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Cover of the first DVD/Blu-ray volume of Date A Live as released by Kadokawa Shoten on June 28, 2013.

Date A Live is an anime series adapted from the light novels of the same title written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. Produced by Anime International Company and directed by Keitaro Motonaga, the series was broadcast on Tokyo MX from April 6, 2013 to June 22, 2013.


Date A Live[edit]

No. Title Ending theme Niconico streaming date[citation needed] Original air date[1]
1"April 10"
"Shigatsu Tōka" (四月十日)
"Hatsukoi Winding Road"March 31, 2013April 6, 2013
The series begins with a spatial quake devastating the center of Eurasia. Thirty years have passed since the spatial quake, and the ditzy Kotori Itsuka and her adopted older brother Shidō live in Tengū City, Japan. For the opening ceremony, Kotori and Shido make a promise to meet at a diner later that day. As school ends for Shido, a spatial quake alarm sounds throughout the city for the citizens to enter shelter areas immediately. After being unable to contact his sister, Shido uses his GPS to confirm that she is still within the city according to their promise. He leaves the shelter to find her and in doing so, is outside when the spatial quake occurs and creates a giant crater, thus meeting a spirit-armor girl in the center. After a battle between the Spirit and the AST unit those eradicate Spirits, where Shido witness his popular classmate Origami Tobiichi is a part of the AST, he meets the Ratatoskr organization on their airship, the Fraxinus, with serious Kotori the commander, and learn about the Spirits. He gets knowledge of his ability can seal away Spirits' powers by making them fall in love with him.
2"Close Re-encounter"
"Sai-sekkin Sōgū" (再接近遭遇)
"Save The World"April 7, 2013April 13, 2013
Shido is undergoing stage two of his training which is practical application upon real humans. First is his teacher Tamae Okamine who, with the assistance of Reine Murasame and Kotori, falls head over heels in obsessive love with him. Running away from her, he bumps into Origami. He uses her for practice but ends up unintentionally starting a relationship with her. A spatial quake alarm occurs and the "Princess" Spirit is expected to appear at Raizen High School. With the students evacuated and part of the school destroyed by the spatial quake, Shido heads inside the school to confront Princess. Shido makes a connection with Princess and names her Tohka. The AST shows up and engages Tohka from long range with their rifles to kill Tohka but Origami sees Tohka with Shido and assumes she is holding him hostage. Since Shido is now her boyfriend, Origami battles Tohka in close combat, but is injured. The next day, Tohka appears before Shido as he is rummaging through the collateral damage so that they may go on their date.
3"Sword That Splits the Sky"
"Sora Wakatsu Tsurugi" (空分かつ剣(つるぎ))
"Save My Heart"April 14, 2013April 20, 2013
Following the incident at Raizen High School, Shido and Tohka are on their date being overseen and supported by the Fraxinus crew. Tohka mistakenly assumes that each variety of food she is consuming at first is a "date". Not accustomed to a crowd, when the couple enter the shopping area she assumes that humanity is launching an all-out attack on her. Origami observes them from the shadows while Shido and Tohka go from a high-priced restaurant to south of the station where they enter an improvised shopping area. Tohka is able to indulge in the foods present to her desire but notices that Shido does not seem to be having fun. They move on to an arcade that is dominated by crane games which Tohka mistakenly assumes is the "mecha team's" secret base. In the course of playing for a prize that has caught Tohka's eye, Tohka inadvertently voices her bond with Shido. They make their way to a cliff edge where Tohka finally notice what a "date" is and sees why the "mecha people" want to keep the world that is so kind, fun and beautiful from getting destroyed. Meanwhile, Origami is given permission to kill her with a single blast but Shido intercepts Origami's blast. With Shido killed, Tohka furiously attacks a stunned Origami to avenge Shido. Before Tohka can kill Origami, Shido is mysterious revived with his wounds completely healed and falls from the sky towards Tohka. To prevent the city's destruction by a critical state Halvanhelev, Tohka kisses Shido while they glide down to the cliff edge as Tohka's Astral Dress disappears. Her last request is that Shido take her on a date again.
4"Unhappy Rain"
"Fukigen na Ame" (不機嫌な雨)
"Save The World"April 21, 2013April 27, 2013
Shido meets Yoshino for the first time while running through a shrine on a rainy, ill-forecasted day. Believing her to be just a girl, he goes on about his way. At school, Tohka has made cookies and competes with Origami for Shido's attention. Arriving home, Shido learns that Tohka will be living in his house since he has sealed her powers. Kotori explains that it is also training as Shido still has to assist in sealing more Spirits. Later, as a spatial quake alarm goes off during school, Shido heads out to find it is Yoshino aka "Hermit" that is the cause. Tohka is left in the shelter while Shido goes out to meet Yoshino only to have Tohka follow him and witness the two accidentally having kissed. Tohka retrieves her powers from Shido but only to provoke Yoshino who attacks while leaving. Utilizing her angel Zadkiel, Yoshino is also able to escape from the AST nearby while Origami eyes Yoshinon, Yoshino's puppet.
5"The Freezing Ground"
"Itetsuku Daichi" (凍て付く大地)
"Strawberry Rain"April 28, 2013May 4, 2013
Tohka is avoiding Shido due to her feelings about what happened between him and Yoshino. She talks with Reine and receives advice and clarity about what occurred. During this time, Shido helps Yoshino look for her puppet, Yoshinon. Yoshino gets hungry while searching so the two go to Shido's house to eat. It's revealed that Yoshinon is Yoshino's friend because he is strong, cool, bold, and is essentially a hero that is everything Yoshino wants to be. As Shido is getting close to Yoshino, Tohka barges is spouting an apology but misinterprets the situation. Yoshino teleports away, Tohka barges out again, but Shido learns that Yoshinon is at Origami's place. Origami forcibly makes progress between them when Shido comes over but as the conversation turns to Spirits, she gets notice of a mission. Yoshino is being targeted by the AST but Shido plans to save her with Tohka's help. As Tohka acts as a decoy, Shido makes it through Yoshino's barrier with Yoshinon to fulfill his promise. With her trust in him established, Shido seals Yoshino's powers. In the last few scenes, it is revealed that the housing for the Spirits has been completed so that Tohka and Yoshino may move in.
6"Hot Springs of Love"
"Koisuru Onsen" (恋する温泉)
"Save The World"May 5, 2013May 11, 2013
Tohka and Yoshino desire to visit hot springs so Shido makes the arrangements for them to go to Tenguu Gokuraku Hot Springs. Perverted Kyōhei Kannazuki persuades Kotori to go but exposed that he has ulterior motives. His punishment is to dig a hole and refill it for the next week. Meanwhile, Ryōko Kusakabe of the AST is informed that the DEM Corporation is going to send reinforcements. A disappointed Ryōko also finds out that due to the increase in the Spirit's alert level the group's vacation trip is cancelled. Convinced by an AST member, Ryōko decides the AST will instead go to the hot springs. Origami, uninterested at first, receives a phone call from Shido where she overhears that he'll be going to the hot springs with Tohka. While riding, Yoshino is given affectionate attention by Shido which frustrates Tohka causing her to collapse the road. This in turn disrupts the train the AST is riding underground. The AST arrive up the surface behind the formers. To prevent contact of the two groups, Ratatoskr intervenes in the path of the AST with multiple obstructions. Kotori orders Date Town to enter Battle Mode Level 2 with authorization to open fire on the AST leading to a battle in which stray ordnance causes Yoshinon to fly off. Shido goes to find Yoshinon in the midst of the firefight and is almost killed by Ratatoskr's Destruct Mode. Tohka saves Shido from the attack while overseen by Origami and fellow AST members. Everyone reaches the hot springs but due to Yoshino's actions, it has partially frozen. Kyōhei dug up a hot spring that Kotori and the group end up enjoying themselves in. Mana Takamiya is then shown as arriving in Japan.
7"The Visitors"
"Raihōsha-tachi" (来訪者達)
"Save My Heart"May 12, 2013May 18, 2013
Mana is having a 10v1 practice match against Origami's unit before having introduced herself at the briefing AST's previous battle with Hermit where she unknowingly reveals herself to be Shido's biological sister. Kurumi Tokisaki transfers into Shido's class revealing herself to be a Spirit. During her time touring the school with Shido they're followed by Origami and Tohka, but as Shido attempting to seduce Kurumi she is also attempting to do get closer to him. Kurumi codenamed "Nightmare" is known to be the most deadly Spirit. After school, Kurumi kills three delinquents and is confronted by Mana. Mana then runs into Shido later on that day. Taking her to his house, what Mana shares about herself leads to a quarrel between her and Kotori but ultimately leaves everyone with more questions than answers. During school the next day, Shido finds out that Kurumi was killed during her confrontation with Mana yet she appeared at school. Origami questions Kurumi in a secluded place and finds out that Kurumi is pursuing Shido for his extended lifespan.
8"Triple Frenzy"
"Sanjū Kyōsō Kyoku" (三重狂騒曲)
"Save The World"May 19, 2013May 25, 2013
Shido invites Kurumi out but is forced on a polygamous date when Tohka seduces him and Origami forces her plans upon him for a date. Shido is unable to deny any of them as Tohka would be heartbroken, Origami would be suspicious and his plans to seal Kurumi depend on the date. With their dates occurring around the same time and their entertainment venues located rather close to each other, Ratatoskr assists Shido by teleporting him to each girl's location while monitoring their emotional levels. After Shido leaves Kurumi, she finds some boys shooting at a stray cat and convinces them to let her play with them. Ratatoskr loses sight of Kurumi as Origami and Tohka run into each other. After they both proclaim their trying to find Shido for their date, Origami runs off concerned there may be another. Shido returns to look for Kurumi but finds blood, body parts, and Kurumi killing a man. As she holds Shido within her clutches, Mana intervenes wearing her CR Unit.
9"Raging Nightmare"
"Kyōran no Akumu" (狂乱の悪夢)
"Save My Heart"May 26, 2013June 1, 2013
Mana kills Kurumi and explains everything to Shido. After he is forced away, he avoids Origami and Tohka after running into them because of seeing the death Kurumi caused. Tohka finds out the reason for Shido's behavior and continues her date with him to try to cheer him up. After gaining some insight to Kurumi, the next day Shido declares to Kurumi that he'll save her. Kurumi goes to the school rooftop while encasing the school in her field to dissuade Shido from trying to save her. Mana is confronting Kotori about Ratatoskr and attempting to use it as leverage against Kotori so she'll release Shido from the potential danger he's in. While Kurumi is threatening the school and the town, Origami and Tohka are engaging in battles with other copies of Kurumi. Shido convinces Kurumi only for her to be killed by another Kurumi, since she can twist time using Zaphkiel. As Tohka and Origami show up, it's revealed that the hands in Kurumi's shadow are actually the hands of past versions of herself. Kurumi takes everyone hostage and attempts to blow a spatial quake only for it to be blown away. Kotori appears in her Astral Dress as the "Ifrit" flame Spirit explaining the spatial quake cancellation and fights Kurumi.
10"Spirit Of Fire (Ifrit)"
"Honō no Seirei (Ifurīto)" (炎の精霊(イフリート))
"Save The World"June 2, 2013June 8, 2013
After a short conversation, Kurumi used one of her skills to make Kotori stay still, create copies of herself, and shoot Kotori a few times. Kotori fell over after Kurumi's last shot but Kotori's healing skill enables her to not die. Then, the shocked Kurumi sent her copies to kill Shido but he was pushed away by Kotori and the copies were killed. In the heat of the fight, Kurumi inhibits Kotori but it only worked for a while. Kotori used her weapon to shoot Kurumi after the frightened Kurumi summoned her copies to shield her. Shido tried to reason with Kotori to not kill Kurumi, but she ignored him, making Shido realize that Kotori is no longer herself. Immediately, he went to stand in front of Kurumi to shield her. After the shot launched, Kotori suddenly regained conscious and deflected the shot. Shido woke up on Fraxinus after dreaming of an event that happened 5 years ago. Being calmed down by Reine, he went to see Kotori regarding on her condition. He left in despair to meet Mana and Origami in the hospital. Unable to meet Mana, Shido instead met Origami, who tried to get him closer to herself. Before Shido exited Origami's room in the late evening, she told him of her intent to kill the flame Spirit to avenge her parent's death five years ago and that's the reason she joined AST.
"Kauntodaun" (カウントダウン)
"Save My Heart"June 9, 2013June 15, 2013
Shido is contemplating the situation regarding Kotori involving the five-year event including the statements made by her and Origami about the residential fire. With Ratatoskr's headquarters personnel all agreeing that Ocean Park is the ideal venue for Shido's date, he undergoes training outlined by Reine involving Shido, Tohka and Yoshino to buy swimsuits. As Tohka asks about a swimsuit, Origami teases her that it's a new piece of anti-Spirit equipment. Finally, she inquires of Tohka about Ifrit to the point of being overly polite in her questioning. Finding Tohka's information useless, Origami pressures Shido into viewing her choices of swimsuits. Tohka and Origami turn it into a contest in that whoever turns on Shido most gets to go on a date with him. Yoshino ultimately wins but back on Fraxinus, Shido watches the video of the fire from five years ago. Recognizing ordinary video noise as a Spirit (Phantom) initiates a series of flashbacks that lead to Shido blacking out. Tohka and Yoshino tag along the next day to help Kotori ease up and are able to partake. As Shido sees Kotori resorting to pharmaceuticals to counteract her deteriorating mental condition, his determination is invigorated leading him to take Kotori away alone. At the AST base, Origami gets a firsthand view of the DW-029 Annihilator Gear codenamed “White Licorice” sent there by DEM Industries for use of Mana. In talking with Ryōko, she's indirectly told that they have footage of the battle between Kotori and Kurumi. In the last scene, Origami is staring at a frame from the footage showing Kotori as she realizes who Ifrit is.
12"Things You Can't Give Up"
"Yuzurenai Mono" (譲れないもの)
"Save The World"June 16, 2013June 22, 2013
A frightened Kotori is with Shido at the amusement park riding various roller coasters and attractions on their date. Without communications, Ratatoskr can only monitor with Kyōhei making masochistic comments to the opportunities Shido should have taken. While separated, Yoshino tells Tohka what she overheard about Kotori being a Spirit and how Shido is trying to seal her powers. Origami steals the “White Licorice” and suddenly attacks Kotori as she is talking to Shido. Kotori changes into her Spirit form to fight back, and Origami enters into a rampage, going into a full offensive. Before Kotori strikes a finishing blow, Origami accused her of how she killed her parents, astonishing Kotori long enough for Origami to trap her. Shido intervenes, delaying Origami but as she is about to fire Tohka and Yoshino arrive. Tohka strives to stop Origami but as her ordnance is exploding ever closer to Shido and Kotori, the latter two kiss effectively sealing Ifrit. Simultaneously, Shido and Kotori remember exactly what happened five years ago. Shido pleads with Origami as she reaches the operational limit of White Licorice and collapses from exhaustion. Kurumi is seen on a rooftop only commenting "This is not enough." Back on Fraxinus, Reine reveals that the real date wasn't necessary as Kotori's affection levels had not wavered since Shido first woke. Kotori returns to fill out reports asking if what Shido said was true. Kotori gets uncharacteristically embarrassed as he confirms his love of her, but Shido finishes saying simply as his sister he receives swift punishment. During the credits, it is shown that White Licorice has been returned to the AST while Origami is recovering in hospital under guard. As Shido and Tohka about to kiss they're interrupted by Ratatoskr and finally Yoshinon along with Yoshino simply say "To be continued. Sometime."
OVA"Date to Date"
"Dēto tū Dēto" (DATE TO DATE)
"Hatsukoi Winding Road"TBADecember 6, 2013
While Tohka experiments with the new cellphone she got from Kotori, Origami approaches Shido and demands a date with him. Unable to refuse, Shido is assisted by the Fraxinus crew to ensure that their date becomes a total failure. All his attempts to ditch her are futile. Meanwhile, while shopping for dinner, Tohka calls Shido at his phone and believing his words of rejection are to her, she falls into despair and her powers go haywire. Shido runs after her to clear the misunderstanding. Sometime later, Shido has a date in the arcade with Tohka and when he asks to take a picture with her, she refuses and enters the photo cabin by herself instead. She gives him a picture of hers that she claims is for his eyes only. Back at the school, the other students accidentally see the picture, which turns out to be a photo of a naked Tohka. The only photo she ever took was during a medical examination and believed Shido wanted a similar one, much to his chagrin.

Date A Live II[edit]

No. Title Original air date[2]
1"Daily Life"
"Deirī Raifu" (デイリー・ライフ)
April 12, 2014
Shido is awoken by the troubles of both Tohka and Yoshino, and manages to resolve the cinflict. Meanwhile, Origami is suspended for two months from the AST. While eating breakfast, Shido receives a text from Origami, and they discuss the events that happened a month ago. Tohka, while cleaning Shido's room, discovers a suitcase (for their school-trip) that resembles one she'd seen in a dramatic film on the television. Tohka grows worried, and rushes to find Shido, who is with Origami. Shido tries to make it up to Tohka by getting her some kinako bread on the way home, but notices that the lock of his suitcase is broken, so he goes out to meet up with Origami once more. Tohka again recalls the scheme of the drama film, this time catching Shido and Oragami together, and imagines that Shido is abandoning her for Origami. Tohka gets jealous, awakening some of her powers, and runs off while carrying Shido's suitcase. Tohka's unsealed powers begin to create a spatial quake, and Shido rushes to find her. He later finds Tohka in their "special place", and Tohka tries to prevent him from leaving with Oragami. Shido explains that it is all a misunderstanding, but Tohka cannot control her powers and hits Shido with shockwaves. Shido is unharmed and manages to seals Tohka's powers again. Meanwhile, Isaac Westcott and Ellen Mathers of DEM Industries, an organization with an interest in Spirits, are scheming a plan for Tohka; Kurumi plots to kill the First Spirit.
2"Children of the Storm"
"Gufū no miko" (颶風の御子)
April 19, 2014
After a very awkward moment in Shido's class, where Tohka tries switching genders in an effort to bunk with Shido, the class goes on a field trip to Arubi Island. Throughout the entire trip, Origami and Tohka inadvertently annoy Shido in an effort to win his affections. Meanwhile, DEM Industries begins stalking Tohka on the island. Sometime later, Shido and Tohka are out for a stroll when a massive hurricane appears out of nowhere. Three trash cans strike Tohka, knocking her out, while two Spirits viciously battle overhead. When Shido tries to intervene, the "Berserk" Spirits Yuzuru and Kaguya, decide their next battle in their long rivalry will be over winning Shido's heart (much to Shido's dismay). When the two girls return with Shido to his class, Origami seemingly becomes enraged over her new competition. As Tamae tries to arrange for the girls to become students in the class, Kaguya and Yuzuru explain that they were once a single Spirit named Yamai, and that their contests are in an effort to determine whose personality will remain when the two fuse into Yamai once more. Later that day, an incident occurs when the twins make an effort to seduce Shido. Things get worse when Tohka shows up along with the rest of the class.
3"Two wishes"
"Futatsu no negai" (ふたつの願い)
April 26, 2014
The twin spirits, still trying to seduce Shido, start cuddling up to him in bed. The situation worsens when one of his teachers walks in on the ordeal. Later, Shido plans to seal the Yamai twins' powers without letting one of them win, all in an effort to avoid both the unpredictability of the loser, and what would happen to the loser's personality. During their contest, they have Shido apply sunscreen to their backs and become aroused by the process. Later, the Yamai sisters team up with Shido to take on Tohka and Origami in a volleyball game, with the former winning the match. Each twin then privately pulls Shido aside, both telling him that the other sister should be the one who gets to remain. Later in the afternoon, Origami is ambushed by a strange mech-like being. Meanwhile, Shido talks with Tohka about the twins' selfless decision to let the other one live, and both overhear the conversation. This leads to the Yamai twins getting into a heated argument, and both summon their Astral Dress.
"Kengen" (顕現)
May 3, 2014
The woman stalking Tohka and Shido, Ellen, finally reveals her true colors and orders a pack of mechs (called Bandersnatch units) to capture Tohka. During the clash, Tohka is incapacitated and captured, leading Shido to call upon her sword, Sandalphon. By doing so, he manages to fend off the Bandersnatch and rescue Tohka. Meanwhile, Kannazuki and his crew aboard the Fraxinus gets attacked by an enemy airship. Kannazuki launches a counterattack after deflecting several shots, leading to a full-scale dogfight between the two ships. Back at Shido's battle, Ellen falls down into a pit trap (oddly enough) dug by Ai, Mai, and Mii, allowing Shido and Tohka to escape. Running to Kaguya and Yuzuru, he summons Tohka's power to intervene in the duel and convinces both the girls to forget about becoming Yamai and instead focus on enjoying their lives together. Noticing the airship that attacked the Fraxinus, the twins combine their powers and eviscerate the enemy ship with one massive blast. After the incident, Shido successfully seals the Yamai twins' powers, unfortunately stripping them of their clothes just as Tohka arrives. Meanwhile, Kotori learns from a strange man that Shido has manifested a Spirit's power and she might have to kill Shido if the situation worsens; even though Kotori would never want to harm her brother.
"Dīva" (ディーヴァ)
May 10, 2014
The suspension placed on Origami is finally lifted, and Ryōko receives several complaints before a new character is introduced into the series. Shido is selected as the organizer of the Ten-Oh Festival. After a spatial quake alarm goes off, Shido gets to work before a new Spirit, Diva, makes her first appearance. She's proving to be more of a challenge than the other Spirits, when the AST intervenes and tries to take her down. Shido finds himself in a troubling situation, and Diva manages to escape. It is later disclosed to Shido that Diva, aka Miku Izayoi, is a full-blown idol that hates all men, meaning he has no chance of winning her over. This leads the Fraxinus crew to decide that Shido has to cross-dress as "Shiori" in order for him to get close to Miku. Approaching her on stage as a girl, Shiori quickly befriends Miku before she invites him to tea. During their sit-down, Miku strongly requests Shiori to transfer to her school as a close contact using her manipulative voice powers. Shiori is unaffected, leading Miku to become suspicious of "her". Failing to make negotiation, Miku challenges Shiori to a competition at the Festival wherein the loser has to offer herself to the winner. Meanwhile, Jessica Bailey from the DEM instructs AST to capture Tohka and Shido.
6"Girls Music"
"Gāruzu Myūjikku" (ガールズ・ミュージック)
May 17, 2014
Mana finally awakens from her battle with Kurumi. For the upcoming competition, Ai, Mai, and Mii prepare a band of their own to compete against Miku's. Elsewhere, Origami hears from Ryōko about the usurp mission to capture Tohka and Shido during the Festival. Serving as Head Maid in a Maid Café with the Yamai twins employed, Shido (as Shiori again) is handing out posters when Miku arrives and asks "her" out on a date, despite Shiori's annoyance at Miku's arrogance. After the date, Shido discovers that the bandmates were manipulated by Miku's controlling voice power and will not perform for the concert. Fraxinus cuts the stage's power to give Shido some time, but Miku gets the upper hand with her Astral Dress. The AST, led by Jessica, is targeting Tengu Square when Ryōko and Origami (piloting the “White Licorice”) interfere. Kaguya and Yuzuru, being "professionals", back up Tohka and Shido to perform as best as they could, despite any outside interference.
7"The Army-Destroying Songstress (Gabriel)"
"Hagun Utahime (Gaburieru)" (破軍歌姫(ガブリエル))
May 24, 2014
The score results for the annual contest come in and, even though Miku wins best performance, the support of Raizen's Maid Café earns Shido enough to be declared the winner. Dejected and refusing to accept Shiori's friendship, Miku unleashes her angel Solo, brainwashing everyone in the crowd but Tohka, and seizes Shiori. Running her fingers along Shiori's body, Miku discovers that the "she" is actually a guy, leading to her total shock and disgust. To make matters worse, Fraxinus and Kotori have also fallen under Miku's control, and Ellen abducts Tohka. Shido manages to escape, but is now a fugitive in the city. Amidst the chaos, Shido runs into Kurumi and begs her for help. Meanwhile, Tohka awakens in the DEM facility, restrained.
8"The Promise to Keep"
"Hatasubeki Yakusoku" (果たすべき約束)
May 31, 2014
Shido and Kurumi arrive back at the Tengu Square to reason with Miku. Obnoxious she attempts to assault Shido, but Kurumi's power intercepts as she's resistible to Miku. As Kurumi distracts Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Yoshino; Kurumi traps Miku with Shido in a dark void to have private conversation. Despite his apology she still will not listen, so Shido makes his way to rescue Tohka alone. Westcott torments Tohka for his ambition to harness her power in despair. Fake spatial quake alarms are set off to evacuate all civilians. Kurumi holds off a pack of Bandersnatch units, as Mana appears and everyone aboard Fraxinus are back in their right minds. Meanwhile, Miku struggles about Shido's justice whether he actually cares for others than himself. Infiltrating the DEM Industries, Mana and Jessica engage, communications are jammed, Shido summons the Sandalphon to swipe the guards and enduring Kotori's healing ability.
9"The Truth About Miku"
"Miku no shinjitsu" (美九の真実)
June 7, 2014
Shido almost got caught until Miku makes an entry as she commands the Spirits to join the battlefield just to collect Tohka. Origami in a convention suit partners with Mana. While Shido and Miku argue, he reveals that Kurumi learned how Miku acquire her Spirit power from Phantom (like Kotori), and she finally tells that she used to be a splendid singer Tsukino Yoimachi, but one day she rejected a TV producer's career offer due to disgrace then bad rumors spread with no help from her agency and fans, she tried to reconnect with her fans but suffers psychogenic aphonia, resulting in losing her voice; this tension caused Miku to condemn humanity. Shido vows to keep his promise. Origami, Ratatoskr, terrorizes the territory to subdue Ellen. Westcott makes his appearance when Shido and Miku find Tohka. Shido is stabbed by Ellen with Tohka watching she goes berserk.
"Hanten" (反転)
June 14, 2014
Tohka is born into a negative form with her counterpart sword Qliphoth and has no memory. Mana and Jessica reach the concluded battle. Jessica, dying in Mana's arms, tells how she always felt jealous and wanted to become strong for the DEM, Mana made her decision to dishonor Westcott. Westcott decides to retreat, although he briefly calls Shido "Takamiya". Tohka launches brutal attacks then Miku becomes vulnerable. Yoshino, Yoshinon, Kaguya, and Yuzuru regain their sanity. Shido took the hit to protect Miku. Tohka swings the sword of demise on the city, Shido flies towards her reminding her of him; dropping the Sandalphon, he seals her power once more with a kiss restoring her. Kurumi continue her search for the captive Spirit. The next day, Miku who is happy trusting Shido she purposely kisses him sealing her power much less her clothes. Miku invites everyone to listen to her latest concert then announces to her "darling" stunning the crowd and Shido. His competition among the girls' affection continues.
11 (OVA)"Kurumi Star Festival / Encore"
"Kurumi Sutā Fesuteibaru" (狂三スターフェステイバル)
Dec 8, 2014
The third volume of the Date A Live: Encore short story collection will bundle an unaired episode in a limited edition. The story is set on July 7th. "In the midst of the Tanabata festival celebrations, Shidō meets Kurumi, the worst Spirit. And the couple's destination is ...a wedding ceremony hall?!"

Date A Live - Movie[edit]

Title Release date
"Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement"
"Gekijouban Dēto A Raibu Mayuri Jajjimento" (劇場版 デート・ア・ライブ 万由里ジャッジメント)
August 22, 2015

After performing a huge concert, Miku Izayoi invited Shido, Tohka and the rest for a day at a reserved indoor pool. Later at night, Shido keeps spotting a girl named Mayuri, who quickly disappeared after seeing her.

The next morning, Shido begins to see a huge mysterious sphere, which suddenly began to emit a mysterious spiritual wave to the Tengu City that should have regained its peace, but everyone else does not see it. Reine begins to suspect that the orb appearance is due to the emotions the 6 girls emits for their feelings to Shido. So she suggested that he should go on a date with each of the 6 girls in a randomly drawn order; 1st date is with Kaguya, 2nd is Miku, 3rd is Yoshino, 4th is Yuzuru, 5th is Kotori, with Tohka being the final one.

Through each date, Mayuri watches over Shido as he dated each of the six girls. Once he concluded each date, each of their energy from the orb will diminish, leading Kotori and the others to believe that the orb will disappear when all the dates are completed. On his final date with Tohka, Shido finally encountered Mayuri, who revealed to be born by the energy of the spirits and will disappear once her mission is completed.

Before Mayuri can take off after revealing her spirit to him, the orb that Mayuri named Caraveare suddenly turned even darker. It then grew a pair of wings and proceed to attack the city. It also kidnapped Mayuri before flying off. Tohka and the others start to battle against it while Shido and Kotori think of a plan to fight it. When Shido mention that he desires to save Mayuri, his words trigger the release of the sealed spirit powers of Tohka and the others, returning their power temporarily to them, allowing them to be even stronger in the fight against Caraveare.

After successfully rescuing Mayuri, Caraveare undergoes another transformation and attacks the group. Shido goes towards it to stop it, but it blasts Sandalphon away, and Shido almost falls with the creature preparing to release another blast until Tohka managed to somehow stop time and save him after receiving the other spirits' energy. She then destroys the creature for good before Mayuri shares her last kiss with Shido before disappearing, leaving behind a necklace similar to the one Shido bought for Yuzuru and the lollipop he bought for Kotori, before saying to him that she was not born to disappear, but to love him, like the others. Everyone, including Shido, mourn Mayuri as she vanishes. It is then revealed that Kurumi was the one who had stopped time with Zafkiel to ensure Shido's survival. She then disappears into the shadows, saying that Shido owes her yet another favor.

A few days later, Shido and Tohka watch as the damage from the incident is repaired. The film concludes with Tohka and the rest requesting more dates with Shido, but he leaves as the girls chase him.

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