List of Cultural Properties of Nichinan, Tottori

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This list is of the Cultural Properties of Japan located within the town of Nichinan in Tottori Prefecture.[1]


As of 18 March 2010, 14 Properties have been designated and a further 2 Properties registered.[2]

Cultural Properties of Japan National Prefectural Municipal Total
Designated Cultural Properties
Tangible Structures 1 1
Sculptures 1 1
Applied Crafts
Calligraphic works
Classical books
Ancient documents
Archeological artefacts
Historic materials 1 1
Folk Tangible
Intangible 1 2 3
Monuments Historic Sites
Places of Scenic Beauty
Natural Monuments (*1)2 4 2 8
Cultural Landscapes
Preservation Districts
Conservation Techniques
Total 2 7 5 14
Registered Cultural Properties
Tangible Structures 2 2
Works of Art or Craft
Folk Tangible
Monuments Historic Sites
Places of Scenic Beauty
Natural Monuments
Total 2 2

One Special Natural Monument (denoted with an asterisk, smaller text, and brackets) is included within the count of Natural Monuments.

Designated Cultural Properties[edit]

Property Owner Date No. of Assets Comments Image Coordinates Type Level Ref.
*Japanese Giant Salamander
1 designation shared across eleven prefectures Cryptobranchus japonicus.jpg Special Natural Monuments National [1]
Mount Sentsū Japanese Yew
Sentsū-zan no ichii
1 Taxus cuspidata fruits.JPG 35°09′19″N 133°10′46″E / 35.155392°N 133.179398°E / 35.155392; 133.179398 (Mount Sentsū Japanese Yew) Natural Monuments National [2]
Kami-Iwami Ginkgos
上石見のオハツキ・タイコイチョ ウ
Kami-Iwami no ohatsuki-taikoichō
1 Ginkgo biloba1.jpg 35°06′52″N 133°21′18″E / 35.114415°N 133.355055°E / 35.114415; 133.355055 (Kami-Iwami Ginkos) Natural Monuments Prefectural [3]
Gedatsu-ji Momi Firs
Gedatsuji no momi-namiki
Gedatsu-ji 1 Abies firma.JPG 35°12′55″N 133°12′28″E / 35.215209°N 133.207812°E / 35.215209; 133.207812 (Gedatsuji no mominamiki) Natural Monuments Prefectural [4]
Sasafuku Jinja Shrine Forest
Sasafuku Jinja shasō
Sasafuku Jinja 1 35°14′25″N 133°16′14″E / 35.240169°N 133.270533°E / 35.240169; 133.270533 (Sasafuku Jinja Shrine Forest) Natural Monuments Prefectural [5]
Kadonokami Japanese Alder Marshland Forest
Kadonokami no hannoki shōtaku-rin
1 Alnus japonica2.jpg 35°08′16″N 133°22′40″E / 35.137704°N 133.377897°E / 35.137704; 133.377897 (Kadonokami Japanese Alder Marshland Forest) Natural Monuments Prefectural [6]
Inga Hōkyōintō
Inga hōkyōintō
early Kamakura period
1 35°13′56″N 133°16′37″E / 35.232124°N 133.277035°E / 35.232124; 133.277035 (Inga Hōkyōintō) Structures Prefectural [7]
Standing Wooden Statue of Jūichimen Kannon
jūichimen Kannon ryūzō
Ryūsen-ji late Heian period 1 35°06′59″N 133°21′42″E / 35.116504°N 133.361793°E / 35.116504; 133.361793 (Mount Sentsū Japanese Yew) Sculptures Prefectural [8]
Nichinan Kashira Uchi
Nichinan no kashira uchi
1 shrine entertainment with taiko accompaniment, for family security; 1–2 November Folk Intangible Prefectural [9]
Ō-Iwami Jinja Shrine Forest
Ō-Iwami Jinja shasō
Ō-Iwami Jinja 1 35°06′48″N 133°21′20″E / 35.113441°N 133.355591°E / 35.113441; 133.355591 (Ō-Iwami Jinja Shrine Forest) Natural Monuments Municipal [10]
Tarisō Nodules
Tarisō no dankai (nojūru)-gun
1 35°06′45″N 133°12′09″E / 35.112458°N 133.202534°E / 35.112458; 133.202534 (Tarisō Nodules) Natural Monuments Municipal [11]
Nichinan Art Museum 1 sekibō are phallic stone rods 35°09′50″N 133°18′24″E / 35.164003°N 133.306711°E / 35.164003; 133.306711 (Sekibō) Historic Materials Municipal [12]
Kamisakae Mochi-making and Mochi-making Song
Kamisakae no mochi-tsuki to michi-tsuki uta
1 Folk Intangible Municipal [13]
Nichinan Kagura
Nichinan kagura
1 Folk Intangible Municipal [14]
This list is complete and up-to-date as of June 2013.

Registered Cultural Properties[edit]

Property Owner Date No. of Assets Comments Image Coordinates Type Level Ref.
Miyamoto Family Residence Main Building
Miyamoto-ke jūtaku shuoku
Taishō/Shōwa period
1 35°13′42″N 133°19′04″E / 35.22832168°N 133.31764379°E / 35.22832168; 133.31764379 (Miyamoto Family Residence Main Building) Structures National [15]
Miyamoto Family Residence Storehouse
Miyamoto-ke jūtaku dozō
Meiji period
1 35°13′42″N 133°19′04″E / 35.22823526°N 133.31775801°E / 35.22823526; 133.31775801 (Miyamoto Family Residence Storehouse) Structures National [16]
This list is complete and up-to-date as of June 2013.

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