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Ed Jackson[edit]

Ed Jackson
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Tony Parke (1978)
Chris Walker (2005–2006)
Duration 1978, 2005–2006
First appearance 4 January 1978
Last appearance 10 March 2006
Book appearances Coronation Street: The Complete Saga

Thomas Edward "Ed" Jackson was one of two robbers who staged a robbery on Mike Baldwin's factory. Ed (known then as "Tommo") and his friend Dave followed Mike, and his wages clerk Ernest Bishop to the bank and then to the factory. They began to menace Ernest out of the wages he had been preparing. Mike began to wonder what was taking so long and opened the door, knocking Ed, causing him to shoot Ernest, who later died in hospital.

Ed returned in 2006. He befriended Emily Bishop at church and began dating Eileen Grimshaw. Ed divulged to Emily his prison background and subsequently revealed that he was responsible for the death of Emily's husband Ernest. Emily expressed her disgust at this revelation and born again Christian Ed dramatically contemplated suicide, but Emily forgave him when he asked her for forgiveness. She gave him Ernest's old camera, and made him promise to send her Christmas card, with a photograph of himself every year to show her he was alive and well. With that Ed left Weatherfield.

Ida Clough[edit]

Ida Clough
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Helene Palmer
Duration 1978, 1979-1980, 1981-1984, 1985–1986, 1987, 1988, 1995–1998
First appearance 3 April 1978
Last appearance 19 August 1998
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Machinist

Ida Clough (née Bulmer) was played by Helene Palmer.[1] Ida first appeared in 1978[1] she was a machinist at Baldwin's casuals and was always militant and behind anyone who wanted to strike. Over the years she worked alongside Ivy Tilsley, Vera Duckworth, Elsie Tanner and Shirley Armitage.

In 1980, Ida went head to head with Ivy Tilsley to become The union leader, but she lost out to Ivy. When Mike Baldwin was charged with drink driving in 1988 it had been Ida who had reported him and Mike sacked her.[1] Ida returned to the street for Ivy's funeral in 1995[1] and Mike agreed to take her back at the factory. This time she was working alongside Janice Battersby and Sally Webster.[1] In 1997, when the Duckworths decided to renew their wedding vows in Las Vegas, Vera suggested they fly Ida out as a witness. Ida made her last appearance in Coronation Street in August 1998. Her final appearance saw her help her colleague, Hayley Patterson, who Mike had sacked for being a transsexual, get her job back by threatening to take Mike to an industrial tribunal.[1] Ida's fate since then is unknown but at Vera's funeral in January 2008, Rita Sullivan spoke about Vera, Ivy and Ida in the past tense, imnplying that Ida had died prior to 2008.

Brian Tilsley[edit]

Brian Tilsley
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Christopher Quinten
Duration 1978–1989
First appearance 27 December 1978
Last appearance 15 February 1989
Book appearances Coronation Street: The Complete Saga
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Mechanic

Brian John Tilsley was played by Christopher Quinten. The son of Ivy Tilsley and Bert Tilsley, he married Gail Potter in 1979 and they had two children: Nick, born in 1980, and Sarah Louise in 1987. At the time Gail got pregnant with Sarah, she was having an affair with Brian's cousin, Ian Latimer, and was unsure who Sarah's father was. A blood test later revealed that Brian was her father, but Gail refused to tell Brian until her mother Audrey let the truth slip during an argument with Brian's mother, Ivy. Brian adjusted to Gail's infidelity but did not reconcile with Gail for some time; he briefly absconded with Nick when a break-up looked likely. Ivy always believed that Ian was Sarah's father.

Brian and Gail eventually divorced, but got back together for the sake of their children, and married again in February 1988. The marriage did not last and, on 15 February 1989, Brian was stabbed to death whilst protecting a woman from some youths outside a nightclub. Nick was deeply affected by his death, and, as a teenager, was shocked by an accidental meeting with Darren Whateley, the man who had killed his father.


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