renamed to Cineplex Odeon McGillivray and VIP Cinemas in 2012.

Cineplex also owns a minority interest in Alliance Cinemas, in partnership with Alliance Films. At its peak the chain had five locations; three locations have been sold or closed, while the two remaining locations have been up for sale since summer 2005.

On February 15, 2013, Cineplex Entertainment announced that they would buy Festival Cinemas which included the Park Theatre and Fifth Avenue Cinemas. The sale was closed on March 1, 2013.[8]

Former banners[edit]

Cineplex has discontinued the Coliseum and Colossus banners, created by Famous Players in the late 1990s, replacing them with the Cineplex Cinemas (French: Cinémas Cineplex) banner, but the unique architectural features of these theatres has been preserved. As a result, theatres built in this fashion will feature the name of their former banner in the "Format" column of this list.


Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa, formerly branded as Coliseum, features a round façade.

Five larger suburban theatres were originally built by Famous Players under the Coliseum (French: Colisée) banner, and are notable for their round façade. They were the first round theatres in the world with its wedge-shaped auditoriums, located on two levels, fan out from their entrances, located off the main lobby area. On the lobby, hangs several figures with costumes, objects and characters from popular movies on display, and bright neon lights (since removed). The first location was opened in Mississauga on May 16, 1997.[9] Additional locations were opened throughout 1998 in Calgary, Ottawa and Scarborough and in late 1999 in Kirkland. Four of the five Coliseums that were a part of the 2005 acquisition from Cineplex have since been rebranded and renamed to Cineplex Cinemas.

All four feature 12 screens, of which one is UltraAVX; Scarborough also has a D-Box screen and a second UltraAVX screen among its 12 screens, while Mississauga has a thirteenth screen with digital IMAX technology. Scarborough and Ottawa also each feature an Xscape Entertainment Centre, replacing the older TechTown arcades at these locations.

The former Coliseum Shawnessy in Calgary was acquired by Empire Theatres on September 30, 2005 which was later sold to Landmark Cinemas on October 29, 2013. The round façade at Shawnessy remains intact and the theatre also features a screen with The Extra Experience, a competing technology by Landmark comparable to UltraAVX.


Cinémas Cineplex Laval, formerly branded as Colossus, features an UFO design in its foyer.

Larger than Coliseum were Famous Players' three Colossus theatres, re-branded to Cineplex Cinemas since 2015. In its design, the top of the buildings have an giant UFO landing site with the flying saucer sits on top. Passing through the massive main entrance are automatic ticketing machines in an alien figure appearance.

This brand focused on city suburbs and was built to challenge then-competitor AMC Theatres entry into the Canadian market. Each Colossus features 19 screens, or 18 in Laval, using the following technologies: Real D 3D (seven to eight screens), UltraAVX (one or two screens), D-Box (one screen) and IMAX (one screen, excluding Laval). The theatres had a distinctive UFO design in their foyer.

All locations feature an Xscape Entertainment Centre to replace their older TechTown arcades. Colossus debuted on February 12, 1999 in Vaughan, north of Toronto. One of its screens was the first IMAX 3D theatre in Ontario.[10] The second location opened in the Langley suburb of Vancouver on May 19, 1999.[11] The final Colossus was opened in the Laval suburb of Montreal on November 17, 2000.

Current theatres[edit]

Theatre name City Premium Large Format

British Columbia[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas Abbotsford and VIP Abbotsford UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis Burnaby UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas Chilliwack Chilliwack UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Coquitlam and VIP Coquitlam UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Aberdeen Mall Kamloops N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Orchard Plaza Kelowna N/A
Cineplex Odeon Westshore Cinemas Langford UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Langley Langley UltraAVX and IMAX
SilverCity Mission Cinemas Mission N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Nanaimo Nanaimo N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Esplanade North Vancouver N/A
Cineplex Odeon Park & Tilford Cinemas North Vancouver N/A
Cineplex Odeon Meadowtown Cinemas Pitt Meadows N/A
Famous Players 6 Cinemas Prince George N/A
Famous Players Prince Rupert Cinemas Prince Rupert N/A
SilverCity Riverport Cinemas Richmond UltraAVX (two) and IMAX
Cineplex Cinemas Strawberry Hill Surrey UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Marine Gateway and VIP Vancouver UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon International Village Cinemas Vancouver N/A
Fifth Avenue Cinemas Vancouver N/A
Scotiabank Theatre Vancouver Vancouver UltraAVX (two)
Park Cinemas Vancouver N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Vernon Vernon N/A
Cineplex Odeon Victoria Cinemas Victoria N/A
SilverCity Victoria Cinemas Victoria IMAX


Scotiabank Theatre Chinook Calgary UltraAVX (two) and IMAX (one)
Cineplex Odeon Crowfoot Crossing Cinemas Calgary N/A
Cineplex Odeon Eau Claire Market Cinemas Calgary N/A
Cineplex Odeon Sunridge Spectrum Cinemas Calgary UltraAVX (two)
Cineplex Odeon Westhills Cinemas Calgary UltraAVX
SilverCity CrossIron Mills Cinemas & XSCAPE Entertainment Centre Calgary UltraAVX
Scotiabank Theatre Edmonton Edmonton UltraAVX (two) and IMAX (one)
Cineplex Cinemas Manning Town Centre Edmonton UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon North Edmonton Cinemas Edmonton UltraAVX (two)
Cineplex Odeon South Edmonton Cinemas Edmonton UltraAVX (two)
Cinema City Movies 12 Edmonton N/A
Cineplex Odeon Windermere Cinemas and VIP Edmonton UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Grande Prairie Cinemas Grande Prairie N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Lethbridge Lethbridge N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Medicine Hat Medicine Hat N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Red Deer Red Deer UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Sherwood Park (formerly Galaxy Cinemas Sherwood Park) Sherwood Park UltraAVX


Galaxy Cinemas Moose Jaw Moose Jaw N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Prince Albert Prince Albert N/A
Cineplex Odeon Southland Mall Cinemas Regina N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Regina (formerly Galaxy Cinemas Regina) Regina UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Centre Cinemas Saskatoon N/A
Scotiabank Theatre Saskatoon and VIP (formerly Galaxy Cinemas Saskatoon) Saskatoon UltraAVX


Famous Players Kildonan Place Cinemas Winnipeg N/A
Cineplex Odeon McGillivray Cinemas and VIP Winnipeg N/A
Cinema City Northgate Winnipeg N/A
Scotiabank Theatre Winnipeg (formerly SilverCity Polo Park) Winnipeg IMAX
SilverCity St. Vital Cinemas Winnipeg UltraAVX


Cineplex Odeon Ajax Cinemas Ajax N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Ancaster (formerly SilverCity) Ancaster IMAX
Cineplex Odeon Aurora Cinemas Aurora UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas Barrie Barrie N/A
Bayfield Cinemas[12] Barrie N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Belleville Belleville N/A
Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate Brampton N/A
SilverCity Brampton Cinemas Brampton UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas Brantford Brantford N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Brockville Brockville N/A
SilverCity Burlington Cinemas Burlington N/A
Cineplex Odeon Clarington Place Cinemas Bowmanville N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Cambridge Cambridge N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Chatham Chatham N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Collingwood Collingwood N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Cornwall Cornwall N/A
SilverCity Newmarket Cinemas and XSCAPE Entertainment Centre East Gwillimbury UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Queensway Etobicoke UltraAVX
Cineplex VIP Cinemas Queensway Etobicoke N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Guelph Guelph N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Pergola Commons Guelph UltraAVX
SilverCity Hamilton Mountain Cinemas Hamilton/Stoney Creek UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Gardiners Road Cinemas Kingston UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Kitchener and VIP Kitchener UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Westmount and VIP Cinemas London UltraAVX
SilverCity London Cinemas London IMAX
Cineplex Cinemas Markham and VIP Markham IMAX
Galaxy Cinemas Midland Midland N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Milton Milton UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Mississauga Mississauga IMAX
Cineplex Cinemas Courtney Park 16 Mississauga IMAX
Cineplex Odeon Niagara Square Cinemas Niagara Falls UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Empress Walk North York IMAX
Cineplex Cinemas Fairview Mall North York UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Yorkdale North York UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas North Bay North Bay N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Oakville and VIP Oakville UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Winston Churchill 24 Oakville UltraAVX and IMAX
Galaxy Cinemas Orangeville Orangeville N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Orillia Orillia N/A
Cineplex Odeon Oshawa Cinemas Oshawa UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Barrhaven Cinemas Ottawa N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Lansdowne and VIP Ottawa UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Ottawa Ottawa UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon South Keys Cinemas Ottawa N/A
Scotiabank Theatre Ottawa (formerly SilverCity Gloucester) Ottawa IMAX
Galaxy Cinemas Owen Sound Owen Sound N/A
Famous Players Pickering 8 Pickering N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Peterborough Peterborough N/A
SilverCity Richmond Hill Cinemas (UltraAVX) Richmond Hill UltraAVX (two)
Galaxy Cinemas Sarnia (UltraAVX) Sarnia UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste. Marie N/A
Cineplex Odeon Morningside Cinemas Scarborough N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Scarborough Scarborough UltraAVX (two)
Cineplex Odeon Eglinton Town Centre Cinemas Scarborough UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas St. Thomas St. Thomas N/A
SilverCity Sudbury Cinemas Sudbury UltraAVX
SilverCity Thunder Bay Cinemas Thunder Bay N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Varsity and VIP Toronto N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Eglinton and VIP Toronto UltraAVX
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto Toronto UltraAVX and IMAX
Famous Players Canada Square Cinemas Toronto N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP Toronto UltraAVX and IMAX
The Beach Cinemas - Alliance Cinemas Toronto N/A
Cineplex VIP Cinemas Don Mills Toronto N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan Vaughan UltraAVX and IMAX
Galaxy Cinemas Waterloo Waterloo UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Seaway Mall Cinemas Welland N/A
Cineplex Odeon Devonshire Mall Cinemas Windsor N/A
SilverCity Windsor Cinemas Windsor IMAX


Cineplex Odeon Beauport Cinemas (UltraAVX) Beauport UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Boucherville Cinemas Boucherville N/A
Cineplex Odeon Brossard and VIP Cinemas Brossard UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Carrefour Dorion Cinemas Dorion N/A
StarCité Gatineau Cinemas Gatineau UltraAVX
Cinémas Cineplex Kirkland Kirkland UltraAVX
Cineplex Odeon Place LaSalle Cinemas LaSalle N/A
Famous Players Carrefour Angrignon Cinemas LaSalle N/A
Cinémas Cineplex Laval Laval UltraAVX
Scotiabank Theatre Montreal Montreal UltraAVX and IMAX
StarCité Montreal Cinemas Montreal UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Forum Montreal UltraAVX and IMAX
Cineplex Odeon Quartier Latin Cinemas Montreal N/A
Cineplex Odeon Cavendish Mall Cinemas Montreal N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Sherbrooke Rock Forest N/A
Cineplex Odeon Saint-Bruno Cinemas Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville N/A
Galaxy Cinemas Capitol St. Jean Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu N/A
Cineplex Odeon Sainte-Foy Cinemas Sainte-Foy UltraAVX
Galaxy Cinemas Victoriaville Victoriaville N/A

New Brunswick[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas Dieppe Dieppe UltraAVX
Cineplex Cinemas Fredericton Fredericton N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Miramichi Miramichi N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Trinity Drive Moncton N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Saint John Saint John UltraAVX

Nova Scotia[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas Amherst Amherst N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Antigonish Antigonish N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Bridgewater Bridgewater N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Dartmouth Crossing Dartmouth UltraAVX
Scotiabank Theatre Halifax Halifax IMAX
Cineplex Cinemas Park Lane Halifax N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Oxford Halifax N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Lower Sackville Lower Sackville N/A
Cineplex Cinemas New Glasgow New Glasgow N/A
Cineplex Cinemas New Minas New Minas N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Sydney Sydney N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Truro Truto N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Yarmouth Yarmouth N/A

Prince Edward Island[edit]

Cineplex Cinemas Charlottetown Charlottetown N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Summerside Summerside N/A


Cineplex Cinemas Millbrook Corner Brook N/A
Cineplex Cinemas Mount Pearl Mount Pearl N/A
Scotiabank Theatre St. John's St. John's IMAX
Theatre name City Premium Large Format

Upcoming theatres[edit]




  • Cineplex Cinemas Downtown Edmonton and VIP (to open in 2018)[14]



  • Galaxy Cinemas North Barrie[15]


St. John's

Former theatres[edit]

British Columbia[edit]


  • Famous Players Richmond Centre -closed, now the dining terrace (food court)
  • Famous Players Guildford -Sold to Empire Theatres in 2005, then to Landmark Cinemas in 2013






  • Cineplex Odeon Sherway Cinemas - Opened in 1987. Closed in 2001 after the 18-screen Queensway cinema opened, now used by Sears.


  • Cineplex Odeon First Markham Place Cinemas - Closed in 2015 after Downtown Markham and VIP opened.


  • Cineplex Odeon Square One Cinemas - sold to Empire Theatres in 2005 and again to Landmark in 2013. Closed on October 3, 2014 and converted into retail use.
  • SilverCity Mississauga Cinemas (UltraAVX) - Opened in 1997 and closed on May 1, 2014. Now a LA Fitness. [16]

North York

  • Cineplex Odeon Sheppard Grande Cinemas - Closed in 2013.
  • Famous Players Victoria Terrace 6 Cinemas - Opened in 1989 and closed in November 2002.


  • Cineplex Odeon Scarborough Town Centre 12 Cinemas - Opened in 1981 and closed in 2000. Space now occupied by Gap stores.
  • Famous Players Cedarbrae 8 Cinemas - Opened in 1969, closed in 2003 and demolished

St. Catharines

  • Cineplex Odeon Fairview Mall Cinemas - Opened in 1994 and closed on January 25, 2007. Now a Winners.
  • SilverCity Pen Centre Cinemas - sold to Empire Theatres in 2005 and again to Landmark in 2013.


  • Famous Players Imperial 6 Cinemas - Operated from 1972-1988 as a cinema, but partially taken over by Cineplex Odeon in 1986. See article for more information.
  • Famous Players Uptown Theatre - Opened in 1920 as Loew's Uptown, acquired in the mid-1970s by Famous Players until its closure in 2003 due to accessibility laws.

New Brunswick[edit]


  • Cineplex Cinemas Rothesay - It opened as an Empire Theatres location and was acquired by Cineplex in October 2013. Cineplex closed this location on January 18, 2015 after its lease expired, focusing on the Saint John location instead.[17]


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