List of Coleco Adam games

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Below are a list of Coleco Adam games compatible with the Home Computer system or the ColecoVision Expansion port 3. Some of these games are exclusive only on the Coleco Adam, while others are released for both the Coleco Adam and ColecoVision. In this case, the Coleco Adam version may have additional features or use more memory for more advanced graphics. An example of this would be Alcazar: The Forgotten Fortress. The Coleco Adam has a total of 43 games, 24 only being playable on the Adam, 19 being superior ports of ColecoVision titles.[1]

List of ROM Cartridge Coleco Adam exclusives[edit]

List of Floppy Disk Coleco Adam games[edit]

List of ColecoVision-Coleco Adam shared games[edit]