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This is an episode list for the science fiction television series Crusade. It includes the 13 episodes produced for the series, as well as the nine that were in various stages of pre-production at the time the series was cancelled. Possible preferred viewing orders of the episodes are documented at episodes in the main article.

Completed episodes[edit]

Title Director Writer Air date
1 "War Zone" Janet Greek J. Michael Straczynski June 9, 1999 (1999-06-09)
After the Drakh infect Earth with a plague, Captain Gideon is called to Earth and given a new assignment. Using the brand-new Interstellar Alliance deep range vessel Excalibur, he and his crew must search for any clues to a cure for the plague. If a cure is not found within five years, everyone on Earth will soon die.
2 "The Long Road" Mike Vejar J. Michael Straczynski June 16, 1999 (1999-06-16)
Earth's strip mining of a peaceful planet causes an environmental hazard to the population, who have rejected technology in favor of a more traditional lifestyle. However matters are complicated when the local population begin taking hostages from the mining operation.
3 "The Well of Forever" Janet Greek Fiona Avery June 23, 1999 (1999-06-23)
Galen takes control of the Excalibur and goes in search of a mysterious place in hyperspace known as the 'Well of Forever', where he claims 'powerful energies intersect'. However it is revealed that Galen has more personal reason to search for the Well. This episode also features creatures native to hyperspace: large, jellyfish like, passive creatures.
4 "The Path of Sorrows" Mike Vejar J. Michael Straczynski June 30, 1999 (1999-06-30)
On a world rumored to be a place of healing the crew of the Excalibur find an alien that acts as a confessor for passing travelers.
5 "Patterns of the Soul" Tony Dow Fiona Avery July 7, 1999 (1999-07-07)
The crew travel to a world named Theta 49 to investigate the possibility that the Drakh plague may have spread beyond Earth.
6 "Ruling From the Tomb" John Copeland Peter David July 14, 1999 (1999-07-14)
On a visit to Mars the crew encounter the 'Sacred Omega' doomsday cult. The cult plants a bomb at an antiplague action conference in the belief that judgement day is soon.
7 "The Rules of the Game" Jesus Trevino J. Michael Straczynski July 21, 1999 (1999-07-21)
Gideon comes to Babylon 5 to try to negotiate a deal with the residents of Lorka 7, a world that may hold medical secrets useful in trying to cure the Drakh plague.
8 "Appearances and Other Deceits" Stephen Furst J. Michael Straczynski July 28, 1999 (1999-07-28)
Two EarthGov representatives arrive to improve the ship's image when an alien being spread through people by touch arrives on the ship.
9 "Racing the Night" Mike Vejar J. Michael Straczynski August 4, 1999 (1999-08-04)
The crew visits a planet once home to a civilization wiped out by the same plague as the one the Drakh left on Earth. They are surprised to find all the buildings still perfectly intact, but then motion is detected in the ancient city.
10 "The Memory of War" Tony Dow J. Michael Straczynski August 11, 1999 (1999-08-11)
The crew visits a planet where the inhabitants were wiped out in a war 100 years ago.
11 "The Needs of Earth" Mike Vejar J. Michael Straczynski August 18, 1999 (1999-08-18)
The crew rescue an individual whom the Rangers claim possesses all the important information of his race on six data crystals.
12 "Visitors From Down the Street" Jerry Apoian J. Michael Straczynski August 25, 1999 (1999-08-25)
The Excalibur detects a distress call and picks up a saucer-shaped life pod. Although never having seen the race before, the two individuals inside claim humans have corrupted their government and ruined lives on their homeworld. This episode can for many reasons be viewed as a satirical appreciation of The X-Files franchise, but from an inverted alien Mulder and Scully perspective including the basic character and costume designs.
13 "Each Night I Dream of Home" Stephen Furst J. Michael Straczynski September 1, 1999 (1999-09-01)
A Warlock class destroyer drops off two passengers onto the Excalibur with instructions to take them to Earth. On the way the crew take a risk by stopping to rescue a Starfury and Elizabeth Lochley. On arrival at Earth, they are greeted from a lifepod isolated in the medbay by Doctor Stephen Franklin.

Unfilmed episodes[edit]

When production was suspended, planning for the episodes that would have made up the second half of the season were at various stages; three had completed scripts, while titles and story outlines of a number of others were complete reading for scripting:

Title Writer Air date
14 "To the Ends of the Earth" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
The Apocalypse Box directs Gideon to a ship like the one that destroyed the Cerberus. This episode further expanded on the story of the unidentified black craft seen in Gideon's flashbacks.
15 "Value Judgments" Fiona Avery N/A
The crew of the Excalibur discover a vault with a lock that requires a telepath to open it. This episode expanded on the fate of the Psi Corps and would have seen the return of Bester.
16 "Darkness of the Soul" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Episode involving the Apocalypse Box. Scripting was about to begin when the series was cancelled.[1]
17 "Tried and True" Fiona Avery N/A
Dureena is imprisoned and interrogated by her mentor Nafeek as to what she is doing on the Excalibur. This episode was intended as a standalone "coming of age" story for Dureena, not connected to a story arc.[2]
18 TBA J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Episode would have involved the discovery of a construction base. Only exists as a one line description.[3]
19 "War Story" Richard Mueller N/A
Dureena is abducted by an unknown ship under circumstances that leave Matheson feeling as though he's responsible.[4]
20 "The Walls of Hell" Larry DiTillio N/A
In attempt to rescue Dureena, Matheson gets possessed by the apocalypse box and subsequently takes over the ship.[4]
21 TBA J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Dureena returns with a magical sword and without any memory of what happened to her.[5]
22 "The End of the Line" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Gideon learns of the origins of the ship that destroyed the Cerberus, and of a conspiracy at the heart of the Earth Alliance. This was to have been the season finale, with a major cliffhanger leading into Season 2.

The completed scripts of "To The Ends of the Earth", "Value Judgements" and "End of the Line" were published online for a period during 2001 on[6][7][8][9]

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