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Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, based on their comic book of the same name and developed by Prodigy Pictures in association with Space channel.[1] An order for 13 episodes was placed for the first season of the series, which premiered on June 12, 2015.[2][3]

On September 1, 2017, Syfy canceled the series after three seasons.[4] During the course of the series, 39 episodes of Dark Matter aired over three seasons.

Series overview[edit]

SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
113June 12, 2015 (2015-06-12)August 28, 2015 (2015-08-28)
213July 1, 2016 (2016-07-01)September 16, 2016 (2016-09-16)
313June 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)August 25, 2017 (2017-08-25)


Season 1 (2015)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air dateCan. viewers
11"Episode One"TJ ScottJoseph Mallozzi & Paul MullieJune 12, 2015 (2015-06-12)0.273[5]
Six people awaken from stasis on an unknown starship. None of them can remember who they are or what they are doing on the ship. They name themselves One through Six, based on the order in which they awoke. Searching the ship, two of them are attacked by the ship's android, who they manage to deactivate and reset. The ship is then attacked by another ship, which they manage to escape via hyperspace. Their destination is an independent mining colony; the miners are awaiting help and weapons to defend themselves from a powerful mega-corporation, Ferrous Corp. The crew vote to deliver half the weapons. The Android then extracts information from the ship's corrupted data files that states that all of them, with the exception of Five, are wanted murderers and thieves. They conclude that they were hired by Ferrous to kill the miners.
22"Episode Two"TJ ScottJoseph MallozziJune 19, 2015 (2015-06-19)0.262[6]
When negotiations between the corporation's landing party and the miners breaks down and a firefight breaks out, One commits his crew to the independents without consulting anyone. Two, who remained on the ship, decides to seek the assistance of Ferrous's fiercest rival, the Mikkei Combine, and negotiates a 99-year lease to protect the miners. Five begins to have dreams that she believes are memories that belong to other crew members, while Three mulls over what is behind the locked door he has found on the Raza, their ship.
33"Episode Three"Paolo BarzmanMartin GeroJune 26, 2015 (2015-06-26)N/A
Five, with time on her hands, goes exploring, crawling through the piping and venting system, and stumbles upon the body of a murdered teenage boy about her age in a cargo hold. In one of her dreams, Five sabotages the ship's systems just before the crew enter the stasis pods, and the Android finds traces of the deleted subroutine that wiped their memories. The ship drops out of hyperdrive due to a damaged coupling in a region of space bathed in lethal radiation. With only hours before it penetrates their shield, the Android goes outside and makes repairs. Two has the Android put everyone through a truth test to try to identify the one who tampered with the ship, but they all pass.
44"Episode Four"Amanda TappingJoseph MallozziJuly 3, 2015 (2015-07-03)N/A
The crew head to the nearest space station for repairs, refueling and taking on supplies. With no funds for anything else, they decide to find a buyer for the weapons that they have. Two and Five go to the casino to try to grow their small stake, but have a lethal encounter with the management for winning too much. One and Three look for a buyer, but are instead captured by the real Jace Corso (One's supposed identity). They manage to escape, though Corso steals their weapons by masquerading as One. Four finds out he is the elder son and heir of a murdered Emperor, and that he is believed to be the murderer. Six goes a clinic for treatment of a burn, but is identified as a wanted fugitive, setting off station-wide security alarms. They flee the station.
55"Episode Five"Lee RosePaul MullieJuly 10, 2015 (2015-07-10)N/A
The crew are contacted by their handler and agent, Tabor Calchek (David Hewlett), who assigns them to salvage a seemingly abandoned space freighter for half their regular rate for botching their last job. The crew find themselves fighting for their lives as they encounter zombie-like beings intent on killing them or infecting them with the disease that transformed the other crew into monsters.
66"Episode Six"Ron MurphyPaul MullieJuly 17, 2015 (2015-07-17)N/A
Five proposes modifying medical equipment in an attempt to retrieve the crew's memories stored in her brain. Although she learns more about Four's past, as well as her own before she boarded the ship, she becomes stuck in her dream-like state. Six volunteers to enter her visions in order to rescue her, and discovers more about his own past.
77"Episode Seven"Bruce McDonaldRobert C. CooperJuly 24, 2015 (2015-07-24)0.534[7]
The crew manages to get into the ship's locked vault. They find valuables, a stasis pod carrying Sarah, a woman from Three's past who is dying from an incurable disease, and an entertainment android named Wendy. Wendy is programmed to perform a wide range of activities, including cooking, games and sex. As Sarah fills Three in on their romantic history together, Wendy, programmed by an enemy they no longer remember, locks the Raza on a course into the nearest star.
88"Episode Eight"TW PeacockeTrevor FinnJuly 31, 2015 (2015-07-31)N/A
After they dock for repairs and supplies, Six uses advanced transport technology (a short-lived clone is created at the destination and given the traveler's personality and memories via a subspace transmission) to try to track down the General, the fugitive leader of the Procyon Insurrection, a revolt against the Galactic Authority. Six was part of the revolt, until he took part in a mission that, unbeknownst to him, included blowing up a space station and killing 10,000 innocent civilians. One and Four go after him, only for One to discover that his clone has a different face. From his DNA, One discovers that he is actually Derrick Moss, the heir of the Moss fortune, and uncovers a possible connection to Three.
99"Episode Nine"Ron MurphyJoseph MallozziAugust 7, 2015 (2015-08-07)N/A
Four leaves the ship to meet his younger half-brother, who is now Emperor in his place, and to proclaim his innocence in the murder of their father. However, when he arrives at the meeting place, he is greeted by his former instructor and mentor, Akita, who arrests him. As Four attempts to convince Akita of his innocence, the crew eventually decide to go after him and arrive in time to save him and Akita from bandits. Four murders Akita in cold blood as a message for his brother. Back in space, the Raza is approached by three Ferrous Corp destroyers that fire and disable its faster-than-light (FTL) drives.
1010"Episode Ten"John SteadPaul MullieAugust 14, 2015 (2015-08-14)N/A
Three Mikkei Combine ships drop out of FTL to provide much-needed support, causing the Ferrous Corp destroyers to depart. Commander Truffault (Torri Higginson), with whom Two negotiated on behalf of the miners in the second episode, offers the crew a job: to steal a device from another corporation's research station. Desperate to keep Mikkei as an ally, the crew reluctantly accepts the mission, despite being given very little information, and teams up with another group of mercenaries to pull off the theft. Once they return to the Raza with the device, however, the other mercenaries turn on the crew, and their leader ejects Two into the vacuum of space.
1111"Episode Eleven"Martin WoodPaul MullieAugust 21, 2015 (2015-08-21)N/A
The mercenaries set out to collect the substantial bounties on the remaining Raza crew. While they try to extract additional information from One, the FTL drive malfunctions again. Two kills the man sent outside the ship to make repairs and retakes the ship with help from Five, the rest of the crew being prisoners in the vault. Afterward, the Android reveals that Two is an illegally enhanced human being, artificially constructed to be faster and stronger and equipped with nanites that enabled her to survive in vacuum.
1212"Episode Twelve"Andy MikitaJoseph MallozziAugust 28, 2015 (2015-08-28)0.397[8]
Tabor Calchek gives the team a job, a seemingly routine rescue of a scientist, but it is a trap. Alex Rook (Wil Wheaton) created Two and wants her back. A dampening field strips Two of her powers, and the rest of the crew is forced to leave the research facility without her. They return secretly and drop off the Android to infiltrate the facility and turn off the dampening field, before retrieving their crewmate. Back aboard the Raza, someone disables the Android. Elsewhere, Rook has a conversation with a mysterious sick man who orders him to kill the crew, as they know too much about their illegal activities.
1313"Episode Thirteen"Andy MikitaJoseph Mallozzi & Paul MullieAugust 28, 2015 (2015-08-28)0.397[8]
After a thorough search of the ship finds nobody else, it becomes clear that the Android's assailant is one of them. Suspicion and distrust threaten to split the team. Four is knocked out (but seems to be otherwise unharmed), followed by Six. Then as Galactic Authority ships intercept the Raza and soldiers storm the ship, the rest are knocked out with gas. All of them are carried off by soldiers, except Six, who walks along freely.

Season 2 (2016)[edit]

The premiere episode of the season had 448,000 viewers in Canada.[9]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
141"Welcome to Your New Home"Amanda TappingPaul MullieJuly 1, 2016 (2016-07-01)
Two, Three, and Four are placed in the general population of the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility, unaware that Six had sold them out to the Galactic Authority (GA). One and Five are held temporarily in the staff wing of the facility. Six tells One and Five that his real name is Kal Varrik, an undercover GA agent tasked with bringing them in. One is soon released by a lawyer from his corporation, of which he is now the CEO. He delves into his wife's murder and comes to believe Marcus Boone (Three) was not responsible, especially after the only witness dies soon after he asks the acting CEO to locate the man. Jace Corso then shows up and shoots One dead.
152"Kill Them All"Bruce McDonaldJoseph MallozziJuly 8, 2016 (2016-07-08)
The crew of the Raza plan their escape from Hyperion-8, but in the meantime the Traugott Corporation orders the warden to kill them. They are aided by Captain Truffault, who secretly transfers the layout of the prison to Three. Four suggests luring in a shuttle from the Ishida Empire cruiser in orbit, and encounters Misaki Han, an old acquaintance. Arax Nero, a powerful inmate boss, has his people cause a riot as a distraction. When the inmates are knocked unconscious by a sonic device, Two awakens abnormally quickly (as hoped) and takes over the control room. With her help, the crew fight their way to the shuttle, accompanied by Arax and two other prisoners, Devon and Nyx. Six kills friend and guard Anders after failing to convince him to let them go, and is himself critically wounded. Aboard the Raza, Devon, a doctor, tells the crew that he lacks the tools to save Six, so Five has him put in stasis.
163"I've Seen the Other Side of You"Steve DimarcoPaul MullieJuly 15, 2016 (2016-07-15)
Five reluctantly enlists the help of Arax, Nyx and Devon when Two, Three and Four mysteriously collapse, the Android being temporarily out of commission undergoing self-repair. They eventually awaken, but when Two establishes a neural link with the ship, the memories stored in the ship's computer fourteen months before are downloaded in the trio, blocking their memories of the past fourteen months and causing their vicious old personas to resurface. Facing death from her former friends, Five initiates a neural link of her own and uses Portia's most vulnerable memory against her in a mental struggle. However, Five refuses to take advantage of her weakness, instead persuading Portia to disconnect her link. With the link broken, they return to their normal (amnesiac) selves. Arax is revealed to be secretly working for a mysterious woman, Alicia Reynaud.
174"We Were Family"John SteadJoseph MallozziJuly 22, 2016 (2016-07-22)
Three is contacted by his former gang, led by Tanner, who claims to have raised him after his parents were murdered. Arax steals a key Five herself stole from a random stranger before stowing away on Raza (which resulted in the deaths of her entire street kid group), but she substitutes a worthless one before he departs. Three goes with his gang to a planet to collect a stolen payroll, but discovers the thief was forced to cooperate to save his hostage son. When three of the gang kill the man, Three shoots them and later Tanner, who he realizes killed his parents. The Android stumbles upon a group of more advanced androids, led by Victor, who have a behavioral upgrade that enables them to pass as human; Victor gives her a copy of the upgrade.
185"We Voted Not to Space You"Ron MurphyPaul MullieJuly 29, 2016 (2016-07-29)
The Android installs the upgrade to infiltrate a GA station to secretly hack into the GA network to locate Corso. This is eventually detected, enabling Inspector Kierken, who is after them, to guess where they are going. Two, Three, Four and Nyx go after Corso, hiding out in an abandoned settlement, but he escapes. Kierken arrives and is trapped with Four, pinned underneath debris, when the settlement self-destructs at Corso's order. Two captures Corso and executes him. After regrouping, the crew rescue Four.
196"We Should Have Seen This Coming"Bruce McDonaldRobert C. CooperAugust 5, 2016 (2016-08-05)
Nyx recommends stealing drugs from a freighter to raise funds, but once on board she rescues her brother Milo and reveals that both of them were unwilling subjects of an experiment. They and others had their consciousnesses merged to analyze vast amounts of data to try to predict the future. The test subjects successfully revolted, but then some of them took over. Milo was the best subject or Seer, so the other Seers pursue the Raza to get him back. The crew are ambushed by the Seers, who have predicted what they would do. Three and Six are forced to hide in the shuttle on the surface of a planet when the Raza flees. When the Raza returns to rescue them, the Seers reappear and fire, disabling their shields. Milo tells Five of the probable outbreak of war between the corporations within six months and informs Four that someone in the crew will betray them. He volunteers to return to the Seers to save his sister and the others. After he is handed over and the Raza departs, however, he follows Four's suggestion and commits suicide.
207"She's One of Them Now"Jason PriestleyHarley PeytonAugust 12, 2016 (2016-08-12)
The crew abduct Calchek so he can help them learn the purpose of the key Reynaud is after. Three, Four and Five use transit pods to get their clones into Reynaud’s heavily guarded fortress; Five hacks into the system to find the key is part of a "blink drive" that enables instantaneous space travel. They steal the adapter that connects it to a standard space drive, and the drive is installed on the Raza. Devon, who was left behind on a space station with Nyx, is killed by the Seers when he claims not to know where Nyx and the Raza are.
218"Stuff to Steal, People to Kill"Andy MikitaJoseph MallozziAugust 19, 2016 (2016-08-19)
The Android miscalculates, and on its first test, the blink drive transports the Raza to an alternate universe where the corporations are already at war, and the alternate Raza is attacking corporate bases. Jones (Six) is dead, Ryo (Four) is a ruthless emperor, and the crew now consists of Corso, Lin (Two) and Boone (Three), who never lost their memories, along with Wexler and Tash from episode ten. Their blink drive is destroyed, so they are forced to ally with Truffault of the Mikkei Combine. Two and Three impersonate their captured counterparts to infiltrate the other ship and steal their blink drive. The situation with the mining colony from episode two is relived, but with a different, much bloodier outcome. They return to their universe, but unknowingly bring along another Marauder shuttle, which is equipped with an FTL drive. It departs before they can stop it.
229"Going Out Fighting"Peter DeLuiseIvon BartokAugust 26, 2016 (2016-08-26)
Two keeps collapsing; she finds she is dying because her flawed nanites are failing. The crew capture an employee of Dwarf Star Technologies and discover that the flaw has been fixed. Three and Six infiltrate the Dwarf Star space station headquarters to steal the perfected nanites, but are captured and tortured by CEO Alex Rook. Two, Four and Nyx transfer the blink drive to the shuttle to enter a station hangar covertly, but Rook is waiting for them. He sets an improved model, male this time, on Two. The new model is defeated by the combined efforts of the crew, but with Rook have removed the newer nanites, Six comes up with the idea to transfuse nanites from the new model into Two, saving her. When Three returns to the Raza, he brings along some sort of parasite that was implanted in him during torture; the crew find out in time and manage to eject it into space.
2310"Take the Shot"Paul DayPaul MullieSeptember 2, 2016 (2016-09-02)
The crew debates whether to disable the Android after she reveals she may have a potential programming flaw; she made a mistake in the past and has experienced a dream while recharging. After experiencing hallucinations via their prior neural link with the ship, the crew wonder if they are linked to the Android's problem. It is eventually revealed that the Android's simulation was infected with a virus, possibly by the alternate universe Truffault; it attempts to kill the crew. With the Android's help, Two disables the ship's core software to prevent the virus from taking complete control. The crew decides to accept the Android as she is.
2411"Wish I'd Spaced You When I Had the Chance"Mairzee AlmasJoseph MallozziSeptember 9, 2016 (2016-09-09)
On a routine stop at a space station, Five is kidnapped by slavers. Three rescues her, but is shot in the process. In the meantime, they and the rest of the crew have been identified. Clones of Kierken and his troops pursue them. The rest of the crew manages to locate and rescue them. During and after the ordeal, Five and Three share their true feelings of affection toward each other.
2512"Sometimes In Life You Don't Get to Choose"William WaringJoseph Mallozzi & Paul MullieSeptember 9, 2016 (2016-09-09)
Four, with the Android's assistance, has his Ishida Ryo memories restored because his homeworld of Zairon is badly losing its war with Pyr. He demonstrates the power of the blink drive by disabling the warship of Zairon General Dragoe, and enlists him and others in his attempt to overthrow his brother. Ryo's plot is betrayed, and he is caught and sentenced to death. The crew come to his aid, but are themselves captured, with the exception of Five. Five reaches Ryo's brother, who agrees to abdicate for the sake of his people. Once in control, Ryo orders the immediate executions of his stepmother, his brother, and several Seers, who had been helping the stepmother in exchange for Nyx.
2613"But First, We Save the Galaxy"Ron MurphyJoseph Mallozzi & Paul MullieSeptember 16, 2016 (2016-09-16)
The crew decides to try to preserve the precarious peace by trying to prevent the bombing of the EOS-7 space station (the trigger for the war in the alternate universe), where a vital conference involving all the corporations is taking place. With Commander Truffault's help, Five is able to get onto the space station. Five is able to foil the Ferrous Corp. attempt (after a crucial vote goes against Ferrous). However, Ishida Ryo, now Emperor of Zairon, has studied the history of the alternate universe and discovered that the war forced Pyr's corporate allies to withdraw their support. He boards the Raza and steals the blink drive, while Misaki, against his explicit orders not to harm the crew, kills Nyx. (She overheard Ryo offer to make Nyx his empress.) The episode ends with a cliffhanger. The rest of the crew (and Kierken) are aboard the doomed station when one of Ryo's men causes the reactor core to overload and blow up.

Season 3 (2017)[edit]

No. in
TitleDirected byWritten byOriginal air date
271"Being Better Is So Much Harder"Ron MurphyJoseph MallozziJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
Two and Six reach the Marauder and survive the destruction of EOS-7, but the Marauder is badly damaged. Truffault and Five make it to an escape pod and reach the Raza. They are attacked by a Ferrous Corp cruiser and deal with a boarding party. GA Lt. Anders and Three land on a planet. Anders takes Three prisoner, but is forced to work with him when a security drone attacks them. Six restores communications and contacts the Raza. The Raza manages to destroy the Ferrous Corp cruiser, while an oxygen-deprived Two hallucinates about Nyx before the Raza picks up the pair before their life support fails completely. When a GA rescue team arrives, Anders tells them he is alone. Later, he contacts the Raza and provides Three's location. Afterwards, the crew discuss what they should do. Two believes that Ishida killed Nyx and wants revenge and the blink drive back. Meanwhile, Ishida frees his former teacher, Teku, and makes him his royal counselor, against Misaki's advice. Five contacts Sarah through a link.
282"It Doesn't Have to Be Like This"Bruce McDonaldPaul MullieJune 9, 2017 (2017-06-09)
The Raza crew attack a secret Ishida research facility where they believe the blink drive is being examined. Ryo boards the station using a clone and orders the scientists aboard to activate the blink drive to take the now-defenseless station to Zairon, but since the scientists do not completely understand the device, the station ends up in a pocket of null space which is collapsing. Two and Three kill Ryo's clone when he proves uncooperative. Meanwhile, Five relives memories from her past as a result of using the mind probe too many times, losing consciousness in the process. Having lost communication with his research facility, Ryo contacts the Raza, where the Android informs him of Nyx's death. Two, Three and Six recover the blink drive and use it to return to normal space, but Two refuses to use it again until they figure out what the Isida scientists have done to it. The Android suggests a procedure which saves Five's life, but it interrupts a memory in which she is about to learn the name of a sister she did not know she had.
293"Welcome to the Revolution"Steve DiMarcoJoseph MallozziJune 16, 2017 (2017-06-16)
Despite Two's misgivings, Six involves the crew in the rebellion of a Traugott Corporation colony. After an explosion kills the rebel leader, Six negotiates with the Traugott security detachment, convincing them to negotiate rather than fight, but one colonist treacherously shoots the detachment's leader, reigniting the fighting. When the bloodthirsty General, leader of the anti-corporate rebellion (of which Six used to be a member, as revealed in season 1) arrives to try to assume command of the colony and incorporate it into his movement, Six shoots him. Six then decides to remain on the newly independent colony, feeling he can do the most good there. He is replaced on the Raza by Adrian (Tabor Calchek's former assistant) and his bodyguard, Solara. Meanwhile, the Android discovers that Sarah's consciousness is preserved in the ship's computer, uploaded by Five. Ryo sends mercenaries to take back the blink drive and kill his former friends.
304"All the Time in the World"Ron MurphyJoseph MallozziJune 23, 2017 (2017-06-23)
Three experiences a time loop, living the same day over and over again. He eventually uses the repetitions to come to terms with Sarah's semi-existence. He is able to persuade the rest of the crew that his dilemma is real, and they are able to use his foreknowledge of the day's events to foil an attack by one of Ryo's mercenaries. Once the source of the time loop is discovered (a device Adrian confiscated from a scientist), the Android tries an experiment; in the process, she experiences brief segments of an unsettling and seemingly tragic future, finally encountering an aged Five, who tells her what she must do to break the time loop. Returning to the present, she destroys the device.
315"Give It Up, Princess"J.B. SugarPaul MullieJune 30, 2017 (2017-06-30)
Adrian persuades the crew to go to one of Tabor's secret safe houses. They find that Tabor's girlfriend Ambrosia is being held hostage by Goren, a business rival. He demands a certain data file for her. Wondering what the file contains that is so valuable, the crew go after it. While checking out one possible storage place, Adrian and Five are detained. Adrian refuses to betray the crew in exchange for his release. The Android frees them. They finally find the file in another of Tabor's caches, but it is encoded. At the exchange, Ambrosia reveals that she is in league with Goren, but then kills him and is about to shoot Adrian and go into business for herself when the Raza crew rescues him. Adrian takes Tabor's decryption program from her; using it, they learn they have Ferrous Corp's secret plans to build enough warships to ensure their victory in the war. Reconnoitering the construction facilities, they find the ships have already departed. Meanwhile, Misaki and Teku jockey for influence over Ryo, as the war goes from bad to worse for Zairon.
326"One Last Card To Play"Gail HarveyAlison HepburnJuly 7, 2017 (2017-07-07)
The crew of the alternate universe Raza from the episode "Stuff to Steal, People to Kill"—Portia, Boone, Tash and Wexler—steal an Ishida ship. Impersonating Two and Three, Portia and Boone arrange with Truffault to transport some missiles for the Mikkei Combine, but instead steal the weapons and the payment. The real Raza crew find out and attempt to patch things up with Truffault. A series of plots and counterplots ensues, as a result of which Five holds Portia and Boone prisoner aboard the Raza, Tash has Three tied up aboard the stolen ship, and Two, Adrian and Solara have captured Wexler on a planet. Tash rejects Five's offer of a peaceful settlement and prepares to destroy the Raza with the stolen missiles, but the alternate Android shoots Tash and negotiates. The missiles and most of the money are returned and all prisoners exchanged. Adrian leaves the ship, accompanied by Solara. Later, Portia proposes an alliance with Ferrous Corp's Commander Nieman against a common enemy. The Raza crew return to Six's colony to find dead bodies strewn about.
337"Wish I Could Believe You"Paul DayIvon BartokJuly 14, 2017 (2017-07-14)
Six awakens to find himself aboard the Raza, recovering from the biological weapon that killed the colonists. The crew pressures him to reveal the location of a secret meeting of the leaders of the League of Autonomous Worlds. He is also troubled by recurring fragmented memories of his previous life, learning that he had a wife and child. He eventually realizes that his experiences on the Raza are a simulation controlled by Ferrous Corp scientists attempting to extract the meeting location from him. He awakens from the simulation, overpowers them, and tricks one of them (in the simulation) into revealing their coordinates, so the real Raza can pick him up. Back on board, he proposes taking a more active role against Ferrous Corp. Also, with Anders' help, he goes to see his wife and child; he finds she has remarried. Meanwhile, Sarah tells Two she yearns for more social interaction than is available to her as an uploaded mind in the computer. While everyone is sleeping, the Android behaves oddly, aiming a gun at Three's head, then leaving.
348"Hot Chocolate"John SteadLawren Bancroft-WilsonJuly 21, 2017 (2017-07-21)
Six hosts a conference of delegates of rebel colonies. When they are attacked by Ferrous, they retreat to the Raza. Later, a delegate is murdered. Ryo has an accomplice hack into and take control of the Android. With the Android's help, clones of Ryo and his men gain access to the ship to attempt to recover the blink drive. They capture Two, Three and Six. Ryo tells the delegates he will sponsor their membership in the League of Autonomous Planets to try to gain their support. With Sarah's help, Five frees the Android, and the crew retake the ship. They allow Ryo's clone to transfer his memories back to the emperor. Later, something goes wrong when Five and the Android test repairs they made to the blink drive, and everyone aboard is rendered unconscious.
359"Isn't That a Paradox?"Craig David WallaceJoseph Mallozzi & Paul MullieJuly 28, 2017 (2017-07-28)
A diagnostic test on the blink drive triggers a recall command that sends them back 600 years into the past, to the early 21st century. The Android takes them to the only known civilization of that time: Earth. They spot evidence of another blink drive in a small town in Wisconsin. The crew attempt to blend into the community while searching for it, but three kids are suspicious and eventually learn the truth. The crew find that Professor Brophy, a high school teacher, was the lead scientist of the team that developed the blink drive; he hid out in the past after the corporation responsible for the project killed everyone else on his team. When the local authorities find the Marauder, the crew use Brophy's blink drive to send Five back in time to earlier that day to arrange it so that they can return safely to the Raza, and back to the unaltered future using Brophy's blink drive. Later, Commander Nieman and the alternate Portia and Boone contact Ryo about an alliance. The Android receives a call for help from Victor, the android who gave her the upgrade.
3610"Built, Not Born"Melanie OrrJoseph MallozziAugust 4, 2017 (2017-08-04)
Victor contacts the Raza after members of his group kill the former owner of one of them. He asks that they be taken to the home of the person he believes created him and those like him. They find the scientist who developed modern androids, Dr. Irena Shaw, in stasis in a hidden facility, watched over by her android assistant, Chase. Shaw looks exactly like the Raza's Android. She had a fatal, inoperable brain tumor, and the Android was made to house her mind, but Shaw decided against it. It also turns out she was a member of the team that created Two; she alone felt Two should be treated like any other person and enabled her initial escape. Chase hints that she and Two became romantically involved. Two gives Shaw a transfusion of her nanites to possibly cure her or at least let her live longer. Two also suggests creating an android body for Sarah. When the Galactic Authority attacks the facility, Sarah's transfer is incomplete, so Shaw has to take her along when she flees. When Sarah awakes in her new body, Victor tells her they have a job for her.
3711"The Dwarf Star Conspiracy"Steve DiMarcoPaul MullieAugust 11, 2017 (2017-08-11)
The Raza crew, joined later by a Mikkei ship, investigate a seemingly abandoned Dwarf Star Technologies lab and find many "simulants"—bio-synthetic organisms like Two—in stasis, as well as a mysterious anomaly that induces a violent mental disturbance in Three. Hostile aliens from another universe accessible through the anomaly, speak to him (in a prior episode, he was possessed by one of them); he learns they plan to leave their dying universe and use the simulants as host bodies for their invasion. The Mikkei second-in-command, who turns out to be a simulant herself, assassinates her commander and opens the anomaly to allow the aliens through. To stop them, the senior surviving member of the Mikkei landing party calls for a nuclear strike on the lab, then kills himself, leaving Two alone in the lab. The Raza crew are unable to stop the bombing. At the last minute, Two is kidnapped by the alternate universe Boone and flown away in his FTL-capable Marauder.
3812"My Final Gift To You"Bruce McDonaldJoseph MallozziAugust 18, 2017 (2017-08-18)
Losing the war and experiencing attempts on his life, Ryo offers Two in exchange for the blink drive. At his invitation, Three, Five, and Six's clones go to Zairon via travel transit to negotiate. During negotiations, Ryo reveals secrets about the crew's past lives: Three himself was responsible for Sarah's illness; Five's sister was adopted by a wealthy family; and Six's cover was blown by a fellow GA officer. Meanwhile, using a new version of the behavioral upgrade, the Android learns about a secret android rebellion against human domination. Negotiations on Zairon are interrupted by a popular uprising and an attempted coup by Misaki. Teku sets Two free for her help in Ryo's escape. She stabs Misaki with her own poisoned dagger just before she is about to kill Ryo. Three sacrifices his clone body; thus the memory of his involvement in Sarah's death is not transferred back. Back on the Raza, the crew vote, three to two, to execute Ryo. When Two, who cast the deciding vote, prepares to carry out the sentence, he reveals one final secret: Two and Shaw had a daughter.
3913"Nowhere To Go"Ron MurphyTBAAugust 25, 2017 (2017-08-25)
Before Two can kill Ryo, Teku offers the location of the secret Ferrous shipyard in return for his emperor. Traugott, allied with Mikkei, provides a white hole bomb to destroy the facility, but it is a trap: the bomb is a dud, and Two, Three and Six are captured. Alternate universe Wexler—secretly working for Mikkei—helps them escape, but Three is recaptured. Moreover, unknown to the others, Two has been possessed by one of the aliens from "The Dwarf Star Conspiracy". Truffault provides all the ships she can scrape together; they, along with Teku's loyalist Ishida fleet, attack the facility, but Ferrous's defenses are too strong. Portia Lin escapes in the chaos, taking Three with her. Two proposes destroying the shipyard by transferring the blink drive to the Marauder, taking it in close and overloading the drive. The Android, incapacitated by Two, still manages to warn Five that Two has been compromised, but she is too late. Six detonates the blink drive, apparently annihilating the shipyard (and himself), but a giant spatial anomaly forms, and huge black spaceships come through it.


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