List of Coronation Street characters (1987)

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Coronation Street is a British soap opera, initially produced by Granada Television. Created by writer Tony Warren, Coronation Street first broadcast on ITV on 9 December 1960. The following is a list of characters introduced in the show's twenty-eighth year, by order of first appearance.

Sarah-Louise Platt[edit]

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Edwina Turner[edit]

Edwina Turner
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Ayesa Toure
First appearance 4 February 1987
Episode 2697
Last appearance 22 April 1987
Episode 2719
Occupation Café worker

Cecil Newton[edit]

Cecil Newton
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kenneth Alan Taylor (1987–90)
George Baker (2003)
Duration 1987-88, 1990, 2003
First appearance 3 June 1987
Episode 2708
Last appearance 28 November 2003
Episode 5635
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Brewery Boss

Cecil Newton was the Brewery boss of Newton & Ridley. He first appeared in 1987 when Alec Gilroy wanted the tenancy of the Rovers Return Inn, as Bet Lynch had used the money she borrowed from Alec to buy the tenancy, but fled to Spain as she could not pay it back. Cecil agreed and also sent Alec out to Spain to search for Bet when they found out she was working in a bar there. Bet married Alec and they successfully applied for the tenancy. Cecil arrived in the pub a year later in 1988 when he suggested to Alec that the rent for staying in the Rovers should be increased, as the establishment was making a lot of money - unsurprisingly, Alec disagreed.

When the Gilroys' were at risk of losing the pub in 1990, due to it being repossessed in preparation for a merge with 1 Coronation Street and conversion into an American theme pub, the local residents campaigned and argued with the brewery. Cecil came out of retirement to put a halt on the plans and told Bet and Alec that the pub was still theirs, belittling project manager Nigel Ridley for his foolish young ideas in the process, and declaring that the Rovers would always remain a working man's pub.

13 years after he was last seen on the street, Bet met him again in November 2003 at the Newton & Ridley function in Blackpool. Cecil fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. However, Cecil's son, Philip, disapproved and tried to split them up and even told Bet that Cecil was going senile. During the ceremony, Cecil collapsed with a heart attack and later died in hospital.

Don Brennan[edit]

Don Brennan
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Geoffrey Hinsliff
Duration 1987–97
First appearance 7 September 1987
Episode 2758
Last appearance 8 October 1997
Episode 4278
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Taxi Driver

Donald Michael "Don" Brennan was played by Geoffrey Hinsliff. Don first appeared as a love interest for Ivy Tilsley and they eventually get engaged and married on 13 June 1988. Don had two daughters and a son from his first marriage, but his family never appeared again after the wedding episode. On Christmas Eve 1990, Rosie Webster was born to parents Kevin and Sally in the back of his taxi.

Ivy's erratic behaviour over preserving the memory of her dead son Brian and first husband Bert led Don to look elsewhere for romance. He developed a fascination with local hairdresser Denise Osbourne who he harassed with anonymous phone calls. He and Ivy separated for a while after Don had an affair, but they reconciled after Don attempted suicide by crashing his taxi and had his leg amputated. Their marriage later ended, and Ivy later left Don for a Catholic retreat before her death in August 1995.

Don developed a gambling problem, and ended up owing a lot of money, much of it to Mike Baldwin, whom he hated. After Ivy left Coronation Street, he had a relationship with Josie Clarke, who briefly worked for Mike. They planned to make money by buying his garage from him, only to discover that he had scammed them, and it was worth far less than they had paid for it. Josie left Don when he became obsessed with getting revenge on Mike. In 1997, Don kidnapped Mike's wife, Alma, and drove his taxi into the canal with her inside, but they were both rescued and survived. Don was arrested and charged with attempted murder but managed to escape custody and turned up in the Rovers Return Inn and attacked Mike by almost strangling him with his tie before Jack Duckworth threw him out.

In October 1997, Don tried one last time to kill Mike, this time in Mike's flat. Don tied him up and held him prisoner, but Mike managed to free himself and phone the police. Don was re-arrested the following morning and charged again with attempted murder. Don escaped from custody once more, and began a manhunt for him. Don reappeared in the street in Alma Baldwin's MG Midget Roadster, which he had stolen, and saw Mike crossing the street by The Kabin. He drove straight at Mike and tried to run him over, but Mike dived out of the way just in time. Don lost control of the car and crashed into the viaduct. Mike escaped unharmed, but Don was killed when the car exploded in a fireball on impact, burning him to death. The resulting stain was evident for many years on the viaduct.

Barry Platt[edit]

Barry Platt
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by John Jardine (1987)
Richard Conway (1991)
Duration 1987, 1991
First appearance 30 September 1987
Last appearance 27 September 1991
Classification Former; guest

Barry Platt is the father of Martin Platt. He first appears in 1987 when Rita Fairclough calls at his home to ask him of Martin's whereabouts. He made his last appearance in 1991 at Martin's wedding to Gail Tilsley.