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This is a list of episodes for the Japanese anime series Dennō Coil. It aired in Japan between 12 May 2007 and 1 December 2007, containing twenty-six episodes.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original air date
01 "Kids with Glasses"
"Megane no Kodomotachi" (メガネの子供たち) 
12 May 2007

Yasako and Kyōko arrive by train to Daikoku City. Their virtual pet dog, Densuke, goes missing when he falls into an abandoned zone of cyberspace occupied by an illegal. Yasako enlists the aid of Fumie, a detective from the Coil Dennō Detective Agency, to help rescue her pet. In their efforts, they attract the attention of Searchmaton.

Opening narration: According to rumors among children, many cases of pets going missing have been occurring in the city of Daikoku. 
02 "Coil Cyber Investigation Agency"
"Koiru Dennō Tantei Kyoku" (コイル電脳探偵局) 
19 May 2007

Yasako and Fumie ask Yasako's grandmother, Megabaa, to cure Densuke of a deadly illness. In return Yasako agrees to join Megabaa's Detective Agency as their eighth member. Meanwhile Isako relentlessly searches for the "Keyhole". Deducing that it resides as an illegal in Densuke, she unleashes her virtual pets to capture him.

Opening narration: According to urban legend, kids who call out Michiko are sent to the "other side". 
03 "Yūko and Yūko"
"Yūko to Yūko" (優子と勇子) 
26 May 2007

Having captured Densuke, the Mojos deliver him to Isako. After separating the illegal from Densuke, Isako unsuccessfully attempts to "unlock" the organism with her key, causing nearby cyberspace to rupture. She reports the episode to a mysterious conspirator over the phone.

Opening narration: According to industry rumors, there are some hidden functions in the glasses that are better left unmentioned. 
04 "Daikoku City Hackers Club"
"Daikoku-shi Heikū Kurabu" (大黒市黒客クラブ) 
2 June 2007

A frenzied dennō battle breaks out at school between Isako, Fumie, and Daichi's group, the Daikoku Hackers' Club. While Isako is the ultimate victor with Daichi's group completely subdued, Fumie manages to steal a piece of data from Amasawa that is totally corrupted with exception of the word "Michiko".

Opening narration: According to rumors on the net, a few years ago an encoder tried to devastate space, but nobody knows what happened to this encoder. 
05 "Metabug Scramble Bus Tour"
"Metabagu Sōdatsu Basu Tsuā" (メタバグ争奪バスツアー) 
9 June 2007

Isako leads the beaten and desperate Daikoku Hackers' Club on a metabug expedition over the fringes of Daikoku's cyberspace. During the expedition, Isako traps and assumes control of the Daikoku Hackers. Captivated by Isako's skill, Daichi asks to become her disciple.

Opening narration: According to rumors on the net, it's said that you can sometimes find data such as sounds or images inside metabugs, but nobody really knows where they come from. 
06 "Red Automatons"
"Akai Ōtomaton" (赤いオートマトン) 
16 June 2007

Yasako and Fumie begin an investigation into Haraken and Searchmaton. They attempt to test and map out Searchmaton's behavioral patterns and programming. Under pressure, Haraken reveals to Yasako and Fumie his familial connections to the administrators of Searchmaton and his motive for investigating viruses and illegals.

Opening narration: According to newspapers, there's an increasing rate of car accidents involving kids wearing glasses. 
07 "Move Out!! Coil Investigation Agency"
"Shutsudō!! Koiru Tantei Kyoku" (出動!!コイル探偵局) 
23 June 2007

Isako once again summons the kirabug illegal with the help of the Daikoku Hackers. However her plans are inadvertently disrupted by the pet detectives Yasako and Fumie working on an unrelated case. Isako eventually chases the rogue virus to a corrupted space on the school grounds.

Opening narration: According to rumors, if you think constantly about the person you want to meet, you'll suddenly end up seeing them. 
08 "A Summer Festival and a Duel"
"Natsumatsuri, soshite Hatashiai" (夏祭り、そして果たし合い) 
30 June 2007

Isako hatches a plan and asks Daichi to challenge the Coil detectives to a duel. Daichi, at the expense of his revived friendship with Fumie, reluctantly complies. Haraken recovers a mysterious metabug from his former research partner's lost pet.

Opening narration: According to urban legends, kids that have fallen asleep with their glasses on have ended up going to the "other side". 
09 "Michiko-san of the Other Side"
"Atchi no Michiko-san" (あっちのミチコさん) 
7 July 2007

The kids spend a dark and stormy night at school telling ghost stories and playing spooky dennō games. Isako uses the distraction to capture a kirabug manifested in the form of Michiko inside the school. Meanwhile, Haraken is briefly whisked away to "the other side".

Opening narration: According to rumors among children, Michiko's true identity is whispered to be that of an illegal. 
10 "Kanna's Diary"
"Kanna no Nikki" (カンナの日記) 
14 July 2007

Haraken, Fumie, and Yasako follow clues left by Haraken's former research partner, Kanna Ashihara. Meanwhile, Daichi is ejected from Isako's group due to his failure to defeat Fumie in a duel.

Opening narration: According to rumors on the net, long before glasses ever hit the market, Nakatsu Crossroads was a mysterious place-the site of many accidents. 
11 "Daikoku City Sinks!"
"Chinbotsu! Daikoku-shi" (沈没! 大黒市) 
21 July 2007

Daichi, in a plot to acquire metabugs, catches and raises a fish-type illegal as a virtual pet. He eventually loses control of it as it floods Daikoku City with digital water.

Opening narration: According to certain statistics, if a sixth grade male and female fight, the female has a higher probability of winning. 
12 "Daichi's Hair Begins to Grow"
"Daichi, Hatsumō su" (ダイチ、発毛す) 
28 July 2007

The protagonists find a race of microscopic illegals growing on their faces. Yasako, utilizing a communication device devised by Megabaa, becomes heavily engaged in a god game-like relationship with the developing civilization. She attempts to use her divine influence to save the war-mongering race before it crumbles from a nuclear holocaust. In the wake of devastation, the illegals set out to find their "homeland".

Opening narration: According to the rumors of the "beard people", it seems that in the age 5550 minutes, Lord Yasako will lead the way to the promised land. 
13 "The Last Plesiosaur"
"Saigo no Kubinagaryū" (最後の首長竜) 
4 August 2007

The protagonists agree to aid Denpa in relocating a docile plesiosaur-type illegal, which he had previously been raising in an obsolete space now scheduled for reconstruction. The lonesome illegal, driven to find more of its kind, follows the children in a hazardous journey through the city.

Opening narration: According to old wisdom, people essentially seem to know the paths they should follow. 
13.5 "Cyber Coil Independent Research"
"Dennō Koiru Jiyū Kenkyū" (電脳コイル自由研究) 
25 August 2007
A special digest episode that goes into more detail about the various aspects of the show. There is a recap of what has happened thus far, the characters and their relationships are examined more in depth, and the terminology used in the show is explained in more detail. 
14 "A Record of Living Things"
"Ikimono no Kiroku" (いきものの記録) 
1 September 2007

Fumie's younger brother, Akira, recaps the story of the TV series from his perspective as a double-agent. Haraken is accosted by Nekome and is warned about investigating further.

Opening narration: According to industry rumors, the Midget series became illegal to sell because it could be used for eavesdropping and secretly taking photos. 
15 "The Boy from the Other Side of the Station"
"Eki Mukō no Shōnen" (駅向こうの少年) 
8 September 2007

Yasako, attempting to find the place where she first met 4423, meets a boy named Takeru who guides her through the neighborhood. Deducing that the place from her memories was a virtual space deleted by Searchmaton, Yasako heads home as Takeru reports the day's events to a mysterious collaborator.

Opening narration: According to rumors among children on the other side of the station, it appears that in the deepest part of old space lives a dangerous illegal. 
16 "Isako's Sickroom"
"Isako no Byōshitsu" (イサコの病室) 
15 September 2007

For their research project, Haraken and Fumie find early records of dennō users who have passed out and reported hallucinations of "the other side". Meanwhile, Yasako spies on Isako as she visits her comatose brother. Deducing that he is 4423, Yasako confronts Isako with her realization that she has met her brother years ago.

Opening narration: According to industry rumors, the first company to manufacture glasses apparently invented technology to turn whatever comes to mind into Dennō substance. However, no one knows what happened after that. 
17 "The Last Summer Vacation"
"Saigo no Natsu Yasumi" (最後の夏休み) 
22 September 2007

Haraken, tortured by the possibility that Kanna Ashihara still exists in "the other side", asks Isako to take him there.

Opening narration: What would happen while a human die, Where would his mind go, the truth is that no one knows. 
18 "The Door into the Other World"
"Ikai e no Tobira" (異界への扉) 
29 September 2007

Haraken catches a brief glimpse of Kanna before the collapse of Isako's gateway. Fearing for her nephew's life, Tamako confiscates his glasses. Meanwhile, obsolete space begins to invade Megabaa's shop as Kyōko, Fumie and Yasako spend the night.

Opening narration: According to rumors on the net, the process of creating and developing the glasses encompasses a complex history with many interesting points. 
19 "The Black Visitors"
"Kuroi Hōmonsha" (黒い訪問者) 
6 October 2007

After Kyōko is taken to the "other side", Yasako and Fumie evade the illegals and guide Kyōko's dennō body back to her real body with the help of Densuke.

Opening narration: According to rumors among the informed, there's a deep connection between Imago and dennō-based medical treatment. 
20 "Kanna and Yasako"
"Kanna to Yasako" (カンナとヤサコ) 
13 October 2007

With Kanna's glasses, Haraken sneaks out once again to the "other side" where he finally makes amends with a digital apparition of her. Yasako ventures in to the rescue with Isako and Tamako's help. It is revealed that Tamako was the first person to open the gate to the "other side", and the meaning of the show's title, Dennō Coil, is the phenomenon of the separation of one's dennō body from their physical body.

Opening narration: According to my old memories, the body I was given was an empty shell, without life. 
21 "The Black Automaton"
"Kuroi Ōtomaton" (黒いオートマトン) 
20 October 2007

As First and Third elementary merge for classes on the top floor of a Megamass office building, Isako finds herself involved in a conspiracy by Megamass to research obsolete space and the effects of Dennō Coil.

Opening narration: According to the history of glasses development, many techniques for projection were researched in the past. 
22 "The Last Coil"
"Saigo no Koiru" (最後のコイル) 
27 October 2007

Yasako and Isako, on the run from Megamass and a powerful new searchmaton, take refuge in Megabaa's store. There, it is discovered that Densuke has the potential to open a stable portal to "the other side", now known as "Coil Domain". It is revealed that Coil Domain, Michiko, Imago and Kirabugs are remnants of an experiment gone awry, covered up by the Megamass conglomerate.

Opening narration: According to industry rumors, when Megamass found that they couldn't remove the Imago function, they instead went and upgraded cyberspace. 
22.5 "Cyber Coil General Review"
"Dennō Koiru Sō Fukushū" (電脳コイル総復習) 
3 November 2007
Another special recap episode that summarizes what has transpired thus far before the show enters into its climax. 
23 "A Realized Desire"
"Kanaerareta Negai" (かなえられた願い) 
10 November 2007

Nekome, driven to reveal true nature and history of the "dennō" technology, tries to convince Isako to join her brother in Coil Domain using Densuke as a portal.

Opening narration: According to Null, it seems that as they ate the seeds of suffering, they were born again as creatures that seek suffering. 
24 "Kids Who Throw Glasses Away"
"Megane o Suteru Kodomotachi" (メガネを捨てる子供たち) 
17 November 2007

Alarmed at what happened to Isako, the children's parents take away their glasses.

Opening narration: According to the words of Yuuko Amasawa, the path, that connects human beings each other, is so thin and easy to break. 
25 "The Kanazawa City Loophole Crossing"
"Kanazawa-shi Hazama Kōsaten" (金沢市はざま交差点) 
24 November 2007
Using the glasses that belonged to her deceased grandfather, Yasako travels to the other side to save Isako. Meanwhile, Megabaa finds out that they were mistaken on who 4423 really is.
Opening narration: According to Coil's data, it seems that the Null Carrier was exploration equipment that assembled fragments of the mind. 
26 "Yasako and Isako"
"Yasako to Isako" (ヤサコとイサコ) 
1 December 2007
Yasako realizes the nature of Michiko, 4423, and the Coil Domain. Aided by her friends and family she must fight Michiko's grip on Isako and to avoid Nekome's desire to dispose of her consciousness.
Opening narration: According to urban legend, when Denno pets die they migrate to a certain place.