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Delta Sigma Theta' Sorority, Inc. was founded on January 13, 1913 at Howard University, and began to expand its membership early on when it chartered Beta Chapter at Wilberforce University in 1914, and Gamma Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania in 1918. Delta Sigma Theta continues to Charter new chapters at both the Collegiate and Alumnae level. Individual Chapters are Chartered, not Founded, as only the Perpetual body was founded, and the founding occurred in 1913. Delta Sigma Theta has more than 940 Chapters located in the United States, England, Japan (Tokyo and Okinawa), Germany, the Virgin Islands, Liberia, Bermuda, Jamaica, The Bahamas, South Korea and Nigeria. The sorority's chapters are organized into seven regions and further sub-divided by state. While initially Alumnae / Graduate Chapters were named using the Greek Alphabet, the perpetual body of Delta Sigma Theta voted at the Twenty-Fourth National Convention, held in Detroit, Michigan on December 26–30, 1956, to abandon this practice. Following the vote, the Greek Letter names for the Alumnae Chapters are no longer in use or recognized by the Grand Chapter. Alumnae Chapters are instead named using their Geographic Location. This list includes Active, Inactive, Reassigned, and Retired undergraduate Chapters.

Single Letter Chapters[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Alpha (Α) January 13, 1913 Howard University Washington, District of Columbia Active Founding Chapter [1][2][3]
Beta (Β) February 5, 1914 Wilberforce University Wilberforce, Ohio Active Home of the Beta Hymn; [1][4]
Gamma (Γ) 1918 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Active First Delta Chapter Chartered at an Ivy League University [1][5][6]
Delta (Δ) April 4, 1919 University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa Active First Delta House [1][7][8]
Epsilon (E) November 19, 1919 The Ohio State University Columbus, Ohio Active [1][7][9]
Zeta (Ζ) October 1920 University of Cincinnati Cincinnati, Ohio Active [1][10][11]
Eta (Original) 1920 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Reassigned [12][13]
Eta (H) November 17, 1944 Fort Valley State University Georgia Active [1][14]
Theta (Original) 1920 Cornell University Ithaca, New York Reassigned [12][15]
Theta (Θ) January 25, 1946 Duquesne University Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active [1]
Iota (I) December 29, 1921 Boston Citywide Boston, Massachusetts Active First chapter of any Black sorority in the New England area [1][16]
Kappa (Κ) February 21, 1921 University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, California Active The first chapter of any Black Greek Lettered Sorority to be Chartered west of the Rocky Mountains [1]
Lambda (Λ) 1921 Chicago City-Wide Chicago, Illinois Active Designed Sorority Crest [1][17]
Mu (Μ) November 21, 1921 University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Active [1][18]
Nu (N) April 7, 1921 University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan Active First Sorority at University of Michigan/ First Delta Chapter in Michigan [1][19]
Xi (Ξ) April 15, 1922 University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky Active First Delta chapter chartered in Kentucky. [1][20]
Omicron (O) April 1922 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Lincoln, Nebraska Active [1][21]
Pi (Π) January 23, 1923 University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California Active First Greek-lettered organization established at UCLA [1]
Rho (Ρ) Dec 7, 1923 Columbia University New York, New York Active [1][22]
Sigma (Σ) 1924 Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, Georgia Active Chapter celebrates chartering as May 6, 1931 [1][23]
Tau (T) January 24, 1924 Wayne State University Detroit, Michigan Active First Sorority Chartered at Wayne State University [1]
Upsilon (Y) June 4, 1924 University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Active [1][24]
Phi (Φ) December 29, 1923 Iowa State University / Drake University Ames, Iowa Active [1]
Chi (X) March 14, 1925 Indianapolis City-Wide Indianapolis, Indiana Active [1][25]
Psi (Ψ) 1925 University of Kansas Lawrence, Kansas Active
Omega (Ω) 1925 Cleveland City-Wide Cleveland, Ohio Retired [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Alpha"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Alpha Alpha 1925 Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri Retired [1][26][27]
Alpha Beta March 13, 1926 Fisk University Nashville, Tennessee [1][28]
Alpha Gamma 1926 Morgan State University Baltimore, Maryland [1]
Alpha Delta 1926 West Virginia State University Institute, West Virginia [1]
Alpha Epsilon April 3, 1927 Pittsburgh Alumnae Chapter Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Retired [1]
Alpha Zeta 1927 Talladega College Talladega, Alabama [1]
Alpha Eta 1929 Virginia State University Petersburg, Virginia [1]
Alpha Theta 1929 Lincoln University Jefferson City, Missouri [1]
Alpha Iota 1930 Wiley College Marshall, Texas [1]
Alpha Kappa 1930 Huston-Tillotson University Austin, Texas [1]
Alpha Lambda 1931/1941 North Carolina Central University Durham, North Carolina [1]
Alpha Mu February 13, 1932 North Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, North Carolina [1][29]
Alpha Nu May 16, 1932 University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign Urbana, Illinois First chapter to own a sorority house. [1]
Alpha Xi 1934 South Carolina State University Orangeburg, South Carolina [1]
Alpha Omicron April 30, 1930 Seattle City-Wide Seattle, Washington Home chapter of founder Bertha Pitts Campbell. [1][30]
Alpha Pi April 30, 1934Status=Active Kentucky State University Frankfort, Kentucky [1]
Alpha Rho 1934 Shaw University Raleigh, North Carolina [1]
Alpha Sigma New York Alumnae Chapter New York, New York Retired;
Alpha Tau June 30, 1934 Southern University and A&M College Baton Rouge, Louisiana [1][31]
Alpha Upsilon 1934 LeMoyne–Owen College Memphis, Tennessee [1]
Alpha Phi 1934 Wichita, Kansas Mixed Chapter (Undergraduate and Graduate) Wichita, Kansas Retired [1][32]
Alpha Chi May 15, 1936 Tennessee State University Nashville, Tennessee [1]
Alpha Omega December 13, 1936 Harris–Stowe State University or

St. Louis Citywide

St. Louis, Missouri Active [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Beta"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Beta Alpha January 30, 1937 Florida A&M University Tallahassee, Florida [1][33][34]
Beta Beta 1921 Washington, D.C. Alumnae Chapter Washington, District of Columbia Retired
Beta Gamma 1937 Dillard University New Orleans, Louisiana [1]
Beta Delta 1937 Dallas, Texas [1][35]
Beta Epsilon 1937 Virginia Union University Richmond, Virginia [1]
Beta Zeta 1937 Pittsburg State University Pittsburg, Kansas [1][27][36]
Beta Eta May 7, 1937 Alabama State University Montgomery, Alabama [1]
Beta Theta 1937 Phoenix City-wide Phoenix, AZ [1]
Beta Iota 1937 University of the District of Columbia Washington, District of Columbia [1]
Beta Kappa 1947 Livingstone College Salisbury, North Carolina [1]
Beta Lambda 1938 University of Toledo Toledo, Ohio Active [1]
Beta Mu 1938 San Diego State University San Diego, California [1]
Beta Nu 1938 Gary Alumnae Chapter Gary, Indiana Retired [1]
Beta Omicron 1938 Corpus Christi, Texas [1]
Beta Pi 1938 Bluefield State College Bluefield, West Virginia [1]
Beta Rho 1938 Fort Worth, Texas [1]
Beta Sigma Washington, D.C. Alumnae Chapter Washington, District of Columbia Retired
Beta Tau Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter Milwaukee, Wisconsin Retired [1]
Beta Upsilon 1939 Langston University Langston, Oklahoma
Beta Phi February 18, 1939 Denver Alumnae Chapter Denver, Colorado Retired [1]
Beta Chi 1939 Lane College Jackson, Tennessee [1]
Beta Psi 1940 Portland City-Wide Portland, Oregon [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Gamma"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Gamma Alpha 1950 Xavier University of Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana [1]
Gamma Beta 1941 Washburn University Topeka, Kansas [1]
Gamma Gamma 1942 Philander Smith College Little Rock, Arkansas [1]
Gamma Delta 1941 Galveston, Texas [1]
Gamma Epsilon- 1942 Texas College Tyler, Texas [1]
Gamma Zeta 1942 Morris Brown College Atlanta, Georgia [1]
Gamma Eta 1942 East St. Louis, Illinois City-Wide East St. Louis, Illinois [1]
Gamma Theta 1943 Dayton, Ohio City-Wide Dayton, Ohio [1]
Gamma Iota 1947 Hampton University Hampton, Virginia [1]
Gamma Kappa 1943 Buffalo, New York City-Wide Buffalo, New York Active [1][37]
Gamma Lambda 1943 Johnson C. Smith University Charlotte, North Carolina
Gamma Mu 1947 Knoxville, Tennessee [1]
Gamma Nu November 8, 1947 Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana [1][38]
Gamma Xi 1947 University of Nebraska Omaha, Nebraska [1]
Gamma Omicron 1948 Mixed chapter Alumni and Northwestern University Evanston, Illinois [1][39]
Gamma Pi 1948 Allen University/Columbia College Columbia, South Carolina [1]
Gamma Rho 1948 St Augustine's College Raleigh, North Carolina [1]
Gamma Sigma Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Cincinnati, Ohio Retired
Gamma Tau 1948 Tuskegee University Tuskegee, Alabama [1]
Gamma Upsilon 1948 Benedict College Columbia, South Carolina [1]
Gamma Phi 1948 Winston-Salem State University Winston-Salem, North Carolina [1]
Gamma Chi 1948 Claflin University Orangeburg, South Carolina [1]
Gamma Psi February 16, 1948 Tougaloo College Tougaloo, Mississippi [1][40]
Gamma Omega 1949 Meharry Medical College Nashville, Tennessee Retired [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Delta"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Delta Alpha 1949 Bethune-Cookman University Daytona Beach, Florida [1]
Delta Beta 1949 Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, Michigan [1]
Delta Gamma 1949 Texas Southern University Houston, Texas [1]
Delta Delta 1949 Alabama A&M University Normal, Alabama [1]
Delta Epsilon 1949 Alcorn State University Lorman, Mississippi [1]
Delta Zeta 1950 New Jersey City-Wide Essex, Hudson, and Union Counties, New Jersey [1]
Delta Eta 1950 University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Pine Bluff, Arkansas [1]
Delta Theta 1950 Sacramento, California [1]
Delta Iota 1950 Grambling State University Grambling, Louisiana [1]
Delta Kappa 1951 Central State University Wilberforce, Ohio [1]
Delta Lambda 1951 Youngstown, Ohio [1]
Delta Mu 1952 Maryland [1]
Delta Nu April 18, 1952 Savannah State University Savannah, Georgia [1][41]
Delta Xi November 8, 1952 Fayetteville State University Fayetteville, North Carolina [1][42]
Delta Omicron May 2, 1952 Saint Paul's College Lawrenceville, Virginia school closed [1]
Delta Pi November 4, 1952 Jackson State University Jackson, Mississippi [1][43]
Delta Rho November 22, 1952 Albany State University Albany, Georgia [1]
Delta Tau 1953 Cheyney University Cheyney, Pennsylvania [1]
Delta Upsilon 1953 Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, Michigan [1]
Delta Phi August 1,1953 Ball State University Muncie, Indiana [1]
Delta Chi 1953 Elizabeth City State University Elizabeth City, North Carolina [1]
Delta Psi 1954 University of Detroit, Detroit Citywide Detroit, Michigan [1]
Delta Omega 1955 Bishop College Dallas, Texas School Closed [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Epsilon"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Epsilon Alpha January 25, 1958 Delaware State University Dover, Delaware [1]
Epsilon Beta 1960 University of Texas at Austin Austin, Texas [1]
Epsilon Gamma May 21, 1960 Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania [1]
Epsilon Delta July 24, 1960 Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [1][44]
Epsilon Epsilon April 30, 1961 Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan [1][45]
Epsilon Zeta 1962 California State University, Los Angeles Los Angeles, California [1]
Epsilon Eta 1962 Stillman College Tuscaloosa, Alabama [1]
Epsilon Theta 1962 Norfolk State University Norfolk, Virginia [1]
Epsilon Iota October 5, 1963 Ohio University Athens, Ohio [1][46]
Epsilon Kappa 1963 University of Memphis Memphis, Tennessee [1]
Epsilon Mu 1964 Kent State University Kent, Ohio [1]
Epsilon Nu June 4, 1964 San Francisco State citywide San Francisco, California
Epsilon Xi 1968 Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Illinois
Epsilon Omicron 1965 Bowling Green State University Bowling Green, Ohio [1]
Epsilon Pi July 17, 1965 Brooklyn City-Wide Brooklyn, New York
Epsilon Rho July 19, 1965 University of Dayton Dayton, Ohio [47]
Epsilon Tau July 1965 New York city-wide Manhattan and Bronx, New York
Epsilon Upsilon March 12, 1966 Hartford City-Wide Hartford, Connecticut [48]
Epsilon Phi March 27, 1966 Philadelphia city-wide Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Epsilon Chi 1966 Southern University-New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana [1]
Epsilon Psi May 21, 1966 University of Missouri at Columbia Columbia, Missouri [1]
Epsilon Omega 1966 Barber-Scotia College Concord, North Carolina [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Zeta"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Zeta Alpha 1967 University of Akron Akron, Ohio citywide
Zeta Beta 1967 Wichita State University Wichita, Kansas
Zeta Gamma 1968 Youngstown State University Youngstown, Ohio [1]
Zeta Delta April 16, 1968 Bowie State University Bowie, Maryland [1]
Zeta Epsilon 1968 Coppin State University Baltimore, Maryland [1]
Zeta Zeta 1968 Truman State University Kirksville, Missouri [1]
Zeta Eta 1968 University of North Texas Denton, Texas [1]
Zeta Theta November 3, 1968 Purdue University West Lafayette, Indiana Active [1][49]
Zeta Iota November 11, 1968 Northern Illinois University Dekalb, Illinois Active [1][50]
Zeta Kappa 1969 Northern Michigan University Marquette, Michigan [1]
Zeta Lambda 1969 University of Central Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri [1]
Zeta Mu 1969 Miami University Oxford, Ohio [1]
Zeta Nu 1969 Indiana State University Terre Haute, Indiana [1]
Zeta Xi April 18, 1969 University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin [1]
Zeta Omicron 1969 Greensboro, North Carolina [1]
Zeta Pi May 10, 1969 Denver, Colorado City-Wide Denver, Colorado Active [1][51]
Zeta Rho 1969 Ferris State University Big Rapids, Michigan [1]
Zeta Sigma May 29, 1969 University of Houston Houston, Texas [1][52]
Zeta Tau 1969 Florida Memorial University Miami Gardens, Florida [1]
Zeta Upsilon 1969 San Antonio Citywide San Antonio, Texas [1]
Zeta Phi May 30, 1969 Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia [1][53]
Zeta Chi 1969 Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois [1]
Zeta Psi 1969 University of Georgia Athens, Georgia [1]
Zeta Omega 1969 Lincoln University Lincoln, Pennsylvania [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Eta"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Eta Alpha 1969 Mississippi Valley State University Itta Bena, Mississippi [1]
Eta Beta 1969 Prairie View A&M University Prairie View, Texas [1]
Eta Gamma January 17, 1970 Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas [1][54]
Eta Delta January 24, 1970 Texas Woman's University Denton, Texas [1][55]
Eta Epsilon 1970 West Texas A&M University Canyon, Texas [1]
Eta Zeta March 14, 1970 Western Kentucky University Bowling Green, Kentucky [1]
Eta Eta 1970 Western Illinois University Macomb, Illinois [1]
Eta Theta 1970 Paine College Augusta, Georgia [1]
Eta Iota 1970 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico [1]
Eta Kappa 1970 Spelman College Atlanta, Georgia [1]
Eta Lambda April 17, 1970 Texas Tech University Lubbock, Texas [1][56]
Eta Nu 1970 Miles College Birmingham, Alabama [1]
Eta Xi 1970 University of Tennessee at Martin Martin, Tennessee [1]
Eta Omicron 1970 Morehead State University Morehead, Kentucky [1]
Eta Pi 1970 University of Missouri-St. Louis St. Louis, Missouri [1]
Eta Rho 1970 Eastern Kentucky University Richmond, Kentucky [1]
Eta Sigma 1970 Northeastern State University Tahlequah, Oklahoma [1]
Eta Tau 1970 Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, Virginia [1]
Eta Upsilon May 22, 1970 Murray State University Murray, Kentucky [1]
Eta Phi 1970 Voorhees College Denmark, South Carolina [1]
Eta Chi 1970 University of Nevada, Las Vegas Paradise, Nevada [57]
Eta Psi 1970 Lamar University Beaumont, Texas [1]
Eta Omega November 1970 San Jose State University San Jose, California [1][58]

Chapters Beginning With "Theta"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Theta Alpha 1971 Northwestern University and National-Louis University Evanston, Illinois [1]
Theta Beta 1971 Pittsburgh Citywide undergraduate Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania [1]
Theta Gamma 1971 Stephen F. Austin State University Nacogdoches, Texas [1]
Theta Delta February 13, 1971 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois [1][59]
Theta Epsilon 1971 Bradley University Peoria, Illinois [1]
Theta Zeta 1971 Eastern Illinois University Charleston, Illinois [1]
Theta Eta April 3, 1971 Cleveland City Wide Cleveland, Ohio [1][60]
Theta Theta April 24, 1971 Central Michigan University Mount Pleasant, Michigan [1]
Theta Iota 1971 University of North Carolina at Wilmington Wilmington, North Carolina [1]
Theta Kappa 1971 Jarvis Christian College Hawkins, Texas [1]
Theta Lambda 1971 Emporia, Kansas [1]
Theta Mu 1971 Oklahoma State University Stillwater, Oklahoma [1]
Theta Nu May 10, 1971 Texas A&M University–Commerce Commerce, Texas [1][61]
Theta Xi April 1971 University of Louisiana at Lafayette Lafayette, Louisiana [1][62]
Theta Omicron 1971 Culver-Stockton College Canton, Missouri [1]
Theta Pi 1971 Rust College Holly Springs, Mississippi [1]
Theta Rho 1971 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Chattanooga, Tennessee [1]
Theta Sigma Original Chicago Alumni Chicago, Illinois Retired [63]
Theta Sigma 1971 Georgia Southwestern State University Statesboro, Georgia [1]
Theta Tau May 28, 1971 Valdosta State University Valdosta, Georgia Active [1][64]
Theta Upsilon 1971 William Paterson University Wayne, New Jersey [1]
Theta Phi June 1971 Columbus State University Columbus, Georgia [1][65]
Theta Chi June 1971 Rowan University, Stockton State College, Rutgers University (City-wide) Camden, New Jersey [1][66]
Theta Psi 1971 Los Angeles City-Wide Los Angeles, California [1]
Theta Omega 1971 Marshall University Huntington, West Virginia [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Iota"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Iota Alpha December 11, 1971 James Madison University Harrisonburg, Virginia [1]
Iota Beta 1972 Trenton, New Jersey City-Wide Trenton, New Jersey [1]
Iota Gamma 1972 Texas Texas [1]
Iota Delta 1972 Henderson State University Arkadelphia, Arkansas [1]
Iota Epsilon 1972 Eureka College Eureka, Illinois [1]
Iota Zeta 1972 Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomington, Illinois [1]
Iota Eta April 22, 1972 Texas Christian University Fort Worth, Texas [1][67]
Iota Theta 1972 Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, Louisiana Active [1][68]
Iota Iota May 7, 1972 Catholic University Washington, D.C. Active [1][67]
Iota Kappa 1972 Arizona State University Tempe, Arizona [1]
Iota Lambda 1972 University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama [1]
Iota Mu 1972 Northwestern State University Natchitoches, Louisiana [1]
Iota Nu April 23, 1972 Mobile, Alabama City-wide (University of South Alabama, Spring Hill College, University of Mobile) Mobile, Alabama [1][69]
Iota Xi 1972 California University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania [1]
Iota Omicron 1972 University of Central Oklahoma Edmond, Oklahoma [1]
Iota Pi 1972 Florida International University & Johnson & Wales University Miami, Florida [1]
Iota Rho December 2, 1972 University of North Carolina at Charlotte Charlotte, North Carolina Active [1]
Iota Sigma 1973 Mercer University Macon, Georgia [1]
Iota Tau 1973 Middle Tennessee State University Murfreesboro, Tennessee [1][70]
Iota Upsilon 1973 Austin Peay State University Clarksville, Tennessee [1]
Iota Phi 1973 Chicago West Suburban City-Wide Oak Park, Illinois [1]
Iota Chi February 17, 1973 University of South Carolina Columbia, South Carolina Active [1][71]
Iota Psi 1973 Southeastern Oklahoma State University Durant, Oklahoma [1]
Iota Omega 1973 Texas State University San Marcos, Texas [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Kappa"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Kappa Alpha April 15, 1973 University of Oklahoma Norman, Oklahoma [1]
Kappa Beta May 12, 1973 Jacksonville State University Jacksonville, Alabama [1]
Kappa Gamma 1973 Lander University Greenwood, South Carolina [1]
Kappa Delta 1973 University of West Georgia Carrollton, Georgia [1]
Kappa Epsilon May 24, 1973 Florida State University Tallahassee, Florida
Kappa Zeta 1973 Millikin University Decatur, Illinois [1]
Kappa Eta 1973 University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee/Milwaukee, WI City-Wide Milwaukee, Wisconsin [1]
Kappa Theta 1973 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Oshkosh, WI Inactive [1]
Kappa Iota May 31, 1973 University of South Florida Tampa, Florida [72]
Kappa Kappa 1973 Baldwin-Wallace College Berea, Ohio
Kappa Lambda April 27, 1973 Syracuse University Syracuse, New York [1][13]
Kappa Mu 1973 Sam Houston State University Huntsville, Texas [1][73]
Kappa Nu 1973 Evansville City-Wide (University of Southern Indiana & University of Evansville) Evansville, Indiana
Kappa Xi May 12, 1973 Arkansas State University Jonesboro, Arkansas [1][74]
Kappa Omicron July 21, 1973 UNC-Chapel Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina [1][75]
Kappa Pi 1973 Delta State University Cleveland, Mississippi [1]
Kappa Rho September 29, 1973 University of Virginia Charlottesville, Virginia Active [1][76]
Kappa Sigma 1973 East Carolina University Greenville, North Carolina [1]
Kappa Tau 1973 Texas A&M University–Kingsville Kingsville, Texas [1]
Kappa Upsilon January 12, 1974 Auburn University Auburn, Alabama [1][77]
Kappa Phi January 26, 1974 University of Maryland, College Park College Park, Maryland [1]
Kappa Chi []] [1]
Kappa Psi 1974 Frostburg State University Frostburg, Maryland [1]
Kappa Omega February 14, 1974 University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California [1][78]

Chapters Beginning With "Lambda"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Lambda Alpha 1974 University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Whitewater, Wisconsin [1]
Lambda Beta 1974 Clarion University of Pennsylvania Clarion, Pennsylvania [1]
Lambda Gamma 1974 Millersville University of Pennsylvania Millersville, Pennsylvania [1]
Lambda Delta 1974 Idaho State University Pocatello, Idaho Inactive [1]
Lambda Epsilon 1974 City-Wide Kansas City, Missouri [1]
Lambda Zeta March 23, 1974 University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, Alabama [1][79]
Lambda Eta March 17, 1974 Old Dominion University Norfolk, Virginia Suspended Until 2020 [1][80]
Lambda Theta 1974 University of Arkansas Fayetteville, Arkansas [1]
Lambda Iota March 30, 1974 Brown University Providence, Rhode Island [1][81]
Lambda Kappa 1974 University of Maryland Baltimore County Baltimore, Maryland [1]
Lambda Lambda 1974 Ashland College Ashland, OH [1]
Lambda Mu 1974 Southern Arkansas University Magnolia, Arkansas [1]
Lambda Nu 1974 Paul Quinn College Dallas, Texas [1]
Lambda Xi 1974 University of California, Davis Davis, California [1]
Lambda Omicron May 25, 1974 College of Charleston Charleston, South Carolina [1][82]
Lambda Pi 1974 Grand Valley State University Allendale, Michigan [1]
Lambda Rho 1974 University of Louisiana at Monroe Monroe, Louisiana [1]
Lambda Sigma November 14, 1974 University of Mississippi Oxford, Mississippi
Lambda Tau 1974 University of the Pacific Stockton, California [1]
Lambda Upsilon 1974 University of Central Arkansas Conway, Arkansas [1]
Lambda Phi 1975 Marquette University Marquette, Michigan Inactive [1]
Lambda Chi 1975 University of Texas at Arlington Arlington, Texas [1]
Lambda Psi March 11, 1975 University of Florida Gainesville, Florida [1][83]
Lambda Omega April 5, 1975 Duke University Durham, North Carolina [1][84]

Chapters Beginning With "Mu"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Mu Alpha 1975 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, Virginia [1]
Mu Beta 1975 George Washington University Washington, District of Columbia [1]
Mu Gamma May 4, 1975 Cornell University Ithaca, New York [1][85]
Mu Delta 1975 University of Findlay Findlay, Ohio [1]
Mu Epsilon May 9, 1975 University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky [1]
Mu Zeta May 21, 1975 University of Tennessee, Knoxville Knoxville, Tennessee [1][86]
Mu Eta 1975 University of Arizona Tucson, Arizona [1]
Mu Theta May 23, 1975 Lewis University Romeoville, Illinois [1][87]
Mu Iota May 16, 1975 University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida [88]
Mu Kappa June 21, 1975 University of Arkansas at Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas [1]
Mu Lambda 1975 New Mexico State University Las Cruces, New Mexico [1]
Mu Mu 1975 Towson, Maryland Citywide (Towson University and Stevenson University) Towson, Maryland [1]
Mu Nu July 27, 1975 University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg, Mississippi [1][89]
Mu Xi 1975 Augusta State University Augusta, Georgia [1]
Mu Omicron October 25, 1975 North Carolina State University Raleigh, North Carolina [1][90]
Mu Pi October 26, 1975 University of Delaware Newark, Delaware [1]
Mu Rho 1975 Vanderbilt University Nashville, Tennessee [1]
Mu Sigma 1975 Cameron University Lawton, Oklahoma [1]
Mu Tau 1976 University of New Orleans New Orleans, Louisiana [1]
Mu Upsilon February 7, 1976 College of William and Mary Williamsburg, Virginia [1][91]
Mu Phi 1976 Flint, Michigan Citywide (University of Michigan-Flint, Baker College, Davenport University, Kettering University) Flint, Michigan [1]
Mu Chi February 13, 1976 University of California, Riverside Riverside, California [1]
Mu Psi 1976 Baltimore Citywide (Johns Hopkins University, Goucher College, Sojourner-Douglass College, College of Notre Dame, Loyola University, Maryland Institute College of Art Baltimore, Maryland [1]
Mu Omega 1976 Georgia Medical College Georgia Retired [1]

Chapters Beginning With "Nu"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Nu Alpha 1976 American University and Georgetown University Washington, District of Columbia [1]
Nu Beta April 14, 1976 Mississippi State University Starkville, Mississippi [1][92]
Nu Gamma 1976 Northwest Missouri State University Maryville, Missouri [1]
Nu Delta 1976 Southeastern Louisiana University Hammond, Louisiana [1][93]
Nu Epsilon Citywide 1976 Minnesota city-wide Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota [1]
Nu Zeta 1976 University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Dartmouth, Massachusetts [1]
Nu Eta 1976 Gary, Hammond and Valparaiso, Indiana Citywide (Indiana University Northwest, Purdue University Calumet, Valparaiso University, and Calumet College of St. Joseph) Gary, Hammond and Valparaiso, Indiana [1][94]
Nu Theta 1976 Troy University Troy, Alabama [1]
Nu Iota May 29, 1976 Southern Methodist University Dallas, Texas [1][95]
Nu Kappa 1976 University of West Florida Pensacola, Florida [1]
Nu Lambda February 26, 1977 California State University, Sacramento Sacramento, California
Nu Mu Citywide February 26, 1977 Loyola University New Orleans, Tulane University, and St. Mary’s Dominican College New Orleans, Louisiana [96]
Nu Nu 1977 Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania Shippensburg, Pennsylvania
Nu Omicron 1977 University of Montevallo Montevallo, Alabama
Nu Rho April 24, 1977 City-Wide (University of Maryland Eastern Shore and Salisbury State College)

Reactivated as Salisbury State University only in 2014

Princess Anne and Salisbury, Maryland
Nu Sigma 1977 Charleston Southern University Charleston, South Carolina Re-Chartered in 2004
Nu Tau Georgia College & State University Milledgeville, Georgia
Nu Upsilon San Diego State University San Diego, California
Nu Phi Columbus Citywide Chapter: Capital University, Devry University, Franklin University, Mount Carmel College of Nursing, Ohio Dominican University, Otterbein University and Ohio Wesleyan University Columbus, Ohio
Nu Chi Utica College of Syracuse University Utica, New York
Nu Psi Radford University Radford, Virginia
Nu Omega Franciscan University of Steubenville Steubenville, Ohio

Chapters Beginning With "Xi"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Xi Alpha March 4, 1978 Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, Georgia [97]
Xi Beta April 15, 1978 Winthrop University Rock Hill, South Carolina [98]
Xi Gamma May 20, 1978 Long Island, NY City-Wide 1978-1987, Hofstra University 1988-present Hempstead, New York
Xi Delta University of West Alabama Livingston, Alabama
Xi Epsilon July 1, 1978 Florida Atlantic University Boca Raton, Florida [99]
Xi Zeta Southeastern University Washington, District of Columbia
Xi Eta January 6, 1979 Georgia Southern University Statesboro, Georgia Active
Xi Theta February 9, 1979 Nicholls State University Thibodaux, Louisiana
Xi Iota February 10, 1979 Chapter
no longer citywide as of 2011
University of South Carolina Upstate Spartanburg, South Carolina
Xi Kappa California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, California
Xi Lambda California State University, Fullerton Fullerton, California
Xi Nu May 19, 1979 Rutgers University New Brunswick, New Jersey [100]
Xi Xi Cal Poly Pomona Pomona, California
Xi Omicron Francis Marion University Florence, South Carolina Active
Xi Pi Albany, New York City-Wide Albany, New York
Xi Rho September 28, 1979 Morris College Sumter, South Carolina Active
Xi Tau 1980 Cambridge Citywide Cambridge, Massachusetts Active [101]
Xi Upsilon Birmingham–Southern College Birmingham, Alabama
Xi Phi University of North Alabama Florence, Alabama
Xi Chi California State University Fresno Fresno, California
Xi Psi Washington State University Pullman, Washington
Xi Omega 1980 University of California Irvine Irvine, California

Chapters Beginning With "Omicron"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Omicron Alpha 1980 Queens, New York Citywide (St. John's University, Queens College, York College) Queens, New York
Omicron Beta 1980 Edward Waters College Jacksonville, Florida
Omicron Gamma University of Alabama in Huntsville Huntsville, Alabama
Omicron Delta 1980 Bennett College Greensboro, North Carolina
Omicron Epsilon Mississippi University for Women Columbus, Mississippi
Omicron Zeta December 20, 1980 Oakland University Rochester, Michigan
Omicron Eta February 15, 1981 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Greensboro, North Carolina [102]
Omicron Theta February 28, 1981 Wittenberg University Springfield, Ohio [103]
Omicron Iota May 9, 1981 Elon University Elon, North Carolina [104]
Omicron Kappa State University of New York at New Paltz New Paltz, New York
Omicron Lambda California State University Long Beach, California
Omicron Mu January 23, 1982 Auburn University at Montgomery Montgomery, Alabama
Omicron Nu University of North Carolina at Pembroke North Carolina
Omicron Xi May 30, 1982 Emory University Decatur, Georgia [105]
Omicron Omicron La Salle University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Omicron Pi April 9, 1983 Southeast Missouri State University Cape Girardeau, Missouri [106]
Omicron Rho George Mason University Fairfax, Virginia
Omicron Tau April 22, 1983 Christopher Newport University Newport News, Virginia Active
Omicron Upsilon 1983 West Virginia University Morgantown, West Virginia
Omicron Phi May 5, 1983 Clemson University Clemson, South Carolina
Omicron Chi June 2, 1983 Stanford University, Santa Clara University, Notre Dame College California [107]
Omicron Psi 1984 California State University, Bakersfield Bakersfield, California
Omicron Omega Texas A&M University College Station, Texas

Chapters Beginning With "Pi"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Pi Alpha March 24, 1984 Yale University New Haven, Connecticut
Pi Beta April 7, 1984 Rochester, New York City Wide (State University of New York at Brockport, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Rochester) Rochester, New York
Pi Gamma Western Carolina University Cullowhee, North Carolina
Pi Delta Stony Brook University New York
Pi Epsilon Illinois
Pi Zeta McNeese State University Lake Charles, Louisiana [108]
Pi Eta State University of New York Binghamton, New York
Pi Theta April 28, 1985 Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire [109]
Pi Iota June 2, 1985 Springfield, Massachusetts City-wide Amherst, Massachusetts
Pi Kappa Denison University Granville, Ohio
Pi Lambda April 19, 1986 Iona College Westchester City-Wide New Rochelle, New York [109]
Pi Mu 1987 Longwood University Farmville, Virginia
Pi Nu April 25, 1987 Southern Polytechnic State University Marietta, GA
Pi Xi California State University-Chico Chico, California
Pi Omicron April 14, 1988 Wake Forest University Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Pi Rho May 1, 1988 Long Island University C.W. Post Campus Brookville, New York
Pi Sigma State University of New York at Old Westbury Westbury, New York
Pi Tau Adelphi University Garden City, New York
Pi Phi Fairleigh Dickinson University, Ramapo College New Jersey
Pi Chi California State University, Dominguez Hills Carson, California
Pi Psi University of California-Santa Cruz Santa Cruz, California
Pi Omega Aurora University Aurora, Illinois

Chapters Beginning With "Rho"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Rho Alpha West Chester University West Chester, Pennsylvania
Rho Beta Missouri State University Springfield, Missouri [110]
Rho Gamma Christian Brothers University and Rhodes College Memphis, Tennessee [111]
Rho Delta University of Tulsa Tulsa, Oklahoma [112]
Rho Epsilon Princeton, New Jersey City-Wide Princeton, New Jersey
Rho Zeta Poughkeepsie, New York City-Wide Poughkeepsie, New York
Rho Eta Baylor University Waco, Texas
Rho Theta Appalachian State University Boone, North Carolina
Rho Iota Bloomsburg, Bucknell, and Susquehanna Universities [113]
Rho Kappa Oberlin, Ohio City-Wide Oberlin, Ohio
Rho Lambda University of South Carolina Aiken Aiken, South Carolina
Rho Mu Saginaw Valley State University Saginaw, Michigan
Rho Nu Angelo State University San Angelo, Texas
Rho Xi Xavier University Cincinnati, Ohio
Rho Omicron Slippery Rock University
Rho Pi Edinboro, PA Core Edinboro, Pennsylvania
Rho Rho University of Richmond Richmond, Virginia
Rho Tau Millsaps College Jackson, Mississippi
Rho Upsilon East Tennessee State University Johnson City, Tennessee
Rho Phi Lehigh University and Kutztown University Kutztown, Pennsylvania
Rho Chi Gallaudet University Washington, District of Columbia
Rho Psi University of Houston–Downtown Houston, Texas
Rho Omega Jacksonville University Jacksonville, Florida

Chapters Beginning With "Sigma"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Sigma Alpha November 21, 1993 University of North Florida Jacksonville, Florida
Sigma Beta Davenport University Caledonia Township, Michigan
Sigma Gamma Michigan
Sigma Delta October 15, 1992 Missouri University of Science and Technology Rolla, Missouri
Sigma Epsilon February 26, 1995 Kennesaw State University Kennesaw, Georgia [114]
Sigma Zeta Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights, Kentucky
Sigma Eta 1995 Samford University Birmingham, Alabama
Sigma Theta Midwestern State University Wichita Falls, Texas
Sigma Iota 1995 Lynchburg College Lynchburg, Virginia
Sigma Mu March 29, 1996 University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, Texas
Sigma Nu 1996 Missouri Western State University saint Joseph, Missouri
Sigma Xi Template:Dst Coastal Carolina University Conway, South Carolina
Sigma Omicron 1996 University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah
Sigma Pi Newberry College Newberry, South Carolina
Sigma Rho 1997 University of Alaska Anchorage Anchorage, Alaska
Sigma Sigma 1930 Austin, Texas Alumni Austin, Texas Retired [115]
Sigma Tau California State University, Stanislaus Turlock, California
Sigma Upsilon University of Wisconsin–Parkside Kenosha, Wisconsin
Sigma Phi University of Arkansas at Monticello Monticello, Arkansas
Sigma Chi 1997 West Virginia Wesleyan College Buckhannon, West Virginia
Sigma Psi University of the Virgin Islands St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Sigma Omega University of the Virgin Islands St. Croix, Virgin Islands

Chapters Beginning With "Tau"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Tau Alpha Armstrong State University Savannah, Georgia
Tau Beta Indiana University of Pennsylvania Indiana, Pennsylvania
Tau Gamma 1999 Fort Wayne, Indiana City-Wide Fort Wayne, Indiana
Tau Delta April 22, 2000 Loyola Marymount University Los Angeles, California [116]
Tau Epsilon Clayton State University Morrow, Georgia
Tau Zeta Cal State Northridge California
Tau Eta April 21, 2000 Brenau University Gainesville, Georgia
Tau Theta May 7, 2000, Reactivated April 2014 [West Point] New York
Tau Iota University of Tampa Tampa, Florida
Tau Kappa December 8, 2002 Rider University Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Tau Lambda April 26, 2003 University of Northern Colorado Greeley, Colorado
Tau Mu University of Nevada, Reno Reno, Nevada
Tau Nu Belmont University Nashville, Tennessee
Tau Omicron 2004 Mercer University Atlanta, Georgia
Tau Pi Arkansas Baptist College Little Rock, Arkansas
Tau Rho April 30, 2004 University of Miami Coral Gables, Florida
Tau Sigma Florida Gulf Coast University Fort Myers, Florida
Tau Sigma(Original) May 28, 1931 Birmingham alumni chapter Birmingham, Alabama Renamed Now Birmingham Alumnae Chapter
Tau Tau University of San Francisco San Francisco, California
Tau Upsilon 2004 Tennessee Tech University Cookeville, Tennessee
Tau Phi LaGrange College La Grange, Georgia
Tau Chi University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, Iowa
Tau Psi April 24, 2005 Hope College Holland, Michigan
Tau Omega April 23, 2005 Roanoke College Salem, Virginia

Chapters Beginning With "Upsilon"[edit]

Name Founded Institution Location Status Notes Reference
Upsilon Alpha April 30, 2006 High Point University High Point, North Carolina
Upsilon Beta University of Virginia's College at Wise Wise, Virginia
Upsilon Gamma April 22, 2007 California State University, San Bernardino San Bernardino, California
Upsilon Delta Dickinson College Pennsylvania
Upsilon Epsilon 2007 University of Texas at Tyler Tyler, Texas
Upsilon Zeta April 28, 2007 College of the Bahamas Nassau, Bahamas
Upsilon Eta April 16, 2009 Florida Southern College Lakeland, Florida
Upsilon Theta April 30, 2009 Arlington County Citywide (Marymount University/The Art Institute of Washington) Arlington, Virginia
Upsilon Iota Chowan University Murfreesboro, North Carolina
Upsilon Kappa University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Fort Smith, Arkansas
Upsilon Lambda North Carolina Wesleyan College Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Upsilon Mu March 27, 2011 Davidson College Davidson, North Carolina
Upsilon Nu April 28, 2013 University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio, Texas
Upsilon Omicron April 26, 2014 University of Bridgeport Bridgeport, Connecticut Active
Upsilon Pi April 27, 2014 Widener University Chester, Pennsylvania


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