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This is a list of American Civil War monuments in Kentucky. A total of 61 of these were added to the National Register of Historic Places on July 17, 1997, as a result of a Multiple Property Submission (MPS).

Although Kentucky produced more Union troops than Confederate troops (75,000 compared to 50,000), most of the monuments included in the MPS were dedicated to Confederate forces.

The earliest Confederate memorials were, in general, simple memorials. The earliest such monument was the Confederate Monument in Cynthiana erected in 1869. Later monuments were more elaborate. In the late 19th century, Confederate monuments increasingly were focused on a "memorialization of the Lost Cause" and a "celebration of the Confederacy".[1]

Two prominent monuments were not included in the MPS because they were already listed on the National Register and they are significantly different from the others listed. These are the Jefferson Davis Monument in Fairview, Kentucky and Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace.

County Monument name Image Year built City or Town Latitude Longitude Summary
1 Anderson Confederate Monument in Lawrenceburg Confederate Monument in Lawrenceburg close.JPG 1894 Lawrenceburg Located on Lawrenceburg's Courthouse lawn
2 Barren Confederate Monument in Glasgow Confederate Monument in Glasgow.jpg 1905 Glasgow Located on Glasgow's Courthouse lawn
3 Bath Confederate Monument in Owingsville Confederate Monument in Owingsville 2.JPG 1907 Owingsville
4 Bourbon Bourbon County Confederate Monument Bourbon County Confederate Monument 3.jpg 1887 Paris Only Monument on the list shaped like a chimney
5 Boyle Confederate Monument in Danville Confederate Monument in Danville.jpg 1910 Danville
6 Boyle Confederate Monument in Perryville Confederate Monument in Perryville sunny profile.JPG 1902 Perryville By the park office of Perryville Battlefield SHS
7 Boyle Union Monument in Perryville Union Monument in Perryville sunny.jpg 1928 Perryville By the park office of Perryville Battlefield SHS
8 Boyle Unknown Confederate Dead Monument in Perryville Perryville Confederate marker.jpg 1928 Perryville Located away from the other Perryville monuments, in a private cemetery.
9 Bracken Confederate Monument in Augusta Confederate Monument in Augusta.jpg 1903 Augusta Gravesite of eight Confederates who died during a raid in the town
10 Butler Confederate-Union Veterans' Monument in Morgantown Con Un Mon in Morgantown KY.jpg 1907 Morgantown One of two built in Kentucky dedicated in memory of both sides.
11 Caldwell Confederate Soldier Monument in Caldwell Confederate Soldier Monument in Caldwell 2.JPG 1912 Princeton
12 Calloway Confederate Monument in Murray Confederate Monument in Murray.JPG 1917 Murray One of four fountain monuments in Kentucky
13 Christian Confederate Memorial Fountain in Hopkinsville Confederate Memorial Fountain in Hopkinsville.JPG 1911 Hopkinsville One of four fountain monuments in Kentucky
14 Christian Latham Confederate Monument Latham Confederate Monument.JPG 1887 Hopkinsville
15 Daviess Confederate Monument in Owensboro Confederate Monument in Owensboro 2.jpg 1900 Owensboro Sculpted by the noted George Julian Zolnay
16 Daviess Thompson and Powell Martyrs Monument Thompson and Powell Martyrs Monument.jpg 1864 St. Joseph
17 Fayette Confederate Soldier Monument in Lexington Confederate Soldier Monument in Lexington 1.jpg 1893 Lexington
18 Fayette John C. Breckinridge Memorial Breckinridge Memorial 1.jpg 1887 Lexington Relocated from historic courthouse lawn to Lexington Cemetery October 2017
19 Fayette John Hunt Morgan Memorial Morgan Lexington statue.jpg 1911 Lexington Dedicated to the hometown Confederate. Relocated to Lexington Cemetery in October 2017
20 Fayette Ladies' Confederate Memorial Ladies' Confederate Memorial 1.jpg 1874 Lexington
21 Franklin Colored Soldiers Monument in Frankfort Colored Soldiers Monument in Frankfort 1.jpg 1924 Frankfort
22 Franklin Confederate Monument in Frankfort Confederate Monument in Frankfort 1.jpg 1892 Frankfort
23 Fulton Confederate Memorial in Fulton Confederate Memorial in Fulton 2.JPG 1902 Fulton
24 Fulton Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman Confederate Memorial Gateway in Hickman.JPG 1913 Hickman Westernmost monument on the list
25 Graves Camp Beauregard Memorial in Water Valley Camp Beauregard.jpg 1909 Water Valley Site of a training camp where many Confederate died from disease.
26 Graves Confederate Memorial Gates in Mayfield Confederate Memorial Gates in Mayfield right.JPG 1924 Mayfield
27 Graves Confederate Memorial in Mayfield Confederate Memorial in Mayfield.JPG 1920 Mayfield One of four fountain monuments in Kentucky
28 Harrison Confederate Monument in Cynthiana Confederate Monument in Cynthiana.jpg 1869 Cynthiana The first Kentucky monument to the Confederate States of America, and the second one anywhere
29 Hart Colonel Robert A. Smith Monument
Colonel Robert A. Smith Monument.jpg
1884 Munfordville Largest confederate monument on private land.
30 Hart Unknown Confederate Soldier Monument in Horse Cave Unknown Confederate Horse Cave 4.jpg 1934 Horse Cave Only monument on the list composed of geodes
31 Henry Confederate Soldiers Martyrs Monument in Eminence Confederate Soldiers Martyrs Monument in Eminence 1.JPG 1870 Eminence
32 Jefferson Adolph Bloedner Monument 32nd Indiana Monument.jpg 1862 Louisville Oldest monument in Kentucky
33 Jefferson Confederate Martyrs Monument in Jeffersontown Confederate Martyrs JTown 2.jpg 1904 Jeffersontown
34 Jefferson Confederate Monument in Louisville Lou Confed South.jpg 1895 Louisville Originally located by the University of Louisville; relocated in 2017 to Brandenburg
35 Jefferson John B. Castleman Monument John B. Castleman Monument.jpg 1913 Louisville
36 Jefferson Union Monument in Louisville Cave Hill National Cemetery 2.jpg 1914 Louisville
37 Jessamine Confederate Memorial in Nicholasville Confederate Memorial in Nicholasville.JPG 1896 Nicholasville
38 Kenton GAR Monument in Covington GAR Monument in Covington 1.jpg 1929 Covington Northernmost monument on the list
39 Kenton Veteran's Monument in Covington Veteran's Monument in Covington north.jpg 1933 Covington One of only two monuments in Kentucky meant to honor both sides
40 Lewis Union Monument in Vanceburg Union Monument in Vanceburg 1.JPG 1884 Vanceburg Limestone monument erected by the citizens of the county as a memorial to the men of the county who were killed in action while fighting for the Union. This is the easternmost monument on the list and the first one to be erected in a public place.
41 Lincoln Confederate Monument at Crab Orchard Confederate Monument at Crab Orchard 2.JPG 1872 Crab Orchard
42 Logan Confederate Monument in Russellville CSA Memorial Russellville KY.png 1910 Russellville Near where the Confederate government of Kentucky was established
43 Marion Captain Andrew Offutt Monument Captain Andrew Offutt Monument 1.jpg 1921 Lebanon Second strongest sentiment to the Union of all the Kentucky monuments
44 McCracken Confederate Monument in Paducah Confederate Monument Paducah.jpg 1907 Paducah
45 McCracken Lloyd Tilghman Memorial Tilghman Monument 2.jpg 1909 Paducah
46 Mercer Beriah Magoffin Monument Gov Beriah Magoffin grave cropped.jpg 1900 Harrodsburg At the gravesite of Beriah Magoffin, who was Kentucky's governor when war was declared.
47 Mercer Confederate Monument in Harrodsburg Spring Hill Cemetery Harrodsburg Kentucky.jpg 1902 Harrodsburg
48 Montgomery Confederate Monument of Mt. Sterling Confederate Monument of Mt. Sterling 2.jpg 1880 Mt. Sterling
49 Nelson Confederate Monument of Bardstown Bardstown Confederate Memorial 3.jpg 1903 Bardstown
50 Oldham Confederate Memorial in Pewee Valley Pewee Valley Confederate Cemetery 002.jpg 1904 Pewee Valley Within the Pewee Valley Confederate Cemetery
51 Pulaski Battle of Dutton's Hill Monument Battle of Dutton's Hill Monument.jpg 1875 Somerset
52 Pulaski Confederate Mass Grave Monument in Somerset Confederate Mass Grave Monument in Somerset 2.jpg 1910 Somerset
53 Pulaski General Felix K. Zollicoffer Monument General Felix K. Zollicoffer Monument.jpg 1910 Nancy
54 Scott Confederate Monument in Georgetown Confederate Monument in Georgetown.jpg 1888 Georgetown
55 Taylor Battle of Tebb's Bend Monument Battle of Tebb's Bend Monument.jpg 1872 Campbellsville
56 Trigg Confederate Monument Confederate Monument of Cadiz SE.JPG 1913 Cadiz One of four fountain monuments in Kentucky
57 Union Confederate Monument of Morganfield Confederate Monument of Morganfield from north.jpg 1870 Morganfield Isolated from most of cemetery.
58 Warren Confederate Monument of Bowling Green Confederate Bowling Green 2.jpg 1876 Bowling Green
59 Warren William F. Perry Monument William F. Perry Monument.jpg 1901 Bowling Green
60 Woodford Confederate Monument in Versailles Confederate Monument in Versailles.JPG 1877 Versailles
61 Woodford Martyrs Monument in Midway Martyrs Monument in Midway 1.jpg 1890 Midway


  1. ^ Joseph E. Brent (January 8, 1997), National Register of Historic Places Multiple Property Submission: Civil War Monuments in Kentucky, 1865–1935 (pdf), National Park Service

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