List of Confederate Representatives from Virginia

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This is a List of Representatives from Virginia to the Confederate Congress.

Representative Lived Party District Years Served Notes
John B. Baldwin (1820–1870) Nonpartisan 11th 1862–1865
Thomas S. Bocock (1815–1891) Nonpartisan 5th 1862–1865 Previously served in U.S. House
Alexander Boteler (1815–1892) Nonpartisan 10th 1862–1864
John R. Chambliss, Sr. (1809–1875) Nonpartisan 2nd 1862–1864
Charles F. Collier (1817–1899) Nonpartisan 4th 1862–1864
Daniel C. DeJarnette, Sr. (1822–1881) Nonpartisan 8th 1862–1865 Previously served in U.S. House
David Funsten (1819–1866) Nonpartisan 9th 1863–1865
Muscoe R. H. Garnett (1821–1864) Nonpartisan 1st 1862–1864 Previously served in U.S. House; Died in office
Thomas S. Gholson (1808–1868) Nonpartisan 4th 1864–1865
John Goode, Jr. (1829–1909) Nonpartisan 6th 1862–1865 Later served in U.S. House
James P. Holcombe (1820–1873) Nonpartisan 7th 1862–1864
Frederick W. M. Holliday (1828–1899) Nonpartisan 10th 1863–1865
Albert G. Jenkins (1830–1864) Nonpartisan 14th 1862 Resigned
Robert Johnston (1818–1885) Nonpartisan 15th 1862–1865
James Lyons (1801–1882) Nonpartisan 3rd 1862–1864
LaFayette McMullen (1805–1880) Nonpartisan 13th 1864–1865 Previously served in U.S. House
Samuel A. Miller (1819–1890) Nonpartisan 14th 1863–1865
Robert L. Montague (1829–1880) Nonpartisan 1st 1864–1865
Walter Preston (1819–1867) Nonpartisan 13th 1862–1864
Roger A. Pryor (1828–1919) Nonpartisan 4th 1862 Previously served in U.S. House
William C. Rives (1793–1868) Nonpartisan 7th 1864–1865
Charles W. Russell (1818–1867) Nonpartisan 16th 1862–1865
William Smith (1797–1887) Nonpartisan 9th 1862–1863 Previously served in U.S. House; Resigned
Walter R. Staples (1826–1897) Nonpartisan 12th 1862–1865
Robert H. Whitfield (1814–1868) Nonpartisan 2nd 1864–1865
Williams C. Wickham (1820–1888) Nonpartisan 3rd 1864–1865


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