List of Coronation Street characters (1977)

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Suzie Birchall[edit]

Suzie Birchall
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Cheryl Murray
Duration 1977–1979, 1983
First appearance 10 January 1977
Last appearance 29 June 1983
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Shop assistant

Suzanne "Suzie" Goodwin (née Birchall) was played by actress Cheryl Murray from January 1977 to December 1979 and then again in 1983. Suzie was a cynical peroxide blonde teenager who was more interested in having fun than being responsible. She made fast friends with Gail Potter and shared a room with her at Elsie Tanner's house. Her first storyline involved her getting her foot stuck through Hilda Ogden's ceiling. Her father Bob was a control freak and he came to take her home. When he tried to take her by force, Steve Fisher intervened, getting a punch in the face before Bob washed his hands of his daughter and drove off alone. She later kept company with a sugar daddy and found fleeting romance, which was her ticket out of the Street. Off-screen, she married Terry Goodwin but the marriage soon soured when it was revealed that Goodwin abused her, leading to her return to Weatherfield in early 1983. She moved back in with Elsie and as soon as she filed for divorce, went back to her old fun-loving ways. After Suzie tried to seduce Gail's husband, Brian Tilsley, Elsie threw her out and she left the Street again, and this time for good.

After thirty three years for not seeing each other, Gail went to visit her for four days, follow by her family problems, and upon her return, she mentions this to her family that Suzie was not married for a long time, and also mentions this to her that her second husband Martin Platt (Sean Wilson) had adopted her kids Nick and Sarah, the death of Ivy, David problems and Sarah's teenager pregnancy in 2000.

Sam Littlewood[edit]

Sam Littlewood
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Harry Littlewood
Duration 1977, 1980
First appearance 18 April 1977
Last appearance 25 February 1980
Classification Former, recurring
Occupation Retired wheelright

Sam Littlewood was Rita Littlewood's uncle on her on her father Harold's side. Sam was a former wheelwright and was then a scrap-metal dealer. In 1977, he gave Rita away when she married Len Fairclough. In his short but concise speech as father of the bride, Sam gave his blessing to the union, and went on to drink everyone under the table at the reception. He later retired to Blackpool from Blackburn, and it was here that Rita turned to him when she walked out on Len in 1980. Despairing of them both, Sam forced Len to go to Blackpool and plead to Rita to return to Coronation Street with him. At the end of September 1982, Rita was saddened to learn that Sam had died a few weeks previously.

Tracy Barlow[edit]