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This article lists fictional locations in the Digimon franchise. The Digimon live in a parallel world called the Digital World, created from computer data from the internet.


Areas in Digimon Adventure[edit]

File Island[edit]

File Island (ファイル島 Fairu Tou?) is located off the coast of the continent of Server, and is the setting for the original Digital Monster toy, the Devimon arc of Digimon Adventure, and Digimon World. During Devimon's first attack on the DigiDestined, he split the island into several islets to separate the children and diminish their combined power. The island was later reformed after the Black Gears on each islet were destroyed. After Apocalymon is defeated, the Digital World begins reformatting, starting with File Island and spreading outward.

In Digimon Crusader, Digimon armies from all corners of File Island have been in a perpetual struggle leaving the island in ruins. Unhappy with the state of the world, Ophanimon summons the player (who is a crusader) to the Digital World to unite the Digimon of File Island.

Back Dimension[edit]

Back Dimension is a dimension created from the leftover memory of Machinedramon in Digimon World.

Beetle Land[edit]

Beetle Land is a breeding area for insect Digimon.

In the first episode of Digimon Adventure, it was where the DigiDestined's Digimon partners first Digivolved from In-Training to Rookie Level in order to fight Kuwagamon.

In the game Digimon World, Beetle Land is a somewhat secret area accessible only by fishing for and catching Seadramon. Beetle Land houses several insect-type Digimon including Tentomon, Kabuterimon, and Kuwagamon. The Beetle Land Colosseum holds an annual tournament on the 22nd of each year, rewarding a Beetle Pearl as first prize.

Binary Castle[edit]

Binary Castle is revered as a holy area in Digimon World Re:Digitize with arching ceilings and pillars covered with monitors. It's said to be where all the data in File Island is calculated. Mirei, Angewomon, and LadyDevimon are in the Binary Castle when Taiga, Niko, Akiho, and Yuuya receive the e-mail with the Digitize Program.

Coela Beach[edit]

Coela Beach is a beach location where Agumon first Digivolved into Greymon to fight Shellmon.

In Digimon World, Coela Beach is a small sandy beach connected to the Native Forest. A wild Coelamon swims in Coela Beach at a certain time of the day. Once he is spotted, he assists the player in entering the Tropical Jungle. He eventually joins File City and sets up an Item Stand shared with a Betamon. When the Item Shop opens, he relaxes at Centaur Clinic.


In Digimon World Re:Digitize, the Colosseum (コロシアム Koroshiamu?) is where Tamers battle each other. It is connected to the Primary Village. The Colosseum was later updated into the Digi-Tower which has five floors; 1F, 10F, 20F, 30F, and 40F. It is located where Infinity Mountain once was. Enormous amounts of data constantly flow in and out of the tower between the Real World and the Digital World, and it can be said to be a pillar that supports and links both worlds. One day, Taiga and Niko are logged in the Colosseum and about to battle each other, until an error freezes the game. After the error is fixed, Taiga and Agumon go back to the Colosseum to fight Akiho Rindou and Digitorin until they are interrupted by Black's chase against Angewomon and LadyDevimon, which breaks the Colosseum's walli. Akiho and Digitorin challenge Black and Yuuya Kuga, allowing Mirei Mikagura to open an escape route to her Partners, but Digitorin is easily knocked out by the Dragon Man. Niko sends Sashenka to help, and Agumon Warp Digivolves to WarGreymon and fights Black. During the battle, the Colosseum is suddenly updated into the DigiTower, surprising Yuuya who never heard of plans for such a large update. WarGreymon has a sudden recovery from a fatal injury and launches an unusaully strong "Gaia Force" that is able to force Yuuya and Black to retreat.

Dragon's Eye Lake[edit]

Dragon's Eye Lake is a large lake in the Native Forest that contains a small island with a derelict bus parked on it.

In Digimon Adventure, Dragon's Eye Lake is the place where the DigiDestined spent their first night and where Gabumon first Digivolved into Garurumon to fight Seadramon.

In the game Digimon World, Dragon Eye Lake is divided into North Dragon's Eye Lake and South Dragon's Eye Lake. These are the only places where the player can fish. Several kinds of fish inhabit the lake including the Digi Anchovy, Digi Snapper, Digi Catfish, Black Trout, and Digi Seabass. The Digi Seabass is one of only two items in the game to increase Digimon life expectancy (the other being the Chain melon). The South lake is known throughout the game for having a "lake guardian": Seadramon. Once the player gets enough information and the Amazing Rod, Seadramon can be caught. Once caught, Seadramon offers a technique a water bottle (Seadramon's Digivolution item), or friendship. Taking the friendship allows the player to travel to Beetle Land, home to many of File Island's insect Digimon.

Drill Tunnel[edit]

In Digimon World, the Drill Tunnel is an ancient tunnel home to several Digimon. Many Drimogemon dig through the tunnel, often creating a progression in the storyline. One Drimogemon digs a passage to a wild Meramon who nearly destroys the tunnel. The same passage also acts as a shortcut to Gear Savannah. A different Drimogemon also digs a passage leading to Leomon's sacred tablet, containing information about his ancestors. A third Drimogemon is seen slacking off from the job, and fights the player out of exhaustion. He apologizes and gets back to work. Drill Tunnel is explored a final time when Ogremon settles in as his third base.

Factorial Town[edit]

Factorial Town is a factory where Tentomon first Digivolved into Kabuterimon in the TV series. The factory is endlessly building and recycling. It is operated by Andromon.

In Digimon World, the Factorial Town is a sub-quest area; therefore, it is not necessary to explore it in order to complete the game. It is originally accessible through Whamon's transportation service. However, the gate linking to Gear Savannah opens after the player finishes the events in Factorial Town. The town itself is patrolled by wild Guardromon, PlatinumSukamon, and Geremon. In the sewers, a sick Numemon is seen succumbing to the gaseous atmosphere. A wild Giromon is identified as the problem. Once he is defeated, Andromon thanks the player and joins the city. Numemon also joins the city after a short fight, seemingly due to amnesia. Giromon himself joins the city after Andromon does and creates a jukebox in the restaurant. A wild MetalMamemon is also seen lurking around Factorial Town. He appears rarely. Once he is defeated, he joins Penguinmon in the curling rink.

Fluorescent Cave[edit]

The Fluorescent Cave is a cave in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Fossil Canyon[edit]

In Digimon World, Fossil Canyon is a deep canyon that is home to various Dinosaur Digimon.


Freezeland is an icy tundra that is constantly below freezing and where there is almost always snow on the ground. It also contains some boiling hot springs, which serve as excellent spas. There are also randomly placed refrigerators (none of which are powered since the outside temperature is already so cold), some of which contain food such as eggs. It is unclear where exactly the food comes from.

In Digimon Adventure, Tai and Matt each ended up in different parts of this area after being separated from the others and each other when Devimon split them up. Its landmark is the Ice Sanctuary.

In Digimon World, several Digimon reside in Freezeland, including Penguinmon, Garurumon, Frigimon, Whamon, and Mojyamon while an Angemon lives inside the Ice Sanctuary. Some Digimon infamously get sick when idling in Freezeland for too long including most Vaccine-type Digimon and all Fresh/In-training Digimon.

Gear Savannah[edit]

Gear Savannah is a large, desert-like area which is near Mihirashi Mountain. It is an almost endless stretch of grassland, broken up only by an occasional large gear or wayward telephone pole protruding from the ground. The Savannah lies between Mount Mihirashi and the Yokomon Village.

In Digimon World, Gear Savannah is a large plain-like area housing many important Digimon. It is accessed initially from either Mt. Panorama or Drill Tunnel. An Elecmon is seen roaming through the savannah and will join the city after it shocks you 3 times. A Patamon duels you and also joins the city once it is defeated three consecutive times. A wild Biyomon attempts to escape the player. However, a diversion created by the player and his Digimon convinces it to join the city. Once File City gains a prosperity rating of 45 or higher, Leomon can be recruited after the player finds his ancestor's sacred tablet in Drill Tunnel. A local card and recycling shop is seen west of Gear Savannah. However, it only operates during the first 15 days of each year.

Geko Swamp[edit]

Geko Swamp is the home of File Island's Gekomon.

In Digimon World, Geko Swamp is a moist area run by many Gekomon. The player must defeat an Otamamon who only appears 30% of the time. Once defeated, the player is brought to Volume Villa where ShogunGekomon resides. ShogunGekomon enables you to travel the Misty Trees safely and offers merit points for your cards. These merit points can be spent on a variety of rare items, including stat chips and Digivolution items.

Gravel Wasteland[edit]

Gravel Wasteland is the wasteland in the western portion of File Island in Digimon World Re:Digitize.

Great Canyon[edit]

The Great Canyon is a canyon.

Ancient Dino Region[edit]

Ancient Dino Region is a location in the Great Canyon. Many dinosaur-type Digimon live here.

In Digimon Adventure, Izzy, Tentomon, Mimi, and Palmon end up here after being separated from the others by Devimon. Its landmark is the Temple of the Digivice where a Centarumon resides. The temple is ancient, and filled with mazes, ancient writings, and booby-traps. Just before Apocalymon's appearance in "Now Apocalymon", Gennai referred to the aforementioned "Temple of the Digivice" as the "Dino" or "Deeno Runes".

Infinity Mountain[edit]

Infinity Mountain is the central point of the island. Few Digimon live on it. It is one of the largest and tallest mountains in the Digital World. Its peak is well above the cloud line, and is constantly covered in snow. Devimon took residence on the mountain top after he found the Black Gears within it. The first visit marked Gomamon's first Digivolution into Ikkakumon. The second visit when the DigiDestined fought Devimon, marked Angemon's first appearance and Devimon's defeat. The mountain is also home to a Unimon that assists the DigiDestined in the fight against the Dark Masters.

In Digimon World, Infinity Mountain is labeled Mt. Infinity and is the final area in the game (with the exception of the Back Dimension). The passage to Mt. Infinity opens after a prosperity rating of 50 or higher. There are four bosses in Mt. Infinity: Devimon, Megadramon, MetalGreymon, and Machinedramon. Once Mt. Infinity is cleared once, the player can run through it a second time in order to face Digitamamon.

Mihirashi Mountain[edit]

Mihirashi Mountain is a dormant volcano with a Yokomon Village at its base. It is the setting for the episode "Biyomon Gets Firepower".

The source of the Yokomon village's water supply is a mountain across Gear Savannah inhabited by a Meramon. The mountain is revealed to actually be a volcano, whose warm temperatures heat up the village's water supply to near boiling point before it flows down to the village. The high temperatures help kill off germs in the water and make it safe to drink.

In Digimon World, it is known as Mount Panorama.

Misty Trees[edit]

The Misty Trees is an area in Digimon World connected between Toy Town, Freezeland, and Geko Swamp. It is surrounded by a very thick fog, and the player cannot travel through without ShogunGekomon's spell. Misty Trees is home to several prominent Digimon including Gabumon, Cherrymon, and Kokatorimon. The Cherrymon in Misty Trees eventually gets rid of the fog and offers specialized training in the Brains stat.

Mount Monkey[edit]

Mount Monkey is a location in Digimon Crusader.

Native Forest[edit]

The Native Forest (originally called the Unwavering Forest) is a source of greenery on File Island.

In Digimon Adventure, the Native Forest served as the ideal place for Devimon's trap. The place is sometimes known for weakening Light-aligned Digimon.

Native Forest is a significant area in Digimon World. The forest surrounds File City and is the first place the player explores. It is home to a wild Agumon, Palmon, Kunemon, Etemon, and Ninjamon. Scattered throughout the forests are food items such as Digital Mushrooms and Blue Apples as well as enemies including Dokunemon, Goblimon, ModokiBetamon, and RedVegiemon.


Overdell is a massive cemetery that is home to the Bakemon. Joe and Sora ended up here after being separated from the others by Devimon.

In Digimon World, Overdell is connected to the Tropical Jungle and Great Canyon. The cemetery itself contains Gray Lord's Mansion, one of the few dungeon like areas in the game. Bakemon also lurks in Overdell and will join the city after a short conversation. In Gray Lord's Mansion, Myotismon runs a research project centering around unique Digivolution in the underground lab. His experiment SkullGreymon can also be found in Gray Lord's Mansion. Gray Lord's Mansion is also one of the three possible settings for the Back Dimension.

Primary Village[edit]

Primary Village is a town at the base of Infinity Mountain where the Digi-Eggs (Digi-Tama in Japanese) of all deceased Digimon reappear. It is composed of various nursery toys—for example, the ground is elastic.

In Digimon Adventure, Primary Village is guarded by Elecmon. The landscape here consists of large green fields, huge stuffed building blocks the size of buildings, trees with toys and stuffed animals hanging from their branches, and large, soft, spongy, hills that are fun to bounce on. T.K. ended up here after being separated from the others by Devimon. When the Dark Masters reformed the Digital World into Spiral Mountain, their evil tainted Primary Village. As a result, no new Digimon were born and no fallen Digimon were rejuvenated. After Apocalymon was defeated, a hail of the Digi-Eggs of all of the Dark Masters' victims rained down on the village.

File City[edit]

File City is a sprawling metropolis and one of the few areas of civilization on File Island. File City acts as the major setting in Digimon World where it is run by Jijimon and appears in the spot where Primary Village is in the anime. In the beginning, File City is uninhabited and secluded. However, the city flourishes as the player recruits feral Digimon. When the city's prosperity increases, it becomes the home to several attractions a scarecrow that Kokatorimon builds by the toilet, a fountain where a Betamon relaxes, and the nearby Digimon Bridge where an Etemon sells Golden Bananas. Elecmon provides the power for the city while Bakemon, Ogremon, and Tsunomon patrol the city. Some of the known locations in File City are:

  • Birdra Transport - It is built by a Birdramon who will transport the player to any location on File Island. A Leomon can be seen here while an Andromon can be seen standing by the Birdra Transport.
  • Centar Clinic - A clinic that is run by a Coelamon and is later expanded by a Betamon and a Centarumon.
  • File City Arena - An arena that holds tournaments. It is built by Greymon. Lingering in it's lobby are a Gekomon, a Megadramon, a SkullGreymon. An Airdramon works as the arena's fortune-teller.
    • Curling Place - An area in the arena where the sport of curling is performed. It is opened by a Penguinmon. A MetalMamemon takes part in the curling game.
  • Green Gym - A training area in File City that is run by a Koromon. It is later upgraded by a Kabuterimon and a Kuwagamon.
  • Item Bank - An item bank that is run by an Agumon who works as an "Item Keeper." All items get stored here.
  • Item Shop - A shop that sells items. It is built by a Unimon. A Biyomon and a Patamon are seen here. A Piximon sells a Training Manual here. A Monochromon works there after the players help it's shop at the Great Canyon's Top Area get the required Bits.
    • Secret Item Shop - A secret shop that is in the basement of the Item Shop. It is established by a Numemon and is assisted by a Devimon, a Mamemon, a Mojyamon. A Ninjamon is seen here talking about the different items.
  • Jijimon's House - This is where Jijimon resides. His house is later upgraded when Angemon moves to File City to become Jijimon's record keeper.
  • Meat Farm - A farm that grows meat for File City. It is run by a Tanemon. It later expands when Palmon joins File City and is later upgraded by Vegiemon.
  • Restaurant - A restaurant that is owned by a Tyrannomon and is assisted by a Digitamamon, Frigimon, a Garurumon, a Meramon, and a Vademon.
  • Shell Newspaper - A bulletin board area where a Shellmon collects the news around File Island.
  • Treasure Hunt Cave - A cave that holds different treasure hunts. It is run by a Drimogemon and a Gabumon.
  • Whamon Transport - A Whamon is stationed here where it will take the players to any place that can be accessed from the ocean.

Railroad Plains[edit]

Railroad Plains is the plains at the southern of File Island.

In Digimon World Re:Digitize, it is the place where Taiga first arrives and meets Agumon, and the two are attacked by a blackened Gabumon or Betamon in Decode.


The Sewers lead from the Factorial Town to the Vending Machine Field. File Island's Numemon live in the sewers due to their preference of dark and wet spaces. The DigiDestined had their first encounter with the Numemon here.

Toy Town[edit]

Toy Town is a European-looking village where abandoned toys reside. It is guarded by Monzaemon who takes care of broken toys. It is the setting for "Togemon in Toy Town" where Palmon first Digivolves to Togemon.

In Digimon World, it is a location where Tinmon, ToyAgumon, Tankmon, and Hagurumon who were kidnapped by a WaruMonzaemon that resides there.

Tropical Jungle[edit]

The Tropical Jungle is a place where the DigiDestined first arrived. Mimi ended up here again after being separated from the others by Devimon. The jungle, in addition to being home to a wide variety of plant life, also has a large number of erratically placed street and traffic signs. Some of the trees are actually hollow and serve as camouflaged shelters for Digimon who are seeking to avoid attacks.

Vending Machine Field[edit]

The Vending Machine Field is a field of erratically placed vending machines, none of which actually work or contain any food or beverages. The machines are nothing more than hollow shells. Numemon often like to hide inside the machines during the day, since it is close to the sewers and the jungle, and act as dark shelters to take refuge in.

Yokomon Village[edit]

The Yokomon Village is a village near Mount Mihirashi where the Yokomon reside. This is where Biyomon first Digivolved into Birdramon. The village sits next to a large lake where a half-sunken cruise liner can be seen protruding from the waters. In times of crisis or attack, the Yokomon seek shelter in the ship. The Yokomon live inside small thatched huts. The Yokomon Village is renowned for its wells of clean and healthy drinking water.

Server Continent[edit]

The Server Continent was the setting for the Etemon and Myotismon arcs of Digimon Adventure, as well as most of Digimon Adventure 02. Server is one of the largest continents of the Digital World, and has two distinct regions: a large desert and a forest.


A Roman-style Colosseum is a location that has a soccer field in the center. This is where Joe found his Crest of Reliability and where Agumon Dark Digivolved into SkullGreymon.

Digitamamon's Diner[edit]

A Digitamamon and a Vegiemon run this Diner. After Joe and Gomamon get separated from the main group, they have a meal at the diner, but are unable to pay when they are informed the diner doesn't take Digital currency, but actually Earth currency (American dollars rather than Japanese yen, in the original version). Joe and Gomamon were there forced to work at the diner in order to pay off their debt when Matt and Gabumon arrived, Matt reluctantly helped Joe after his current stay due to Joe's accidental breaking of the dishes and wasting the restaurant's ingredients. However, DemiDevimon kept causing accidents forcing them to stay in a continuous state of servitude to pay the debt. They were eventually rescued by Tai and T.K. where Matt and Joe were let go after WereGarurumon defeated Digitamamon and sent Vegiemon fleeing. When they returned to the diner later in the Adventure series, a town had sprouted up around the diner, but had been abandoned when the forces of the Dark Masters attacked it.

In Digimon Adventure 02, the new DigiDestined (Davis, Yolei, and Cody) along with Kari and T.K., also ate at a different diner, and had a similar incident to the one Joe and Gomamon experienced in which they were unable to pay the bill. This was because the diner had switched back to Digital currency following the Dark Masters' defeat and they only had Earth money to pay with (similar to the original version) which started an argument between Yolei and Digitamamon. Digitamamon once again threatened to have the group work off their debt, but Mimi and a DigiDestined from America named Michael, who had been in the area with his Partner, Betamon, convinced Digitamamon to let them go and to be kinder to customers in the future. Digitamamon later opens a noodle shop in Digi-China Town with a Tapirmon.

Giga House[edit]

The Giga House is a giant house large enough that the DigiDestined were comparably the size of insects. Everything within is proportionally large. Appropriately, the house is swarming with human-sized insect Digimon. It is here that the cast of Digimon Adventure 02 encounters Arukenimon and Mummymon for the first time.

Koromon Village[edit]

The Koromon Village is home to the Continent of Server's Koromon. The Pagumon employed by Etemon's Gazimon took over the village and enslaved the resident Koromon in an attempt to trick the DigiDestined into believing that the Koromon had left the town and the Pagumon had moved in. After trying to appear friendly, the Pagumon kidnapped T.K.'s Partner, who was in Tokomon form at the time, and cage him up with the town's Koromon in a cave behind a nearby waterfall. Tokomon and the Koromon were eventually rescued by the others, and Tai found his Crest of Courage on one of the cave's walls. The town is also renowned for its spas and hot springs, making it an ideal vacation spot for both humans and Digimon.

Piximon's Home[edit]

Piximon's Home is an oasis that is camouflaged with Piximon's magic in the desert. This is where Piximon trained the DigiDestined after rescuing them from a Kuwagamon. It is where Matt and Izzy find the Crests of Friendship and Knowledge.

Rail Town[edit]

Not much of a town per se, but Rail Town is a vast grassy area covered in railroad tracks. The tracks are both used for trains and carts propelled by the wind with a sail. After Agumon gets captured by the Digimon Emperor, the group heads off to look for him. He escapes on a train and they later travel on one of the carts to chase after Ken. They head south on the tracks and the land goes from grassland to a rocky area with no vegetation. The farther they travel, the more cliffs and mountains appear in the area and the Digi-Egg of Friendship is soon found.

ShogunGekomon's Castle[edit]

ShogunGekomon's Castle is where a ShogunGekomon lives and so do his Gekomon and Otamamon servants. It was destroyed during the Dark Masters' invasion.

The Amusement Park[edit]

The Amusement Park is an abandoned amusement park that sits next to a lake and forested area. It includes a ferris wheel, roller coasters, carnival rides, and game booths. Even though it has fallen into disuse, the rides are still operational. TK and Patamon first encountered DemiDevimon here. Some Mushrooms of Forgetfulness grow there.

The Castle[edit]

This Castle is used by Myotismon in Digimon Adventure. It was where the DigiDestined's Digimon were created as Digi-Eggs with the help of Gennai and his kind. Piedmon seized the castle with an army of Guardromon and Mekanorimon while attempting to destroy the Digi-Eggs, but Gennai was able to take the eggs and escape. The castle was relented to Myotismon later. The castle sits atop a steep mountain and looks European in design, but seems to defy the laws of physics on the inside. Gravity seems to be undefined, and it is possible to walk on walls and ceilings, and the castle appears to be the merging point for multiple dimensions in time and space. Myotismon used the castle as a training center for his invasion forces before they left for Earth. The castle also contains a large set of doors which act as a portal between the Digital World and multiple other dimensions, including Earth's. The doors are accessed by a keypad that uses Digimon cards placed in certain positions and in a certain order over the keypad to determine which dimension the door accesses. Myotismon and his forces went through the doors to invade Earth, and the DigiDestined later followed.

The Pyramid[edit]

An upside down Pyramid resembling an inverted version of the Great Pyramids of Egypt which served as Etemon's base. Datamon was held captive there. Though it looks ancient on the outside, it is technologically complex inside, and was the center of Etemon's digital network, as well as a large number of advanced science and medical labs. The pyramid has an advanced security systems of camers, lasers, and even force shields. It also holds a secret room, where Datamon was holding Sora and Biyomon hostage. The Pyramid was destroyed by a warp in dimensional space that temporarily sent Tai from the Digital World to Earth.

The Sphinx[edit]

The Sphinx is a stone carving that is near the Pyramid where Datamon was held captive. It was destroyed by Etemon following the Pyramid's destruction.

Valley of No Return[edit]

The Valley of No Return is a grey, lifeless, desert area composed of sand and mountains. The Digimon Emperor captured the DigiDestined (minus Davis) and sent them to a dark world below the desert. This was where the DigiDestined discovered the identity of the Digimon Emperor. A Deltamon strong enough to crush mountains lives in this area.

Spiral Mountain[edit]

Spiral Mountain was the centre of the Digital World after being taken over by the Dark Masters. The mountain consisted of four areas (the ocean, the forest, the city, and a dark wasteland) intertwining like a rope, with the Dark Masters' castle at the peak. MetalSeadramon ruled the ocean, Puppetmon ruled the forest, Machinedramon ruled the city, and Piedmon had control over the dark wasteland. When each Dark Master was defeated, its respective area disappeared from the mountain.


Composed of the Ocean and ruled by MetalSeadramon. This is the first area they stumbled on after their escape from the Dark Masters through the help of Piximon. It was here where they ran into the same Shellmon that Greymon fought, met Whamon again, and defeated MetalSeadramon. Upon MetalSeadramon's destruction by WarGreymon, the Net Ocean vanished.


Composed of Forests and ruled by Puppetmon. In the middle of the forest is a house belonging to Puppetmon where Floramon and Deramon also reside. In that house, Puppetmon controls the forest like moving a section of the forest at will. This is where T.K. tricked Puppetmon and where Tai and Matt fought. After Puppetmon's destruction by MetalGarurumon, it also vanished.


This City is composed of abandoned buildings and contains some of the world's greatest marvels like the Statue of Liberty and the Colosseum. It is the only civilized part of Spiral Mountain and ruled by Machinedramon. It was near this city where Kari got sick and where they found Andromon. The city also vanished upon Machinedramon being killed by WarGreymon.

Dark Wasteland[edit]

The Dark Wasteland is composed of a barren wasteland covered in darkness and ruled by Piedmon. The Dark Wastland is where Piedmon has his observatory. It is here where Angewomon fought LadyDevimon, the reunion of the DigiDestined, and where Angemon finally Digivolved to his Ultimate form. This area finally vanished after MagnaAngemon sent Piedmon into the Gate of Destiny in the manga where he was blasted into their by WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon in the anime. Upon the Dark Area's destruction, Spiral Mountain disappeared and marked the end of the Dark Masters.

Folder Continent[edit]

The Folder Continent (フォルダ大陸 Foruda Tairiku?) is the setting for the Digimon Pendulum V-Pet and the Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01 manga.フォルダ大陸

Daemon's Castle[edit]

Daemon's Castle (フォルダ大陸 Daemon Shiro?) is the main base for Lord Daemon and his army of evil Digimon. After Arkadimon absorbed him, it became Neo's base. It is claimed that it was once the abode of the Digital World's god.

It contains the main throne room, a chamber where Arkadimon's egg was watched over, a medical/science room, an arena, several quarters for its inhabitants, and a dungeon area.

Dragon's Valley[edit]

Dragon's Valley is a rocky valley presided over by a waterfall. It is the hiding place of the Tag of Earth, which is guarded by Lord Triceramon.

Holy Angel Castle[edit]

Holy Angel Castle is the main base for Lord HolyAngemon and his army of good Digimon.

It contains the main throne room as well as a Medical Ward containing an ICU.


Hospitown is a hospital-centric city near the Tree that caters to injured Digimon. It includes Dr. Jijimon's Digimon Hospital, where Zeromargoes to heal after his fight with Neo Saiba's Deathmon.

Metal Factory[edit]

Metal Factory is an abandoned factory where Digimon can go to make themselves more powerful by upgrading with cyborg implants. It was shut down by Lord HolyAngemon, but reopened by Lord Daemon for the use of his army. It is the hiding place of the Tag of Iron, which is guarded by MetalGreymon.

Nightmare Castle[edit]

Nightmare Castle is a castle where Taichi and Zeromaru fought Lord Vamde the Myotismon.

Star City[edit]

Star City is a city ruled by Starmon.


Directory Continent[edit]

The Directory Continent is the main setting of Digimon World 2.

WWW Continent[edit]

WWW Continent is one of the continents of the Digital World.

Digital World University[edit]

The Digital World University is where Agumon Hakase and NiseAgumon Hakase received their doctorates in Digital Monster studies.

Ice-Snow Area[edit]

The Ice-Snow Area is a place of freezing lands and was icebound before the Digital World warming.

Net Ocean[edit]

Net Ocean is an ocean in the Digital World that is inhabited by aquatic Digimon.

Digimon Adventure V-Tamer, the Net Ocean is ruled by Lord Whamon and attacked by Lord Marine the MarineDevimon.

Under Forest[edit]

The Under Forest is TyrantKabuterimon's stronghold, and exists deep underneath the darkest forest.

Areas in Digimon Tamers[edit]

In Digimon Tamers, the Digital world consists of basically four different main layers, though it contains countless independent mini-universes.[1]

Main Layers[edit]

  • The DSI Model - This layer is seen as the sky in the Digital World. It contains more or less the firewall of the Digital World and Digimon, who want to get to the real world, need to travel though this layer, which is also the only layer directly controlled by the organization Hypnos.
  • The Physical Layer - The "desert" that Takato and friends end up when they first come to the Digital World. This is probably the biggest layer of the Digital World and has direct connection to the mini-verses, which exist deeper in the construct of the digital world.
  • The Sovereign Domain - This layer is the domain and home of the four sovereign Digimon. This layer is small compared with the two named before and it is hidden deep in the structure of the Digital World.
  • D-Reaper - Even deeper than the domain of the sovereign is where the D-Reaper is hidden in the digital world.


From the countless mini-universes hidden between the physical layer and the Sovereign Domain, we only see a few in the series, though we know that these are not the only ones. Most of the times, the Tamers get into these mini-universes by being teleported there by one of the Data-Streams which basically establish links between the inner dimensions of the Digital World.

  • Gekomon's Forest - The village of Gekomon is located in this mini-universe where the Digimon live rather peacefully.
  • Clockwork Clouds - Rika, Kazu and Kenta meet Ryo Akiyama for the first time in this universe. It consists of clockworks and clouds on which you are able to walk. This universe seems to be populated by Metal Empire Digimon only. A Clockmon and a Hagurumon reside here while a stopped clock is used to keep a Megadramon in his prison.
  • Black and White Town - In this strange town which looks a little bit warped and is only black in white. Only a few Digimon are seen. There is also a castle which a Knightmon patrols.
  • Number Forest - Rika ends up in this universe which seems to consists of only a forest in which numbers are displayed everywhere.
  • Underwater Cave - This underground area seems to consist only of water where nobody gets wet in. The library of the Digital World is located here.

What also might be worth mentioning are the rules of the Digital World in Digimon Tamers, which differ a lot from the other Digital Worlds. Much like within a Matrix everything is as you believe it is in this Digital World. When you can convince yourself you can breath underwater, you will be able to do so.

Also, wishes have a strong power in this Digital World, as the DigiGnomes seem to only exist to fulfill wishes.

This is also what makes the miracle of Tamer and Digimon fusing into one body possible.

Areas in Digimon Frontier[edit]

In Digimon Frontier, the entire Digital World is ten areas, each with a terminal.

  • Flame Terminal -
    • Flame Town - It is where Takuya, Zoe, JP, and Tommy first arrived.
    • Underground Labyrinth -
  • Forest Terminal -
    • Seraphimon's Castle - Seraphimon lives here.
  • Light Terminal -
    • Castle of Light - Ophanimon's palace.
  • Akiba Market - This is a marketplace within the Digital World's arctic. Its main spot is a giant furnace that keeps the place warm. This is where Tommy first became Korikakumon. It is referred to in the English version as the Autumn Leaf Fair.
  • Burgermon Village - This is where the Burgermon live.
  • Candlemon Village - This is where Takuya, Zoe, JP, and Tommy had their encounter with the Candlemon.
  • Forest of Televisions - A location in the Digital World where the trees act like televisions in the light of the moons.
  • Goma Island - An island where a bunch of Gomamon live. The presence of the Beast Spirit of Wind is what caused the whirlpools around the island. This is where Zoe first became Zephyrmon.
  • Gotsumon Village - A mountainside area where the Gotsumon live. This is where Koji first became KendoGarururmon.
  • KaratsukiNumemon Mountain - A large mountain where the KaratsukiNumemon live which is located in the southern part of the Digital World.
  • Mamemon Village - A village where the Mamemon live. There is also a giant beanstalk there.
  • Trailmon Races - An unnamed village where there are annual Trailmon Races.
  • Village of New Beginnings - An area where the Digi-Eggs of the defeated Digimon end up. The area is watched over by a Swanmon.
  • Wandering Island - This mobile island was featured in the movie "Island of the Lost Digimon." The human-type Digimon and beast-type Digimon have been feuding here for quite some time.
  • Dark Continent: It is an area in the Eastern Region of the Digital World.
    • Dark Continent Forest - This is where the Legendary Warriors had their first encounter with Duskmon.
    • Dark Gate -
    • Rose Morning Star - An area where the Darkness Terminal and Cherubimon's Castle of Darkness are located.
    • Trailmon Graveyard - This area is where broken down Trailmon go to be rejuvenated.

Three Moons[edit]

The Digital World is orbited by three different moons:

  • Seraphimoon - A blue moon inhabited by Starmon, Burgermon, and Meteormon. Takuya and company were trapped there after being knocked into orbit by Dynasmon's attack. It is later destroyed by the propelled chucks of matter that remained of the Ophanimoon.
  • Cherubimoon - A red moon, destroyed by the propelled chucks of matter that remained of the Ophanimoon.
  • Ophanimoon - A yellow-green moon that is surrounded by hazy clouds of pink dust where Takuya and company ended up after Lucemon is revived. The Moon was destroyed by Lucemon Chaos Mode during the battle that ensued there.

Areas in Digimon Data Squad[edit]

The following are areas in the Digital World as seen in Digimon Data Squad:

  • Holy Capital - A city that is on the back of an Eldradimon.
  • Infinity Ice Ridge - A frozen mountain area.
  • Merukimon's Castle - This is where Merukimon lives.
  • Wanderer's Cape - A location near the ocean that contains an upside down mansion.

Areas in Digimon World Data Squad[edit]

  • Walter Island - This is where Marcus and Agumon fight Tylomon who is sinking the ships in the area. They also find Creepymon.
  • Sneyato Forest - This is where Marcus and Yoshino help Thomas fight Bakemon. Kagura is first seen here.
  • Rage Cavern - The team finds an effect the Dark Area has on their Digimon.
  • Mirage Museum - The connection with the children and the Code Keys are found.
  • Livilus Island - This island is also known as Dragon Digimon nest.
  • Sea Precipple Jerapilus -
  • DATS Headquarters Entrance - The place where they fight Creepymon for the last time.
  • Dark Area - The final area of the game.

Areas in Digimon Fusion[edit]

The Digital World in Digimon Fusion is made up of 108 different Zones where they are similar to different countries. It was revealed that the Digital World was originally one area until it was broken up into 108 different zones. The Zones that have been shown in the show so far are:

Zones in the anime
  • Forest Zone (Green Zone in the original version) – An area of forests and fields as well as some shallow cliffs and bluffs. This is where Mikey and his friends first land and have their first encounter with MadLeomon and later Blue Flare. It is also where the original Xros Heart group is first formed. The Village of Light (Village of Smiles) is also located here. In the manga, the Mushroom Village is located here.
  • Island Zone – An ocean where the island part is actually the back and upper head of a Digimon called KingWhamon. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Neptunmon here.
  • Magma Zone – An area of volcanoes, hot springs, and some ruins. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with AncientVolcamon here as well as their first encounter with Tactimon.
  • Lake Zone – An area dotted with lakes and forests. Persiamon lives here as its ruler where her castle is near the largest lake in the Lake Zone. Across the lake from Persiamon's castle is a system of icy caverns. Team Xros Heart had their first encounter with Lilithmon here.
  • Sand Zone - A desert area with mine shafts, upside-down pyramids, ancient ruins, and underground waterways. It was once the heart of a prosperous city named Sandoria inhabited by the Sandoria Goddess's warriors, but they were all murdered when the Bagra Army used Ebemon to hypnotize them into attacking each other. The Sand Zone still contains Pharaohmon's Tomb with its traps and the Pyramid of Renewal where the Warriors of the Light were healed by their Queen while protected by a forcefield. Team Xros Heart had their first encounter with Blastmon and Reapmon.
  • Sky Zone (Heaven Zone in the original version) - A floating island that rests on top of the clouds. The inhabitants of the Sky Zone are known for their fine arts and sculptures. This Zone is enforced by the Sky Zone's police force led by SlushAngemon (who is the President of the Sky Zone) and Gargoylemon. Those who break the law are executed by electromagnetic waves in the Sky Zone's arena. The Sky Zone also contained the Sky Temple of Darkness where the Phantom Mist was held. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Lucemon who was revealed to be a servant of Lilithmon.
  • Jungle Zone (Forest Zone in the original version) - An area that is an dense jungles with some rivers. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Kongoumon (Bagra Empire's commander in the Jungle Zone). Team Blue Flare gained the Jungle Zone's guardian Deckerdramon as its latest member.
  • Dust Zone - An area that is mostly railroad tracks and junk piles. Team Midnight's AxeKnightmon had obtained enough dark energies to form his own Darkness Loader here.
  • Warrior Zone (Shinobi Zone in the original version) - An area that is ninja-themed. The Shinobi Zone serves as the Monitormon's home zone and is ruled by a Babamon. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Musyamon (Bagra Empire's commander in the Shinobi Zone).
  • Disk Zone - An area with disk-engraved mountains floating in the sky. Team Blue Flare's fight with Blastmon's army caused the Disk Zone to become destabilized. The destruction of the Disk Zone caused Team Xros Heart to transfer all of the Disk Zone's inhabitants to the Shinobi Zone.
  • Sweet Zone (Sweets Zone in the original version) - An area that is dessert-themed and where most of its inhabitants are expert bakers and pastry chefs. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Matadormon (Bagra Empire's commander in the Sweets Zone). In the manga version, the Sweet Zone is a cake land. It was the third zone visited and Team Xros Heart had their encounter with Weddinmon (Bagra Empire's commander in the Sweet Zone).
  • Swords Zone - An area where swordsman Digimon live and where the Code Crown's alternative piece is located. Team Xros Heart had their encounter with a corrupted Grademon (Bagra Empire's commander in the Swords Zone). Team Xros Heart and Team Blue Flare lost their Code Crowns to Bagramon here.
  • Gold Zone - Before Bagramon reassembled the Digital World with the Code Crowns, it was shown that Olegmon and Ballistamon (back when he was DarkVolumon) came from this zone. When the Digital World was reassembled by Bagramon, the Gold Zone became a major part of Gold Land.
Zones in the manga
  • Snow Zone - A tundra that is filled with snow and ice. The Snow Zone is the coldest Zone in the Digigtal World and only arctic-based Digimon can live here. It was in the manga version where it was the second zone visited by Team Xros Heart who had their first encounter with Team Blue Flare, Tactimon, and Zanbamon (Bagra Empire's general in the Snow Zone).
  • Stadium Zone - A stadium-themed area. It was in the manga version where Team Xros Heart, Team Blue Flare, Team Twilight, and the Bagra Empire had to compete against one another for the Stadium Zone's Code Crown.
  • River Zone - A river-themed area. In the manga, Team Xros Heart had an unseen adventure here before arriving in the Sweets Zone. The River Zone is adjacent to the Green Zone, the Snow Zone, the Sand Zone, the Sweets Zone, the Lake Zone, and Earth.
  • Corridor Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga. It seems to have some ruined, medieval architecture. Team Xros Heart's Gatomon and Wizardmon are from this Zone.
  • Rain Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga. It contained the Dark Crystal Palace which contains many Digimon trapped in Dark Crystals.
  • Colosseum Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga. Team Xros Heart's Agunimon is from this Zone.
  • Factory Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga.
  • Eruesutou Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga.
  • Bamboo Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga.
  • Mist Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga.
  • Study Zone - This Zone was mentioned in the manga. Team Xros Heart's BanchoLeomon is from this Zone.
The Seven Lands

When Bagramon reclaimed all of the Code Crowns, he used them to reassemble the Digital World before it was broken down into each Zone. Bagramon gave the seven countries to each of his Seven Death Generals.

  • Dragon Land - A mostly rocky kingdom and home of the Dragon Digimon. The first Death General Dorbickmon rules this land until he was killed by ZeekGreymon.
  • Vampire Land - A spooky forest-like kingdom in a never-ending night. The second Death General NeoMyotismon rules this land until he was killed by Shoutmon DX.
  • Honey Land - A kingdom with forests and flowerbeds. The third Death General Zamielmon rules this land until he was killed by Shoutmon DX and JetMervamon.
  • Cyber Land - A kingdom that is shaped like a high tech city. The fourth Death General Splashmon rules this land until he was killed by Shoutmon DX.
  • Gold Land - A kingdom with a golden ocean. The fifth Death General Olegmon rules this land until he was killed by Ballistamon.
  • Canyon Land - A rocky kingdom that resembles the Grand Canyon. The sixth Death General Gravimon rules this land until he was destroyed by Shoutmon x7.
  • Bright Land - A bright kingdom. The seventh Death General Apollomon (who is actually possessed by the virus entity Whispered) rules this land until Shoutmon x7 destroyed Apollomon in order to destroy Whispered. Under Bright Land is a pocket dimension called Hell's Field.
  • Prison Land - A bizarre spiritual dimension. This is where DarkKnightmon sends the DigiCores of Shoutmon, Ballistamon, and Dorulumon. The DigiCores of the Seven Death Generals were shown here at the time when DarkKnightmon was using their DigiCore-less bodies to form GrandGeneramon.
Other places
  • Digital Airspace - An area that exists between the Zones. Going through the Digital Airspace is the only way to travel between the Zones. The Digital Airspace is abrasive to the Digimon's data making it difficult for the Digimon to be in it for more than a few minutes. Of course the Digimon can be transported through the Digital Airspace by being in their owner's X-Loader. There were also exception where powerful Digimon can travel through it without dissipating.
  • Hell's Field - A pocket dimension created underneath Bright Land. It contains countless hexagonal fields, each based on a different human interpretation of the underworld from various mythologies, with a white castle and black castle at either end of the field. All communications are disrupted within this area, minus the stones in each of the chess-themed castles. This place brings power to evil Digimon. It was destroyed by Lilithmon in an attempt to annihilate the Xros Heart United Army.


The DigiQuartz was a quartz-like location between Earth and the Digital World. It was formed following Bagramon's D5 event.


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