List of superdelegates at the 2016 Democratic National Convention

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This list tracks the support for given candidates among the 716 unpledged delegates (commonly known as superdelegates) who were eligible to cast a vote at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, held July 25–28, 2016, in Philadelphia.[1][2][3] The 8 unpledged delegates from Democrats Abroad carry half-votes at the convention, yielding a total of 712 votes.[4] Unpledged delegates represent about 15% of the overall convention votes (4,767 delegates, 4,763 votes) and come from several categories of prominent Democratic Party members:

Superdelegates are "unpledged" in the sense that they themselves decide which candidate to support. (In other words, they are not allocated according to voter preferences as the majority of delegates are.) Pledged delegates can change their vote if no candidate is elected on the first ballot and can even vote for a different candidate on the first ballot if they are "released" by the candidate they are pledged to. Superdelegates, on the other hand, can change their vote purely of their own volition. With the exception of the eight DNC members from the Democrats Abroad, who each receive a half-vote, all superdelegates are entitled to one vote (including when a sitting official or distinguished party leader is also a DNC member). Throughout this list, those who qualify under multiple categories are considered as sitting officials first, then as DNC members, and then as DPLs (for example, a sitting senator who is also a DNC member is listed as a senator).

The list below is based on the most recent information on how unpledged delegates voted at the roll call vote at the Democratic National Convention in July 2016.

Totals by group[edit]

Distinguished party leaders Governors Senators Representatives DNC members Totals
Hillary Clinton 17 20 45 177 313½ 572½
Bernie Sanders 1 0 2 7 32½ 42½
Martin O'Malley 0 0 0 0 1 1
No endorsement 2 1 0 7 86 96
Totals 20 21 47 191 433 712

Note: Democrats Abroad Superdelegates are assigned half-votes; each of them accounts for ½ rather than 1 in the table above.


Delegate State Position Endorsement
Alma Adams NC Rep. Clinton[5]
Pete Aguilar CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Steven K. Alari CA DNC[1] None
Maggie Allen ME DNC[1] Clinton[6]
Jill Alper MI DNC[1] Clinton[7]
Rafael Anchia TX DNC[1] Clinton[8]
Joe Andrew MD DPL[1] None
Stuart Appelbaum NY DNC[1] Clinton[9]
Dennis Archer MI DNC[1] Clinton[7]
Patrice M. Arent UT DNC[1] Clinton[10]
Brad Ashford NE Rep. Clinton[5]
Jon M. Ausman FL DNC[1] Clinton[11]
Carrie Austin IL DNC[1] Clinton[12]
Shawn K. Bagley CA DNC[1] Clinton[13]
Tammy Baldwin WI Sen. Clinton[a][14]
Nick Balletto CT DNC[1] Clinton[15]
Virginia Barnes MA DNC[1] None
Phil Bartlett ME DNC[1] Clinton[16]
Karen Bass CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Jan Bauer IA DNC[1] Clinton[17]
Joyce Beatty OH Rep. Clinton[5]
Xavier Becerra CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Van Beechler ID DNC[1] None[18]
Cecil Benjamin VI DNC[1] Clinton[19]
Michael Bennet CO Sen. Clinton[5]
Ami Bera CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Bret Berlin FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Jeff Berman DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
Don Beyer VA Rep. Clinton[5]
Belinda Biafore WV DNC[1] Clinton[22]
Gus Bickford MA DNC[1] Clinton[23]
Joe Biden DE DPL[1] Clinton[24]
Erin Bilbray NV DNC[1] Sanders[25]
Rachel Binah CA DNC[1] None
Sanford Bishop GA Rep. None[26]
Stephen Bittel FL DNC[1] Clinton[27]
Neville Blakemore KY DNC[28] None
Artie Blanco NV DNC[1] Clinton[29]
Richard Bloomingdale PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Earl Blumenauer OR Rep. Clinton[5]
Richard Blumenthal CT Sen. Clinton[5]
Dean Boerste IN DNC[1] Clinton[31]
James C. Boland DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
Suzanne Bonamici OR Rep. Clinton[5]
Anita Bonds DC DNC[1] Clinton[32]
Cory Booker NJ Sen. Clinton[5]
Madeleine Bordallo GU Rep. Clinton[33]
David Bowen WI DNC[1] Sanders[34]
Muriel Bowser DC Gov. Clinton[35]
Barbara Boxer CA Sen. Clinton[5]
Carolyn Boyce ID DNC[1] Clinton[36]
Rick Boylan FL DNC[1] None
Brendan F. Boyle PA Rep. Clinton[37]
Bob Brady PA Rep. Clinton[38]
Bob Bragar DA[note 1] DNC[1] Clinton[39]
Sandra Brandt VA DNC[1] Clinton[40]
Joyce Brayboy NC DNC[1] None
Donna Brazile DC DNC[1] Clinton[41]
Christine Bremer Muggli WI DNC[1] Clinton[a][14][43]
Scott Brennan IA DNC[1] Clinton[44]
Doug Brooks MO DNC[1] Clinton[45]
Boyd Brown SC DNC[1] Clinton[46]
Byron Brown NY DNC[47] Clinton[47]
Corrine Brown FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Jerry Brown CA Gov. Clinton[48]
Kate Brown OR Gov. Clinton[49]
Michael D. Brown DC Sen.[1] Clinton[50]
Sherrod Brown OH Sen. Clinton[5]
Julia Brownley CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Jocelyn Bucaro OH DNC[1] Clinton[51]
Raymond Buckley NH DNC[1] None
Steve Bullock MT Gov.[note 2] Clinton[52]
Tonio Burgos NJ DNC[1] Clinton[53]
Carol Burke VI DNC[1] None
Cordelia Lewis Burks IN DNC[1] Clinton[54]
John L. Burton CA DNC[1] None
Joe Buscaino CA DNC[1] Clinton[55]
Cheri Bustos IL Rep. Clinton[5]
Laphonza Butler CA DNC[1] Clinton[56]
G. K. Butterfield NC Rep. Clinton[5]
Luisette Cabañas Colón PR DNC[1] Clinton[57]
Michael Cacace CT DNC[1] Clinton[58]
Mitchell Caesar FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Mary Beth Cahill DC DNC[1] Clinton[59][60]
Laura Calvo OR DNC[1] None
Rosiky F. Camacho MP DNC[1] Clinton[61]
MaryEva Candon DC DNC[1] Clinton[62]
Maria Cantwell WA Sen. Clinton[5]
Lois Capps CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Michael Capuano MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Tony Cardenas CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Ben Cardin MD Sen. Clinton[5]
Maria Cardona DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
John Carney DE Rep. Clinton[5]
Tom Carper DE Sen. Clinton[5]
André Carson IN Rep. Clinton[5][54]
Jimmy Carter GA DPL[1] Clinton[63]
Karen Carter Peterson LA DNC[1] Clinton[64]
Matt Cartwright PA Rep. Clinton[5]
Barbra Casbar Siperstein NJ DNC[1] Clinton[53]
Bob Casey Jr. PA Sen. Clinton[5]
Richard Cassidy VT DNC[1] Sanders[65]
Kathy Castor FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Joaquín Castro TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Emelia S. Chargualaf MP DNC[1] Clinton[61]
Naeemah Charles CA DNC[66] Clinton[67]
Will Cheek TN DNC[1] Clinton[68]
Michael Childers WI DNC[1] Clinton[14]
Judy Chu CA Rep. Clinton[5]
David Cicilline RI Rep. Clinton[5]
Katherine Clark MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Martha Fuller Clark NH DNC[1] Sanders[69]
Yvette Clarke NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Lacy Clay MO Rep. Clinton[5]
James Clayborne Jr. IL DNC[1] Clinton[70]
Emanuel Cleaver MO Rep. Clinton[5]
Alan Clendenin FL DNC[1] Clinton[71]
Bill Clinton NY DPL[1] Clinton[a][72]
Jim Clyburn SC Rep. Clinton[73]
Kathleen Clyde OH DNC[1] Clinton[74]
Gilda Cobb-Hunter SC DNC[1] None[75]
Tony Coelho DE DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Larry Cohen DC DNC[1] Sanders[76]
Steve Cohen TN Rep. Clinton[5]
Maria C. Cole NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Rickey Cole MS DNC[1] Clinton[78]
Garnet Coleman TX DNC[1] Clinton[79]
Jim Condos VT DNC[1] Sanders[80]
Gerry Connolly VA Rep. Clinton[5]
John Conyers MI Rep. Clinton[5]
Steven Cook MI DNC[1] None
Vivian E. Cook NY DNC[1] None
Chris Coons DE Sen. Clinton[5]
Jim Cooper TN Rep. Clinton[5]
Maria Cordone MD DNC[1] Clinton[20][81]
Peter Corroon UT DNC[1] Sanders[82]
Jim Costa CA Rep. Clinton[83]
Jerry Costello IL DNC[1] Clinton[12]
Ed Cote WA DNC[1] None
Pat Cotham NC DNC[1] Sanders[84]
Jeannette Council NC DNC[1] Clinton[85]
Joe Courtney CT Rep. Clinton[5]
Janet Cowell NC DNC[1] Clinton[86]
Jeffrey David Cox NC DNC[1] Clinton[87]
Doris Crouse-Mays VA DNC[1] None
Joseph Crowley NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Henry Cuellar TX Rep. Clinton[5]
John Cullerton IL DNC[1] Clinton[12]
Elijah Cummings MD Rep. Clinton[88]
Jennifer Cunningham NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Andrew Cuomo NY Gov. Clinton[5]
Ana Cuprill WY DNC[1] Clinton[89]
Melba Curls MO DNC[1] Clinton[45]
John Currie NJ DNC[1] Clinton[90]
Kenneth M. Curtis FL DPL[1] None
Joyce Cusack FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Jean Lemire Dahlman MT DNC[1] Sanders[91]
John D. Daniello DE DNC[1] Clinton[92]
Tom Daschle SD DPL[1] Clinton[93]
Clint Daughtrey AL DNC[1] None
Leah Daughtry NY DNC[1] None
Danny K. Davis IL Rep.[note 2] Clinton[5]
Susan Davis CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Wendy Davis GA DNC[1] Clinton[94]
Yvonne Davis TX DNC[1] None
Ralph Dawson NY DNC[1] Clinton[9]
Mark Dayton MN Gov. Clinton[5]
Howard Dean VT DPL[1] Clinton[95]
Dottie Deans VT DNC[1] Sanders[80]
Peter DeFazio OR Rep. None[96]
Diana DeGette CO Rep. Clinton[5]
John Delaney MD Rep. Clinton[5]
Rosa DeLauro CT Rep. Clinton[5]
Suzan DelBene WA Rep. Clinton[5]
Debra DeLee MA DPL[1] Clinton[97]
Lizette Delgado Polanco NJ DNC[1] Clinton[98]
Mark DeSaulnier CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Ted Deutch FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Grace Diaz RI DNC[1] Clinton[99]
Brandon Dillon MI DNC[1] Clinton[100]
Nancy DiNardo CT DNC[1] Clinton[101]
Debbie Dingell MI Rep.[note 2] Clinton[5]
Arrington Dixon DC DNC[1] Clinton[62]
Frank Dixon OR DNC[1] None
Chris Dodd CT DPL[1] Clinton[102]
Lloyd Doggett TX Rep. Clinton[103]
Kate Donaghue MA DNC[1] Clinton[23]
Ronald Donatucci PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Joe Donnelly IN Sen. Clinton[5][54]
Becca Doten CA DNC[1] Clinton[a][104]
Joanne Dowdell NH DNC[1] Clinton[105]
Michael F. Doyle PA Rep. Clinton[106]
Tammy Duckworth IL Rep. Clinton[5]
Maria Elena Durazo CA DNC[1] None
Dick Durbin IL Sen. Clinton[5]
Jess Durfee CA DNC[1] Clinton[107]
Mary Ellen Early CA DNC[1] None
John Eastwood DA[note 1] DNC[1] None[39]
Maria Echaveste CA DNC[1] Clinton[108][109]
Olma Echeverri NC DNC[1] Clinton[110]
Donna Edwards MD Rep. Clinton[5][81]
John Bel Edwards LA Gov. Clinton[111]
Joyce Elliott AR DNC[1] Clinton[112]
Keith Ellison MN Rep. Clinton[113]
Louis Elrod GA DNC[1] None[26]
Eliot Engel NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Akilah Ensley NC DNC[1] Clinton[114]
Reni Erdos NJ DNC[1] Sanders[115]
Anna Eshoo CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Lily Eskelsen García DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
Elizabeth Esty CT Rep. Clinton[5]
Joe Falk FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Sam Farr CA Rep. Clinton[116]
Herman Farrell NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Dianne Feinstein CA Sen. Clinton[5]
Katherine Fernández Rundle FL DNC[1] Clinton[117]
Raj Fernando IL DNC[1] Clinton[12]
Hector Figueroa NY DNC[1] Clinton[9]
Bill Foster IL Rep. Clinton[5]
Donald Fowler SC DNC[1][note 3] Clinton[118]
Earl Fowlkes DC DNC[1] Clinton[119]
Lois Frankel FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Isabel Framer OH DNC[1] Clinton[74]
Pat Frost Brooks OH DNC[1] Clinton[74]
Al Franken MN Sen. Clinton[5][120]
Jim Frasier OK DNC[1] None
David Frye IN DNC[1] Clinton[121]
Marcia Fudge OH Rep. Clinton[5]
Tulsi Gabbard HI Rep. Sanders[122]
Alexandra Gallardo-Rooker CA DNC[1] None
Kate Gallego AZ DNC[1] Clinton[123]
Ruben Gallego AZ Rep. Clinton[5]
John Garamendi CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Eric Garcetti CA DNC[1] Clinton[124]
Teresa Garcia Krusor KS DNC[1] Clinton[125]
Alejandro García Padilla PR Gov. Clinton[126]
Montserrat Garibay TX DNC[1] Clinton[127]
Al Garrett MI DNC[1] Clinton[128]
Tefere Gebre MD DNC[1] None
Dick Gephardt MO DPL[1] Clinton[45]
Penny Gerber PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Alice Germond CA DNC[1] Clinton[40]
Pete Gertonson ID DNC[1] Sanders[129]
Mike Gierau WY DNC[1] Clinton[89]
Kirsten Gillibrand NY Sen. Clinton[5]
Bob Gilligan DE DNC[1] Clinton[130]
Emily Giske NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Angel Gomez FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Alma Gonzalez FL DNC[1] Clinton[131]
Barry Goodman MI DNC[1] Clinton[132][133]
Lisa Goodman DE DNC[1] Clinton[134]
Al Gore TN DPL[1] Clinton[135]
Billi Gosh VT DNC[1] Clinton[45]
Gwen Graham FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Anthony Graves CO DNC[1] Clinton[136]
Alan Grayson FL Rep. Sanders[137]
Al Green TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Darlene Green MO DNC[1] Clinton[45]
Gene Green TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Amanda Green-Hawkins PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Vallena Greer MS DNC[1] Clinton[78]
Janice Griffin MD DNC[1] None
Raúl Grijalva AZ Rep. Clinton[138]
Marcel Groen PA DNC[1] Clinton[139]
Michael Gronstal IA DNC[1] Clinton[140]
Stanley Grossman DA[note 1] DNC[1] Clinton[39][141]
Steve Grossman MA DPL[1] Clinton[23]
Carol Guthrie TX DNC[1] None
Joni Gutierrez NM DNC[1] Clinton[142]
Luis Gutiérrez IL Rep. Clinton[5]
Debra Haaland NM DNC[1] Clinton[143]
Dan Halpern GA DNC[1] Clinton[94]
Janice Hahn CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Mary Hales WY DNC[1] Clinton[89]
Mark Hammons OK DNC[1] None
Emmett Hansen II VI DNC[1] Clinton[144]
Elaine Harris WV DNC[1] Clinton[145]
Fred R. Harris NM DPL[1] Clinton[146]
Jaime Harrison SC DNC[1] Clinton[147]
Maggie Hassan NH Gov.[note 2] Clinton[5]
Alcee Hastings FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Zack Hawkins NC DNC[1] Clinton [148][149]
Carl Heastie NY DNC[150] Clinton[77]
Denny Heck WA Rep. Clinton[5]
Martin Heinrich NM Sen. Clinton[151]
Heidi Heitkamp ND Sen. Clinton[5]
Jacquie Helt MT DNC[1] Clinton[152]
Luis Heredia AZ DNC[1] Clinton[123]
John Hickenlooper CO Gov. Clinton[5]
Brian Higgins NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Tony Hill FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Gilberto Hinojosa TX DNC[1] Clinton[153]
Rubén Hinojosa TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Jim Himes CT Rep. Clinton[5]
Mazie Hirono HI Sen. Clinton[5]
Pat Hobbs CA DNC[1] None
Marge Hoffa MN DNC[1] Clinton[154]
Wayne Holland UT DNC[1] Sanders[155]
Eleanor Holmes Norton DC Rep. Clinton[21]
Danny Homan IA DNC[1] Clinton[156]
Mike Honda CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Steny Hoyer MD Rep. Clinton[5]
Fred Hudson VA DNC[1] Clinton[157]
Alice Huffman CA DNC[1] Clinton[56]
Jared Huffman CA Rep. Clinton[5][158]
Aleita Huguenin CA DNC[1] Clinton[159]
Therese Hunkin AS DNC[1] Sanders[160]
Daniel Hynes IL DNC[1] O'Malley[161]
Harold Ickes DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
David Ige HI Gov. None
Vince Insalaco AR DNC[1] Clinton[112]
Jay Inslee WA Gov. Clinton[5]
Steve Israel NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Troy Jackson ME DNC[1] Sanders[162]
Sheila Jackson Lee TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Victoria Jackson-Stanley MD DNC[1] None
Jay Jacobs NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Nancy Jacobson FL DNC[1] Sanders[163]
Sly James MO DNC[1] Clinton[164]
Ben Jeffers LA DNC[1] None
Hakeem Jeffries NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Tim Jerman VT DNC[1] Sanders[80]
Norwood Jewell MI DNC[1] None
Connie Johnson OK DNC[1] Sanders[165]
Eddie Bernice Johnson TX Rep. Clinton[5]
Hank Johnson GA Rep. Clinton[5]
Lacy Johnson IN DNC[1] Clinton[166][167]
Matt Johnson CA DNC[1] None
Gale Jones Carson TN DNC[1] Clinton[168]
Ray Jordan MA DNC[1] Clinton[23]
Tim Kaine VA Sen.[note 3] Clinton[5]
Elaine Kamarck MA DNC[1] Clinton[23]
Ron Kaminski NE DNC[1] Clinton[169]
Marcy Kaptur OH Rep. Sanders[170]
William Keating MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Patsy Keever NC DNC[1] None
John Keller IL DNC[1] Clinton[12]
Randy Kelley AL DNC[1] Clinton[171]
Unzell Kelley AL DNC[1] Clinton[171]
Robin Kelly IL Rep. Clinton[5]
Joe Kennedy III MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Ruben Kihuen NV DNC[1] Clinton[172]
Dan Kildee MI Rep. Clinton[5]
Derek Kilmer WA Rep. Clinton[5]
Lee Kinch KS DNC[1] Clinton[173]
Ron Kind WI Rep. Clinton[14][174]
Paul G. Kirk MA DPL[1] Sanders[175]
Ann Kirkpatrick AZ Rep. Clinton[5]
Amy Klobuchar MN Sen. Clinton[5][120]
Kaye Koonce SC DNC[1] Clinton[176]
Sarah Kovner NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
Debra Kozikowski MA DNC[1] Clinton[177]
Caitlin Kraft-Buchman DA[note 1] DNC[1] Clinton[39][178][179]
Ann Kuster NH Rep. Clinton[5]
Andrew Lachman CA DNC[1] Clinton[180][181][182]
William Laird IV WV DNC[145] Clinton[145]
Roberta Lange NV DNC[1] Clinton[183]
Jim Langevin RI Rep. Clinton[5]
Deborah Langhoff LA DNC[1] Clinton[184]
Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde AS DNC[1] Clinton[185]
Martha Laning WI DNC[1] Clinton[186]
Rick Larsen WA Rep. Clinton[5]
Jim Larson MT DNC[1] Clinton[152]
John B. Larson CT Rep. Clinton[5]
Warren Larson ND DNC[1] None
Brenda Lawrence MI Rep. Clinton[5]
Gerald Lawrence PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Patrick Leahy VT Sen. Clinton[a][42]
Barbara Lee CA Rep.[note 2] Clinton[187]
Sunita Leeds DC DNC[1] Clinton[188]
Frank Leone VA DNC[1] Clinton[40]
Bel Leong-Hong MD DNC[1] Clinton[81]
Cindy Lerner FL DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Sander Levin MI Rep. Clinton[5]
John Lewis GA Rep. Clinton[5]
Yvette Lewis MD DNC[1] Clinton[81][189]
Ted Lieu CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Dan Lipinski IL Rep. Sanders[190]
John Litz TN DNC[1] Clinton[168]
Dave Loebsack IA Rep. Clinton[5]
Zoe Lofgren CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Valerie Longhurst DE DNC[1] Clinton[191]
Andrés W. López PR DNC[1] Clinton[192]
Sandra Loridans DA[note 1] DNC[1] Clinton[39]
Martha Love WI DNC[1] Clinton[14]
Evan Low CA DNC[1] Clinton[193]
Joe Lowe SD DNC[1] Clinton[194]
Alan Lowenthal CA Rep. Clinton[187]
Nita Lowey NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Juanita Luiz WA DNC[1] None
Ben R. Luján NM Rep. Clinton[151]
Michelle Lujan Grisham NM Rep. Clinton[151]
Charlotte Lundergan KY DNC[1] Clinton[195]
Stephen F. Lynch MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Kerman Maddox CA DNC[1] Clinton[196]
Michael Madigan IL DNC[1] Clinton[197]
Mark Mallory OH DNC[1] Clinton[51]
Dan Malloy CT Gov.[note 2] Clinton[5]
Ronald Malone OH DNC[1] Clinton[74]
Carolyn Maloney NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Sean Patrick Maloney NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Joe Manchin WV Sen. Clinton[5]
Mary Mancini TN DNC[1] Clinton[68]
Jack Markell DE Gov. Clinton[5]
Ed Markey MA Sen. Clinton[5]
Bert Marley ID DNC[1] Sanders[198]
Marcia Marley NJ DNC[1] Clinton[199]
Pat Maroney WV DNC[1] Clinton[200]
Ken Martin MN DNC[1] Clinton[201]
Iris Martinez IL DNC[1] Clinton[202]
Marcus Mason CA DNC[1] Clinton[203]
Sharon Mast WA DNC[1] None
Doris Matsui CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Edna Mattson RI DNC[1] Clinton[99]
Lupita Maurer OR DNC[1] Sanders[204]
Glen Maxey TX DNC[1] None
Janet May AL DNC[1] Clinton[171]
Jayne Mazzotti IL DNC[1] Clinton[205]
Terry McAuliffe VA Gov.[note 3] Clinton[5]
Valerie McCall OH DNC[1] Clinton[206]
Claire McCaskill MO Sen. Clinton[5]
Jennifer McClellan VA DNC[1] Clinton[207]
Kenneth McClintock PR DNC[1] Clinton[208]
Betty McCollum MN Rep. None[209]
Melody McCray-Miller KS DNC[1] Clinton[173]
Dustin McDaniel AR DNC[1] Clinton[112]
Jim McDermott WA Rep. Clinton[5]
David McDonald WA DNC[1] None
Betty McElderry OK DNC[1] Clinton[165]
Mattie McFadden-Lawson CA DNC[1] Clinton[210]
Thomas M. McGee MA DNC[1] Clinton[211]
Jim McGovern MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Andy McGuire IA DNC[1] None
R. Michael McHale LA DNC[1] None
Rhine McLin OH DNC[1] Clinton[212]
Marv McMoore Jr. NY DNC[1] None
Joseph McNamara RI DNC[1] Clinton[213]
Jerry McNerney CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Gregory Meeks NY Rep.[note 2] Clinton[5]
Shari Mellin IN DNC[1] Clinton[54]
Bob Menendez NJ Sen. Clinton[214]
Grace Meng NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Jeff Merkley OR Sen. Sanders[215]
Kim Metcalfe AK DNC[1] Clinton[216]
Glenard S. Middleton Sr. MD DNC[1] None
Barbara Mikulski MD Sen. Clinton[5][81]
Breanne Miller UT DNC[1] Clinton[10]
Lorraine Miller TX DNC[1] None
Nancy Mills PA DNC[1] Clinton[139]
Stephanie Miner NY DNC[1] Clinton[77]
George J. Mitchell NY DPL[1] Clinton[217]
Heather Mizeur MD DNC[1] Sanders[218]
Lolo Matalasi Moliga AS Gov. Clinton[185]
Maureen Monahan NE DNC[1] Sanders[69]
Walter Mondale MN DPL[1] Clinton[219]
Frank Montanaro RI DNC[1] Clinton[99]
Charles E. Moore KY DNC[1] None[195]
Gwen Moore WI Rep. Clinton[5][14]
Minyon Moore DC DNC[1] Clinton[21]
Javier Morillo-Alicea MN DNC[1] Clinton[220]
Arthur Morrell LA DNC[1] Clinton[184]
Bruce Morrison MD DNC[1] Clinton[20]
Seth Moulton MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Dorothy Mrowka CT DNC[1] Clinton[58]
Bob Mulholland CA DNC[1] Clinton[221]
Henry Muñoz III TX DNC[1] None
Larry Murakami AK DNC[1] Sanders[222]
Chris Murphy CT Sen. Clinton[223]
Joan Patricia Murphy IL DNC[1] None
Patrick Murphy FL Rep. Clinton[5]
Ian Murray PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
Patty Murray WA Sen. Clinton[5]
Jerrold Nadler NY Rep. Clinton[5]
Grace Napolitano CA Rep. Clinton[5]
Katie Naranjo TX DNC[1] Clinton[224]
Richard Neal MA Rep. Clinton[5]
Bill Nelson FL Sen. Clinton[5]
Jadine Nielsen HI DNC[1] Clinton[188]
Jay Nixon MO Gov. Clinton[5]
Chad Nodland ND DNC[1] Sanders[225]
Rick Nolan MN Rep. Sanders[226]
Donald Norcross NJ Rep. None
George Norcross NJ DNC[1] None
Michael Nutter PA DNC[1] Clinton[30]
David O'Brien MA DNC[1] Clinton[23]
Blanca O'Leary CO DNC[1] Clinton[227]
Beto O'Rourke TX Rep. Clinton[228]
Barack Obama IL DPL[1] Clinton[229][230]
Carlos Odio FL DNC[1] None
Russell Okata HI DNC[1] Clinton[231]
John Olsen CT DNC[1] Clinton[58]
Ian Olson AK DNC[1] None
Danica Oparnica AZ DNC[1] Sanders[232]
Sandy Opstvedt IA DNC[1] Clinton[233]
Liza M. Ortiz PR DNC[1] None
Sannie Overly KY DNC[1] None[195]
Kylie Oversen ND DNC[1] None
William Owen TN DNC[1] Clinton[168]
Karen Packer OR DNC[1] Clinton[234]
Lisa Padilla CO DNC[1] None
Rick Palacio CO DNC[1] None
Frank Pallone NJ Rep. Clinton[5]
Bruce Palmer WY DNC[1] Clinton[89]
Bill Pascrell NJ Rep. Clinton[5]
John Patrick TX DNC[1] None[235]
Johnnie Patton MS DNC[1] Sanders[236]
Donald Payne Jr. NJ Rep. Clinton[5]
Gregory Pecoraro MD DNC[1] Clinton[237]
Christine Pelosi CA DNC[1] Clinton[a][238]
Nancy Pelosi CA Rep.[note 2] Clinton[239]
Carol Pensky MD DNC[1] Clinton[81]
David A. Pepper OH DNC[1] Clinton[212]
John Perdue WV DNC[1] Clinton[200]
Joaquin Perez GU DNC[1] Clinton[240]
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