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Cavill, Affleck, Gadot, Miller, Momoa, and Fisher star in Justice League and other films in the franchise, while Levi and Robbie each headline their own films in the DCEU as well. Johnson will also star in his own solo film.

The DC Extended Universe is a media franchise and shared fictional universe that is the setting of superhero films independently produced by Warner Bros., based on characters that appear in DC Comics publications.

As the franchise is composed of films adapted from a variety of DC Comics properties, there are multiple lead actors. Henry Cavill stars as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman in the films Man of Steel (2013) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), while Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot portray Bruce Wayne / Batman and Diana Prince / Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), respectively. Affleck reprised his role in Suicide Squad (2016), while Gadot reprises her role in Wonder Woman (2017) and will do so again in Wonder Woman 1984 (2020). Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, and Ray Fisher portrayed Barry Allen / The Flash, Arthur Curry / Aquaman and Victor Stone / Cyborg in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. All six actors reprised their roles in Justice League (2017) and having been featured in cameo appearances in Suicide Squad, are set to reprise their roles in their own respective solo films as well: Miller in an untitled The Flash film (2021), and Momoa did in Aquaman (2018). Zachary Levi portrays the eponymous protagonist in Shazam! (2019), with Asher Angel playing the character's alter-ego Billy Batson. Additionally, Margot Robbie portrays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad (2016) and will reprise her role in Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2020) with Jurnee Smollett-Bell and Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining her as Dinah Laurel Lance / Black Canary and Helena Bertinelli / The Huntress, respectively. Robbie will reprise her role again in the tentatively titled The Suicide Squad which has also been confirmed for a 2021 release, with sequels for Shazam! and Aquaman also confirmed and tentatively set to be released in 2022, as well as The Flash film, also scheduled for 2021 release. Additionaly, Dwayne Johnson confirmed the production of a Black Adam film begins in July 2020 for a december 2021 release.[1]

Other cast members who recur across multiple films and series within the franchise include Amy Adams, Jesse Eisenberg, Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Jeremy Irons, Diane Lane, Joe Morton, Connie Nielsen, Chris Pine, and Robin Wright.

Cast and characters[edit]

Some other prominent members of the DCEU cast include: (L-R) Michael Shannon, Willem Dafoe, Russell Crowe, Mark Strong, Laurence Fishburne, Amber Heard, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Connie Nielsen, and Chris Pine
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Character Man of Steel
Batman v Superman:
Dawn of Justice

Suicide Squad
Wonder Woman
Justice League
Birds of Prey
Wonder Woman

The Suicide Squad
Black Adam
Aquaman 2
The Flash

Introduced in Man of Steel[edit]

Tor-An Richard Cetrone[2]  
Bibbo Bibbowski Bruce Bohne  
Kenny Braverman Rowen Kahn  
Chrissy Carmen Lavigne  
Jor-El Russell Crowe[3]  
Kal-El / Clark Kent
Henry Cavill[4][5]
Dylan Sprayberry (teen)
Cooper Timberline (child)
Henry Cavill   Henry Cavill[6]   Ryan HadleyC  
Dev-Em Revard Dufresne[2]  
Lor-Em Julian Richings  
Faora Antje Traue[7]  
Carrie Farris Christina Wren[8][9] Christina WrenC  
Emil Hamilton Richard Schiff[10]  
Nathan Hardy Christopher Meloni[11]  
Jenny Jurwich Rebecca Buller[12]  
Kelex Rondel ReynoldsonV  
Kelor Carla GuginoV [13]  
Jonathan Kent Kevin Costner[14] Kevin CostnerC   Kevin CostnerP  
Martha Kent Diane Lane[15]   Diane Lane[16]  
Lois Lane Amy Adams[17][18]   Amy Adams[19]  
Lana Lang Jadin Gould[20] Emily PetersonC  
Father Leone Coburn Goss[21]  
Steve Lombard Michael Kelly[22]  
Lara Lor-Van Ayelet Zurer[23]  
Nadira Apollonia Vanova[24]  
Pete Ross Joseph Cranford[25] Joseph CranfordC  
Calvin Swanwick[26][27] Harry Lennix[27][28]  
Jax-Ur Mackenzie Gray[29]  
Car-Vex Samantha Jo[30]  
Perry White Laurence Fishburne[18][31]  
Glen Woodburn Chad Krowchuk  
Ro-Zar Mary Black  
General Zod Michael Shannon[32][33] Michael ShannonC [a]  

Introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice[edit]

Barry Allen
The Flash
  Ezra Miller[35][36]   Ezra Miller[37]   Ezra Miller[38]
Charlie   Ewen BremnerPC [39]   Ewen Bremner  
Chief   Eugene Brave RockPC [40]   Eugene Brave Rock[40]  
Joe Chill   Damon Caro (uncredited)  
Arthur Curry
  Jason Momoa[41] Jason MomoaPC [42]   Jason Momoa[43][44] Jason Momoa[45][44]
Kaan Guldur (child)[46]
Otis Dhanji (tween)
Kekoa Kekumano (teen)
  Jason Momoa[48]  
Doomsday   Robin Atkin Downes  
June Finch   Holly Hunter[49]  
Mercy Graves   Tao Okamoto[50]  
Wallace Keefe   Scoot McNairy[49]  
Jenet Klyburn   Jena Malone[49][51]  
Anatoli Knyazev   Callan Mulvey[49]  
Lex Luthor Jesse Eisenberg[52]   Jesse Eisenberg[53][54]  
Jimmy Olsen   Michael CassidyC  
Alfred Pennyworth   Jeremy Irons[55]   Jeremy Irons[56]  
Diana Prince
Wonder Woman
  Gal Gadot[57][58][59]   Gal Gadot[58][59]
Lilly Aspell (child)
Emily Carey (tween)
Gal Gadot   Emily Carey (teen)
Gal Gadot
Senator Purrington   Patrick LeahyC [61]  
Sameer   Saïd TaghmaouiPC [39]   Saïd Taghmaoui[62]  
Steppenwolf   CGI characterC [51][63][64]   Ciarán Hinds[65][66]  
Silas Stone   Joe MortonC   Joe Morton  
Victor Stone
  Ray Fisher[67]   Ray Fisher[68]  
Steve Trevor   Chris PinePC   Chris Pine[69]   Chris Pine[70]  
Emmet Vale   Ralph Lister  
Bruce Wayne
Ben Affleck[6][71]
Brandon Spink (child)
Ben Affleck   Ben Affleck[19]  
Martha Wayne   Lauren Cohan[72]  
Thomas Wayne   Jeffrey Dean Morgan  
POTUS   Patrick WilsonVC [73]  

Introduced in Suicide Squad[edit]

Rick Flag   Joel Kinnaman[74]   Joel Kinnaman  
Jonny Frost   Jim Parrack[75]  
George Harkness
Captain Boomerang
  Jai Courtney[76]   Jai Courtney[77]  
Incubus   Alain Chanoine[78]  
The Joker   Jared Leto[76]  
Waylon Jones
Killer Croc
  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje[79]  
Floyd Lawton
  Will Smith[76]  
Zoe Lawton   Shailyn Pierre-Dixon[80]  
June Moone
  Cara Delevingne[76]  
Harleen Quinzel
Harley Quinn
  Margot Robbie[76]   Margot Robbie   Margot Robbie[77]  
Chato Santana
El Diablo
  Jay Hernandez[81]  
Dexter Tolliver   David Harbour[82]  
Amanda Waller   Viola Davis[83]   Viola Davis[77]  
Christopher Weiss
  Adam Beach[84]  
Tatsu Yamashiro
  Karen Fukuhara[85]  

Introduced in Wonder Woman[edit]

Acantha   Florence Kasumba[86]  
Aella   Hayley Warnes  
Antiope   Robin Wright[87][88]   Robin Wright


Sir Patrick Morgan
  David Thewlis[90][91] David ThewlisC  
Artemis   Ann Wolfe[92][93]  
Etta Candy   Lucy Davis[94]  
Egeria   Madeleine Vall Beijner[95][96]  
Euboea   Samantha Jo[97]  
Queen Hippolyta   Connie Nielsen[98][99]   Connie Nielsen[89]  
Erich Ludendorff   Danny Huston[100]  
Epione   Eleanor Matsuura  
Isabel Maru
Doctor Poison
  Elena Anaya[100]  
Menalippe   Lisa Loven Kongsli  
Mnemosyne   Josette Simon  
Orana   Mayling Ng  
Penthiselea   Brooke Ence  
Philippus   Ann Ogbomo  
Timandra   Danielle Lewis  
Trigona   Hari James  
Venelia   Doutzen Kroes[101]  
Zeus   CGI character Sergi Constance  

Introduced in Justice League[edit]

Artemis   Aurore Lauzeral  
Ancient Atlantean king   Julian Lewis Jones[102]  
Crispus Allen   Kobna Holdbrook-Smith  
Dr. Henry Allen   Billy Crudup  
James Gordon   J. K. Simmons  
Mera   Amber Heard[103][103]  
Elinore Stone   Karen BrysonP  
Slade Wilson
  Joe Manganiello
Yalan Gur   CGI character  

Introduced in Aquaman[edit]

King Atlan
The Dead King
  Graham McTavish[105]  
Queen Atlanna   Nicole Kidman[106][107][108]  
Tom Curry   Temuera Morrison[107][109]  
King Ricou   Andrew Crawford (motion capture)
Djimon Hounsou (voice)[110]
Rina the Fisherman Queen   Natalia Safran (voice and motion capture)[110]  
Scales the Fisherman Princess   Sophia Forrest (voice and motion capture)[110]  
David Kane
Black Manta
  Yahya Abdul-Mateen II[111]   Yahya Abdul-Mateen II[112]  
The Karathen   Julie AndrewsVC [113]  
Jesse Kane   Michael Beach[114]  
Orm Marius
Ocean Master
  Patrick Wilson[115]   Patrick Wilson  
Murk   Ludi Lin[116]  
King Nereus   Dolph Lundgren[117]  
Nuidis Vulko   Willem Dafoe[118][119]  
Dr. Stephen Shin   Randall Park[120]  
Topo   CGI character  
Brine King   Andrew Crawford (motion capture)
John Rhys-Davies (voice)

Introduced in Shazam![edit]

Billy Batson
  Asher Angel (teen)
Zachary Levi (adult)
David Kohlsmith (child)[121]
Mary Bromfield   Grace Fulton (teen)[122]
Michelle Borth (adult)
Teth Adam
Black Adam
  Dwayne Johnson
(CGI stand-in)C [b]
Eugene Choi   Ian Chen (teen)[124]
Ross Butler (adult)
Darla Dudley   Faithe Herman (teen)[125]
Meagan Good (adult)
Freddy Freeman   Jack Dylan Grazer (teen)[126]
Adam Brody (adult)
Mister Mind   David F. Sandberg  
Pedro Peña   Jovan Armand (teen)[124]
D. J. Cotrona (adult)
Dr. Thaddeus Sivana   Mark Strong[127]  
Mr. Sivana   John Glover  
Rosa Vásquez   Marta Milans[128]  
Víctor Vásquez   Cooper Andrews[129]  
The Wizard
  Djimon Hounsou[130]  
Seven Deadly Enemies of Man   Steve Blum, Darin De Paul, Fred Tatasciore (voices)  

Introduced in Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)[edit]

Maria Bertinelli   Charlene Amoia  
Helena Bertinelli
  Mary Elizabeth Winstead[131]  
Cassandra Cain   Ella Jay Basco[132]  
Dinah Lance
Black Canary
  Jurnee Smollett-Bell[131]  
Renee Montoya   Rosie Perez[132]  
Roman Sionis
Black Mask
  Ewan McGregor[133]


Victor Zsasz   Chris Messina[135]  

Introduced in Wonder Woman 1984[edit]

Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
  Kristen Wiig[136]  
Maxwell Lord   Pedro Pascal[137]  
TBA   Ravi Patel[138]  
TBA   Oakley Bull  
TBA   Natasha Rothwell  
TBA   Soundarya Sharma[139]  
TBA   Gabriella Wilde[140]  

Introduced in The Suicide Squad[edit]

Brian Durlin
  Pete Davidson  
Richard Hertz
  Nathan Fillion[141]  
Javelin   Flula Borg[142]  
Abner Krill
Polka-Dot Man
  David Dastmalchian[143]  
King Shark
  Steve AgeeV [144]  
Mongal   Mayling Ng  
Christopher Smith
  Daniela Melchior[145]  
John Monroe
  Sean Gunn  
TBA   Peter Capaldi[146]  
TBA   John Cena  
TBA   Idris Elba[77]  
TBA   Storm Reid[147]  
TBA   Joaquín Cosío  
TBA   Juan Diego Botto  
TBA   Taika Waititi  
TBA   Alice Braga  
TBA   Tinashe Kajese  
TBA   Julio Ruiz  
TBA   Jennifer Holland  
TBA   Michael Rooker  

Introduced in Black Adam[edit]

Teth Adam
Black Adam
  Dwayne Johnson[c]  


  1. ^ The corpse of General Zod appears in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in a crucial role; however, Michael Shannon did not film any scenes and the corpse was created using the physique of fitness model Greg Plitt and a head-shot of Shannon.[34]
  2. ^ Black Adam briefly appears in the film as a CGI character during Billy and Shazam's first meeting sequence, modeled in the likeness of Dwayne Johnson [123]
  3. ^ Black Adam makes his first appearance in the DC Extended Universe in Shazam! as a CGI stand-in modelled in the likeness of Dwayne Johnson, who will be portraying the character in his first live action appearance in the eponymous film.[148]


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