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Sandra Arden[edit]

Sandra Arden
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Kathy Jameison
Duration 1990-1991
First appearance 5 January 1990
Last appearance 17 July 1991
Introduced by Mervyn Watson
Classification Former; recurring

Sandra Arden (née Gilroy) is the daughter of Alec and Joyce Gilroy.

Alec decides to contact his daughter to make up for the last twenty years and gets Sandra's address from his ex-wife Joyce. After discovering that Sandra lives in a big house in Cheshire with her husband Tim and their daughter, Vicky.

After initial misunderstandings between the Ardens and the Gilroys, Sandra tells Alec that he could keep in touch with them. In July 1991, Joyce dies and Sandra asks Alec to meet Vicky at boarding school and to let her stay at the Rovers Return so that she and Tim can attend Joyce's funeral in Whitby.

Before the Gilroys set off for the train station, a Police Sergeant arrives to tell Alec that Sandra and Tim have both died in a car crash.

Tim Arden[edit]

Tim Arden
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by John Flanagan
Duration 1990
First appearance 5 January 1990
Last appearance 13 June 1990
Classification Former; recurring

Tim Arden is husband of Sandra Arden and father of Vicky McDonald. Tim makes sparing appearances when his father-in-law Alec Gilroy visits the family. Tim makes his final appearance on 13 June 1990. 13 months later, shortly after Sandra was seen again on screen without Tim, a police sergeant arrives at the Rovers Return Inn to tell Alec that both Tim and Sandra have died in a car crash en route to Sandra's mother, Joyce's funeral.

Vicky McDonald[edit]

Vicky McDonald
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Helen Warburton (1990)
Chloe Newsome (1991–98)
Duration 1990–96, 1998
First appearance 5 January 1990
Last appearance 30 December 1998
Introduced by Mervyn Watson (1990, 1991)
David Hanson (1998)
Coronation Street - After Hours (1999)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Wine bar owner
Home Brighton

Victoria Frances "Vicky" McDonald (née Arden) was played by Helen Warburton in 1990 and Chloe Newsome from 1991 to 1998. She is Alec Gilroy's granddaughter and the first wife of Steve McDonald. Vicky visits Coronation Street when her parents Tim and Sandra Arden drop her off so they can attend the funeral of Sandra's mother, Joyce. However, a couple of days later, the police arrive and tell Alec that Tim and Sandra have died in a car crash. Her grandfather Alec and his wife Bet become her legal guardians.

Vicky goes to a private boarding school and owns a horse called Saracen, so holidays in a back street pub are not an attractive option. However, when she meets Steve McDonald, it is some compensation. Alec desperately tries to separate the couple but fails. She resists his sexual advances for a short time until finally she loses her virginity to him. This is not important to him and he also dates nurse Alison Rathbone. They then both dump him.

After Alec leaves Bet to go and work in Southampton, Vicky continues to return to the Rovers and treats Bet as her grandmother. On reaching her 18th birthday, Vicky inherits £240,000 from her parents. To Bet's distress, Vicky immediately abandons her studies and decides the money would be better than her schooling. She visits Alec for a while to explain her decision to him. When she returns, she is keen to confide in old flame Steve but he is seeing hairdresser, Fiona Middleton, but Vicky comes back into his life when she invests £1,500 into his T-shirt company. However, she loses her money when an order for Costello's nightclub falls through when the place goes bust. Rather than put her off, this inspires Chloe to enroll on a business studies course at the local technical college and she becomes Steve's business partner, insisting that she has control of the finances – which annoys Fiona. She is even more annoyed when Vicky and Steve go to Dublin for a 'business' weekend. Fiona dumps him, leaving the way clear for Vicky to walk into his arms. She seduces him easily and they announce their engagement at Steve's 21st birthday party in 1995 – shocking everybody and incensing Bet. Alec returns for a spell to convince Vicky to end the relationship but it is to no avail. Alec even offers Steve £5,000 not to marry Vicky.

Eventually, the pair go to St Lucia to get married - Bet gives her blessing as she knows that Vicky is happy. After their marriage, Vicky and Steve have a long honeymoon holidaying in the Caribbean and the United States. When they return, they turn their attention to the business, which needs another injection of capital – again provided by Vicky's inheritance. Their relationship struggles, thanks to Steve spending Vicky's money and the final straw comes when he is arrested on Christmas Day for buying stolen whisky. He is guilty but had encouraged Vicky to bribe Malcolm Fox for £5,000. Steve bought the whisky from Malcolm and the bribe was for him to say that Steve did not know that the whisky was stolen. Steve is freed and the pair presumed that they were safe. However, the police discover the bribery when Malcolm Fox's wife confesses. Vicky and Steve are arrested and they stand trial, blaming each other for the bribe and both are found guilty. Steve is sentenced to two years in prison and Vicky is given a one-year suspended sentence. She decides to get on with her life without Steve and enrolls in a hotel management course in an exclusive college in Switzerland. She leaves in June 1996 and divorces Steve while he is in prison.

Vicky returns to the Street at Christmas time 1998 with a bang. She accidentally hits Steve's car as she parks her car outside the Rovers while visiting Alec. Vicky has blossomed into a lovely young woman, a far cry from the spoilt, impressionable teen that came to the Rovers many years before. She has just bought a wine bar in Brighton and wants advice from her grandfather. Alec is having problems with the Duckworths, who are now licencees at the pub, and is getting very despondent so Vicky persuades him to go into partnership with her, and with Alec selling the Rovers to Natalie Barnes, they leave Coronation Street together with hopes of a great future.

In November 1999, Steve and his friend, Vikram Desai, are heading to Calais to buy cigarettes and alcohol. Vikram discovers they are going via Brighton to see Vicky. On arrival at "Vicky's" - the wine bar she owns - Steve discovers she is about to remarry. He plans to rekindle his relationship with her so he can get his hands on her money and business, betting Vikram £100 that he can stop the wedding. It transpires that Vicky's bar is actually in trouble as she asks Bet for a loan but she refuses. Steve successfully seduces Vicky. After her night of passion with Steve, Vicky tells him she cannot marry her fiance, Robert. She also tells him she is broke and the wine bar is losing money. He promises to pick her up later and return to Weatherfield but Steve and Vikram leave without her. Vicky realises that she has been stood up so Bet takes her back to the bar, and Vicky realises she does want to marry Robert after all. In 2002, Bet stated that Vicky was happily married.

Des Barnes[edit]

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Jackie Ingram[edit]

Jackie Ingram
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Shirin Taylor
Duration 1990-1992
First appearance 8 August 1990
Last appearance 15 June 1992
Introduced by Mervyn Watson (1990)
Carolyn Reynolds (1992)
Classification Former; regular
Occupation Businesswoman

Jaqueline Rachel "Jackie" Ingram (previously Baldwin) was Peter Ingram's widow who fell for Mike Baldwin's charms and became his second wife. The marriage lasted a week before Jackie discovered he had been only after her money and had used some of it to help out his girlfriend, Alma Sedgewick. She threatened Mike with her shotgun before leaving him. Mike was given a tidy sum of money as a pay-off for a quick divorce.

Angie Freeman[edit]

Angie Freeman
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Deborah McAndrew
Duration 1990–93, 1996–98
First appearance 8 October 1990
Last appearance 10 April 1998
Introduced by Mervyn Watson (1990)
Sue Pritchard (1996)
Classification Former; regular

Angela 'Angie' Freeman moved into 7 Coronation Street to share with Jenny Bradley, into the room vacated by Flick and Joanne Khan. She was a free-spirited student studying Design at University and a woman who knew her own mind. In March 1991, Curly Watts moved in and they quickly became very close – but more as brother and sister than lovers, until one night when they had too much red wine and ended up in bed together. Both regretted it the next morning, but Curly always hoped that their relationship might develop into something more than mutual. After graduating, Angie was short of work, and worked unhappily for Mike Baldwin, and more happily for Hanif Ruparell. She found another soulmate in Des Barnes, but went on to have a rather confused and painful romance with Neil Mitchell.

When she left Weatherfield for Mexico in March 1993 to study Aztec design, she left behind a few broken hearts.

In December 1996, she called back on Weatherfield as a designer for Kbec - much to the annoyance of her former boss, Mike Baldwin, but Kbec troubles meant that by the following March they were both no longer in Kbec's employ. Angie returned to Weatherfield, and rented Des Barnes' house whilst he was on his canal barge, with the intention of setting up her own business.