List of Derbyshire List A cricket records

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This is a list of Derbyshire List A cricket records; that is, record team and individual performances in List A cricket for Derbyshire. Records for Derbyshire in first-class cricket, the longer form of the game, are found at List of Derbyshire first-class cricket records.


Team Notation: When a team score is listed as "300-3", this indicates that they have scored 300 runs for the loss of 3 wickets. If it is followed by a "d", this indicates that the side declared. When the team score is listed as "300", this means the side was all out.

Batting Notation: When a batsman's score is listed as "100", the batsman scored 100 runs and was out. If it followed by an asterisk *, the batsman was not out.

Bowling Notation: "5/100" indicates that the bowler took 5 wickets while conceding 100 runs.

Team Records[edit]

Total Runs Opponents Venue Season
Highest for Derbyshire 366-4 v Combined Universities Oxford 1991
Highest against Derbyshire 369-6 by New Zealand New Zealanders Derby 1999
Lowest for Derbyshire 61 v Hampshire Portsmouth 1990
Lowest against Derbyshire 42 by Glamorgan Swansea 1979
Source: CricketArchive. Last updated: 15 May 2007.

Batting Records[edit]

Runs Batsman Opponents Venue Season
Highest individual innings 173* Australia Michael Di Venuto v Derbyshire Cricket Board Derby 2000
Most runs in a season for Derbyshire 1,151 Australia Dean Jones 1996
Most runs in a career for Derbyshire 12,358 England Kim Barnett 1979–1998
Source: CricketArchive. Last updated: 15 May 2007.

Bowling Records[edit]

Analysis Bowler Opponents Venue Season
Best innings analysis for Derbyshire 8/21 West Indies Cricket Board Michael Holding v Sussex Hove 1988
Wickets Bowler Season
Most wickets in a season for Derbyshire 44 South Africa Eddie Barlow 1978
Most career wickets for Derbyshire unknown
Source: CricketArchive. Last updated: 15 May 2007.

Partnership Records[edit]

Runs Batsmen Opponents Venue Season
1st 232 England Kim Barnett
England John Morris
v Somerset Taunton 1990
2nd 286 England Iain Anderson
England Alan Hill
v Cornwall Derby 1986
3rd 191 South Africa Andrew Gait
England Chris Bassano
v Glamorgan Cardiff 2003
4th 165 England John Morris
England Geoff Miller
v Gloucestershire Gloucestershire 1984
5th 158* England Kim Barnett
South Africa Bruce Roberts
v Essex Derby 1984
6th 126* England Chris Taylor
South Africa Ant Botha
v Durham Derby 2006
7th 106 South Africa James Bryant
England Graeme Welch
v Sussex Hove 2004
8th 95* England Adrian Rollins
England Phillip DeFreitas
v Worcestershire Worcester 1998
9th 105 Scotland Dallas Moir
England Bob Taylor
v Kent Derby 1984
10th 60 England Kevin Dean
England Devon Malcolm
v Surrey The Oval 1996
Source: CricketArchive. Last updated: 15 May 2007