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This is a list of Dickinson College alumni. This list covers alumni from the first graduating class in July 1787[1] to the present.

  • "DNG" indicates that the alumni did not graduate.
  • A "—" indicates that the information is unknown.


Alfred V. du Pont
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Curley, JohnJohn Curley
Former CEO of Gannett News Corporation [2]
du Pont, Alfred V.Alfred V. du Pont
Head of the du Pont Company [3][4]
Duncan, StephenStephen Duncan
Wealthiest cotton planter in the South prior to the Civil War, and second largest slave owner in the country [5][6]
Giannetti, StephenStephen Giannetti
Vice President and Publisher, National Geographic magazine [7]
Faulkner, Judith R.Judith R. Faulkner
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Epic Systems [7]
Hirshey, DavidDavid Hirshey
Vice President and Executive Editor at HarperCollins publishers [8]
Jenkins, John CarmichaelJohn Carmichael Jenkins
Plantation owner in the Antebellum South, and 16th largest slave owner in the country [9][10][11][12]
MacPhail, AndyAndy MacPhail
Major League Baseball executive [13]
Rose, LeonLeon Rose
Notable sports agent for many successful athletes including LeBron James


Arts and entertainment[edit]

Rick Smolan
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Fleisher, KassKass Fleisher
Haigh, JenniferJennifer Haigh
The New York Times best-selling author, winner of PEN/Hemingway Award [14]
Holm, Jennifer L.Jennifer L. Holm
Historical author, wrote Newbery Honor book [15]
Muse, ClarenceClarence Muse
Actor, director, composer, writer, and lawyer
O'Donnell, RosieRosie O'Donnell
Stand-up comedian, actress, singer, and media personality
Pankin, StuartStuart Pankin
Television actor [16]
Ringley, JenniferJennifer Ringley
Creator of [17]
Smolan, RickRick Smolan
Former Time, Life and National Geographic photographer [18]
Stewart, SusanSusan Stewart
Poet and literary critic [19]
Strum, CharlesCharles Strum
Associate Managing Editor at The New York Times [20]


Henry Louis Baugher
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Baugher, Henry LouisHenry Louis Baugher
President of Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) College, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Chamberlain, JeremiahJeremiah Chamberlain
President of Centre College and the Centenary College of Louisiana [21][22]
Green, Francis HarveyFrancis Harvey Green
Chair of English at West Chester Normal School and Headmaster of the Pennington School [23]
Corson, Fred PierceFred Pierce Corson
Twentieth president of Dickinson College; Bishop of the Methodist Church [24]
Durden, WilliamWilliam Durden
President of Dickinson College [25]
Goucher, JohnJohn Goucher
Founder, President, and namesake of Goucher College
Miller, SamuelSamuel Miller
Presbyterian professor at Princeton Theological Seminary
Prettyman, Elijah BarrettElijah Barrett Prettyman
Second principal of the Maryland State Normal School, now Towson University [26][27]
Rossbacher, LisaLisa Rossbacher
President of Humboldt State University

Government and Public Service[edit]

Spencer Fullerton Baird
James Buchanan
Jim Gerlach
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Baird, Spencer FullertonSpencer Fullerton Baird
U.S. Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution [28]
Beale, Richard L. T.Richard L. T. Beale
U.S. Representative [29]
Belford, Joseph M.Joseph M. Belford
U.S. Representative [30]
Bennett, John O.John O. Bennett
Former State Senator of New Jersey
Buchanan, JamesJames Buchanan
Fifteenth President of the United States [31]
Creswell, JohnJohn Creswell
U.S. Representative [32]
Denny, HarmarHarmar Denny
U.S. Representative [33]
Edwards, NinianNinian Edwards
Third Governor of Illinois [34]
Ellis, Richard H.Richard H. Ellis
Former commander in chief of the Strategic Air Command
Finley, ClementClement Finley
10th Surgeon General of the United States Army
Gekas, GeorgeGeorge Gekas
U.S. Representative [35]
Gerlach, JimJim Gerlach
U.S. Representative [36]
Gosnell, KermitKermit Gosnell
Abortion clinic doctor [37]
Graves, Donald E.Donald E. Graves
U.S. State Department Kremlinologist [38]
Greenwood, James C.James C. Greenwood
U.S. Representative [39]
Grier, Robert CooperRobert Cooper Grier
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 1846-1870 [40]
Ihrie, Jr., PeterPeter Ihrie, Jr.
U.S. Representative [41]
Jacob, John J.John J. Jacob
Fourth Governor of West Virginia [42]
Jones III, John E.John E. Jones III
Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania [43]
Kenney, III, James A.James A. Kenney, III
Former Judge of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals [44]
King, Horatio CollinsHoratio Collins King
Judge advocate general for the New York National Guard, lawyer, and Civil War soldier
Lucas, EdwardEdward Lucas
U.S. Representative [45]
Lynn, Barry W.Barry W. Lynn
Executive Director of Americans United for Separation of Church and State
McArthur, Lewis LinnLewis Linn McArthur
Oregon Supreme Court associate justice and newspaper publisher
McClelland, RobertRobert McClelland
U.S. Representative, Governor of Michigan, United States Secretary of the Interior [46]
O'Neill, CharlesCharles O'Neill
U.S. Representative [47]
Rambo, Sylvia H.Sylvia H. Rambo
Judge of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania; Chief Judge, 1992-1999
Shuster, BillBill Shuster
U.S. Representative [48]
Taney, Roger B.Roger B. Taney
Fifth Chief Justice of the United States [49]
Thomas, Philip FrancisPhilip Francis Thomas
Governor of Maryland, United States Secretary of the Treasury [50]
Wilkins, RossRoss Wilkins
Justice of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Michigan, Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Michigan [51]
Wilkins, WilliamWilliam Wilkins
U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator, Secretary of War, and Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania [52]


George Washington Bethune
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Bethune, George WashingtonGeorge Washington Bethune
Dutch Reformed minister and author
Clemens, JosephJoseph Clemens
U.S. Army chaplain, missionary and plant collector [53]
Conway, MoncureMoncure Conway
Minister, author, abolitionist [54]
Crooks, George R.George R. Crooks
Minister; Editor of The Methodist; Professor at Drew Theological Seminary
Cummins, George DavidGeorge David Cummins
Founder of Reformed Episcopal Church
Maclay, Robert SamuelRobert Samuel Maclay
American missionary who made pioneer contributions to the Methodist Episcopal missions in China, Japan and Korea.
Eveland, William PerryWilliam Perry Eveland
Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church [55]
Lord, John WesleyJohn Wesley Lord
Bishop of the Methodist Church; Vice President of the National Council of Churches


Chief Bender
Name Class year Notability Ref(s)
Bender, ChiefChief Bender
Hall of Fame baseball pitcher
Books, BobBob Books
Football player
Katchik, JoeJoe Katchik
Football player


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