Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria

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The Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria is the Patriarchal and Metropolitan see of the head of the Eastern sui iuris Coptic Catholic Church, a particular Church in the Catholic Church in full communion with the Holy See, which follows the Alexandrian Rite in its own Coptic language. He is thus the superior of all Coptic dioceses, mostly in and around Egypt, Copt(ic) being corruptions of the Greek words for Egypt(ian).


In 1741 a Roman Catholic apostolic vicariate was established for Alexandria for Coptic Christians wanting to unite with the Holy See. This later on was elevated into a patriarchate in 1895.


The patriarchal see ranks third among all Catholic bishoprics of the world (only after the Pope's Holy See and the Catholic Patriarch of Constantinople), by the virtue of Canon Law (CCEO 58, 59.2).

Nevertheless, the incumbent patriarch is likely to be outranked by many or even most cardinals, whose higher office is normally not (formally) linked to a see.

List of the Coptic Catholic Patriarchs of Alexandria and precursor Apostolic Vicars[edit]

Coptic Catholic Apostolic Vicars[edit]

Coptic Catholic Patriarchs of Alexandria[edit]

Patriarchate established in 1824 (by Pope Leo XII)

  • Maximos Jouwed (1824–1831) (also known as Maximos Givaid) Titular Patriarch

Vacant (1831–1899)

Vacant (1908–1947)

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