List of Directors General of CERN

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Director-General of CERN
Directeur général or Directrice générale
Portrait of Fabiola Gianotti.jpg
Fabiola Gianotti

since 1 January 2016
Abbreviation DG
Reports to CERN Council
Appointer CERN Council
Term length 5 years
typical length
Precursor Secretary-General
Formation October 1954
First holder Felix Bloch

CERN Directors General typically serve 5 year terms beginning on January 1.


In Office Directors General Country
1952–1954 Edoardo Amaldi (Secretary-General)  Italy
1954–1955 Felix Bloch   Switzerland
1955–1960 Cornelis Bakker  Netherlands
1960–1961 John Adams (Acting Director)  United Kingdom
1961–1965 Victor Frederick Weisskopf  Austria
1966–1970 Bernard Gregory  France
1971–1975 Willibald Jentschke (Co-directors)  Austria
John Adams (Co-directors)  United Kingdom
1976–1980 Léon van Hove (Co-directors)  Belgium
John Adams (Co-directors)  United Kingdom
1981–1988 Herwig Schopper  Germany
1989–1993 Carlo Rubbia  Italy
1994–1998 Christopher Llewellyn Smith  United Kingdom
1999–2003 Luciano Maiani  San Marino
2004–2008 Robert Aymar  France
2009–2015 Rolf-Dieter Heuer  Germany
2016–2020 Fabiola Gianotti  Italy