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The following buildings and structures are related to The Coca-Cola Company or their bottlers.

United States[edit]

Sorted by state, then city, then building name:

Building City State Type Coord Note
Coca-Cola Building Morrilton AR Bottling plant 35°9′15″N 92°44′35″W / 35.15417°N 92.74306°W / 35.15417; -92.74306 (Coca-Cola Building (Morrilton, Arkansas)) Listed on the NRHP in Arkansas.
Coca-Cola Building Los Angeles CA Bottling plant 34°1′43″N 118°14′42″W / 34.02861°N 118.24500°W / 34.02861; -118.24500 (Coca-Cola Building (Los Angeles)) LA Historic-Cultural Monument
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Fort Lauderdale FL Bottling plant Listed on the Broward Trust for Historic Preservation's Significant and Endangered Sites in Broward County, Florida.[1]
Club Cool Lake Buena Vista FL Attraction Within Walt Disney's Epcot
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Ocala FL Bottling plant 29°11′47″N 82°8′11″W / 29.19639°N 82.13639°W / 29.19639; -82.13639 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Ocala, Florida)) Listed on the NRHP in Florida.
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Trenton FL Bottling plant Listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture[2]
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Athens GA Bottling plant 33°57′35″N 83°23′0″W / 33.95972°N 83.38333°W / 33.95972; -83.38333 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant-Athens) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Candler Building Atlanta GA Office building 33°45′24″N 84°23′17″W / 33.75667°N 84.38806°W / 33.75667; -84.38806 (Candler Building (Atlanta)) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Coca-Cola Annex Atlanta GA Office building 33°45′21″N 84°22′53″W / 33.75583°N 84.38139°W / 33.75583; -84.38139 (Coca-Cola Building Annex) Listed on the NRHP in Georgia.
Coca-Cola headquarters Atlanta GA Office building Includes One Coca-Cola Place
Coca-Cola Olympic City Atlanta GA Attraction 1996 Summer Olympics
Dixie Bottling Plant Atlanta GA Bottling plant 34°12′16″N 84°22′10″W / 34.20444°N 84.36944°W / 34.20444; -84.36944 (Dixie Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant) Georgia State University
World of Coca-Cola Atlanta GA Attraction 33°45′46″N 84°23′34″W / 33.76278°N 84.39278°W / 33.76278; -84.39278 (World of Coca-Cola) Within Pemberton Place
Coca-Cola Building Chicago IL Office and syrup plant 41°51′54″N 87°37′34″W / 41.86500°N 87.62611°W / 41.86500; -87.62611 (Coca-Cola Building) Listed on the NRHP in Illinois
Coca-Cola Bottling Building Quincy IL Bottling plant 39°56′18″N 91°22′37″W / 39.93833°N 91.37694°W / 39.93833; -91.37694 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building) Listed on the NRHP in Illinois.
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Bloomington IN Bottling plant 39°9′50″N 86°31′57″W / 39.16389°N 86.53250°W / 39.16389; -86.53250 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant (Bloomington, Indiana)) Listed on the NRHP in Indiana.
Coca-Cola Plant Shelbyville KY Bottling plant 38°12′36″N 85°12′24″W / 38.21000°N 85.20667°W / 38.21000; -85.20667 (Coca-Cola Plant(Shelbyville, Kentucky)) Listed on the NRHP in Kentucky.
Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Factory Baton Rouge LA Bottling Plant 30°32′12″N 91°8′3″W / 30.53667°N 91.13417°W / 30.53667; -91.13417 (Baton Rouge Coca-Cola Bottling Factory)
Biedenharn Museum Monroe LA Museum 32°31′11″N 92°7′52″W / 32.51972°N 92.13111°W / 32.51972; -92.13111 (Biedenharn Museum and Gardens)
Coca-Cola Factory Baltimore MD Bottling plant 39°16′7″N 76°35′53″W / 39.26861°N 76.59806°W / 39.26861; -76.59806 (Coca-Cola Baltimore Branch Factory) Listed on the NRHP in Maryland.
Coca-Cola Factory Grand Rapids MI Bottling plant 42°57′26″N 85°42′8″W / 42.95722°N 85.70222°W / 42.95722; -85.70222 (Coca-Cola Baltimore Branch Factory)
Coca-Cola Bottling Building Columbia MO Bottling plant 38°57′3″N 92°19′30″W / 38.95083°N 92.32500°W / 38.95083; -92.32500 (Coca-Cola Bottling Company Building (Columbia, Missouri)) Ragtag Cinema
Coca-Cola Building Kansas City MO Office Building 39°5′16″N 94°34′52″W / 39.08778°N 94.58111°W / 39.08778; -94.58111 (Coca-Cola Building (Kansas City, Missouri)) Listed on the NRHP in Missouri.
Coca-Cola Syrup Plant St. Louis MO Bottling plant 38°32′44.55″N 90°15′57.01″W / 38.5457083°N 90.2658361°W / 38.5457083; -90.2658361 (Coca-Cola Syrup Plant) Listed on the NRHP in Missouri.
Everything Coca-Cola Paradise NV Attraction
Coca-Cola Field Buffalo NY Sports venue 42°52′50.40″N 78°52′26.14″W / 42.8806667°N 78.8739278°W / 42.8806667; -78.8739278 (Coca-Cola Field) Buffalo Bisons' home field
Coca-Cola Works Elmira NY Bottling plant 42°5′21″N 76°48′58″W / 42.08917°N 76.81611°W / 42.08917; -76.81611 (Elmira Coca-Cola Bottling Company Works) Listed on the NRHP in New York.
Candler Building New York City NY Office building 40°45′22″N 73°59′18″W / 40.75611°N 73.98833°W / 40.75611; -73.98833 (Candler Building (New York, New York)) Listed on the NRHP in New York.
Coca-Cola sign New York City NY Billboard sign Times Square
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Charlotte NC Bottling plant 35°13′43″N 80°51′52″W / 35.22861°N 80.86444°W / 35.22861; -80.86444 (Charlotte Coca-Cola Bottling Company Plant, Former) listed on the NRHP in North Carolina
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Monroe NC Bottling plant 1928 Bottling Plant - 304 West Franklin St. Downtown Monroe NC
Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation Cincinnati OH Bottling plant 39°8′47″N 84°28′26″W / 39.14639°N 84.47389°W / 39.14639; -84.47389 (Coca-Cola Bottling Corporation) Xavier University
Coca Cola Airport Corvallis OR Airport 44°25′19″N 123°15′32″W / 44.42194°N 123.25889°W / 44.42194; -123.25889 (Coca Cola Airport) (FAA LID: OG49)
Coca-Cola Park Allentown PA Sports venue 40°37′34″N 75°27′9″W / 40.62611°N 75.45250°W / 40.62611; -75.45250 (Coca-Cola Park (Allentown)) Home field for the IronPigs
Coca-Cola Bottling Plant Covington TN Bottling plant 35°33′51″N 89°38′58″W / 35.56417°N 89.64944°W / 35.56417; -89.64944 (Coca-Cola Bottling Plant) Listed on the NRHP in Tennessee.
Minute Maid Park Houston TX Sports venue 29°45′25″N 95°21′20″W / 29.75694°N 95.35556°W / 29.75694; -95.35556 (Minute Maid Park) Formerly Enron Field
Coca-Cola Works Winchester VA Bottling plant 39°10′14.02″N 78°10′38.34″W / 39.1705611°N 78.1773167°W / 39.1705611; -78.1773167 (Winchester Coca-Cola Bottling Works) Listed on the NRHP in Virginia.

Other countries[edit]

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Sorted by structure:

Building City Country Type Coord Note
Coca Cola Billboard Sydney Australia Billboard sign In Kings Cross locality.
Coca-Cola Dome Johannesburg South Africa Sports venue
Coca-Cola Park Johannesburg South Africa Sports venue 26°11′51.07″S 28°3′38.76″E / 26.1975194°S 28.0607667°E / -26.1975194; 28.0607667 (Coca-Cola Park (Johannesburg)) Formerly Ellis Park Stadium

Mozambique Maputo


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