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A list of Citroën vehicles.

Passenger cars and vans[edit]

Pre war[edit]

Post war (1945–1970)[edit]

Post war (1970–1980)[edit]


Current and future[edit]


  • C-ZERO (2010) - an electric supermini/city car sold by Citroën, built by Mitsubishi Motors.
  • C1 (2005–present) - a 4-seat, 3 or 5-door hatchback, city car with 1.3L petrol or diesel engine, developed in conjunction with Toyota as the Aygo.
  • C3 (from October 2009) - a supermini car with a range of inline-4 engines, a 5-door version of the C2.
  • C4 (2004–present) - a small family car
    • C-Triomphe/Citroën C-Quatre. (2006–present)- a notchback sedan version of the European C4 for the Chinese market. In Europe, it is classified as a large family car, sold alongside C5.
    • C4 Picasso (2007–present) - a five-seater compact MPV
    • C4 Grand Picasso- (2007–present) - a seven-seater compact MPV
    • C4 Nouvelle - a variant of the C4 that closely resembles the C4 Picasso, but with noticeable differences, including a sleeker body shape.[1]
    • C4 Aircross (2012–present) AWD SUV
    • C4 Cactus - a small family car based on an extended version of the C3's PF1 platform
  • C5 (2008–present) - a large family car
  • Berlingo (1996–present) - a panel van and leisure activity vehicle,
  • Elysée - based on the Fukang which is a three-box ZX, the Elysée would appear to be a restyled version of this Chinese market car with a front end reminiscent of that of the Xsara, with many parts (including the dashboard) taken from the Citroën Xsara and Citroën Saxo, for the Chinese market
  • Citroën Fukang (1997–present): derivative the ZX for the Chinese market
  • Jumpy (1995–present)- a small van produced at Sevel Nord and is badged as a Citroën Dispatch in the UK and Ireland,
  • Jumper (1994–present) - a large van produced by Sevel Sud from 1994 and is badged as the Citroën Relay in the UK and Ireland
  • Nemo (2008–present) - a small van,
    • Nemo Multispace is a small MPV


Trucks and buses[edit]



  • Citroën CH14 Currus
  • 1978 Citroën Heuliez C35
  • Jumper van bus
  • 1931 Citroën Type C6 Long
  • 1930s Type 23 bus
  • Type 46 DP UADI
  • 1935 Type 32B
  • 1932-33 Type C6 G1

Alternative fueled[edit]

Citroën Alternative propulsion includes the following:


Biofuel Citroëns include the Citroën C4 BioFlex (bioethanol flexible fuel vehicle).[2]

Electric and hybrid vehicles[edit]

In the earlier years, electric cars were produced, e.g. the AX electrique, Saxo electrique etc. but in smaller series.

In the hybrid electric vehicle strategy there are four concept cars HYmotion at the Paris Motor Show 2008: Hypnos,[3][4] illustrating the latest breakthroughs in this field with the hybrid technology HYmotion4; the C4 HYmotion2 and C-Cactus ( diesel-electric hybrid), reflecting Citroën's plans to integrate this promising solution in affordable mass-market vehicles; and the C4 WRC HYmotion4, extending ecological principles to sports cars.[5]

Citroën showed the plug-in hybrid REVOLTe at the 2009 Frankfurt Motorshow.[6][7]

Concept cars[edit]

Citroën has produced numerous concept cars over the decades, previewing future design trends or technologies. Notable concepts include the Citroën Karin (1980), Citroën Activa (1988), Citroën C-Métisse (2006), GT by Citroën (2008) and Citroën Survolt (2010).

4x4 Conversions[edit]

Citroën Berlingo with Dangel 4x4 system

Dangel, a French specialist automobile company based in Sentheim, Alsace, has produced 4x4 versions of Citroën and Peugeot vehicles since 1980. Its first conversion was the Peugeot 504. Dangel currently produces 4x4 conversions of the Citroën Berlingo, the Citroën Jumper and the Citroën Jumpy.[8]


In the early 1970s Citroën investigated the possibility of producing helicopters with the Wankel engines manufactured by its subsidiary Comotor.

  • RE2 Helicopter (flight-tested only)
  • Citroën GS BiRotor (flight-tested only)


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