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The following is a list of symbols of the U.S. state of Colorado.

State insignia[edit]

Type Symbol Image Adopted
Flag Flag of the State of Colorado Flag of Colorado.svg 1911[1]
CRS 24-80-904[2]
Motto Nil sine numine
Latin: Nothing without providence.[3]
Nil sine numine 1861
CRS 24-80-901
Nickname Centennial State The Centennial State 1876
Seal Great Seal of the State of Colorado Seal of Colorado.svg 1861
Modified 1877[4]
CRS 24-80-901
Slogan Colorful Colorado


Living symbols[edit]

Type Symbol Image Adopted
Bird Lark Bunting
Calamospiza melanocorys
IMG 7043 lark bunting.jpg 1931
CRS 24-80-910
Fish Greenback Cutthroat Trout
Oncorhynchus clarki stomias
Greenbackcutthroat.jpg 1994
CRS 24-80-911.5
Flower Rocky Mountain Columbine[3]
Aquilegia caerulea
Columbine flower.JPG 1899
CRS 24-80-905
Grass Blue Grama Grass
Bouteloua gracilis
Blue grama Bouteloua gracilis MN 2007.JPG 1987
SJR 87-13
Insect Colorado Hairstreak Butterfly
Hypaurotis crysalus
Colorado Hairstreak, MM.JPG 1996
CRS 24-80-913
Mammal Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
Ovis canadensis canadensis
Bighorn ram full curl.jpg 1961
CRS 24-80-911
Reptile Western Painted Turtle
Chrysemys picta bellii
Painted turtle.jpg 2007
HB 08-1017
Tree Colorado Blue Spruce[3]
Picea pungens
Picea pungens tree.jpg 1939
HJR 39-07
Honorary State Symbol Common Pumpkin[3]
Cucurbita maxima
Picture Unavailable 1995

Earth symbols[edit]

Type Symbol Image Adopted
Fossil Stegosaurus
Stegosaurus armatus
Stegosaurus BW.jpg 1982
Executive Order
Gemstone Aquamarine Aquamarin cut.jpg 1971
CRS 24-80-912
Mineral Rhodochrosite The Searchlight Rhodochrosite Crystal.jpg 2002
CRS 24-80-912.5
Rock Yule Marble[3] Lincoln-Memorial WashingtonDC Crop.jpg 2004
CRS 24-80-912.7
Soil Seitz (soil) Seitz unofficial

Cultural symbols[edit]

Type Symbol Image Adopted
Folk dance Square dance[3] Square Dance Group.jpg 1992
CRS 24-80-909.5
Songs[3] Where the Columbines Grow
and Rocky Mountain High
CRS 24-80-909
Tartan Colorado State Tartan Colorado-tartan.png 1997-03-03
HJR 97-1016[5]

United States coin[edit]

Type Symbol Image Coined
Quarter dollar Colorado Quarter 2006 Colorado quarter, reverse side, 2006.jpg 2006

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