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The Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity has 62 active chapters. It was originally established at Yale University with the Phi chapter in 1844.


University Chapter Year Founded (Year Given Charter) Active
Yale University Phi 1844 Yes
Bowdoin College Theta 1844 No
Princeton University Zeta 1845 Yes
Colby College Xi 1846 No
Amherst College Sigma 1846 No
Vanderbilt University Gamma 1847 No
University of Alabama Psi 1847 Yes
University of Mississippi Chi 1850 No
Brown University Upsilon 1850 No
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Beta 1851 Yes
Harvard University Alpha 1851 Colony
Miami University Kappa 1852 Yes
University of South Carolina Delta 1852 Yes
Kenyon College Lambda 1852 Yes
Oakland College Omega 1852 No
University of Virginia Eta 1852 Yes
Dartmouth College Pi 1853 No
Centre College Iota 1854 Yes
Middlebury College Alpha Alpha 1854 No
University of Michigan Omicron 1855 Yes
Williams College Epsilon 1855 No
Lafayette College Rho 1855 Yes
Hamilton College Tau 1856 Yes
Colgate University Mu 1856 No
College of the City of New York Nu 1856 No
University of Rochester Beta Phi 1856 Yes
Union College Theta Chi 1856 Yes
Cumberland University Kappa Psi 1857 No
Jefferson College Alpha Delta 1858 No
Louisiana State University Zeta Zeta 1858 Yes
Rutgers University Phi Chi 1861 Yes, but operating unofficially outside of university's IFC constraints
Troy University (New York) Kappa Phi 1861 No
DePauw University Psi Phi 1866 No
Wesleyan University Gamma Phi 1867 Yes
Washington and Lee University Eta Alpha 1867 No
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Psi Omega 1867 Yes
Case Western Reserve University Beta Chi 1868 No
Cornell University Delta Chi 1870 No
University of Chicago Delta Delta 1870 Yes
Syracuse University Phi Gamma 1871 Yes
Columbia University Gamma Beta 1874 No
University of California Berkeley Theta Zeta 1876 Yes, but operating unofficially outside of university's IFC constraints
Trinity College Alpha Chi 1879 No
University of Minnesota Phi Epsilon 1889 Yes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sigma Tau 1890 Yes
Tulane University Tau Lambda 1898 No
University of Toronto Alpha Phi 1898 Yes
University of Pennsylvania Delta Kappa 1899 Yes
McGill University Tau Alpha 1900 Yes
Stanford University Sigma Rho 1901 Yes
University of Illinois Delta Pi 1904 Colony
University of Wisconsin Rho Delta 1906 No
University of Washington Kappa Epsilon 1910 No
University of Texas Omega Chi 1912 Yes
University of Manitoba Alpha Tau 1925 Yes
University of California at Los Angeles Theta Rho 1932 No
University of Alberta Delta Phi 1932 Yes
Northwestern University Delta Epsilon No
Southern Methodist University Lambda Delta 1948 No
University of British Columbia Phi Alpha 1949 Yes
University of Maryland Kappa Delta 1952 No
University of Oklahoma Rho Lambda 1954 No
University of the South Tau Delta 1969 Yes
Wake Forest University Psi Delta 1970 Yes
Virginia Polytechnic Institute Sigma Alpha 1971 Yes
University of Western Ontario Phi Delta 1972 Colony
Villanova University Sigma Phi 1973 No
Troy State University Pi Beta 1976[1] Yes
Rowan University Alpha Mu 1982 Yes
Duke University Epsilon Rho 1983 Yes
Pace University Nu Zeta 1983 Yes
Louisiana Tech University Alpha Omega 1984 No
Arizona State University Theta Upsilon 1985 Yes, but operating unofficially outside of university's IFC constraints
Fordham University Iota Mu 1990 No
Temple University Alpha Rho 1990 No
University of California at Davis Zeta Upsilon 1991 No
Bryant College Phi Sigma 1991 Yes
Pennsylvania State University Phi Rho 1991 Yes
Bloomsburg University Chi Rho 1991 Yes
Bentley College Zeta Chi 1991 Yes
University of Arizona Omega Omega 1993 No
University of California Santa Barbara Sigma Beta 1993 No
New York University Beta Gamma 1994 Yes
University of Georgia Beta Delta 1995 No
DePaul University Alpha Beta 1998 No
Michigan State University Sigma Kappa 1998 Yes
Ohio State University Delta Tau 2000 No
Northwestern University Alpha Delta 2000 No
Indiana University Delta Psi 2001 Yes
Maryville College Mu Chi 2001 Yes
University of South Alabama Upsilon Omega 2001 No
Lake Forest College Kappa Omega 2001 Yes, but operating unofficially outside of university's IFC constraints
University of Richmond Rho Beta 2002 Yes
Stephen F. Austin State University Phi Beta No
Texas A&M University Tau Chi 2010 Yes
University of Victoria Beta Tau 2010 Yes
St. Joseph's College (New York) Sigma Xi 2012 Yes
Auburn University Delta Alpha 2012 Yes
Oklahoma State University-Stillwater Omega Mu 2013 Yes
Manhattan College Phi Mu 2012 Yes
North Carolina State University Delta Rho 2012 Colony
Hampden-Sydney College Zeta Gamma 2012 Yes
University of North Carolina Wilmington Chi Beta 2012 Yes
Gannon University Gamma Iota 2012 Yes
University of Delaware Kappa Chi 2012 Yes
Simon Fraser University Tau Beta 2013 Colony
University of Tennessee - Knoxville Lambda Tau Colony
Ithaca College Iota Chi Colony
University of Missouri Pi Alpha 2014 Yes
Texas Tech University [N/A] 2015 Colony
University of Colorado - Boulder Alpha Omicron 2015 Colony
  1. ^ Chartered in 1976. Charter withdrawn in 1986. Pi Beta rechartered in 2011.