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This is a list of episodes of the Dirty Pair anime series by Sunrise based on the light novels by Haruka Takachiho. The original series ran from July 15 to December 26, 1985. The opening theme song of the series is "Ro Ro Ro Russian Roulette" (ロ・ロ・ロ・ロシアンルーレット) by Meiko Nakahara and the ending theme song is "Uchū Ren'ai (Space Fantasy)" (宇宙恋愛(スペースファンタジー)), also by Meiko Nakahara.[1]

Original Anime[edit]

TV Series[edit]

# Title Original air date
01 "We'll Teach You How To Kill A Computer"
""Konpyuuta no koroshi kata oshiemasu"" (コンピューターの 殺し方教えます) 
July 15, 1985
The master computer of Eleanor City's Damocles Tower known as Brian goes messing with the cities power and putting everyone in chaos, when The Lovely Angels are forced out of their apartment in the tower from all the chaos and try to find a way to disable Brian, but are surrounded by the technology in the city which the computer controls, but Yuri and Kei stop it by warping a ship into the computer destroying it and ends up pushing Damocles Tower over and it remains leaning for the rest of the series. 
02 "Do Lovely Angels Like Chest Hairs?"
""Kawaii tenshi wa munage ga osuki?"" (可愛い天使は 胸毛がお好き?) 
July 22, 1985
After an unknown recent terrorist attacks on commercial space cruisers, the Lovely Angels along with a senior operative of the 3WA known as Nova Grave go aboard one of them to see if they can locate the cause of the recent attacks. 
03 "Fall In Love Involuntarily... Love Is Russian Roulette"
""Katte ni horena! Koi wa roshian ruuretto"" (勝手に惚れな! 恋はロシアンルーレット) 
July 29, 1985
The Lovely Angels are sent to collect a legendary casino chip, where they infiltrate the owner's mansion as gamblers, and are unexpectedly helped by the owner's assistant, the attractive Sydney, who claims he has been sent by the 3WA to assist them. 
04 "Pursuit Has The Smell Of Cheesecake And Death"
""Tsuiseki wa chiizukeeki to shi no nioi"" (追跡はチーズケーキと 死のにおい) 
August 5, 1985
A laboratory researching muscle enhancers has Malatesta and The Lovely Angels are to find him. 
05 "The Heartbeat Of Criados"
""Kuriadosu no dokkun dokkun!"" (クリアドスの どっくんどっくん!) 
August 12, 1985
While on vacation, the Lovely Angels are being chased by a swarm of robots, seemingly from Criados. 
06 "Lot Of Danger, Lot Of Dummies"
""Kiken ga ippai, damii ga ippai"" (危険がいっぱい ダミーがいっぱい) 
August 19, 1985
As they must convey a crystal to power a system, the Lovely Angels are attacked by pirates. 
07 "Love Is Everything, Betting Their Lives On Elopment"
(愛こそすべて 命賭けます逃避行!!) 
August 26, 1985
The L.A. must delivers a ransom to a save the rich heir of a huge corporation, but the relationship between abductor and abductee is not what it seems... 
08 "Gotta Do It! Love Is A Woman's Detonator"
(やるっきゃあない! 恋は女の起爆剤) 
September 2, 1985
Yuri receives a message from a childhood friend Billy who had promised to build a ship and fly her to the moon. Now an engineer, he's been kidnapped with others to work on warships. Kei then pretends to be a contractant to WWWA so she can go with Yuri rescue everybody. 
09 "Hire Us! Better To Get Good-Looking Bodyguards"
(うちらを買って! 用心棒には美人がお得) 
September 16, 1985
Two cartels are fighting over the newstone ore on planet Plastone. The L.A. each enroll a cartel on the western like planet, hoping to resolve the issue at hand with their usual finesse... 
10 "What! We're The Brutal Kidnappers?"
(えーっっっ? うちらが凶悪誘拐犯!) 
September 23, 1985
The L.A. must protect the prince of planet Caspia who is suddenly targeted by his corrupted uncle. They head to the planet Mordolin where the prince goes to university. 
11 "Ho Ho Ho, Dresses And Men Are Better New"
(ホホホ, ドレスと男はオニューに限る) 
September 30, 1985
On their day-off, the L.A. are mistook for a couple of hand-robbers. A pursuit and their wrath ensues... 
12 "The Little Dictator! The Curse Of The Touchy Secret"
(小さな独裁者! 触らぬ機密にたたりなし) 
October 7, 1985
A crucial piece of information about the Algernon security system has been stolen from the 3WA HQ. Fortunately the culprit is still lockdowned within the HQ, and the L.A. are on the case... Algernon is a reference to Flowers for Algernon on which the story is loosely based on. 
13 "What's This?! Our Fair Skin Is Getting Slimey"
(何よこれ! 玉のお肌がドロンドロン) 
October 14, 1985
The L.A. are sent to the sewers of Damocles Tower to deal with a mutated space pest, but they're in for a surprise... 
14 "The Vault Or The Election? The Convention Hides The Killer"
(金庫か選挙か? 演説会は殺人びより) 
October 21, 1985
The 3WA holds a meeting for a political candidate, but the HQ undergoes an attack at the same time. The L.A. will find out if the two are related... 
15 "Dig Here Meow Meow, The Reward Comes In The Very End"
(ここ掘れニャンニャン 果報は最後にやってくる) 
October 28, 1985
On a holiday on a resort island, the L.A. help an old man who is being pursued. It turns out he's a treasure hunter looking for a big prize, Kei and Yuri decide they want their share... 
16 "Leave It To Us! The WWWA Is A Wonderful Job"
(まかせなさい! WWWAは素敵なお仕事) 
November 4, 1985
The L.A. act as bodyguards for the Yorozuya corporation's heiress. They hang around town when the assassination attempts start... 
17 "Come Out, Come Out, Assassin!"
(出てこい出てこい 暗殺者) 
November 11, 1985
The L.A. need to lure out the deadly assassin Sundric as their space shuttle is crashing into a black hole! 
18 "Excuse Us, The Running Trouble, Violent Breakthroughs"
(ごめんあそばせ 走る迷惑強行突破!) 
November 18, 1985
While catching a thief named JD, the L.A. learn he is to testify against a major syndicate... 
19 "Let Love Dispel The Returned Hatreds And The Hatred Of Love"
(恋の恨みと逆恨み 恨みはらさず愛させて) 
November 25, 1985
Lore Reamonn is in love with his doll Meshuzera, that the L.A. accidentally broke. Their task is to find the culprit... 
20 "The Pursuit Of Blues Is The BGM Of Murder"
(追憶のブルースは 殺しのBGM) 
December 2, 1985
While looking for the assassin Blues, the L.A. get against a ruling gang on volcanic planet Saladeen... 
21 "You're Kidding! 463 People Disappear"
(うっそー! 消えた463人?) 
December 9, 1985
22 "We Did It! 463 People Reappear"
(やったね! 出てきた463人) 
December 16, 1985
23 "Uncertainty...? Our Magnificent Revenge"
(不安だわ…!? うちらの華麗なる報復) 
December 23, 1985
Because they were asked to run away from destroying the creator of a new drug Mahogany, the L.A. decide to ruin his plan in another way, using the help of a conman... 
24 "Are You Serious? The Apartment Is A Dangerous Address"
(かなりマジ? マンションは危険なアドレス) 
December 26, 1985
The L.A. must catch a serial killer who kills beautiful women in condos and poses as a salesman... 

With Love from the Lovely Angels[edit]

These were originally produced in 1986 and intended to be the final two episodes but did not air and were released as a two episode OVA series titled Dirty Pair: With Love From the Lovely Angels.

# Title Original air date
25 "What?! The Boy In The Mansion Is A Terminator!"   December 21, 1987
26 "Seriously? The God Cannon Is A Beauty's Keyword To Escape"   April 21, 1988

1987 OVA series[edit]

The 10-episode OVA series, also titled Original Dirty Pair.

# Title Original release date
1 "Prison Revolt! We Hate Stubborn People"   December 21, 1987
2 "Count Us Out! Ultimate Halloween Party"   December 21, 1987
3 "Challenge To The Gods! We're Not Afraid Of Your Divine Wrath"   January 21, 1988
4 "They're Only Kids? Wargamers Must Die"   January 21, 1988
5 "And Then No One Played"   February 21, 1988
6 "What? A Surprise Seaside Wedding Panic"   February 21, 1988
7 "Rigged Ring? Revenge of the Muscle Lady"   March 21, 1988
8 "This Girl Is My Elder! Sleeping Beauty"   March 21, 1988
9 "Slaughter Squad! Red Eyed Hell Signal"   April 21, 1988
10 "Evil Speaks For Itself! Space Truckers"   April 21, 1988


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