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Takuya Kanbara[edit]

Voiced by: Junko Takeuchi (Japanese), Michael Reisz (English)

Takuya Kanbara (神原 拓也 Kanbara Takuya?) is the main protagonist, one of the kids Ophanimon's selected to save the Digital World by sending him a SMS message on his mobile phone on the day of his brother's birthday. He is in fifth grade (sixth grade in the English version). He was born in August making him three months younger than Zoe. Upon entering the Digital World, his cellphone transformed into a red and black D-Tector, which eventually turned into a red and gold D-Tector in episode 35. Takuya inherits the Spirits of Flame created by AncientGreymon. He is energetic and athletic, but tends to be reckless and is very stubborn. He has a strong sense of justice, and tries to use his power to do what he believes is right. His hot-headed personality often leads to him arguing with Koji Minamoto, another of Digimon Frontier's main characters. However, they learn to respect each other toward the middle of the series, and after their first encounter with Duskmon, they become good friends and partners in battle. He acts like an older brother to Tommy Himi, who reminds him of his own brother Shinya. Takuya has light skin and brown hair and eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt under a red jacket, a dark brown Bermuda, yellow and red sneakers, olive gloves and a light olive cap over which he puts his goggles. He likes asparagus, which the others all hate. In the dub of the "Island of Lost Digimon" movie, Dave Wittenberg replaced Michael Reisz as the voice of Takuya.

Flamemon (Flamon): While digivolved, Takuya experiences a de-digivolution and is temporarily thrust into the past in the human world. Flamemon is Agunimon's and BurningGreymon's Rookie form.
Agunimon (Agnimon): Using the Human Spirit of Flame, Takuya becomes a Majin Digimon with power over flame.
BurningGreymon (Vritramon): Using the Beast Spirit of Flame, Takuya becomes a Dragon Digimon. At first, Takuya also had problems controlling the Spirit, nearly killing Tommy before calming down. He developed a fear in evolving into the Digimon until Tommy was kidnapped by Gigasmon.
Aldamon (Ardhamon): By combining the Spirits of Flame, Takuya combines the attributes of Agunimon and BurningGreymon. Takuya obtains the power to combine his two spirits when he received energy from Seraphimon's Power during his fight with ShadowSeraphimon.
EmperorGreymon (KaiserGreymon): By combining the Spirits of Flame, Wind, Ice, Earth and Wood, Takuya becomes a Dragonoid Digimon armed with the "Dragon Soul Sword" (龍魂剣 Ryuugonken). Takuya first becomes EmperorGreymon when he and Koji are fighting against Cherubimon at the Rose Morning Star.

Zoe Orimoto[edit]

Voiced by: Sawa Ishige (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)

Zoe Orimoto, known in Japan as Izumi Orimoto (織本 泉 Orimoto Izumi?), is the only female of the group, and is given the "Spirits of Wind" at the beginning of the series. She is in sixth grade in the English version, fifth grade in Japan and is three months older than Takuya. Zoe is a young girl with long blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a lavender cap with two points that resemble a cat's ears coming out of it. She also wears white and light purple shoes and long purple stockings. She wears a blue and white striped shirt under a lavender jacket and a lavender skirt, and white panties. Both the skirt and the jacket have white vertical stripes on the sides. Her shirt is cut to expose her belly button, and her jacket is also open. She has a purple and pink D-Tector. She was born in Japan but moved to Italy two years before the series takes place (in the Italian version, Zoe was born in Japan but moved to America). She recently moved back to Japan but had problems making friends due to the culture barrier and because of her attitude. Zoe knows many Italian words and uses Italian exclamations occasionally. She's really straight forward and not afraid of speaking her mind. She couldn't really connect to the people in her class and didn't really know how to make friends, and also had different tastes and preferences from the other girls in her class, which resulted in them thinking of her as snobby and eventually leading to her friend leaving her during camp. She is also very proud but is ready to swallow her pride when she is in the wrong. However, despite her strong-will and tough attitude, deep down she is also very good hearted, kind and caring, and wants to help everyone to the best of her ability. After coming back from the Digital World, she found it easier to make friends as she now knew how to make them. She is also a bit sarcastic and slightly concerned with her looks. She might have feelings for both Koji and Takuya, as she offered to go out on a date with them after they beat Cherubimon. J.P. Shibayama has a crush on her and blatantly flirts with her. She believes that no matter where they are, what trials they face and how much time they spend with other people, they will be friends forever, something all the Digidestined agreed to.

Kazemon (Fairymon): Using the Human Spirit of Wind, Zoe becomes a flying Majin Digimon.
Zephyrmon (Shutumon): The Beast Spirit of Wind turns Zoe into a beautiful flying humanoid Harpy.

J.P. Shibayama[edit]

Voiced by: Masato Amada (Japanese), Steve Blum (English)

J.P. Shibayama, known in Japan as Junpei Shibayama (柴山 純平 Shibayama Junpei?), is the oldest member of the group, being in sixth grade in Japan and seventh grade in English version. He is a young, overweight boy with spiky brown hair and eyes. He wears an orange shirt under a blue jumpsuit with yellow pockets, white socks, and blue and yellow sneakers. He has a blue and orange D-Tector. He was the one who was chosen to wield the "Spirits of Thunder". This allows J.P. to use AncientBeetlemon's power to turn into two Digimon forms which mainly use electric attacks. He also makes use of the environment to his advantage. However, he is scared of thunder, which is ironic as he wields the thunder spirits. He is very reasonable, and considered the moodmaker of the group. He is not very good at studying, but very smart about trains, stamps, cards and enjoys fortune telling. At first, J.P. shows some jealousy towards Takuya Kanbara, for being Tommy Himi's hero and being able to progress into a more powerful form. He also shows feelings for Zoe Orimoto, the only female of the group. Though his interest in Zoe is not returned, they do become closer as the series progresses. J.P. also seems to have a hidden fear of being alone, despite being constantly surrounded by people. When he was in the Real World, he felt that he had never really been anyone's real friend, which spawned some rather obnoxious behavior in the beginning. After some time, J.P. learns to confront his fears, and begins to see the other members of the group as real friends. He is slightly sarcastic, and seems to have a limitless amount of chocolate bars on hand. He also knows magic tricks, and uses them to get people's attention. He thought that by giving other people things or attracting them with fun stunts, it would get him friends. After returning from the Digital World he agrees that to make real friends, he had to start caring about other people, overcoming the jealousy he felt towards Takuya. He believes that the digidestined will always remain best friends forever, something which they all agree on.

Beetlemon (Blitzmon): The Human Spirit of Thunder transforms J.P. into the armored Majin Digimon.
MetalKabuterimon (Bolgmon): The Beast Spirit of Thunder makes J.P. into a tank-like machine Digimon.

Tommy Himi[edit]

Voiced by: Kumiko Watanabe (Japanese), Brianne Siddall (English)

Tommy Himi, known in Japan as Tomoki Himi (氷見 友樹 Himi Tomoki?), is the youngest member of the group, being in third grade in Japan and fourth grade in English version. Tommy has brown hair, Green eyes, and fair skin. He wears a white v-neck T-shirt with dark green lining at the collar, sleeves and bottom over an orange singlet, light green-yellow dungarees with the orange straps hanging down besides the dungarees, orange socks and green and white shoes. He has a green and cerulean D-Tector. As the youngest member and spoiled at that, Tommy's actions are rarely thought out, and he spends much of his initial time in the Digital World relying on others to see him through. He can be selfish without meaning to, and he dislikes not getting in his way. Due to his nature, Tommy is also often bullied, which makes him shy away from others, but grew emotionally so that he is recognized for his empathy and pure-heart, even in situations concerning his enemies, and learns strength, bravery, and even forgiveness, to the point where he will even save those who tormented him before. Tommy is also resourceful and eventually becomes unwilling to simply stand around when he can help. He was chosen to wield AncientMegatheriumon's power through the Spirits of ice. When the audience first sees Tommy, he is being bullied by two older boys, who push him onto the Trailmon that brings the Chosen Children into the Digital World. During the course of the adventure, he encounters the two again and they try to bully him again, but Tommy points out that he's stronger than they are now as he can fight for himself and doesn't hide behind others. After he saved one and digivolved to Korikkakumon to protect them, they realized he was right and apologized to him for their actions. Tommy became friends with his former bullies and later got a little revenge by pushing one on the train when he went home so the two were even at the former bully's own suggestion. Tommy lives with his parents and older brother, Yutaka Himi, who is in college. At some point, Yutaka is fed up with how spoiled Tommy is, and the two get into a small fight, leaving resentment on both sides. However, in the flame sphere of Sakkakumon, he meets a mysterious stranger who helps him through the harsh lavaland while preying on his lingering resentment of his brother, Tommy finally realizes that his brother was trying to wean Tommy off of his dependency on others, and that they truly loved each other. Tommy snaps out of the stranger's thrall in time to reveal him as Asuramon, who is attempting to take his Spirits away. Tommy fights and defeats him. after returning to the human world, he is more self-reliant, more courageous and gets along with his brother more. He can also make use of other people's abilities to his advantage. He believes that no matter where they are, what trials they face and how much time they spend with other people, they will be friends forever, something all the digidestined agreed to.

Kumamon (Chakmon): The Human Spirit of Ice transforms Tommy into a white bear Majin Digimon.
Korikakumon (Blizzarmon): The Beast Spirit of Ice allows Tommy to become a Beast Hybrid Digimon.

Koji Minamoto[edit]

Voiced by: Hiroshi Kamiya (Japanese), Steve Staley (English)

Kōji Minamoto (源 輝二 Minamoto Kōji?) was the child chosen to wield the Spirit of Light. He is in sixth grade in English version, fifth grade in Japan. Koji starts the series as the group loner - a kid who wanted friends, but never had the chance to make any because he had to change schools too many times. Koji originally couldn't deal with kids, but after making friends with Tommy, found that he could deal with them. He can't really take care of babies as they seem scared of him. He was really tense early in the series, seeing it as reality way before the others did, but lightened up later on. Koji receives Ophanimon's cell phone message while he was out buying flowers for his stepmother. He followed the instructions on the SMS, which led to a subway station where a Trailmon took him to the Digital World. He believes that his mother had died, but was proven wrong by Koichi. It turns out that Koji's father remarried, told Koji that his mother had died, and never informed him of his twin brother, so Koji grew up never knowing he had a twin brother. He missed his birth mother very much (not knowing that she was actually still alive) and he would constantly look at a photograph of her that was on the backside of a framed picture containing his current family, something his father seemed to disapprove of. Despite his stepmother's kindness and the fact she genuinely cares about him, he had a really difficult relationship with her, not willing to accept her presence in his life. He actually finally decided to accept her as his mother on the same day he would unknowingly be sent to the Digital World, ordering a bouquet for her and his father's wedding anniversary and making the decision to call her "mom". He had a navy and white D-Tector, which turned into a black and blue D-Tector in episode 35. When he and the others returned to the Real World, he was able to fulfill his task, graciously presenting his wonderfully surprised stepmother some flowers. He was also later reunited with his birth mother with the help of Koichi. Koji has long black hair, which is tied in a ponytail, that is covered by a blue and gray striped bandana, and he has dark blue eyes. He wears gray pants that end at his ankles with long blue socks and white and blue sneakers, and a yellow shirt under a blue jacket with yellow stripes. He believes that no matter where they are, what trials they face and how much time they spend with other people, they will be friends forever, something all the digidestined agreed to.

Lobomon (Wolfmon): Using the Human Spirit of Light, Koji becomes a Majin Digimon with power over Light.
KendoGarurumon (Garmmon): Using the Beast Spirit of Light, Koji becomes a Wolf Digimon.
BeoWolfmon: By combining the Spirits of Light, Koji combines the attributes of Lobomon and KendoGarurumon.
MagnaGarurumon: By combining the Spirits of Light, Thunder, Darkness, Steel and Water, Koji becomes a Wolfnoid Digimon armed with the "Sniper Phantom". Koji first becomes MagnaGarurumon when he and Takuya are fighting against Cherubimon at the Rose Morning Star.

Koichi Kimura[edit]

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (Japanese), Crispin Freeman (English)

Kōichi Kimura (木村 輝一 Kimura Kōichi?) is the final member to join the team. He has dark blue eyes and black hair that is parted to the sides of his face. He wears white khaki pants with a red long-sleeved shirt under a green short-sleeved button-up that is left open, and green sneakers with yellow streaks. He also wears a blue cap in the Human World. He is in fifth grade in Japan, and sixth grade in the English version. He has a grey and black D-Tector. He was chosen to wield the "Spirits of Darkness" that hold AncientSphinxmon's power, and is Koji's older twin brother. He is very gentle, somewhat quiet and is good at following people without them noticing. He originally didn't know about his twin brother Koji until he was told about him by his sick grandmother on her deathbed. After finding out where he lived, Koichi started to periodically watch Koji and his folks, yearning to meet his newfound brother, but never able to bring himself to interrupt the seemingly happy family. Overtime, deep in his heart, Koichi began to grow bitter that their father had abandoned him and their mother, whom Koichi worried for as she worked long, hard hours despite the fact that she was unwell. On the same day that the rest of the DigiDestined were eventually gathered and brought to the Digital World, he decided he would meet Koji, and followed him to the train station. Koichi found himself running to catch up with Koji, but he lost his footing and fell down a flight of stairs, collapsing as a result. He woke up in an isolated sector in the Digital World where he met Cherubimon, who, after sensing the sadness and darkness that resided in his heart, enticed him to join his cause. He erased Koichi's memories and gave him the corrupted Human Spirit of Darkness to give him a semi-physical form as Duskmon until he found himself face to face with Koji for the first time, and slowly began to remember bits of his past which caused him great pain and distress, causing him to pursue and attack Koji periodically out of distress. This continued until Ophanimon's power intercepted one of his attacks and triggered all of his memories to return. After being freed from Cherubimon's control by Koji and Takuya, he had slight depression but snapped out of it after realizing and accepting that the powers of darkness didn't have to be evil if he chose not to use them evilly, which enabled him to wield the newly purified Spirits of Darkness, enabling him to fight alongside the other digidestined. Koichi realized that he does not have a fractal code (no real physical form) after being less injured even though the rest were badly injured, showing their fractal code. At some point, Crusadermon informed him that he was a spirit within the Digital World and this troubled him for the rest of the season. Bokomon overheard what Crusadermon said and promised Koichi that he wouldn't tell anyone but told the other DigiDestined about it which did not involve Koji, because at the time Koichi was talking to Koji and they were out of ear shot. It eventually becomes apparent that Koichi's mind had somehow arrived in the Digital World after he'd lost consciousness in the real world. As the final battles with Lucemon ensued, Koichi sacrificed himself to save the other DigiDestined, giving his spirits of darkness to his brother, Koji. The powers of light and darkness begin to react within Koji's body, helping trigger Koji and Takuya's final evolution into Susanoomon. In the final episode it is revealed by Loweemon that Koichi is still alive but is badly hurt. The other DigiDestined returned to the real world to find Koichi comatose and barely alive in the emergency room where doctors and nurses were desperately trying to revive him, but Koji's tears and everyone's D-Tectors were able to bring him out of his coma. In the epilogue it shows that he happily manages to reunite Koji with their mother, and the twins visited her often at her home. He was originally envious at Koji for having a seemingly happy life, but got over it and he believes that no matter where they are, what trials they face and how much time they spend with other people, they will be friends forever, something all the DigiDestined agreed to. He Is Voiced By Crispin Freeman In The English Dub.

Duskmon: Koichi's Human Spirit of Darkness initially turns him into a corrupted form, the Dark Majin Digimon knight.
Velgemon: The Beast Spirit of Darkness given to Duskmon by Cherubimon turns him into a ferocious skeletal bird.
Loweemon: The purified Human Spirit of Darkness turns Koichi into a Majin Digimon resembling a black lion.
JeagerLoweemon: The purified Beast Spirit of Darkness turns Koichi into a black lion.
Rhihimon: Though not appearing in game or anime, Koichi does possess a Fusion Hybrid evolution though only ever represented as a toy.


  • Yuriko Kanbara (神原 由利子) & Hiroaki Kanbara (神原 宏明): Takuya's mother and father. Voiced in the dub by Mari Devon and Paul St. Peter.
  • Shinya Kanbara (神原 信也): Takuya's brother. He and Takuya often fought each other, like most siblings. Voiced in the English dub by Philece Sampler.
  • Kouji's father: Kouichi and Kouji's father. He took custody of Kouji when he divorced his biological mother and told Kouji that she was dead and later remarried.
  • Kouji's stepmother: Kouji's stepmother. She was depressed when she thought that Kouji did not love her because he thought about his biological mother.
  • Koiuchi's mother: Kouji & Kouichi's biological mother. She took custody of Kouichi when she divorced his father. Though she suffered from sickness, she continued to work because she knew she had to support Kouichi.
  • Yutaka Himi: Tomoki's older brother. he is currently in college. He did not want Tommy to become spoiled, so he kept telling Tommy not to keep asking their parents for everything. This created a distance in their relationship. In the Japanese version, Tommy simply referred to him as 'brother'. The American dub gave him the first name of Yutaka. While Tommy didn't understand what he was telling him at the time, when Asuramon tried to use him, Tommy got it. After Tommy killed Asuramon, he silently thanked Yutaka for trying to tell him something he now got. Voiced in the English dub by Joshua Seth.

Other children[edit]

These are all the other children that were brought by the Trailmon but not chosen to receive a spirit. Ophanimon sent them a message asking them to go home but they chose not to. Ophanimon sent Angemon to protect them, but they thought of Angemon as their Digimon and ignored what he told them. At some point in time, they came to the Beanstalk Village, where the Mamemon gave them the last of their peas. The group planted the peas where a giant bean stalk used to be, and it grew into another beanstalk. After Angemon was killed by the Royal Knights they decided to go back to the real world, but the Royal Knights captured them and took them back to the Beanstalk Village and demanded to know where the code was. After Takuya and the crew saved them, they boarded a Trailmon and went back to the real world. (These kids are rumored to be the holders of the other four spirits)

  • Katsuharu: He bullied Tommy in the past and forced him onto the Trailmon that brought him to the Digital World. He seemed to be the group's unofficial leader. He thought Tommy was weak but after Tommy saved Teppei, he realized Tommy was stronger than he'd ever been. He made peace with Tommy and asked to be friends which Tommy accepted. Later, when he returned to the Real World, he had Tommy shove him onto the train so they'd be even. At the end of the series he can be seen as one of Tommy's friends that he's hanging out with after leaving the Digital World. Voiced in the Japanese version by Kentarou Itou and by Brad MacDonald in the English dub.
  • Teppei: He also bullied Tommy in the past. He told Tommy to go back because he thought he was too weak to stay. When he saw Tommy Spirit evolve, he took back what he said. Voiced by Joshua Seth in the English dub.
  • Chiaki: She felt she could become stronger if she stayed in the Digital World. Voiced by Tifanie Christun in the English dub.
  • Teruo: He felt that his old life was boring and that he was free when in the Digital World. Voiced by Brian Donovan in the English dub.


Ancient Warriors[edit]

The Ancient Warriors (『十闘士』 Juttoushi?, lit. "Ten Warriors") were the original Legendary Warriors of the Digital World, and are the group which saved the Ancient Digital World by defeating Lucemon prior to the events of Digimon Frontier. They existed only in the distant past, and while they passed on their abilities to the various types of Digimon they preceded, they left their powers to the Celestial Digimon in the form of the Spirits with Takuya and his friends manifesting their powers as the Legendary Warriors. The Digimon that comprise the group are AncientGreymon, AncientGarurumon, AncientBeetlemon, AncientKazemon, AncientMegatheriummon, AncientSphinxmon, AncientWisemon, AncientTroiamon, AncientMermaimon, and AncientVolcanomon (エンシェントボルケーモン EnshentoBorukēmon?, AncientVolcamon).

Bokomon and Neemon[edit]

Bokomon: Voiced by: Kazuko Sugiyama (Japanese), Brian Beacock (English)
Neemon: Voiced by: Masami Kikuchi (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)

Bokomon and Neemon are two rookie Digimon who accompanied the DigiDestined in their adventure. Bokomon is Mutant Digimon, and a scholar. His name comes from the Japanese word, bokoboko, which means the sound of hitting something hollow. He is white and has a horned head and pointed ears. His trademark is the pink haramaki (body warmer) that he wears around his stomach. It is in this haramaki that he stores his Book of Knowledge from which he learns about the Ten Legendary Warriors. Neemon is a Beast Digimon; he resembles a rather skinny yellow rabbit creature with long pointed ears. He has stubby arms and wears overlarge red pants. Bokomon and Neemon first appeared in episode one of Digimon Frontier when Cerberumon was attacking Flame Terminal to find a "spirit". After Takuya became Agunimon and defeated Cerberumon, they accompanied the five DigiDestined on their adventure. Patamon calls Bokomon papamom.

Celestial Digimon[edit]

The three ruling angel Digimon of the Digital World before Lucemon poisoned Cherubimon's mind and caused the conflict that brought the DigiDestined to the DigiWorld. Though all three eventually were defeated and their Fractal Codes taken, the Celestial Digimon meet again in their reborn Rookie forms and begin their friendship anew. Despite having lost their Mega forms, they still seemed to possess some of their holy powers: as a Digi-Egg Seraphimon was able to grant Takuya and Koji the power to Fusion Evolve, but lost that ability after he was reborn as Patamon. Patamon displayed the ability to sense great powers and when working together with Lopmon and Salamon (the Rookie forms of Cherubimon and Ophanimon) could push giant rocks and generate shields.



The main antagonist of the series, Lucemon (ルーチェモン Rūchemon?) is a childlike angel Digimon who believed others could not think for themselves, and that the world would be a better place if he had absolute power and made all the decisions. Lucemon appeared during the war between Human-type and Beast-type Digimon that occurred in the ancient past of the Digimon Frontier timeline. Lucemon was able to stop the war, and created the rules for a peaceful society where he had been the ultimate sovereign. However, he was corrupted by his own power and became oppressive towards all other Digimon. His power made him unbeatable until the first Legendary Warriors appeared and stopped him by sealing him inside the Dark Area. The governing of the Digital World was handed over to the three Celestial Digimon - Ophanimon, Seraphimon and Cherubimon. Lucemon was able to corrupt Cherubimon, and had him and, later, the Royal Knights collect the data that would be needed to revive him. They were successful, and Lucemon was revived, allowing him to break free. Later, he becomes Lucemon Chaos Mode (ルーチェモンフォールダウンモード Rūchemon Fōrudaun Mōdo?, Lucemon Falldown Mode) after consuming the data of the Royal Knights and easily defeated both EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon while destroying the 3 moons of the Digital World. He then began to open a portal to the Human World while overpowering the Legendary Warriors until Koichi sacrificed himself and gave his Spirits of Darkness to his brother Koji. This resulted in the birth of Susanoomon who defeated Lucemon. However, Susanoomon was only able to scan part of Lucemon's data - only the good data was scanned, and the evil data reformed itself into a dark Digi-Egg which hatched into draconic Lucemon Shadowlord Mode (ルーチェモンサタンモード Ruchemon Satan Modo?, Lucemon Satan Mode) and flies towards the real world with the Digidestined after him as Susanoomon. During the fight, they learn the Lucemon they're fighting is only a mindless beast carrying the actual Lucemon in his Larva Mode. Once Lucemon's Shadow Lord Mode is rendered completely mindless, it is destroyed by Susanoomon with Lucemon Larva attempting to kill Susanoomon as the Spirits expelled the children and took his attack which seemed to do no damage. Susanoomon de-digivolved into the Spirits of all of the Legendary Warriors, appearing in their Human Warrior forms and using a sword broken out of his weapon to deliver the deathblow to Lucemon by each slashing him with it. Lucemon exploded, unable to believe that he had been defeated. As the Digi-Egg left by his good data exploded and his evil data left behind no Digi-Egg after being destroyed as Lucemon Larva, Lucemon was seemingly destroyed forever. However his good data that was scanned by Susanoomon is still intact and therefore he could be reborn at a future point in time.

Cherubimon's Warriors[edit]


Voiced by: Tomohiro Nishimura (Japanese), Derek Stephen Prince (English)

In the English version, he can't form sentences properly because he speaks in third person, while in the Japanese version he is portrayed as a street-smart thug, speaking in an old downtown Tokyo accent. Is defeated and loses his Beast Spirit to Takuya as BurningGreymon and is destroyed by J.P. as MetalKabuterimon.


Voiced by: Kenji Nomura (Japanese), Richard Cansino (English)

A wooden android Digimon modeled after a karakuri puppet, Arbormon is notorious for seemingly randomly giving advice for a good life (this personality trait was not retained in the dubbed version). Arbormon's primary traits are sloth and gluttony, having spent most of the series either trying to find something to eat or sleeping. However, he is fiercely loyal to his allies and his primary goal in fighting the DigiDestined was to avenge Grumblemon having his Beast Spirit lost. Arbormon was capable of Slide Evolving to Petaldramon. Loses his Beast Spirit to Lobomon and is destroyed by Duskmon for being useless afterwards.


Voiced by: Haruhi Terada (Japanese), Peggy O'Neal (English)

Ranamon is one of the villains. She develops a rivalry with Zoe over the fact that Zoe is very beautiful and Ranamon is jealous and battles Zoe the most often. The reason she hates Zoe so much is because her beast spirit Calmaramon was ugly, while Zoe's was beautiful. Is finally destroyed as Calmaramon by Zoe as Zephyrmon.


Voiced by: Yasunori Masutani (Japanese), Darran Norris (English)

Possessing the Spirits of Steel created by AncientWisemon, Mercurymon is quite arrogant and egotistic, believing himself to be superior to the other Legendary Warriors and constantly speaking in fancy Shakespearian accent. He is also a crafty strategist, thinking of many strategies simultaneously. He has a fussy personality when it comes to precisely explaining methods of battle and such. He attacks his enemy's weak points but his behavior outside of calculations is brittle. One of his accomplishments was stealing Seraphimon's Fractal Code, keeping it for himself. Eventually, using the Beast Spirit of Steel to become Sakkakumon (Sefirotmon), Mercurymon sucked Takuya and his friends inside him where each faces an opponent in each of the spheres comprising his body, including Duskmon and Ranamon (Duskmon entered one of the spheres on his own).

With only Takuya left, a mental construct of Mercurymon challenges him in the Steel Sphere and then the Light Sphere where he uses Seraphimon's Fractal Code to become Shadow Seraphimon(Black Seraphimon). Defeated, Takuya then was about to be killed when Seraphimon's Digi-Egg enables Takuya to become Aldamon, restoring Seraphimon's Fractal Code to its rightful owner and defeating Mercurymon while obtaining the Human Spirit of Steel. However, this stirs Sakkakumon to life as he easily overpowers Aldamon, Kazemon, Beetlemon, and Kumamon due to having copied the data for all of their attacks by observing them while they were within the Spheres. However the four warriors learn to combine their attacks, managing to immobilize Sakkakumon for Aldamon to destroy him and obtain the Beast Spirit of Steel. Both Spirits are later transferred into Koji's D-Tector so he could Hyper Spirit Evolve to MagnaGarurumon. A purified spirit of Mercurymon later appeared at the Village of Beginnings, to help the other legendary warriors fight Crusadermon and Dynasmon.

Royal Knights[edit]

Formerly warriors of justice, the two Royal Knights Dynasmon and Crusadermon served Lucemon so that he would grant them access to the human world, which they wished to rule over. After several grueling battles they were finally destroyed by EmperorGreymon which battled with Dynasmon and MagnaGarurumon which battled Crusadermon but Lucemon took their Fractal Codes without any mercy and used it to digivolve to Chaos Mode.



Voiced by: Umi Tenjin (Japanese), Michael Sorich (English)

A panda Digimon that resides in Toy Town. He assisted Takuya and Koji into getting into the castle when WaruMonzaemon kidnapped Tommy. After the ShadowToyAgumon was defeated, Pandamon arranges for a ToyAgumon to give the boys a ride back to the others. In the English dub, Michael Sorich voiced Pandamon with his impersonation of Adam West.


Voiced by: Kazunari Kojima (Japanese), Dave Wittenberg (English)

A servant of Seraphimon, Sorcerymon is a Majin-type Digimon with power over ice. He served Seraphimon as both advisor and caretaker of his castle since the Celestial Digimon set up their order in the Digital World. The DigiDestined meet Sorcerymon and he led them to where Seraphimon was imprisoned, awakening him with the power of the D-Tectors. After Seraphimon fell to Mercurymon, Sorcerymon led the DigiDestined to a Trailmon and sacrificed his life to prevent Grumblemon, Arbormon, Ranamon, and Mercurymon from following the others. Megurumon later returned to protect the DigiDestined and EmperorGreymon from Dynasmon's attack when the Royal Knights invaded the Forest Kingdom looking for the key to Forest Kingdom's Fractal Code. After the protection from Dynasmon's attack, Sorcerymon's ghost disappeared.


Digimon character
Voiced by
Fictional profile
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Type: Fallen Angel
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Much like in Digimon Tamers, an IceDevimon was a serial killer in the Digital World, but an extra in the main plot, infamous for destroying villages (Gekomon and Deramon were seen running from him) to absorb the Fractal Code of the Digimon (Vegiemon and Gesomon were seen as two of his victims) who resided there. It took an entire army to capture him (the only Digimon seen were ExVeemon, Aquilamon, Kabuterimon and Starmon; everyone else was offscreen) and seal him under Cherubimon's Castle as not even Cherubimon himself could destroy this psycho because of the all the data he absorbed.

During Cherubimon's evil reign, IceDevimon fed on the failed candidates for the Spirits of Darkness. Once the castle was destroyed, IceDevimon was freed to resume his love for killing things, starting with the DigiDestined out of curiosity of how human data 'tasted'. He froze Takuya and Koji's D-Tectors so that he can have them first and cause some difficulties to the others. He was finally defeated by JagerLowemon and purified by Lowemon after Zephyrmon, Korikakumon, and MetalKabuterimon combined their attacks to crack him.

Angemon and Nefertimon[edit]

Servants of Ophanimon, Nefertimon served as caretaker of her mistress's Castle of Light while Angemon was charged with the task of protecting Katsuharu, Teppei, Chiaki and Teruo when they wanted to remain in the Digital World after the selection of the Digi-Destined.

It was at Steel Town that Angemon meets the Digi-Destined, joining them in protecting his friends from Saggitarimon and his Centarumon buddies. But the Royal Knights arrived and Angemon was killed off by Dynasmon, who took his Fractal Code.

Later, the DigiDestined arrived to Ophanimon's case, only to find out after a day's search that Nefertimon held the Fractal Code key for the remaining land of the Digital World in her body and her death would ensure the castle's though. The Digi-Destined hesitation resulted with Nefertimon scanned by Dynasmon during the Digi-Destined's attempt to defend the castle from them.

Movie Digimon[edit]


Digimon character
Voiced by
Fictional profile
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Beast
  • Family: Nature Spirits

Bearmon (Who is sometimes miss-named "Kumamon" like in "Digimon world 2003" for PSX) is one of the Beast-type Digimon who live on the Wandering Island, where his race constantly warred with the Human-type Digimon also living there. His elder brother, Grizzlymon, is the general of the Beast army. However, Bearmon hates the fighting, because he is secretly best friends with Kotemon, one of the Human Digimon.

Koji and Zoe wound up in the Beast village, where Bearmon took care of them, telling them about the conflict. When they were reunited, the kids began to take sides themselves, each having seen the war from one side’s point of view. Bearmon and Kotemon revealed their friendship to the kids and, as a ‘reward’ for not fighting amongst each other, took them to a cave they had found bearing the symbol of Ornismon, the protective spirit of the island. They were found by Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon, who started to fight each other, only to be stopped by KendoGarurumon and Agunimon then they forced Bearmon and Kotemon to separate.

When the war reached a crisis point and a massive battle began, Bearmon and Kotemon helped Bokomon, Neemon and Tommy to reassemble the shattered hieroglyphics in Ornismon’s chamber, only to discover that the ancient Digimon was not a protector at all but an evil force – one which was then unleashed by Murmuxmon, who had fostered the conflict on the island to gather the necessary amount of Fractal Code to revive Ornismon. Kotemon begged for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to save them, only to be destroyed by a blast from Ornismon. Bearmon screamed his name and two Ancient Warriors were reborn, using their power to defeat Ornismon once and for all. In the wake of the DigiDestined’s departure, Bearmon was reunited with the reborn Kotemon and they made a mural of the DigiDestined on the cave wall.


コテモン Kotemon
Digimon character
Voiced by
Voiced by: Taeko Kawata (Japanese), Debi Mae West (English)
Fictional profile
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Data
  • Type: Reptile Digimon
  • Family: Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Kotemon was among the Human Digimon whose older brother was Dinohyumon. He was friends with Bearmon but their older brothers refused to let them hang out. During the part where Murmukusmon (who had been disguised as Darcmon and Hippogriffomon) had released Ornismon, Kotemon sacrificed his life to bring AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon back to destroy Ornismon. His Digi-Egg is kept by Bearmon and it is shown in the credits that he was eventually restored.


Voiced by: Ken Yamaguchi, Takako Uehara (d'Arcmon), Hikaru Midorikawa (Hippogriffomon) (Japanese), Bob Papenbrook, Tara (d'Arcmon), Wally Wingert (Hippogriffomon) (English)

Murmukusmon (ムルムクスモン Murmukusumon) is a Mega-level demon lord Digimon who has the ability to assume the form of any Digimon he chooses. Having been banished to the Wandering Island, Murmukusmon learned about the legend Onismon and intends to revive the monster to exact his revenge. To that end, Murmukusmon turned the residents of the island against each other by posing as d'Arcmon (ダルクモン Darukumon), the female leader of the humanoid Digimon who rallies them to fight for peace, and Hippogriffomon (ヒポグリフォモン Hipogurifomon), the leader of the bestial Digimon who emotionally preaches peace. Due to the conflicts, neither side ever notice Hippogriffomon or d'Arcmon not being present on the battlefield at the same time. It was only after Takuya's group arrived and exposed Murmukusmon playing the two sides against each other. But by that time, Murmukusmon achieved his goal to resurrect Onismon before he is ultimately destroyed by Agunimon.


ディノヒューモン Dinohumon
Digimon character
Voiced by
Voiced by: Yuji Ueda (Japanese), Doug Erholtz (English)
Fictional profile
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Data
  • Type: Dragon Man
  • Family: Nature Spirits, Dragon's Roar

Dinohyumon was the second-in-command of the Human-type Digimon on the Wandering Island and rival of Grizzlymon. He was first encountered by the DigiDestined as he routed a Beast-type Digimon attack on the Human-type settlement in vain. Later, when attempting to drive Bearmon, a friend of his younger brother Kotemon, away, he got into a big fight with Grizzlymon. Agunimon stopped Dinohyumon, who tried to recruit him in preparation for the impending climactic battle. Takuya agreed, as part of the DigiDestined's plan to stop the fight.

When Zoe and J.P. revealed the connection between the two faction's leaders, Dinohyumon challenged their claim but Takuya countered by asking him where d'Arcmon was, forcing HippoGryphomon to transform into d'Arcmon before Dinohyumon's eyes and revive Ornismon. Spurred on by Kotemon’s sacrifice, Dinohyumon and Grizzlymon joined forces and had their armies weaken Ornismon, allowing AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to destroy the demon bird once and for all. With the Wandering Island back on the Digital World, Dinohyumon gave his thanks to the DigiDestined and apologized for his actions.


グリズモン Grizzmon
Digimon character
Voiced by
Voiced by: Kenta Miyake (Japanese), Peter Spellos (English)
Fictional profile
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Beast
  • Family: Nature Spirits

Grizzlymon was the second-in-command of the Beast Digimon on the Wandering Island and got his orders from HippoGryphomon. When fighting with Dinohyumon to separate his little brother, Bearmon, from Dinohyumon's brother, Kotemon, Takuya and Koji intervened as Agunimon and KendoGarurumon. Grizzlymon requested that Koji fight for the Beasts. When J.P. and Zoe tried to convince Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon that HippoGryphomon and d'Arcmon were the same being, Grizzlymon ignored them until HippoGryphomon appeared and it turned out that both were the forms for Murmuxmon, who needed the energy from the Ornismon. When the Beast Digimon and Dinohyumon and the Human Digimon combined their powers and were able to weaken Ornismon enough for AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to destroy him. After that, Grizzlymon and Dinohyumon apologized and thanked the Legendary Warriors for restoring peace between the Human Digimon and the Beast Digimon.


Digimon character
Voiced by
  • Voiced by
Fictional profile

Onismon is an ancient Digimon who was sealed away by AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon in ancient times when he terrorized the Digital World. When the villainous Murmuxmon heard of him, he planned on reviving him to get revenge on the ones who banished him to the Wandering Island. To do so, Murmuxmon unleashed a war between the human form and beast form Digimon on the island to get many Digi-eggs which would help him revive Onismon. Although the DigiDestined found out what he planned, it was too late and Murmuxmon was able to revive Onismon. The two then went on a killing spree on the wandering island but the DigiDestined as well as the tanks of both factions were able to cause some damage to the powerful Digimon. Kotemon's prayers finally allowed AncientGreymon and AncientGarurumon to appear and they destroyed Onismon, this time for good.


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