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This article lists the companies worldwide engaged in the development of quantum computing, quantum communication and quantum sensing. Quantum computing and communication are two sub-fields of quantum information science, which describes and theorizes information science in terms of quantum physics. While the fundamental unit of classical information is the bit, the basic unit of quantum information is the qubit. Quantum sensing is the third main sub-field of quantum technologies and it focus consists in taking advantage of the quantum states sensitivity to the surrounding environment to perform atomic scale measurements.

Company details[edit]

Company Date initiated Area Technology Affiliate University or Research Institute Headquarters
AbaQus May 1, 2021 Applications Algorithms University of British Columbia Vancouver, Canada
Accenture[1] June 14, 2017 Computing Dublin, Ireland
AEGIQ[2] 2019 Computing/Communication Photonics and Integrated Photonics, Quantum Dots, Cryptography, Photonic Quantum Computing Sheffield, UK
Agnostiq 2018 Computing High Performance Computing, Open Source HPC/Quantum Workflow Manager,[3][4] Quantum Software University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management, Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Toronto, Canada
Alice&Bob 2020 Computing Superconducting cat qubits Laboratoire de Physique de l’Ecole normale supérieure (LPENS), Centre Automatique et Systèmes, Mines Paris, Inria, ENS-PSL, PSL University, CNRS, Sorbonne University[5] Paris, France
Aliro Quantum 2019 Computing/Networking Quantum Development Environment, Quantum Network Simulation/Emulation Spun out of Narang Lab, Harvard Boston, MA, US
Alpine Quantum Technologies[6] 2018 Computing Trapped Ion University of Innsbruck and the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) Innsbruck, Austria
Amazon[7][8] 2021 Computing Superconducting California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA, USA
AmberFlux 2019 Computing/Communications Quantum Programming, Classical Simulation, Optimization, Algorithms, Quantum Financial Services Hyderabad, India
Anyon Systems Inc.[9] 2014 Computing Superconducting quantum processors, cryogenic systems, control electronics, software development kit Montreal, Canada
Airbus[10] 2015 Computing Algorithms Blagnac, France
AT&T[11] 2011 Communication California Institute of Technology, Fermilab[12] Dallas, TX, USA
Atom Computing 2018 Computing/Hardware Cold/Neutral Atoms, Quantum Algorithms National Science Foundation, CUbit Quantum Initiative Berkeley, CA, USA
Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud)[13] July 30, 2015 Computing/Communication[13][14] Superconducting Chinese Academy of Sciences[14][15][16] Hangzhou, China
Atos[17][18] Computing/Communication Quantum Programming, Classical Simulation, Cryptography Bezons, France
AUREA Technology 2010 Quantum Communication, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Entanglement Single-photon source, Photon counting, Quantum key distribution, Photonics, Single-photon avalanche diode Besancon, France
Automatski 1993 Computing Applications, Quantum Computers, Quantum Simulators, Quantum Annealers, Classical Solvers Bengaluru, India
Baidu[19] 2018 Computing Algorithms University of Technology Sydney[19] Beijing, China
Bleximo[20] 2018 Computing Application Specific Superconducting Berkeley, CA, USA
BOLTZ.AI[21] 2020 Applications Quantum Application, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum programming, Quantum Consulting University of Toronto[19] Toronto, Canada
Booz Allen Hamilton[22] Computing Tysons Corner, VA, USA
Boxcat Inc.[23] 2017 Computing Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Rendering, Quantum Image Processing, Super-Resolution, Quantum Machine Learning University of Toronto, UFRN[24] Toronto, Canada
BT[25] Communication London, UK
Carl Zeiss AG[26] University College London Oberkochen, Germany
Classiq[27] 2019 Computing Quantum Algorithms Quantum Software Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Tel-Aviv, Israel
CogniFrame Inc[28][29] 2019 Computing Quantum Algorithms Quantum and Near Quantum Solutions to solve NP Hard, Optimization, Simulation & Machine Learning problems. Has launched Plug and Play app store University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario, Canada
ColdQuanta/Infleqtion 2005 Computing, Communication, Sensing Trapped neutral Cesium atoms. University of Wisconsin–Madison, University of Colorado Boulder Boulder, CO, USA
ColibrITD 2019 Computing, Platform QaaS Quantum Algorithms Quantum Software Quantum Platform Paris, France
Cube Robot X 2004 Computing Photonic, Trapped Ion, Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Programming, Robotics University of applied science in Augsburg (FH) Langweid am Lech, Bavaria Germany
Cystel Limited[30] 2023 Quantum Communication Security, Quantum Cryptography Security Quantum Security Policy, Quantum Transformation, Quantum key distribution Security, Quantum Cyber Risk Governance and Compliance England, United Kingdom
D-Wave January 1, 1999 Computing Superconducting Quantum Annealer Burnaby, Canada
eleQtron 2020 Computing Trapped Ion Universität Siegen Siegen, Germany
Elyah[31] 2018 Computing Quantum Programming,[32] Classical Simulation, Software as a service Tokyo, Japan
Entropica Labs[33] May 2018[34] Algorithm Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Programming, Quantum Machine Learning,[35] Quantum Software Tools, Open Source Software Center for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore Singapore
Fujitsu[36] September 28, 2015 Communication Quantum Dots University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Google QuAIL[37] May 16, 2013 Computing Superconducting UCSB Mountain View, CA, USA
HIQUTE Diamond 2022 Quantum sensing platforms NV Center for Quantum Sensing Laboratoire des Sciences des Procédés et des Matériaux Villetaneuse (Paris), France
Hitachi 2012 Computing Silicon CMOS[38] University of Cambridge, University College London, CEA, University of Copenhagen Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, UK[39] and Tokyo, Japan
Horizon Quantum Computing[40] 2018 Computing Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Compilation, Quantum Programming, Software as a service CQT Singapore
HP[41][42] Computing[41]/Communication[42] Algorithms, NMR Palo Alto, CA, USA
HQS Quantum Simulations[43] 2017 Computing Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Programming, Classical Simulation Karlsruhe, Germany
HRL Laboratories Computing Quantum Dots Malibu, CA, USA
Huawei Noah's Ark Lab[44] Communication Nanjing University Shenzhen, China
IBM[45] September 10, 1990[46] Computing Superconducting MIT[47] Armonk, NY, USA
ID Quantique July 1, 2001 Communication Geneva, Switzerland
imec[48] Computing Superconducting Belgium
Intel[49] September 3, 2015 Computing TU Delft Santa Clara, CA, USA
Infineon Technologies[50][51] 2019 Computing Trapped Ion, Post-Quantum Cryptography University of Innsbruck Neubiberg, Germany
ionQ[52][53] 2015 Computing Trapped Ion University of Maryland, Duke University College Park, MD, USA
IQM Quantum Computers 2019 Computing Superconducting Aalto University Espoo, Finland
KEEQuant 2020 Quantum cryptography Continuous Variable QKD, Key Management Systems (KMS) Fürth, Germany
Kipu Quantum 2022 Computing Quantum Algorithms Munich, Germany
KPN[54] Communication The Hague, Netherlands
Lockheed Martin Computing Quantum Annealing University of Southern California, University College London Bethesda, MD, USA
main incubator 2019 Computing Quantum Financial Services Frankfurt, Germany
MagiQ 1999 Communication Somerville, MA, USA
Microsoft Research QuArC December 19, 2011 Computing Algorithms TU Delft, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Sydney, Purdue University, University of Maryland, ETH Zurich, UCSB Redmond, WA, USA
Microsoft Research Station Q April 22, 2005 Computing Superconducting UCSB Santa Barbara, CA, USA
Mitsubishi[55] Communication Tokyo, Japan
Nanoacademic Technologies Inc. 2008 Computing/Hardware design


Quantum Dots Montreal, QC, Canada
NEC Corporation[56] April 29, 1999[57] Communication Quantum Dots University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Next Generation Quantum[58] 2019 Computing//Networking Optical quantum interconnects for quantum computing clusters City University of New York New York, NY, USA
Nokia Bell Labs[59][60] Computing University of Oxford Murray Hill, NJ, USA
Northrop Grumman Computing West Falls Church, VA, USA
NTT Laboratories[61] Computing/Communication Photonic Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication Bristol University Tokyo, Japan
Nu Quantum[62][63] 2018 Communication Photonic Quantum Computing,[63] Quantum Communication[64] University of Cambridge[65] Cambridge, UK
Oxford Quantum Circuits[66] 2017 Computing Superconducting University of Oxford Reading, UK
ParityQC 2020 Computing Quantum architecture, Quantum Algorithm, Software-as-a-Service University of Innsbruck Innsbruck, Austria
PASQAL 2019 Computing Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Hardware

Massy, France
Phasecraft[67] 2018 Computing Quantum algorithms Bristol University Bristol, England and London, England
PsiQuantum[68] 2016 Computing Photonic Quantum Computing Bristol University Palo Alto, CA, USA
Q. BPO Consulting 2020 Consulting & Engineering QML Q-ANN Optimization Paris, France
Q.ANT 2018 Computing Photonic Quantum Computing

Quantum Algorithms

Stuttgart, Germany
Qblox[69] 2018 Computing Quantum Control and Readout[70] Delft, Netherlands
QC Ware 2014 Computing Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Computing Software

Palo Alto, CA
Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech 2019 Computing Fast-to-market app-specific quantum computers with true quantum benefits by co-designing chips & algorithms and bypassing the qubit fragility barrier Institute For High Energy Physics (IFAE)

Universitat de Barcelona (UB) Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)

Barcelona, Spain
Qkrishi [71][72][73] 2021 Computing Quantum Finance

Quantum Algorithms

Gurgaon, India
Quantized Technologies Inc. (QTI) 2021 Quantum cryptography University of Calgary Calgary, Canada 2018 Quantum communication Quantum cryptography Quantum key distribution NJ, USA & Hyderabad, IND, USA
Quobly 2022 Grenoble, France
QpiAI 2019 Computing Quantum Algorithms

Quantum Hardware

Bangalore, IND, USA
QNu Labs 2016 Quantum cryptography Quantum key distribution,

Quantum Random Number Generator

IIT Madras Bangalore, IND, USA
QRCrypto SA 2019 Communication, applied computing Post-quantum symmetric cryptography for use within[74] and outside of Quantum key distribution networks, including 5G, IPTV[75] and PKI.[76] Quantum-resistance testing of cryptography in laboratory environments. EPFL, Ruhr-Universität Bochum spin-off (cryptanalyses). UAS Western Switzerland (performance tests) and several leading Spanish universities (European projects). Fribourg, Switzerland
QRDLab June 30, 2020 Computing, Consulting, Education Superconducting University of Calcutta Kolkata, India
Qrypt 2018 Quantum cryptography Cryptography New York, USA
Quandela 2017 Quantum Computing Photonic Quantum Computing Palaiseau, France
Quantagonia [77] 2021 Computing Quantum Algorithms, Hybrid Computing,[78] Quantum Software Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Quantinuum (merger of Honeywell Quantum Solutions and Cambridge Quantum Computing)[79][80][81][82] 2021 Computing Trapped Ion hardware, quantum software stack, quantum algorithms University of Cambridge Cambridge, UK and Broomfield CO, USA[80]
Quantum Benchmark[83] 2017 Computing Quantum software for co-design of error-robust applications, algorithm performance optimization, cross-platform assessment tools, error detection and suppression Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Quantum Benchmark Labs 2019 Computing Quantum software for co-design of error-robust applications, algorithm performance optimization, cross-platform assessment tools, error detection and suppression Berkeley, CA, USA
QxBranch 2014 Computing Washington, D.C., USA
Quantum Brilliance 2019 Computing Diamond defect spin Australian National University Canberra, Australia
Quantum Circuits, Inc.[84] 2015 Computing Superconducting Yale Connecticut, USA
Quantum Computing Inc.[85] 2001 Computing Quantum computing applications[86] Leesburg, VA, USA
Quantum Machines[87] 2018 Computing Quantum control electronics and software[88] Tel Aviv, Israel
Quantum Source Labs 2021 Computing Photonics Quantum computing Ness Ziyona, Israel
Quantum Thought[89] 2018 Computing Quantum Algorithms San Francisco California, USA
Qubrid 2023 Quantum Computing, Classical Computing Hybrid Classical-Quantum Cloud Platform, Quantum Algorithms McLean McLean, VA
QuEra Computing[90] 2019 Computing Neutral Atoms Boston Massachusetts, USA
Qunnect Inc.[91] 2017 Quantum Networks Optical quantum interconnects for quantum communications and etanglement distribution New York City New York, USA
QuSecure[92] 2019 Communications Post-Quantum Cryptography San Mateo California, USA
Raytheon/BBN[93] Computing/Communication Superconducting MIT Cambridge, MA, USA
Rigetti Computing 2013 Computing Superconducting Berkeley California, USA
Riverlane 2016 Computing Error correction and Control systems and Algorithms Cambridge England, UK
SaxonQ [94] 2021 Quantum Computing NV centers Leipzig University Leipzig, Germany
Seeqc 2019 Quantum Computing, Chip Manufacturing Quantum Computing, Superconducting Electronics Elmsford, NY, USA
Silicofeller[95] 2021 Computing Superconducting New Delhi Delhi, India
Silicon Quantum Computing 2017 Computing Atom qubits in silicon University of New South Wales Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Tabor Quantum Solutions 1971 Computing, Communication, Sensing Direct RF/uW Large Scale Control Systems Haifa, Israel
Terra Quantum 2019 Computing Quantum Computing, Quantum Metrology & Sensors, Quantum Cryptography, Quantum Random Number Generators Rorschach, Switzerland
ThinkQuantum[96] 2021 Communication Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Random Number Generators University of Padova Sarcedo, Italy
Toshiba[97] Communication Quantum Dots University of Cambridge Tokyo, Japan
Turkcell[98] 1994 Communication Telecommunication Istanbul, Turkey
Taqbit Labs Pvt Ltd[99] February 2, 2018 Quantum cryptography Quantum Communication India
Universal Quantum 2018 Computing Trapped Ion[100] University of Sussex Hayward's Heath, UK
Zapata AI[101] 2017 Computing Quantum Algorithms

Orquestra Quantum Operating Environment[102]

University of Toronto Boston, MA, USA
1QBit December 1, 2012 Computing Vancouver, Canada
ColdQuanta Inc.[103] 2007 Computing, Quantum Machines and Devices, Quantum Research as a Service Cold Atom[104] University of Colorado Boulder,[105] University of Wisconsin-Madison[106] Boulder, CO, USA
Xanadu Quantum Technologies[107][108] 2016 Computing/Communication Photonic Quantum Computing Toronto, Canada
Qubitrium[109] 2020 Applications Quantum communication, Information security, Quantum imaging Istanbul, Turkey
XeedQ 2021 Computing Diamond defect spin Leipzig, Germany
Entangled Networks 2021 Quantum Computing, Quantum Communication Quantum communication algorithms, Quantum networking fabrics Toronto, Canada

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