List of Commissioners of the General Land Office

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The General Land Office was an independent agency of the United States government responsible for public domain lands in the United States. It was created in 1812, and it merged with the United States Grazing Service in 1946 to become the Bureau of Land Management. The official in charge of the agency was called the Commissioner of the General Land Office, appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

Commissioner Image Date of Commission Residence Notes
Edward Tiffin Edward Tiffin at statehouse.jpg May 7, 1812 Ohio [1][2][3]
Josiah Meigs Josiah Meigs silhouette.png October 11, 1814 Georgia [1][2][3]
John McLean JohnMcLean.jpg September 11, 1822 Ohio [1][2][3]
George Graham No image.svg June 26, 1823 District of Columbia [1][2][3]
Elijah Hayward No image.svg September 30, 1830 Ohio [1][2][3]
Ethan Allen Brown Ethan Allen Brown at statehouse.jpg July 24, 1835 Ohio [1][2][3]
James Whitcomb Whitcombj.gif October 21, 1836 Indiana [1][2][3]
Elisha Mills Huntington Elisha Mills Huntington 1842.jpg July 2 or 3, 1841 New York [1][2][3]
Thomas H. Blake No image.svg May 19, 1842 Indiana [1][2][3]
James Shields James Shields - Brady-Handy.jpg April 16, 1845 Illinois [1][2][3]
Richard M. Young RYoung.jpg January 6, 1847 Illinois [1][2][3]
Justin Butterfield Justin Butterfield - History of Chicago.png July 1, 1849 Illinois [1][2][3]
John Wilson No image.svg September 16, 1852 District of Columbia [1][2][3]
Thomas A. Hendricks Thomas Andrews Hendricks.jpg August 8, 1855 Indiana [1][2][3]
Samuel Axley Smith SamuelASmith.jpg October 13, 1859 Tennessee [1][2][3]
Joseph S. Wilson No image.svg February 23, 1860 District of Columbia [1][2][3]
James M. Edmunds James M. Edmunds.png March 16 or 19, 1861 Michigan [1][2][3]
Joseph S. Wilson No image.svg September 1, 1866 District of Columbia [1][2][3]
Willis Drummond Willis Drummond (Weiser).jpg February 4, 1871 Iowa [1][2][3]
Samuel S. Burdett Samuel Swinfin Burdett.png July 1, 1874 Missouri [1][2][3]
James A. Williamson James Alexander Williamson.jpg June 24, 1876 Iowa [1][2][3]
Noah C. McFarland Noah C. McFarland (npg).jpg June 17, 1881 Kansas [1][3]
William A. J. Sparks William A. J. Sparks.png March 26, 1885 Illinois [1][3]
Strother M. Stockslager Strother M. Stockslager.jpg March 27, 1888 Indiana [1]
Lewis A. Groff Lewis A. Groff (Uhl).jpg September 16, 1889 Nebraska [1]
Thomas Henry Carter Thos Henry Carter.jpg March 31, 1891 Montana [1]
William M. Stone Willstone.gif November 18, 1892 Iowa [1]
Silas W. Lamoreaux Silas W. Lamoreaux 1897.jpg March 28, 1893 Wisconsin [1]
Binger Hermann Binger Hermann.jpg March 25, 1897 Oregon [1]
William A. Richards WilliamARichards.jpg January 26, 1903 Wyoming [1]
Richard A. Ballinger RABallinger.jpg January 28, 1907 Washington [1]
Fred Dennett Fred Dennett 001.jpg January 14, 1908 North Dakota [1]
Clay Tallman Clay Tallman.jpg June 5, 1913 Nevada [1]
William Spry William Spry.jpg March 22, 1921 Utah [1]
Charles C. Moore Charles C. Moore 1904.jpg May 9, 1929 Idaho [1]
Fred W. Johnson[4] Fred W. Johnson.jpg May 20, 1933 Wyoming [1]


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