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Following is a List of Dalits.

  • Anaya Nayanar, cowherder[1]
  • Bhagu, a devotee of Krishna
  • Chokhamela. He lived at Mangalvedha in Maharashtra. He wrote many Abhangas devoted to Krishna.[2]
  • Dhanna Chamar,[3] Chamar (cobbler)
  • Kanho or Kanhopatra[4] dancer, devotee of Vishnu
  • Karmamela[5] devotee of Vishnu
  • Kurmadas,[6] devotee of Vishnu
  • Madara Dhulayya[7]
  • Nanhadas,[8] a devotee of Rama and Ramanand's disciple
  • Nandanar[9] (Nanthanaar) [1], Athanuur, devotee of Shiva [2], one of 63 Nayanar Shaivite saints. Chidambaram, the main place where Nandanar practiced austerities is now a place where backward castes have their own ashrams and recite the Upanishads in Sanskrit (Sastri, P. 3 Hindu Feasts, Fasts & Ceremonies).
  • Nirmala, Mahar[10]
  • Parshuram,[11] from Chhattisgarh
  • Rohidas or Ravidas [3], Chamar member, the Guru of Mirabai. He is said to have taken up his family job of shoe-making and supplied shoes top ascetics.[4] "My caste is low, my lineage is low, and mean is my birth. I have taken shelter, King Rama, says Ravidas the cobbler" (p. 659, Guru Granth Sahib). His disciples are the Ravidasis. He was a disciple of Ramananda, claimed by Harijans to be their master (Singh, P. 98 Leadership Patterns and Village Structure)
  • Shatakopa, Kanjar (prostitute) Alwar devotee, Yamuna Muni declared, "I touch my feet at the holy feet of Shatakopa" (P. 87, Gita Darshan as Bhakti Yoga, as a Chaitanyite Reads it)
  • Tiruvalluvar, one of 63 Nayanar Shaivite saints, wrote the Tirukkural


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