List of Colombian Department Assemblies

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This is a list of Department Assemblies in the Republic of Colombia.

Amazonas Department[edit]

Antioquia Department[edit]

Arauca Department[edit]

Atlántico Department[edit]

Bolívar Department[edit]

Boyacá Department[edit]

Caldas Department[edit]

Caquetá Department[edit]

Casanare Department[edit]

Cauca Department[edit]

Cesar Department[edit]

Chocó Department[edit]

Córdoba Department[edit]

Cundinamarca Department[edit]


La Guajira Department[edit]

Guainía Department[edit]

Guaviare Department[edit]

Huila Department[edit]

Magdalena Department[edit]

Meta Department[edit]

Nariño Department[edit]

Norte de Santander Department[edit]

Putumayo Department[edit]

Quindío Department[edit]

Risaralda Department[edit]

San Andrés and Providencia Department[edit]

Santander Department[edit]

Sucre Department[edit]

Tolima Department[edit]

Valle del Cauca Department[edit]

Vaupés Department[edit]

Vichada Department[edit]

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